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Don’t Do It Gents, Don’t Do It! #SHORTS

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Now, in the case of this female, even after getting knocked up by a Brad/Chad type fella, she still managed to find herself a blue pilled Captain Snowy type simp who was willing to step up and perform cleanup man/janitorial services, this guy here.

There is a very serious problem in the West today, men just aren’t men anymore. If this was in another country where traditional values are upheld, she would still be struggling to find a man to roll in and take care of her child to this very day.

Recently I watched a video with an Indian woman being interviewed and she stated that there is no such thing as being a single mother/ babymother in India, she stated that the concept simply doesn’t exist over there.

Now I don’t doubt that there are single mothers over in India, however the numbers are so small that you might as well declare them insignificant. As another example, the last time I checked I believe the single mother rate in Japan is 1-2%

It’s only in the West where this single mother garbage culture is being promoted as something to be celebrated and of course there are a plethora of blue pilled simpletons lining up ready to fall upon the sword for these irresponsible women.

Nowhere is single mother culture celebrated more than in black society, single black mothers will go out of their way in their attempts to persuade predominantly black men that dealing with them is no different than dating and marrying a woman who is child-free.

There are absolutely NO BENEFITS for a man to get together with a single mother outside of easy sex(something he can get with a child-free female anyway).

No matter how good the woman looks, as a man who fully understands his true worth/value, single mothers must always be REJECTED, you’re built for much better than that. Single mothers are an extremely bad deal.

We’ve seen the recent upset with the Passport Bros from black women because these reckless heifers have realised that their plan B option now has to be shelved, there will be no upwardly mobile brothers saving them from a lifestyle of whoredom and harlotry once their options run out ie they hit the wall.

Gentlemen, the rejection of single mothers must be across the board, not just with the black female. As commenter Quincy Fitzpatrick continually stresses over and over again, the stargate you choose must be CHILD-FREE.

Single mothers are NOT quality stargates, there are close to 4 billion women on this planet to choose from, you can easily find yourselves women who don’t have any children and who also haven’t lived out their prime years volunteering to be the village bicycle.

Fellas, the motto still remains the same, say no to single mothers and be sure to avoid retired 304s and ran throughs attempting to shame you into overlooking their sordid, notorious and horrific pasts.

There are a host of other reasons we’ve discussed in the past as to why single mothers ought to be rejected and bypassed, feel free to list them in the comment section. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Single Mothers From ALL Ethnic Backgrounds

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “Don’t Do It Gents, Don’t Do It! #SHORTS

  1. I hate to sound like this, but I don’t know if this will sound right, but for women who are single mothers trying to date men who doesn’t have kids, telling men that didn’t procreate with them in the first place to “step up” and be a “real man,” they’re playing a dangerous game that’s gonna have some unexpected events popping up. I always say to myself if I’m gonna start a family in the future, it needs to be with a woman who doesn’t have any children so we can form our own family. I can’t see myself with a woman who already has a kid, or kids. Playing Stepdad is dangerous in the books, I don’t care how people would dress it up. If a woman has children, leave her alone. I heard stories about women who brought home a whole another dude while she has kids, and next thing to know, that dude did something harmful to her kids, well the first mistake that woman made was bringing that dude around her kids, especially if she has daughters because them type of situations be making me sick to my stomach.

    1. That Retro Guy,

      Black women as a collective are the number one culprits when it comes to bringing strange men around their children. Many a time before the child is even born she’s already split with the baby father and has rolled in a new guy.

      Children raised in black single mother households are the easiest to take advantage of typically because the mother is more concerned about getting that regular thug/criminal dick and often times will dismiss the child’s plea for help and concerns, pure evil man.

      Additionally, dealing with single mothers simply shows a serious lack of self respect on the man’s part especially because he’s demonstrating himself to be weak by taking on somebody else’s leftovers and seed. #SAYNOTOSINGLEMOTHERS

  2. The SYSBM TENETS gentleman

    19. SYSBM PRACTITIONERS ARE NOT CLEAN UP MEN, we refuse to accept the current decadent and degenerate single mother philosophy being pushed by black women within black society, we will NOT be returning to the so called “community” to clean up anybody’s mess ie date and wife up single black mothers. We have high standards, single motherhood and the janky fruits thereof are totally unacceptable. We solidly practice and believe that a man should start his own family tree/legacy from scratch, NOT take onboard the children of another.

    There it is

    Reading this and the other tenets are the reason why I will not have conversations with people who claim sysbm but do not understand the very clearly stated, Direct Tenets of the SYSBM philosophy.
    Not a movement, we don’t need to ever recruit. Let’s be precise with this.
    Salute to the Knights


    1. Mack G,

      “19. SYSBM PRACTITIONERS ARE NOT CLEAN UP MEN, we refuse to accept the current decadent and degenerate single mother philosophy being pushed by black women within black society,

      I just had to mention that this ‘decadent and degenerate single mother philiosophy’ is also being pushed by black males in black society.

      This is one of the main reasons why I like to refer to black society as Blackistan, and I like to refer to black males who glorify the cleanup man culture of Blackistan, as black male simps.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        Yep, and guess which notorious character immediately springs to mind, you guessed it, Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson. Telling productive black men that we are “selfish” because we refuse to pick up the slack for these disjointed, mentally challenged and undeserving single black mothers.

        Of course Gerbilface hasn’t wifed up any of his baby mothers nor is he voluntarily putting himself forward for cleanup man/janitorial services either, smh. You cannot make this stuff up.

    2. Mack G,

      Agreed, this is why most black men who claim to be SYSBM aren’t. As I’ve explained before, they’ve simply jumped on board the philosophy to make black women feel as if they’re leaving them, hoping these same sirens will be forced to engage them in conversation and in their eyes thereafter reach some sort of compromise/resolution.

      Men are the ones who control access to relationships, therefore if women are seeking out the same, they must adhere to the terms and conditions we choose to set down. This is why the whole negotiating and horse-trading proposal Obsidian suggested is beyond ridiculous. #SYSBMFORETERNITY

  3. Shout out to Quincy Fitzpatrick. Because he preach his usual sermon about looking for Childfree woman.

    As for this single mother talking about he need to pay for the sitter. No, that is not the man’s responsibility and yes, children is a burden if you are a single mother, that is what you have to deal with.
    She also mention about how men find her easy. That is because single mothers are for easy sex, not for relationship.
    I always advice men not to pump and dump single mothers or else they will be a sucker too.

    Lets get to the Birth Certificate and she did not want him to put him on the birth certificate and on child support because he is a control freak as she describe him as.
    I give you brother here a reality check why these single mothers did not put him on child support and on birth certificate.
    This is because her baby-daddy is a hybrid-pookie or hybrid-thug. How do I know this? These are then men they will never put on child support, they only put good productive men on Child Support.

    There is a motto for these females. They never put bad men on child support because if you do, they will own their ass and their souls. Point-blank-period. They will talk shit about them behind their back, but never take them to the cleaners because they dangerous so they just leave them with nothing.

    I never recall these BW put any thug on Child Support, never. They will come after the beta male provider to pick up the pieces.

    Verbs wrote:
    “Recently I watched a video with an Indian woman being interviewed and she stated that there is no such thing as being a single mother/ babymother in India, she stated that the concept simply doesn’t exist over there.

    Now I don’t doubt that there are single mothers over in India, however the numbers are so small that you might as well declare them insignificant. As another example, the last time I checked I believe the single mother rate in Japan is 1-2%”

    In other countries, the Single mothers still can get a date, but they have to go through redemption. Why? Because they know they are competing against other childfree women.
    Redemption meaning they have to build themselves up again to become a suitable mate. Remember the car analogy? Higher the mileage, the car value reduces. That is what it meant by redemption. It is like the salesman have to convince the customer why the 2nd hand product is still good as the band new product.
    This is something the western women do not understand because they think they have value because of a lot of simps fighting for these women when they are competing against the international females.

    1. Michael Mistertea.

      Thanks for shouting out my name bro. 😎👍

    2. MMT,

      Western women especially single mothers have overvalued themselves based upon the hoards of blue pilled simps that are always willing to wallow their noses in the gutter and lap up the crumbs and scraps left behind by the dudes who showed those same women no value nor love before when they were child free, smh.

      It goes both ways, it is very important for a man to ensure that the woman who bears his children is of good quality, the same principle goes for women, they need to choose men who are going to be quality fathers.

      However overall so many Western women get too caught up in the attention they’re showered with in their younger years as well as listen to the narcissistic part of their brain which encourages them to shun decent, productive men while at the same time giving the guys who’ll never commit to them every chance and opportunity under the sun.

      I have to laugh at the single mother above when she said her baby father was a control freak, this is the problem with a lot of women in the West, they want relationships but at the same time still want to behave and advertise themselves as single.

      Of course without listening to the baby father’s side of the story, we’ll never know what really happened, however one thing we can guarantee is for sure, she’s not a victim.

  4. Single mothers should only be allowed to date single fathers.

    The issue is there aren’t enough single fathers around for them to date.

    The only way to fix single motherhood is to permanently ban divorce laws.

    It will never get banned cause it is profitable in the west to destroy families.

    There should be a law for non married couples of not being allowed to separate from a relationship if a child or more is involved.

    There should be a law for a paternity test after a baby is born.

    These kind of laws would make a lot of people think twice before choosing a partner to fuck and have kids with.

    Shoutout to the usual sermon from Quincy Fitzpatrick

    I’ve always avoided single mothers.

    My future white girlfriend has to be childless as me.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf.

      Thanks for shouting out my name bro. 😎👍

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I’m personally not keen on the idea of mandatory DNA testing especially when it’s in the hands of the corrupt West, the same West that openly encourages and aids its women in being promiscuous, lying as well as setting men up to be rung out by the judicial washing machine and prison industrial complex. Mandatory DNA testing wouldn’t be a bad idea if there were honest institutions running it to begin with.

      Blended families are not a bad idea, they can work if that’s what both partied are looking for. I believe here the main issue is single mothers placing too much value on themselves and thus having completely unrealistic and ultra lofty expectations as to what they supposedly “deserve” in a man.

      I’m glad more black men in particular and men in general are seeking out child free women elsewhere as this is sending a strong message to single mothers, men worth their salt don’t compromise, we are the ones who make the rules, women must follow those rules or else they can kick rocks.

  5. This is why an increasing number of men of all races are done with western women.

    IDGAF what any of these single mothers have to say or what jedi mind tricks they employ, they will never convince me that up is down and left is right. What exactly goes in a man’s favour taking these women on? ZERO. It’s nothing but a huge L disguised as nobility.

    Let’s just say that we did look out for the kids in some way, why do we have to wife up their mothers too? Why can’t we just be mentors for the youth while at the same time producing our own children with child free women? Nobody ever asks that question.

    The fact of the matter is, these women are selfish. They know good and well that a child will function best in a two parent, stable household but they wanna have that typical western, independent “I can do bad by myself” mentality (until they need help). Damn what the child needs, it’s all about me.

    It’s funny how the biological fathers of their kids always seem to get a pass while the single, childfree men are shamed and given all these rules and stipulations. The dregs of male society get to have these chicks in their prime, but we’re supposed to get the leftovers and sloppy seconds and be grateful for the privilege? FOH. It’s their arrogance that kills me the most.

    And since when do men look at their own babymothers/wives they’re with as “used goods”? She’s just making shit up now.

    I didn’t fuck you, neither did you consult me in making babies, so I’m not obligated to pay for babysitters or do any of that shit and it’s not a discussion. Let the “I’m the dad who stepped up” suckers pay your tab.

    SYSBM and any other men with sense and self respect don’t wife up single mothers, we produce our own babies with childfree women.


    1. SYSBM Forever wrote:
      “It’s funny how the biological fathers of their kids always seem to get a pass while the single, childfree men are shamed and given all these rules and stipulations.”

      Actually, the “villan” biological fathers such as thugs, bad boys always get a pass.
      However the “good productive” biological fathers gets easily taken to the cleaners, child support and laws used against them by these same Baby-Mammas so he cannot see his kids.

      1. Sheriff X,

        That’s true also. That’s why no good black man with everything going for himself should ever have kids with these bonnet wearing agents of chaos. MBD X just made this video and I agree with him:

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      I’m happy that more men are beginning to hold their nuts and actually understand that they’re the ones who control the relationship realm, not these used up, rung out and ran through single mothers who still believe they have the same leverage as they did when they were child-free. The Western female juice just isn’t worth the squeeze anymore with the modern day black female clean being relegated to the scrapheap.

      However as commenter AmericanBlkMan has pointed out, alongside these delusional single mothers we also have squads of ultra blue pilled simps who will form Voltron with these dishevelled harriets and attempt to shame productive men into taking on-board used up women as well as children that biologically have nothing to do with them.

      Gerbilface Johnson is one such character that immediately springs to mind yet I don’t see Umar practicing what he preaches. He isn’t providing any cleanup man services for single mothers nor to date has he opened up his fantasy boys academy.

      Agreed, TRUE SYSBM practitioners take pride in themselves and their own legacy/family tree. No self respecting man is going to take on-board somebody else’s children nor a wreched woman who spent her prime years engaging in riotous living. #SYSBMFORLIFE

  6. Verbs 2015.

    It’s so important for childfree black men to date and get into relationships with childfree beautiful non black women so that they can create their own nuclear family from scratch. Single mothers should be avoided at all costs and they should pay for the consequences for their poor choices in life when they have kids with the wrong men. As a SYSBM childfree black man at 41, I refuse to date single mothers. I am only interested in dating quality good looking childfree non black women so that I can create my own nuclear Fitzpatrick family from scratch. Verbs thanks for shouting out my name bro. 🇬🇧😎👍

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro. You keep on mentioning dealing with child free non black women only, you’ve been saying the same thing for a number of years now and it’s so true. Shout out and much respect to you brother.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        Thanks for the support Verbs bro. I will continue to say the same message for the rest of my life that childfree black men should only date good looking childfree women and childfree men should avoid single mothers like the plague.

  7. Women should be held to account for their behavior the same as men. Women consciously choose to be single moms, usually without the means to support a child, and without a clue how to get the means. This is why they try to put their responsibilities on productive men who had no part in making the baby.

    Good men don’t consider the mother of their children to be damaged goods. On the contrary, they consider her to be value added goods.

    Good men should vote against politicians who make laws that victimize them. They should vote
    for politicians who will rewrite the entire legal code pertaining to marriage and divorce. What he owns
    should be his alone, what is hers should be hers. They both should be equally required to support any babies they make. They both should have equal custodial rights, unless one abuses the child.

    If a male simp with no self respect chooses to fund another man’s offspring and clean up his mess, that is his prerogative. But no man should be pressured by society or the court system, to take on another man’s responsibilitues. Nor should he be required to support random women who have been irresponsible with their bodies.

  8. It’s wild how these Indian women come to the liberal feminist West and fall right into the single babymama madness. This woman wouldn’t be a single babymama in her own country. And Verbs is right, she got an older Cap’n Save-A-Hoe right on schedule. I guess with her looks, it wouldn’t be that hard. “Your favorite trophy wife,” LOL.

    Looking through her TikTok she’s a real breeder. She’s obsessed with being pregnant, lactating, and generally being knocked up. Wants more kids with her Chad. Yikes.

    1. Schadenfreude wrote:
      “It’s wild how these Indian women come to the liberal feminist West and fall right into the single babymama madness. This woman wouldn’t be a single babymama in her own country.”

      Remember that in their own country they are rejects from the culture so they need to redeem themselves to being in the dating pool because they know they are bottom of the barrel.

      So when they come to the west like Europe such as UK or America, she can talk all the shit because she knows that any sucker will wife her up.

      This is no different from African females as in their own country they are trash themselves because they are African rejects. So what they do when they are African rejects? Come to America, maybe not UK as Brits do not want them and talk shit about Black American Men, talking about colourism/racism and expect some sucker simp to settle for African reject BW with open arms. Unaware that these colourism cry-babies had and hide some shoddy past in their own country which is the reason why they were rejects.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      We have to remember that Indians as a collective worship white society, Indian men worship white women and Indian woman love white men, there are many videos of Indian folks themselves admitting this. They know what the culture is like in the West, hence why Indian women will immediately slid into feminist liberal mode as soon as they set foot on Western shores.

      I really have to scratch my head at most Indians because they absolutely despise black folks who have done nothing wrong to them, meanwhile they worship and exalt shea whitey despite the huge amount of destruction he’s brought upon their country, smh.

  9. This stragg is the perfect example to use to explain why we say NO to single mothers; she is setting up other naive women to be single for life with this terrible advice. Back in the day, men were turned off by women withholding her single mother status until later on in the relationship; now, the Jezebel spirit has led them to demanding financial services for a babysitter. This is a test to find a sucker simp who’ll “step up” to the plate; in the case of Alyssa Seremet, she found herself a vanilla flavored sucker who wifed her up! This man has daughters who are probably close to her in age, if not the same; I doubt the divestors will call him a predator like they do the Passport Bros.

    In that second video, she said she didnt let her baby daddy sign the birth certificate because he would have some say in what she does; this not only confirms that she CHOSE single motherhood over stability, but she doesn’t respect the authority of the biological father. She said putting his name on the birth certificate would give him the ability to decide wherever she went and whatever she does, so she clearly isn’t submissive; therefore, it should come as no surprise that she married an older simp who is happy to be “Mr. Mom” and do what she’s supposed to be doing as his wife. Brothers, we have the SYSBM Tenets and the Traditional Treatment Disqualifiers for this reason; apply them as needed. #SYSBM #ThisIsTheWay #PassportBros

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Well said, she’s already demonstrated herself to not be submissive, the mistake the baby father made was getting this woman pregnant to begin with. As I’ve stated in above comments, women have an obligation NOT to choose dick heads to be the fathers of their children and men MUST select quality women who are going to be good wives and mothers.

      I have to laugh at women like this because when they say a man is controlling, it typically means that he is trying to steer her onto the straight and narrow path while she herself is trying her utmost to perform a balancing act between that road and Feminist Boulevard, smh.

  10. SYSBM: It was a nice weekend.
    White sugar honey: Yeah, it was great.

    I was celebrating my birthday on a Friday. That’s why I come now. And when I see this chick with a kid, I was like “What’s this now!?”

    Men especially black men, don’t do it! Please don’t do it. If your a man that has no children, you should never ever be with a woman that has children. You can’t marry them neither. And if you are goanna be date a single mother which you shouldn’t of you have no children, don’t pay for no baby sitter. A single mother can date a single father but the thing is that these single mothers won’t date a man with children.

    When a man who has no children sees a woman that has children, he has to avoid that at all cost. He don’t wanna be with a woman that has children and take care of any man’s child. And also, if he gets a divorce from a single mother, she can put him on child support. Lord have mercy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  11. “Sure, I’ll pay for a babysitter… out of the money I was gonna use to take you to dinner. Hope you like turkey sandwiches!”

    -Thomas Joseph Leykis

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