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This Shine Cannot Be Serious! #SHORTS

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Yes, this clown is back once again. No matter how many times black men of good character stand in the gap and attempt to warn black women about pandering, enchanting, pied piping wizards such as Ace Metaphor, without fail they’ll reject sound advice and voluntarily choose to get suckered in by the spellbinding rhetoric because of it being pleasant to the ears.

The main reason why pimping panderers such as Derrick Jaxn as well as Ace Metaphor and other still receive heavy support from black women is because black women as a collective are a bunch of leftist knuckleheads who desperately require information that is going to enable them to uphold their victimhood status.

Black women especially and other Western women in general are some of the most dumbest individuals on the planet, they don’t care if they’re being bamboozled and hoodwinked, only the feeling of being told sweet nothings matters to them.

I utterly despise STUPID women, women who despite being shown that danger is up ahead, will still choose to walk the fool’s path into calamity after calamity but then at the same time still want to play the victimhood card.

I despise women who refuse to use logic, reason, common sense, I hate women who refuse to think and reason for themselves, I cannot stand women who refuse to listen to sound advice.

The thing that kills me is every time Ace Metaphor opens his mealy mouth to spew his misandrist garbage, you can blatantly observe the disingenuousness on his face, he himself knows that what he’s saying is all rubbish.

He’s not serious, however in his eyes black women have to be merchandised at all costs to keep his pockets fat and outside of Derrick Jaxn as well as the on the corner pastors and bishops, pandering wizard Ace Metaphor is one of the biggest black female merchants out here.

As I’ve already stated in my book Negro Wars, in addition to enjoying being physically bashed in the head, black women absolutely love being fleeced and merchandised as long as said merchants tell them what they want to hear.

In the video notice how Ace Metaphor conveniently skips around the blatant irresponsibility of the woman in getting herself pregnant by a no good male to begin with.

Of course the cauldron stirring warlock Metaphor doesn’t want to go there because he knows full well that women control access to sex, therefore ultimately she has to be the one held responsible and accountable for her current situation.

Additionally, no RESPONSIBLE mother would even be thinking about “getting her nails done” when she has a child/children to look after.

Furthermore, most women in the West are complete mullet heads when it comes to money and finances, hence why they carry the most debt with US black women leading the charge in that department.

All the things Ace listed are what a mother is supposed to do as standard, single mothers don’t get any special recognition nor credit for carrying out tasks that are the NORMAL DUTIES of any parent.

Gentlemen, I realise that since these women refuse to heed countless warnings and sound advice, your duties are to stand aside and watch them walk into the fire and additionally staunchly reject and send them packing with the utmost pleasure when they finally realise the error of their ways and come sniffing in your direction seeking cleanup man/janitorial services. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Gullible Women And Their Fleecing Merchants Deserve Each Other

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “This Shine Cannot Be Serious! #SHORTS

  1. Ace Metaphor is another Derrick wannabe.

    Verbs, I agree with you about how these western females purposely choosing the fool’s path.

    I am going to give you a secret about these simp/pimp like Ace Metaphor:
    What is happening is because the pandering is no longer working, so they are resorting to use Umar Johnson’s talking points.
    He and Umar know that these modern females are stupid so what is their new shaming tactic?
    Blaming productive men. You know, blaming them for not becoming step-cucks.
    Just like how Umar blaming productive men because these stupid BW chose thugs over them.

    Verbs wrote:
    “I utterly despise STUPID women, women who despite being shown that danger is up ahead, will still choose to walk the fool’s path into calamity after calamity but then at the same time still want to play the victimhood card.

    I despise women who refuse to use logic, reason, common sense, I hate women who refuse to think and reason for themselves, I cannot stand women who refuse to listen to sound advice.”

    Here is a new one for you Verbs:
    Why don’t these simp panders like Ace, Derrick and Umar say, ‘It is all productive BM’s fault because these BW purposely chose the Devil.’ ‘Black men are accountable for these BW purposely choose at their own accord as their personal choose to sell their soul to Satan’.

    I do not despise women, I despise the simps for than these BW because they are enablers.

    Also Ace Metaphor was asking a question: He asked ‘Why do us men go after the pookies?’
    I tell you why. Because the women chose to have kids with them. We all know between good and evil. But BW purposely chose ‘evil’. But again Umar will blame ‘productive men’ because the modern female chose willing ‘evil’.

    Madbusdriver will say to the simps: ‘Do you understand?’

    1. “…what is their new shaming tactic?
      Blaming productive men. You know, blaming them for not becoming step-cucks.”

      You nailed it. What happened is that they finally realized that people are fully aware of them purposely picking ain’t-shit men. That narrative of men tricking them and whatnot stopped working and they began to look stupid. Their next play? As you said, shift the blame to productive men. Instead of blaming ain’t shit men for making them single moms, blame productive men for the single mother epidemic by saying that our unwillingness to be stepdaddies is the cause of single motherhood. Us now cleaning up behind them and the ain’t-shit men they spent decades pursuing is the main problem now, according to them.

      1. Perfectibilist,

        You really have to laugh at the beyond desperate manoeuvres currently being rolled out by these lames and their black female overlords. Firstly the black witch herself chooses to give the productive black men a wide berth stating that they’re “boring and “lame”, then when black society further sinks into the sewer here come the intercessing blue pilled pro black simps blaming the same productive black men for refusing to volunteer themselves for cleanup men/janitorial services, you cannot make this stuff up.

        As I said above, blaming productive black men for the errors black women have wrought with their own hands is a grave mistake and black women themselves will suffer greatly for such a transgression. Turning on the best and the brightest brothers in black male society, yep, these black sirens and their pro black simp flunkies are really that dumb.

    2. MMT,

      I believe Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson coming out and blaming productive black men for the calamitous choices black women have and still do make was another nail in the coffin that woke up many more black men(who weren’t that deeply brainwashed)to the fact that they’ll forever be used as the scapegoat for the black female’s dumb choices.

      Once again, as I have stated before, only the blue pilled black male simps will fall into line and allow themselves once again to be brow beaten by these black females as well as their merchants.

      I’ve got no problems with functional women, I do however stand by my statement about despising stupid woman and those who refuse to heed to sound advice as well as valid warnings. Ace Metaphor just like Derrick Jaxn has a shelf life, the gravy train has to come to an end at some point.

  2. Simp pandering is a money making scheme.

    They are exactly like salesmen trying to sell no quality products to customers.

    The demographic customers they are targeting are black men like me who have never dated a black female in my life ever and black men who have dated them in the past but never again.

    Their side hustle business is only at the best interest of negress females.

    It ain’t in my interest at all.

    If they were promoting black men to date out with a quality white girlfriend, their business would be successful cause black men like me would support it.

    This would never happen in blackistan cause they would lose the fan base audience and out of pocket.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The way it should work is black men en mass continually rejecting the modern day black female until she’s brought up to a reasonable standard by those trying to encourage the men that count to invest in her.

      However, because Ace Metaphor and
      other pimping merchants know that most black men have their standards and self esteem deep in the toilet, they’ll always be a fresh and steady surplus of simps ready to fall upon the sword for their “queens”.

      As has come out of the mouths of a few black females themselves, as long as black men refuse to leave them, black women as a collective won’t change.

  3. SYSBM: I need to rest, hun!
    White sugar honey: Rest with me, boo!

    This is simp makes his return again? But God, what’s going on here?

    We do talk about the single mothers who choose the wrong men to breed them. And we also chat about these worthless shit them who refuse to take care of their off springs. The reason why the ghetto ratchet black women will give this simp support is because that he’s siding with the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles.

    We have simps like Dr Foolmar Johnson, Derrick Jaxn, Rap Raven and now this guy, Lord have mercy. We are seeing more and more simps in the woodwork lately. But they should know that these scraggle daggles really don’t like these type of men at all because they don’t like it when a man lick up to them, you get me?

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      These black sirens will definitely begin going on the attack as they see more quality black men bypassing them for white and other non black women, coming soon to a street near you.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Single mothers are the most stupidest women on the planet because they are always having kids with the worst type of men on the planet even though people warned them beforehand that if you pick the single mother life route then your life as a single mother is going to be extremely hard and they still have kids with the wrong men anyway. I don’t feel sorry for single mothers at all because they are damaged goods and they destroyed their own lives and they have the cheek to want childfree men like us to come in and play step dad to their bastard kids and rescue them from their poor choices in life and the problems that they themselves created. Also black women love to have kids by evil men.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro. When it comes to raising children, any man should be selfish and point blank refuse to raise any seed apart from his own. When it comes to keeping your own legacy and family tree in continuance, selfishness ie refusing to play the step-daddy role is a must.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I refuse to date single mothers as a childfree black man at 41. I am SYSBM for life man. 😎💯

  5. Verbs you are right, this clown some ignorant. This idiot is say all this bs to for black women hear and keep his pocket fat. Also access to have sex with these black women.
    All this clown is really do letting good men know is stay away from black women and also letting us know how much a simp he is. And yes Al’s agree we let walk into the fire for all the bad decisions.
    Simps like Ace Metaphor can have these hyenas since he like banging them so much.
    I’m SYSBM away from that bs like rest rest good blackmen are doing.
    SYSBM FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!

    1. Antonio W Johnson,

      The last bastion of hope for these broads was the late Kevin Samuels, however they couldn’t wait to urinate and defecate all on his grave. At this stage you just have to sit back with some popcorn and a glass of freshly squeezed juice and watch the show unfold. Black women are in some serious trouble and I will NOT be lifting a finger to save them during their days of heavy distress and tribulation.

  6. If these stragg’s can’t tell this goofy looking simp is a fraud by now, they deserve whatever comes to them from buying his snake oil; I can just look at this video and tell he’s being disingenuous. Do dictionaries exist to these simps? Accountability is taking ownership of the results that have been produced; what Simp Metaphor is describing is responsibility. Also, somebody needs to tell him to quit soft shoeing for the scraggle daggle and look at some stats on Black fathers; that will shut him up if he were to acknowledge that fact.

    1. “Also, somebody needs to tell him to quit soft shoeing for the scraggle daggle and look at some stats on Black fathers; that will shut him up if he were to acknowledge that fact.”

      Pander bear simps and black misandrist daggles only care about the white man’s stats when they’re negative towards the productive Black Man.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Indeed, these pimps and merchants will continue to pimp as long as the so called “most educated ” continue to line themselves up be fleeced and rifled willingly.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The so called most educated are also at the same time the dumbest individuals on the planet bar none. They clearly haven’t learned anything from the Derrick Jaxn fiasco. At this stage you can’t blame the merchant if black women already know what’s going on and yet still choose to line up in order to be bamboozled and hoodwinked.

  7. Ace Metaphor and the rest of his kind need to catch some of that Montgomery Alabama chair energy.

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