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Well, it seems that this new Barbie movie is plunging Western women deeper into their feminist stupor, many have separated from their boyfriends because some of the men(a 21 cannon salute to those who resisted) are refusing to adhere to and embrace the film’s strong feminist message and the rest of these feminist knuckleheaded females are now using the pink flick as a litmus test in deciding whether or not to date any particular man.

This is yet another reason why I’ll continue to promote dealing with non Westernised foreign women over these mentally disjointed Western harriets any day of the week. Western women as a collective will continue to hold onto their beloved decadent religion until they hit the grave or a serious reset occurs(which isn’t far off).

Check out these articles below and feel free to give your feedback. As I keep on saying, most Western women are complete dummies and modern day black women are leading that charge by a mile.

Personally, I’m NOT going to watch the film because I refuse to be emasculated and berated for being a man, additionally I won’t allow myself to be openly disparaged and mocked either just because I choose to fully embrace classic masculinity and traditional manhood(which contrary to the popular feminist belief is NOT toxic).

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice:

Brothers, in 2023 the passport has never been such an invaluable and favourable asset to have in your hands, gentleman, get your passports and don’t look back because outside of an economic collapse, this feminist foolishness is only going to get worse and sink Western females deeper into the sewer.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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21 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. This is embarrasing for the Western females because of the Barbie film.
    Barbie is meant to be how to be feminine and Ken is meant to be masculine and men there are the builders of Barbie Land. That is how the toys were when we all were kids.

    When I read the story plot (spoilers) from wikipedia as I do not watch the film or go to cinemas. The film turn out to be a liberal feminist movie. Also they call real world, ‘The oppress world’ which is an insult to patriarchy. Also I read the plot the Ken in the movie found his purpose in the real world.

    Thank to this feminist movie, the women in the dating becoming more rigged and unrelastic which they alreay are for decades than ever.

    Now I am hearing the film itself causing a lot of relationship breakup in real life. Yes that is right as Verbs stated here that the movie itself destroying relationship because these modern females listen to the film.

    1. Mister Master,

      I agree with you that how I cannot believe that these modern females letting this Barbie film dictate their real life relationship.
      Barbie is just a fictional world. But this shows Western Females how deluded they are because they all think they live in Barbie Land until their own Barbie Land turn into ‘Section 8 Welfare Land’ where Kens are no longer masculine Blue Collar Men, but instead they become Pookies and thugs just like the communitah.

    2. MM,

      That is exactly what the movie is all about, bolstering liberal feminism in the minds of Western women who are already mentally fragged from the same. Only in the West do you have women stupid enough who will use a film based upon a doll to determine whether somebody is worth either dating or if already in a relationship, staying with or not.

      Had this film been made in the 1990s or early 2000s, the script would’ve been completely different. Yes, the early Ken was indeed masculine to complement the earlier Barbie’s femininity, however in 2023 not anymore.

      Western women as a collective are guaranteed to go along with anything that in the long term works to their detriment as long as they can take advantage of any immediate short term benefits, smh.

  2. Wow, who would have thought that a movie will break up relationships in real life?

    I’ve never seen the Barbie movie and will refuse to watch it.

    I will be moving out of the UK next month.

    Anglophone nations are finished, its done.

    I don’t see any future in the UK.

    I don’t have any plans of returning to live here again ever, only to visit friends/family and nothing more.

    I would rather build my own future family tree with a quality white girlfriend overseas.

    I will be starting a new chapter of my life abroad.

    I have to challenge myself further, push myself to achieve 10 goals of mine.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Congratulations on the move brother, I don’t blame you for kicking out of this country because it’s rapidly sinking deeper and deeper into the sewer. My eventual plan is to do the same, using the West as a financial hub but living elsewhere.

      Hopefully wherever you’re going you’ll be able to find a quality white girlfriend and embark upon a completely new journey in your life. I’m always happy to see younger brothers like yourself branching out and living life to a fuller capacity.

      Yep, the Barbie film is a load of liberal, feminist garbage. Just like black women took a major L when the song WAP was released, Western women in general are taking a massive L through their idiotic and ludicrous behaviour based upon some fictional characters, smh.

  3. Just think these women who let the Barbie movie dictate their relationships are the same females that we’re supposed to vote for and appoint to high public office, and hand over high-paying and front-facing CEO jobs to.

    Whoever decided to target and empower single, white, liberal, bisexual, female, mentally ill narcissists (and their twerking black misandrist lesbian handmaidens and BLM foot soldiers) as instruments to help bring down western society knew exactly what they were doing.

    Lucky for me I don’t have a GF or wife to browbeat and bully me into seeing the Barbie movie. I feel sorry for the cucks who were literally forced to go see it…as well as victims of the Barbie relationship litmus shit test.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Just like the devil targeted Eve instead of Adam in the Garden of Eden, the same play book is being employed in real time with Western women being used as the gullible knuckleheads to bring society in the Western hemisphere down to its knees, you cannot make this stuff up.

      Weren’t these the same Western females not so long ago going in on foreign women stating that they weren’t very intelligent which is why many Western men have chosen to go for them instead?

      Just look at this crap, foreign women are going to have a field day with this, we already know that they won’t be following this crazy nonsense, I even suspect that foreign women as a whole aren’t even holding this Barbie movie in the same high regard as women in the West.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    I refuse to go a watch the Barbie film because it supports feminism and you know that I hate feminism. I am so glad that I am a masculine SYSBM black man who values his manhood. I heard that the boxer Terence Crawfords mum used to beat him as punishment so that he can become a successful boxer he is today. Also Terence Crawfords mum never told him that she loves him or that she appreciates his successful boxing career. I swear to god that black mothers parenting skills is atrocious and that’s the reason that makes black mothers the worst mothers on the planet and the least desired women on the planet. I avoid black women like the plague and I will never ever have kids with a black woman. My step mum and my auntie (my dad’s older sister) is one of the reasons why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 41.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I had to check out what you were talking about regarding Terence Crawford, I found this short video linked below:

      Black women buy 100% wholesale into their nasty behaviour and horrible treatment of black men including their own children, in their eyes everything they do is justified. Telling your son that he would never amount to anything, this is supposed to be “encouraging” and “building him up”?

      Offering the other boys in the neighbourhood money to bust up her own son, most black women are mentally deranged and a clear cautionary tale of exactly what happens when a father isn’t in the home.

      As Tommy Sotomayor always used to say, black women, the worst stewards of children on the planet. Stay the SYSBM course my brother, in the long term you’re doing yourself a huge favour. Steer clear of the daggle like your life depends on it and stay away from knucklehead chicken heads who subscribe to Hollywood’s leftist feminist propaganda.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro 100 percent. I am SYSBM for life man. 😎💯

  5. I know that it’s a movie but I’m not goanna watch it. Too pink for me! I know that some of guys ain’t goanna watch the movie and I understand that but for me, I rather watch an action thriller then watch something like that. And speaking off movie, I might talk about the 1993 urban crime drama Menace II Society. Maybe next week. I have it on DVD as well.

    I know one man will watch Barbie and that is the London Mayor Sadiq Khan who said that he’s a feminist. Right guys, if a man says that he’s a feminist, women will not find that attractive at all. I don’t wanna talk about the guy any more. And I heard that the men have left their girlfriend because they will embrace the feminist b.s. So, the women are just scratching their heads wondering what next. Shit, Money Cultural don’t know.

    Dr Foolmar Johnson is simping for rapper Sukihana. Let me tell you this. I’m not surprised with this at all. To be honest, is anyone surprised with this?

    I did an article of are white women are better. I would say no because white women have their flaws too and they play games as well. But will date one? Fuck yeah, I’ll date a white chick or any non black woman. I can date whoever I want. Tough luck if someone has a problem with that. But if a woman is playing games, I just kick that to the curb. I don’t have time with that.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural wrote:
      “Dr Foolmar Johnson is simping for rapper Sukihana. Let me tell you this. I’m not surprised with this at all. To be honest, is anyone surprised with this?”

      Madbusdriver stated that Umar want Sukihana to become the Queen of the Black Communitah. I say to Umar good luck with that and let her be the Queen of the Communitah because she is the same women who like drinking pee and eating shit. Basically she has a fetish for sewage because she is into Potty porn at the same time calling herself ‘Pro-black hotep’.
      Which makes sense because if you put Potty, sewage and communitah together.

      1. Yeah, but I think that she is the queen of ratchetness because of the ratchetness we are seeing with her. And we see the ratchetness with some of the videos as well.

  6. I agree with all the comments above. Great points everyone!

    Another caveat, I find it interesting how this movie has really exposed some of the supposed women (and these trend-chasing dudes) who are anti-woke, anti-feminist. But they are grifters, as Verbs and others have pointed out. They conveniently seem to overlook obvious, blatant, and cartoonish message about denigrating men and painting the world like some American Gender Studies, (U.S.) Coastal elitist thought of how Society is.

    Hell, they even let a trans Dr. Barbie character slip in there. And the women still didn’t b**** about it, they ate it up LMFAO!! no pun intended.
    Quick question, did you see white women coming out to watch a Little Mermaid movie with a black Ariel? Nope and barely broke even. But you saw plenty of black women watching Barbie. Having a little parties. Making their little videos. Even Nicki Minaj end up having the number one song on iTunes over this. The s*** is comical if not just absurd and annoying.

    If this Barbie movie and the whole Fiasco around it ain’t got the message across to men that they need to accept women’s status and how they feel about you. Nothing will. Sigmund Freud was not Off the Mark when he talked about penis envy in his book “Civilization and it’s Discontent.” and among his other works. Even though he is often painted by the psychological and therapist industry as a misogynist quack. So I’m not surprised that women would enjoy seeing a movie with feminist agit-prop (agitation propaganda) diguise as “satirical” and “secretly based” material. And underlying messages like dump his ass if he doesn’t understand this b*******. Then use it to decide how to vet their relationship. Remember where I said about how women don’t really create, they chase trends? Barbie and “dumping your boyfriend: is now a trend that woman will follow. A blessing in disguise really

    The patriarchy in the Barbie movie is made up and a wet dream of a lame feminist cosplaying as a screenwriter and director.

    In the reality, dudes like Tory Lanez getting hit up for 10 years strech for his involvement with a Houston daggles (despite lies and cover-up).

    So much for the patriarchy, LMFAO!

    But hey #WeStayWinning

    1. Tory Lanez the reverse Passport Bro. Came to America from Canada to cosplay US ghetto culture, only to go to prison behind some American daggle. He should have stayed in Canada with those snow bunnies from the Great White North. These niggas are learning the hard way, smh. SYSBM and Passport Bros for life!

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Just when you thought that Western females couldnt sink any lower, they pull this stunt; you really have to question the mental aptitude of any woman who would use a movie based on a character who doesn’t exist to gage whether or not a man is worth being in a serious relationship with. I expect to see more teary-eyed, runny makeup faced broads lamenting that they can’t find a man in the near future; I also expect to see more men join Passport Bros, as well. Stick a fork in these Westernized women because they are done! #SYSBM #PassportBros

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      You cannot make this stuff up, the deeper Western women dive into the feminist mire of filth, the more miserable they become, however because they keep getting caught up in the hedonistic short term benefits, they’ll continue to cut off their noses to spite their faces. The message remains the same from men like myself, abandon the Western female and never look back.

  8. Am I actually reading this right? Girlfriends are dumping their boyfriends over a stupid movie?

    We’re fucked. Andrew Tate, all is forgiven mate.

    1. Michel,

      There is a clip going around of Andrew Tate recommending that men start families with women in foreign countries as opposed to the West. He used Latin America as an example but to be honest any stable non Western region that doesn’t have laws stacked against men in the event of a divorce is good to go.

      It just amazes me at how the women who claim to be the most intelligent on the planet have no problems using a feminist movie as a gauge to determine whether or not their boyfriends are worth staying with. Non Westernised foreign women are going to have a field day with this one.

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