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They Don’t Want You Black Women Either! #SHORTS

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Once again a massive shout out to TeamWhiteGirls for sending me these videos. The thing is, I’ve been stating for the longest while that non black men and women have been observing how horribly black women treat their male counterparts for a very long time.

Even though the first video is a comedy skit, it still bears true to how most non black men look upon black women. As illustrated in the second video, MrOverpaid even knows about the fact that 4 out of 5 black American women are overweight with 3 out of those 5 being morbidly obese, smh.

Many more people are watching The Black Manosphere as well as other black digital sectors including SYSBM much more than we think. This is especially true for foreign women who’ve wisely chosen to seize upon the black female’s arrogance and stupidity via snagging themselves quality black men from right underneath their noses.

While non black men as a collective have decided to give black females an extremely wide berth outside of using them for sexual pleasure, on the flip side non black women both foreign and domestic have been taking full advantage of the situation, swooping down and scooping up the brothers black women claim they “don’t want”.

I have to laugh whenever black women claim they can date outside their race as freely as black men, exactly which race of men are going to accept them en masse outside of their own male counterparts, I’ll wait?

I’ve even come across videos(though not very many) where in a rare turn of events a few black women have broken ranks and actually admitted that they are at the very bottom when it comes to the dating market. That being the case, how do they figure that they can deal with other races of men on a par with black men?

There really isn’t much else to say, the guy explained what TRUE SYSBM practitioners have been saying for ages, black women are NOT a desirable race of women to the overwhelming majority of non black men and at the same time they’re also facing the dilemma of quality black men giving them the middle finger and turning towards non black women instead.

This ludicrous idea many black women have cracked up in their dysfunctional minds that they can somehow jump ship successfully is nothing short of a long standing joke. What non black man worth his salt is going to take on board a weave/wig, fake eyelash, fake nail wearing, cake faced Becky wannabe, again I’ll wait?

Even the lowest of the low white men would rather be incels and walk the path of ultimate MGTOW than deal with the attitude having, weave wearing Keisha archetype. Like the legend Rick Scorpio said over 10 years ago, black women will regret making good black men their enemies. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Non Black Men Are Also Avoiding Keisha Like The Plague

Most High Bless

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17 thoughts on “They Don’t Want You Black Women Either! #SHORTS

  1. They brought it on themselves. All they really had to do was be feminine, lose the weight, wear their natural hair and be respectful, cooperative and supportive for us. They don’t even want to do the basics for their own men. Imagine being a good looking (pause), successful, millionaire actor/director and still being labelled a “lame” and told you have “no edge” and look “too responsible” a la Michael B Jordan. And we all know what Will Smith is dealing with.

    The more good a black man is, the more he gets disrespected. Black men have tried literally everything to get in black women’s good graces, but they weren’t having it. Therefore, good black men worth their salt just said fuck it and decided to go elsewhere. Even with all the overwhelming evidence and receipts that black men can pretty much go to most countries and bag quality women, bdubs still claim we’re “delusional”. They need to cope because they know good and well the opposite is never true. They think just cos they visit Italy and some random dude wants to fuck them that somehow Italian men “love tha sistas” lol. Compare that to somewhere like Vancouver, that, from what I hear, has some of the most quality top notch dimes you’ll see anywhere and they check for black men heavy. If you’re a brother, you’ll be eating more than Slimer from Ghostbusters after a long fast if you have your stuff together.

    Black women fake mock SYSBM/Passport Bros but it’s clear they’re very worried. They never expected the same “lames” they thought weren’t going anywhere to have options. That whole “we don’t like to see other women objectify black men like they’re animals” act doesn’t work anymore. They really think we’re stupid. That’s why they and their simps get so giddy with the once in a blue moon video of a black man taking an L overseas. They so badly want that to be the majority of cases.

    If a black man has a good head on his shoulders, is in shape, has a good career and carries himself in his masculine, the world is literally his oyster. International Passport interviews successful brothers who visit all corners of the earth and have success with top notch women. Someone post a link of the black female equivalent of this. Seriously, show me. I’ll wait lol.

    The fact is, when it comes to dealing with ABW or any other black women in the west especially, it’s not even a case of the juice isn’t worth the squeeze cos there ain’t even any juice at all. I’m in Britain and I literally for the life of me cannot see a single benefit of dealing with black females from here. Not one.

    It’s been a long time coming but black men have finally wisened up now.


  2. He is saying it ain’t got anything to do with racism, its just being fat, masculine and aggressive.

    To be honest, most non black men and some black men like myself avoid black females due to skin colour aswell as those other testosterone factors.

    Most non black men want their biological kids to look like them.

    This is reality and its a hard pill to swallow for swirlers.

    The blackistan males are the only demographic males in larger numbers to date their negress females.

    I don’t want anything to do with them as an outsider minority black man who only dates white women.

  3. Thanks for the shout out Babatunde, just doing my job as an SYSBM solider. I’ve got more evidence coming. Kontaminated Keshia is the LEAST dated married and desired group…FOR A REASON.

    Black Men in particular and NON Black Men in general would rather gargle battery acid while simultaneously having our scrotums crushed than deal with their obesity,degeneracy and DEBAUCHERY.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Wow I fully agree with that white man in the above videos 100 percent. These videos go to show that white men don’t desire black women at all and that we SYSBM black men have been saying this for years now but these black women swirlers fail to listen. Now they are in for a rude awakening because no man no matter what race he is including decent black men don’t want to date black women so therefore that makes them the least desirable women on the planet. Why would I as a masculine SYSBM childfree black man at 41 want to date a fat overweight ugly feminist masculine black woman when I can date a beautiful childfree in shape feminine non black woman who enjoys being a woman and all the femininity that comes with it. Black women are doomed in 2023 and beyond.

  5. White Sugar Honey: Taking a shower?
    SYSBM: Yeah.
    White Sugar Honey: Can I join you?

    The reason why non black men don’t date black women is because that not only because of the dysfunctional behaviour they are seeing but they see how some black women treat black men. I know it’s just a comedy skit but the thing is that if a white guy like Nice Guy Nick who has a Benz S500e, a nice home in Watford, Hertfordshire, makes £100,000 a year will not be with a black woman because of her being aggressive.

    Now I know that there are some non black men who are with black women but some of them guys are beta males, you get me? And know that black men are with black women, but I know there are some black men don’t wanna deal with black women because of the ratchetness they are bringing. So, that is the reason why black men date non black women and get their passport and catch the next fastest jet.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  6. I’ll speak on US black females because these are the ones I see on the daily.

    Very few black females have the hourglass physique. Maybe one in 50. There are far more muffin top black females than pear shape black females walking around.

    The black male simps like to pretend that most black females have hourglass physiques and large sculpted butts. Clearly this is a lie. Most have big butts, but rarely are they sculpted. And most have huge waistlines as well, with ugly legs and sagging breasts.

    Today, the average height of black females is 5ft 4in. Their average weight is 187. According to the Centers for Disease Control, black females averaged an inch taller in 1960 and had an average weight of 140.

    Clearly, black female mutant feminism is making black females uglier, shorter, fatter, and dumber. All those black females born to Pookies and Shaniquas might have something to do with it as well.

    Black females are now the Clydesdales of the female gender.

  7. Time for my Mouthful.

    I checked his YouTube channel. He looks like one of the Arab type of guys who is diverse because he does not want to upset women.

    As for him saying ‘he is not being racist’. Non-Black men will say that so they won’t get backlash just like the Japanese guy Dr Satoshi Kanazawa.

    Lets get into the Arab man and I bring Dr Satoshi Kanazawa up because this reminds me of him mentioning about how BW are least attractive.
    I remember Dr Satoshi Kanazawa got a backlash because he did a research on the dating scene and the outcome is BW are ugly and this was based on statics. At the time the Black Community got all but hurt about how racis he was. At the time during 2010, I agree with the data whilst everyone got mad. Now today in 2023 most black men agree with the results because this is happening today.

    Let us get deep into Dr Satoshi Kanazawa in 2010:
    All the simps all responding to Dr Kanazawa saying he is racist and BW are beautiful.
    Let us run with is that Black Women are beautiful. The reason why the simps over 10 years ago saying BW are beautiful because they have big breasts and but. Let us say I agree that BW are beautiful because they have good body. But the simps never mention about, the natural beauty (no makeup, lashes and weaves), personality, feminine, if they are GF or wife/family material. No, their response is all about the external looks. The point is BW are least attractive not because they are black, they are least attractive because they are liberal, not compliant, feminine, wearing fake which simps to not take consideration.

    Even BW have the good looks, but the simps rather put up with all of their bullshit rigged game, ghetto, fake just to put up with looks, breasts and big butt.

    Let us get into this colour of her skin (black) as Hassan stated on the video:
    I am going to real as it is here. Unfortunately the colour of her skin (mostly dark skin) represents the ghetto sterotype of black society and black culture in the West. Tommy Sotomayor stated this for years. Instead of fighting against the black culture stereotypes, the culture decide to double, morel like triple down which they did for decades turn this Black Community into ‘Black Communitah’.
    People like Tommy Sotomayor use to say ‘Fuck the black community’ and shitting in the black culture. I do not blame him and others because we all see what is like. We all see videos after videos for many years how BW are full of demons. Verbs made years of topic covering it and made 2 books.

    Then we have Ice Cube decide to talk shit about the black community and turn his back on them which I do not blame him.
    I do not understand why Ice Cube’s supporter and Shawn James is but hurt about him as he did try his best to promote the black community if they vote Trump, but he black culture chose the slum by voting for Biden.

    Then you have super-simps aka ‘Dick Police’ who worry about BM who dates non-BW. Also the simp/pimps such as Derrick Jaxn who make money conning BW and still doing it even he screw an BW over.
    Then we have this False-Pan African Umar Johnson who blames productive BM because they chose not to become cucks and blaming good BM because they were not chosen by Keishas over Pookies.

    At least we have hope in the black community because we have guys like SYSBM and in America, you have the rise of Passport Brothers leaving the Plantation because the communitah celebrating Kevin’s death, even her was promoting black-love. But he died trying which wake up call to the thinking productive brothers.

    Always remember: “Observation is not racist”. Also when you call someone racist, remember, we all got eyes and we can see clear as day.
    We all say what we see and observe.

  8. The silence is deafening from the sistas. No clapback for this clout-chasing Ay-rab who’s straight-up insulting them, but it’s nothing but bird babble TikToks, hateful tweets and think pieces about the Passport Bros they say they don’t want.

    In the good old days, Black Men would’ve stood up to this kind of insult against the sistas, but they’ve alienated the honorable brothas in favor of Pookie, Ray Ray, Roadman Jake, Trap Gawd Nate and Raw Dawg McGee.

    Oh well.

  9. I pulled out my lie detector today to test what Mr. Overpaid said about Black women; the lie detector determined everything he said to be FACTS. To address his first point, indeed Black women ARE masculine and aggressive; look at their demeanor whenever they get upset with somebody, let alone a Black man, whether he be her husband, boyfriend, brother, or son. I’ve even seen a video of one stragg who was in a tussle with a cop at a McDonald’s restaurant; she broke free and then proceeded to take off her backpack to continue fighting before she was hit with pepper spray. In spite of being blinded, she still found breath to call him a “b**ch a** n**ga” while being arrested. There are countless other examples I can cite, but you get the idea.

    Also, Black women being obese is getting way out of hand, so much so, one fat Black dyke deemed the word obese to be “anti-Black” (yes, you read that correct); lastly, he cited how broads like Cardi B are celebrated in spite of her history of drugging and robbing Black men, then setting them up with trannies. The absolute worst elements of Black female society are celebrated, including (but not limited to) Lizzo, Sukihana, Sexyy Red, Ice Spice, Megan Thee Stallion, etc., yet they wonder why the world views them the way they do. They can cry “racism” all they want, but you can’t shame a person for what they observe; they have no one else to blame but themselves.

    These straggs will have to hold this L by themselves; Rick Scorpio’s prediction is playing itself out in real time, and the scraggle daggle have nobody to blame but themselves. As the daggle’s public image continues to fall apart, thinking Black men stand vindicated for everything they’ve said.

  10. (Sigh). Such bullshit. “I’m not racist” – but then the asshole goes on stereotype Black women as if EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM is overweight, masculine, have bad attitudes, etc. If you don’t wanna date Black women that are fat, masculine or have bad attitudes then AVOID THOSE WOMEN; there are plenty of Black women who are neither fat, masculine nor have bad attitudes. Anyone pretending pretending that every Black woman in America possesses those traits meets the very definition of racism – castigation and condemnation of a group based solely on that group’s skin color.

    And Black men that co-sign this bullshit are the weakest of the weak. With Black men trailing all other men in income, education, achievement, etc., the LAST thing Black men should do is put down Black women – unless they do so only as a way to feel better about themselves, which makes them weak AND sad.

    1. AfricanAmericanMan,

      You cannot defend black women on any level, attempting to do so simply leaves you looking like a fool. Black women at this point can’t even defend themselves yet here you are throwing on a freshly starched cape believing you can do what they cannot do, smh. Dealing with black women in the US, 80% are overweight and 60% of that 80 are obese. These stats didn’t come from the Arab, they’ve come from the CDC which is in your country.

      You can observe in real time the fact that black women are disproportionately overweight, when I went to Charlotte NC back a number of years ago, I was in a Golden Coral and the overwhelming majority of black women who came into that restaurant were overweight, some massively.

      Most black women are masculine and do carry attitudes, black men living in different parts of the world can and regularly do attest to this, black women across the board are renowned for having these traits, you’re looking incredibly foolish denying this.

      Ah, here we go with the weakest link garbage again. The reason why black men are so called “trailing behind” is because of black women and their unholy coalition with the State to keep black men flat on their faces for life in addition to triad blue pilled simps such as yourself who cosign and gate keep their treachery and dysfunction. You’re the very reason why black women will continue sinking deeper into the gutter.

      In 2023 quality black women in the US are very few and far between and I can say with confidence that you’re definitely NOT dealing with any of them seeing as you’re more than happy to give trash black females a pass. You’re telling on yourself bruh:

  11. AfricanAmericanMan,

    “And Black men that co-sign this bullshit are the weakest of the weak. With Black men trailing all other men in income, education, achievement, etc., the LAST thing Black men should do is put down Black women – unless they do so only as a way to feel better about themselves, which makes them weak AND sad.”

    Never a problem when THEY do it though, huh? They can call us bullet bags, call normal good black men “lames/boring/nerds/incels” just for not being criminals, go on every media platform and denigrate us in front of the whole world til the cows come home, prevent good black men from seeing their own children just cos they’re mad at them etc ad infinitum.

    You dudes NEVER hold black women accountable for anything and that’s a huge part of the problem. All this “bbbut they’re not all like that” talk doesn’t cut it. Where were all the “good” black women to openly speak up for and defend us against their fellow sistas all this time before the rise of SYSBM/Passport Bros? I’ll wait. They were quiet as church mice, but the minute we started speaking up for ourselves and they saw numerous receipts of other women (no, not the ugly, overweight ones since that’s who they claim we can only attract) showing an interest in us, now they find their tongue and show fake support (while asking for patron donations mind you) after several decades of disrespect.

    Nah, we ain’t having it anymore. It doesn’t make me “feel better” to speak out against the same women I was once a defender of and loved. Maybe back in the 90s, you might have had an argument, but nowadays you CANNOT defend black women as a whole. They’re openly rebellious and disrespectful towards any good black men who try to help them and/or display some kind of authority, but easy like Sunday morning and cooperative for Pookie and Ray Ray. Problem with dudes like you is you feel black men should just be eternal punching bags and not speak up for ourselves because you can’t figuratively remove yourself from mammy’s teat. No, it is not OK to tolerate abuse and mistreatment from the hands of black females cos “yo MaMa BlAcK”.

    I used to be you, so I know all your bullshit arguments.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Do you see how there are so many black men out in the US who still believe in the unicorn theory? They honestly think that one day their magical black female is going to roll in on a white horse and whisk them away into the sunset. These Stockholm syndrome, blue pilled, pro black simps are just as bad as black women with their fantasies of being saved by a “lame, nerd”, productive black man after they’ve been ran through by the whole block and have 1,2,3,4,5 or more children en tow.

      Again, the pro black simp Negro is completely blind to the transgressions of Keisha, it’s only when black men decide to stand up for themselves and speak out, that when these dudes will suddenly crawl out of the rotten woodwork to perform dysfunctional behaviour gate keeping duties on behalf of the black witch contingent. What a travesty.

      I’ve asked the guy to present me with quality black women since he still believes there is an abundance of them, bro, I’m still waiting. My point still stands, quality black women are extremely few and far between and none of these pro black shines can every prove me wrong.

      1. (Sigh). I guess you heard some idiot say something that resonated with your wounded soul and offered you an excuse for your misery – either that or you’re a grifter seeking to make a Buck off similarly disenchanted dudes. Your arguments are the same unoriginal tripe spewed by misogynists and racists.

        “it’s only when black men decide to stand up for themselves and speak out” Stand up to WHO? Speak out against WHO? Black women? Are you seriously suggesting that until SYSBM Black men were suffering under the tyrannical hand of Black women? Seriously dude? Where’s the agency among you guys? Where’s the accountability? Don’t you feel embarrassed to assert that Black women have dominated Black men so much and for so long that our only recourse is to quit the community? ‘Cause that’s the logical outcome of your argument, and I don’t see why quality women of other races would value men who are admitting they can neither manage nor build their own community.

        You speak of unicorns, magic and fantasy but if you’re expecting Karen, KARLITA and KOO to cart you away in a white then YOU are the one who is blind.

        Carry on. Had really hoped to engage in meaningful dialogue about the seemingly increasing complexities of the male-female dynamic but I can’t suffer Black ‘men’ who place all the blame for their miserable lives at the feet of Black women. However, while I won’t post friends/colleagues/associates profiles – that’s weirdo shit, dude – to show there’s no hard feelings I’ll leave you with this tidbit from Discover Magazine (

        “Black husband/white wife marriages are twice as likely to divorce as white/white marriages. White husband/black wife were nearly 50% less likely to divorce than white/white couples. [B]lack/white couples only show a higher rate of divorce compared to black/black couples if the white person in the relationship is a woman.” Hmmm; seems Black MEN are the common denominator in marriage failure rates. I wonder if women of other races…

        I’m sure interracial marriage will be your salvation (LOL)!

    2. “nowadays you CANNOT defend black women as a whole.”

      Kindly point to my remark where I attempt to defend Black women as a whole. I’ll wait…

      You can’t find that remark because I never made it. I would never defend the entirety of Black women because there are some whose behavior, etc. I don’t agree with. What I WILL do is denounce the ridiculous assertions – common in this space, unfortunately – that the population of quality Black women is so low as to be statistically insignificant. FOHWTS!

      It’s especially surprising to see Black MEN make this assertion because Black men have been body-slammed on so many fronts…higher unemployment rates, lower graduation rates, higher incarceration rates, lower income rates, lower home ownership rates, lower business ownership rates. If you make a direct comparison between Black and white households you find that the Black MAN’s lagging income relative to his white counterpart accounts for a greater proportion of the discrepancy than the difference between Black and white women – and yet somehow it’s Black WOMEN that need to left behind? Like, seriously?

  12. Verbs2015,

    These pro whack, kween defenders think we don’t know anything about statistics or life in general. Even when these simps are forced to acknowledge that bdubs have flaws, they still have to quickly spin it back around to how terrible the black man is. They don’t even realise that they’re a huge part of the reason why things are the way they are. Even other black women when they’re being honest, openly admit that they are a problem (I could post links but why bother). The only ones who don’t acknowledge this fact are BLACK MEN!

    Honestly, I think he should be blocked. He can go and whine on other platforms about us if he wants, who cares. This is OUR space. IDGAF about him and the rest of his stubborn ilk and what they have to say. I’ve already been in their shoes so there’s nothing to tell me. There’s so many receipts all over this site proving that bdubs are the problem and why, but he thinks he’s gonna succeed in lecturing us. If he wants to praise the kweens all day long, there’s a trillion other sites he can do it.

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