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Open Your Options To Who??? #SHORTS

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Firstly, it needs to be pointed out that in addition to being unattractive, both of these women are substantially overweight, however it never fails for black women to completely overlook their health when it comes to presenting themselves for mate selection.

I also have to point out that dark skinned black women typically don’t help themselves when it comes to trying to enhance their looks, they’ll regularly go much further in using ridiculous colours on their faces as well as every grossly exaggerated external appendage they can get their hands on.

In the end their efforts trying to make themselves look better, they end up resembling freakish clowns and sideshow circus attractions.

Dark skinned black women tend to be the most masculine women on the planet, their reputation precedes them, this is why out of all black women, they are the ones at the very back of the queue in every relationship metric.

There really isn’t much to say here, black women can choose to open up their options all they want, however there has to be an interest on the other side and sadly for them, non black men just aren’t checking for them in any significant numbers.

I personally feel that the women in the clip above should focus on losing some serious weight rather than worrying about dating options for dark skinned black women being expanded upon, no man worth his salt of any race is going to deal with a wide load, fully loaded cruise ship. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Need To Get Their Priorities Straight

Most High Bless

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27 thoughts on “Open Your Options To Who??? #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Those two dark skinned black women in the video are so fucking hideously ugly and fat that no decent man wants to date them. Black womens dating options in 2023 is limited to just pro black men and thug black men.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Exactly! Just what black man in his right mind or any man for that matter who goes to the gym, dresses well, makes good money etc and has options is gonna walk around with females who look like THAT?? I posted an example last week in Open Mic Wednesday of what a beautiful, ideal woman is, but you got these overweight, bald harridans who expect to be treated like prime goddesses or something LMAO.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women in the UK are very upset at the fact that they don’t have the same leverage over British black men that black American females do over their male counterparts.

      Just like the American black female UK black women have had no problems spitting in the faces of UK black men, however we clocked this a long time ago and have wisely expanded our dating options past them. #SYSBM™

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I thank God that I am a SYSBM British black man.

    1. JC,

      I remember some years back when white male YouTuber The Vegainator had to bail out of the space because the former high priestess of Swirl Mountain Miss Christelyn Karazin and her motley crew of overweight “divesting” flunkies attacked him for stating that he doesn’t deal with black women. Black women cannot take being rejected especially by their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost.

    1. Their biology wants men, but radical feminism, whose academic thought leaders are white dykes, teaches them to rebel against anything men find attractive.

      In the modern global market, Black men are no longer willing to deal with women they don’t find attractive just for the sake of the race, and refuse to be gaslighted and bullied into dealing with women they don’t want.

      Women like this talking about “opening their options” are coping. They know they are not wanted, at least by the men they find attractive.

    2. Cortez,

      Most of these Western women unfortunately have been brainwashed by feminism as well as social media to fight against what they’re naturally attracted to. These are the same women who claim to be intelligent but just look at how easily and how far and wide they have been misled from their natural path by tricksters, fleecing merchants as well as others swindlers who desire to generate money from their downfall.

      Most women aren’t that bright at all, this is why the order of nature is for masculine, competent men to be leading them AT ALL TIMES.

  2. Here we go…more delusional, unattractive, unaccountable “woe is me” harridans from this side of the pond.

    Not that I’m gonna watch the full video because I can’t stomach this shit, but I quickly scanned the comment section and check this out:

    “I am a 56 year old black woman living in the UK and the black men in my city have disregarded us since the early 90s so many of us have either been in bad relationships with the wrong black men or single. They are not an option for us to even look at never mind consider because they made it clear to us years ago that they don’t want us! Sad to hear that it has filtered down into the next generation. Keep up the good work ladies”

    OK and whose fault is that? They never mention the countless times they’ve been openly hostile and dissed good brothers who have RESPECTFULLY approached them, just because they never found them attractive or because they didn’t make enough money or have the same swag like Wasteman Wayne, Rudeboy Ronnie or Crack vial Craig. Want an example? Here we go:

    This isn’t some rare, isolated incident either. Funny how none of them will ever talk about THAT though. All black men in this country have either experienced this type of vile attitude it directly or know a brother who has, that’s how pervasive it is. Yet let that same brother later go out with a white woman on his arm, then he gets the blame. I’ve seen black men get dissed heavily for the smallest of reasons.

    I know we mainly focus on KKKeishas stateside, but Black British woman are particularly nasty creatures who easily rival their American cousins. I’d also say they’re even less accountable too. Where’s the Black British version of Chez Charde for example who CONSISTENTLY calls out their sisters and holds them accountable? I’ll wait. Better yet, I’ll paypal $20 to anyone who can show me just ONE example.

    Literally every platform they’re on, they always have to make some outright attack or some snide dig at black men and I NEVEERRRR hear them hold themselves accountable for anything. Even on TV shows since the early 90s as a young boy I can remember them calling black men ‘wotliss’ and all other kinds of insults and of course, dick watching. So hearing all that, we’re still supposed to consider them as partners? Obviously nothing has changed because you see even more of this all over social media.

    Black men have been SYSBM in this country longer than our American brothers because black women have been horrible from day one. I’ve literally seen and experienced it myself and I use to LOVE black women regardless for a long time until I just had enough and said fuck it. But when we finally consider our options (which are infinitely more than theirs), they wanna come with the typical victim mentality and talk that “black love” shit. Just like their cousins stateside, they only want you when they’re washed up and need you to clean up their mess and play stepdaddy.

    So yes, we don’t you. Inside and out, you’re just fucking ugly. You’re never wrong in anything and blame us for everything, so we despise you. You pushed us to this and EARNED our contempt. Other men ain’t checking for you either and you managed to ostracise the only men who were down for you.

    LOL @ we’re not an option for them to even look at or consider as if they have an abundance of choices while looking and acting the way they do.


    1. SYSBM Forever.

      Well said and I fully agree with everything you said. Black women treated me like shit all my life and that’s the reason why I refuse to date them as a childfree SYSBM black man at 41. Big shout out to the black British SYSBM brothers. 😎🇬🇧🇬🇧

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      Nothing much needs to be added to your commentary, you nailed it. As for the YouTube link you posted, that was spot on as well because I remember many a time being rejected by black women for the “roadman”, the “what blud” as well as the “init fam” type black men.

      I’ve got no time for unaccountable women, I’ve been repeatedly telling my girlfriend to never be too prideful and stubborn to acknowledge her shortcomings and to always apologise when she’s in the wrong because an apology goes a long way.

      My mother in her younger years was a typical unaccountable black female, it was only towards the end of her years did she begin to occasionally apologise for things she got wrong.

      Black women in the UK have driven their male counterparts into the arms of other women and they know it, they’re just too prideful, haughty, arrogant and stubborn to admit it. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

      1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

        Indeed bro. Special shout to the British Passport Bros too with the good brother International Passport leading the way.


        Yep, same thing with my sister. NEVER takes accountability. Would rather negative situations fester and chaos to ensue for long periods of time than simply apologise when she knows damn well she’s in the wrong. Pushed away a good man she was in a relationship with who absolutely adored her and treated her good. He’s doing really well now and has a nice house in Watford and she could have benefited if she simply acted right. Usual story.

        Black women know what our issues with them are, because we’ve been voicing them from day one. I’m done dealing with them, because they don’t make good friends, let alone partners. Always some inappropriate remark or behaviour as a result of overfamiliarity or wanting to unnecessarily push boundaries just because…

        To me there’s nothing more beautiful and feminine than a woman who apologises and takes accountability. Black women simply don’t embody those qualities. That scripture in Proverbs says it’s better for a man to live on the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome woman. Especially now that I’m getting older, I have zero tolerance for b.s. and lack of humility.

        A woman who values you will do anything to make things right and black women have shown us countless times they simply don’t care to do so, even at their own expense. Oh well.

  3. The black females in the video should give up trying to compete in beauty standards.

    My standard of dating has always been the real thing when it comes to European beauty standards from white women.

    Black females are better off moving to black nations if they want to be the lower default standard.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      You nailed it. I see these African women walking around and I think to myself how their immigrant parents did them a disservice by moving to the West and putting their daughters in a competition with white girls that they can never win. They would be the prom queens in their home nations but angry, weave-wearing, unloved heffas in the US, UK, Canada and EU. And the reason they don’t just go back to Africa as adults is they’re holding out for that elusive Western unicorn white man. Sad business all round. SYSBM.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Agreed, however as commenter Schadenfreude stated, these black heifers are typically holding out for their unicorn Captain Snowy.

      I really have to laugh whenever black women talk about expanding on their dating options as if there is an equal or greater interest in them coming from non black men when the complete opposite is the case.

  4. SYSBM: Where you wanna go tomorrow, girl?
    White sugar honey: I wanna to that restaurant in Wembley.
    SYSBM: What your goanna be wearing?
    White sugar honey: The orange hoodie dress what Sukihana wore but black.

    Right, I have no issues of dark skin but the thing is that some black women especially dark skin black women are not datable because of their dysfunctional ratchet ways. And when black men see that, it’s like “No way, I don’t wanna deal with that” and they date non-black women.

    We are seeing more and more black men dating out or getting their passports and leaving the hell out of dodge just to look for a honey overseas and marry her because some of the women in the west ain’t worth dating, Lord have mercy!

    When you go online you see so much ratchetness. When Tommy Sotomayor had that channel on YouTube around the web, everyone see nothing but black women being ratchet. When I saw them videos, you know I wasn’t even shocked by it as I know how the ratchet black woman stay.

    When you see these ratchet black women acting up with the bullshit, you must be wondering why they don’t have a husband.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet black women are coming after non-black women.


  5. Unlike American BW, British and African BW are the most colourism cry-babies because they mask this racism to justify of why they are not chosen.
    The next thing they do when the British BM do not want them because British BM do not play this liberal bull-shit (I know there some simps in the UK) so what do they do. They go to the American Panels to talk shit about or blame American BM because they are the scape goats and easy targets, even they got nothing to do with British BW getting rejected in the UK.

    1. MMT,

      Here is a example of UK black women and their aggressive nature and as we can see, they’re no different to their US cousins:

      And here is a comedy skit showing just how black women don’t know when to shut their mouths and how their unruly, unbridled, stank attitudes can land black men around them in serious trouble:

      As I’ve been stating for years beginning in my book Negro Wars, black female dysfunction is an international problem. Black women stay aggressive and violent no matter where you find them on the planet.

      1. I agree that this is an International problem, even the American BW are worse because the British BW just following, I still do not want to deal with these British BW.
        When I see British version of Ratchet BW, especially the Jamaican Caribbean UK BW wearing fake weaves and that revolting baby hairs they put on, I just could not look at them. All I see when looking at UK BW are just ghetto mutants. They are probably more foul than the American ones.

        Verbs wrote:
        “here is a comedy skit showing just how black women don’t know when to shut their mouths”

        That is another thing about these British counterparts, they just do not know when to shut the fuck up and keep their poison venom mouth shut because unlike the American Brothers there, they cannot do shit because there are no Passport Bros in the UK as Passport is a standard form of ID.

  6. Alright, the first thing I’m going to do is address the name of that podcast, “Girls Will Be Boys”; that name denotes the penis envy which was characteristic of feminism in its early stages: a bunch of angry lesbians who wanted to be men. I also couldn’t get past how atrocious many of the female guests of the podcast are in their appearances; the dark-skinned stragg in the attached video to this post looks like Canadian rapper and record producer Kardinal Offishall with fake lashes and lipstick, and the other one with the bald head looks like a jumbo Milk Dud. They honestly believe they can expand on their dating options looking the way they do?! Consider the article Verbs wrote back in August of this year:

    So, it’s clear that European beauty standards is not the issue here; don’t fall for that gaslighting they do. Mr. Overpaid specifically mentioned Cardi B, who notoriously bragged about drugging men and stealing from them, but she’s labeled a “queen”? So, not only are they physically unattractive to White men and non Black men of color, but they know what kind of reputation they have on the global stage (i.e. Sukihana, Sexxy Red, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, etc.); the only men who have the gall to publicly say they love Black women are the same ones Black women disrespect publicly. On the last OMW, I had posted a link to an IG post where Eagles QB Jalen Hurts penned a love letter to Black women; where are men like Travis Kelce doing the same? Nowhere to be found!

    1. If I ever pen a public love letter to black women you know I’ve been taken hostage and forced to write it. Please let the authorities know I’m being held against my will. LMAO!

  7. What is this Wesley Snipes looking broad taking about “options” for?

    They only option she’s after is limiting yours, whilst optioning to be Admiral Sleet’s slave girl

  8. I recognize that BW from an NFL game I saw last Sunday. She was on the defensive line.


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