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This Is Very Unattractive! #SHORTS

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Here’s what was written in the description box that accompanied the video:

“His Love is a reflection of how I love myself…and I love me very deeply. As a visibly plus sized woman with a slim husband, people often make remarks about how lucky I am to have someone that loves me and “accepts” me as I am. While those words may come from a place of good intention, it implies that there’s something “wrong” with me existing exactly as I am.”

Yes, there is something clearly wrong with you existing as you are, you’re ridiculously overweight, you refuse to rectify the issue and your blue pilled simp of a husband’s lack of courage to tell you the truth about your deplorable condition unfortunately has bolstered your foolish delusions of grandeur.

It’s one thing to be a little on the curvier side like model Iskra Lawrence, however as per usual black women take things to a whole new level and attempt to repackage their incredibly obese status as something positive…………………..err NO!

Once again, this is another reason why the Passport Bros movement is so upsetting to black women, because unfortunately swaths of black men prior have built themselves up a reputation of being the cleanup men/janitors of the planet.

Remember what black women like to say when black men date out, how we can only get with fat, ugly white women, however just look at this monstrosity above, she’s seriously obese and she isn’t attractive at all.

The fact of the matter is there are more fat black women walking the planet than there are white or any other women of the same frame.

Sadly, the only time her husband will step up and begin to take her weight problem seriously is when she keels over and collapses from a heart attack or some other major health complication.

Under NO circumstances should obesity be exalted and praised, there is nothing positive about looking like a fully loaded oil tanker ready to set sail. Black women have become so lazy and carefree when it comes to how they look as well as their health.

Compare the video above to a picture from the 1960s I’ve showcased in the past where black women were in much better shape:

Gentlemen, keep the resistance up and continue to reject the body positivity movement and all related branches, don’t ever allow any of these tug boats to shame you out of choosing slimmer, fit women for objectively uglier and fatter specimens.

You are under no obligations to pick wide load cruise liners and XXXXL Mac Trucks as companions. The leftist agenda of death and destruction continues and most black folks continue to embrace it to their own detriment, smh. Finally, a shout out to commenter AmericanBlkMan who posted the video below in the last article:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Being A Fatty And Refusing To Loose The Weight Isn’t Funny

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “This Is Very Unattractive! #SHORTS

  1. Blackistan males are conditioned to be clean up janitors.

    Blackistan males are conditioned to accept fat women as they are.

    Blackistan males are conditioned to find overweight women attractive.

    I only date slim/fit/healthy white women.

    No obese women allowed.

  2. Yes, there IS something wrong with her! She’d get slim for a white boy though, cos Admiral Frost ain’t walking around with a fatty, especially a black one, you must be crazy!

    Black men have to take the blame for this too, because they love “thick” women and have never set any standards. Don’t even get me started on Jamaican men because they’re the absolute WORST when it comes to this. They just love obese women and it’s a disgrace.

    People wanna blame Monsanto, GMO and all the other stuff that’s in the food now compared to 60 years ago, but that excuse doesn’t fly. If you live in the western world and have access to healthier foods and physically capable of doing exercises, then that’s on you! I’ve got two female cousins who are ridiculously obese (one of them got like that as soon after she got married surprise, surprise) and have health issues as a result. They got money, time to go raving etc but won’t step foot in the gym and eat less. Whose fault is that? Even if you can’t afford a gym membership, last I checked exercising at home or outside in a local park is free.

    The fact is, no self respecting man who looks after himself wants to be with a beach whale, and no woman who respects herself will allow herself to get that big. It’s simple. Why should I be with a woman who doesn’t even care about her own physical health, let alone her appearance? It’s especially a shame when you see a fat woman with a really pretty face, because that’s just a huge waste.

    I ain’t walking around with no fat chick of any race. Besides, I like to lift women up and sit them on my lap. At the beach or pool I like them sitting on my shoulders. Women LOVE it when you can lift them up! You think I’m gonna risk permanent back injury trying to lift up some fatso? Ain’t happening.

    And for anyone who thinks we’re being harsh, well….we gotta be 6 foot plus, muscular, and have 9 inches, right? Two of out of three of those can’t be helped if the man is lacking. Women can help being fat but choose to stay that way cos everyone’s scared to tell them how it is. Slimmer women will lie to them because they don’t want competition lol.

    1. The funny thing is these obese, cottage cheese bitches want the same fit Chads & Tyrones that in-shape chicks want. They somehow magically don’t want guys their same size. If these hoes didn’t have double standards they’d have none at all.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      I remember a Jamaican black woman years ago alerted me to the first video below which I remember posting on the old website in relation to a similar topic I talked about. I also came across some of these other videos illustrating the same thing, Jamaican men’s obsession with fat women:

      As long as we have these blue pilled, black male simps continually bigging up overweight black women, the weight issue within black female society will never change.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Err yuck that black woman on the above video looks very hidious, ugly, fat overweight and a monstrosity of a woman. Her husband is a big time simp and a embarrassment to all decent black men everywhere because all non black people on the planet think that we decent black men will only date the ugliest of ugly bottom of the barrel women of all races and black women in particular. I refuse to be the clean up man and date ugly women, fat women, single mothers and black women because I have high standards for myself when it comes to dating women and I am not lowering those high standards for anybody. As a childfree SYSBM black man at 41, I am only interested in beautiful childfree in shape Turkish women, Turkish Cypriot women, Greek women, Greek Cypriot women, White women with brown eyes and Indian women. Also they have to live in London like me, they have to be good looking (at least a 6 out of 10 in looks or above) so that we can produce good looking mixed race children, they have to be a girly feminine woman, they have to come from a functional two parent family home because they have a good idea of how to treat a good masculine man, they must be slim build or athletic build and finally they have to be childfree like me so that we can create our own nuclear Fitzpatrick family from scratch. Blended step families is a big no, no in my book.

    1. I agree with you Quincy.
      As Michael Mistetea stated that this called the ‘New/Modern Black Love’. Where you see the skinny or masculine) BM with the fattest, ugliest, beast of the BW which they are normalising and promoting in Black America.
      I also see these videos and pictures promoting this and it is disturbing.

      Keep preaching the childfree stuff comments here. Your same old comments is a reminder of why Black America has Passport Bros. Keep your standard high as you can.

      1. Andy C.

        Thanks for agreeing with me Andy. I am going to use the GCSE/A levels grades analogy when it comes to womens looks on the famous looks scale. If you are a super good looking woman 10,9 or 8 on the looks scale then you are a A*, A or B grades in looks as a woman. If you are a good looking woman, 7 or 6 on the looks scale then you are C grade in looks as a woman. If you are a average looking woman 5 on the looks scale then you are a D grade in looks as a woman. If you are a ugly woman 4,3,2 and 1 on the looks scale then you are a E, F, G and U grades in looks as a woman. Andy I only date good looking C grade childfree non black women as a minimum criteria (must be at least a 6 out of 10 in looks or above) because I have high standards and a high value for myself.

      2. Andy C,

        I see those images of in shape black men with obese black women, as you’ve pointed out they’re trying to promote this as the norm within black society. Of course the simps will run with it and worship their fat black queens no matter what. As you said, the Passport Bros as well as SYSBM™ exist for many reasons, this severe obesity epidemic amongst black women being one of them.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro. Fat chicks must never be acknowledged nor must their status ever be seen as normal.

  4. I can explain this to you Verbs:

    We all know Kevin Samuels was promoting ‘black love’ which means that the BW has to be fit, friendly and cooperative which work for the black culture. What is happen now is since Kevin has passed. With Kevin out of the picture as they celebrated his death, the black communitah decide to create the ‘New Black Love’ aka ‘Modern Black Love’.

    In this ‘Modern Black Love’ you see some videos which I saw in Minister Jap Church group as the brothers share picture and videos to the group. You will see some masculine, Derrick Jaxn buff look alike (simps, yes, I call them simps) doing all this romanticising, sexualising, massaging and all this lovey, dovey fetish stuff towards the most fat, ugly, obsess BW you can never imagine. They make skits to promote and advertise masculine black simps with the morbid obese BW to the communitah as this is the new black love of the black culture.

    The video you show us Verbs is one of the example to this and they are making a statement that this is the ‘New’ and ‘Modern Black Love’. Why? Because they want all BM to accept their ugly obesity because they are too lazy to lose weight. Look at Lizzo for an example. They are getting it from Lizzo.

    When I watch these videos from te group feed. I am thinking absolutely ‘Yuk’ and just flat out turn off.
    No sane man find this attractive.

    I like to know American Black Man’s input about the simp when they romanticise these beasts.

    To all these fake red-pillers who are expert on these BW nature, but still take a pot-shot at Passport Bros. As Madbusdriver stated that the fake red-pillers who take post-shot at Passport Bros means they basically still want to deal with modern BWs.

    1. Michael,

      I am glad you bring up Kevin’s death again because this is a result of this. He even did not preach this stuff as he wants BW to lose weight and become fit and wife material.
      I have seen a lot of this ‘New Modern Black Love’ where I see videos and pictures of some masculine man with this huge overweight BW. I remember Akwesi made a video about how Cynthia G have this picture which I saw. A picture of a Alpha masculine BW holding a skinny beta BM in bed. The reason she portray this because the simps promoting social norm for black couple which and I agree that is has been originated by Lizzo herself. She represent Black Females of standard of beauty and the simps are endorsing this new black love.

    2. MMT,

      Black men who still want to date black women are going to have to deal with the fact that most of them are overweight and have no intentions of losing that weight either. If they want to date and marry wide load cruise ships and fully loaded oil tankers, then that is on them.

      Most black men have atrocious standards when it comes to the women they choose, being raised in a single mother household with most of those black mothers being fat, it’s not surprising that the cycle of dysfunction continues.

      I’ve seen it with my own eyes, even with black men who managed to break free from the spell of the modern day black siren, many of them still end up with fat black women from elsewhere around the globe

      As I’ve stated before, Kevin Samuels was the last bastion of hope for the modern day black female and she had no problems rejoicing as well as expressing her delight at the news of his death.

      Like I’ve stated many times before, most black men have been bewitched and enchanted by their black mothers and other female family members to accept the absolute gutter and trash when it comes to dating and mating.

  5. I see perfectly viable in-shape Black Men walking the streets with big fat black hoes all the time and nobody blinks an eye. But let that plus-size hoe be white and it’s WWIII. Yup, most BM are conditioned by Dear Mama™ to be the garbage men of the dating world.

    Verbs is also correct in stating that BW are upset by Passport Bros because we’re supposed to be the janitors/safety net for these wildebeests and their kids.

    It’s kind of a shame that Gabby Sidibe a.k.a. Precious is the universal poster child for fat, dark-skinned, unattractive BW. I’m sure she’s a very nice person trapped inside that African hippo body. But then again she managed to snag herself a white beta so who am I to judge. SYSBM!

    View this post on Instagram A post shared by Gabby Sidibe (@gabby3shabby)

    1. Schadenfreude,

      That Instagram post with Sidibe and her white beta male simp is beyond disgusting, I honestly don’t know how that dude can sleep well at night.

      It’s sad that black men as a collective are known as the cleanup men/janitors of the dating market, only true SYSBM™ practitioners as well as genuine Passport Bros will aim to do better, the rest are doomed to walk the black love path with their beached whale and Mack truck black female counterparts.

      As you pointed out, it’s ironic how fat black women will always say that black men who choose to date out can only get with ugly fat white women, smh, you cannot make this stuff up.

  6. Verbs2015,

    Thanks for the shout out. And thanks for everything you do. You champion the long suffering decent black man.

    I’d like to point out that in the photo and video above, there is not a weave to be seen. You don’t see pounds of industrial strenght makeup, nor 6 inch Freddy Krueger talons anywhere. And these women are beautiful, fit, and slim.

    I will always give much blame for the current state of affairs, to the blue pilled black male simp. Although the daggle herself is to be blamed for her own sloth and irresponsibility with food.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have seen buff ass Tyrones and Tbones out in public sporting 2 ton elephants and hippos, as their girl. These same Tyrones and Tbones will gas up these elephants and hippos, and shower them with madd thirsty sex. Sometimes these beasts hit the scales at 300 – 400 pounds

    If these black male simps had any standards or self respect, they would refuse to have sex with these beasts until they got themselves down to a sane civilized weight.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Appreciate the kind words brother, it’s a shame that most black men don’t recognise the service I’m putting in as beneficial for them. These blue pilled, black male simps have completely ruined black female society, gassing up the heads of these wide load, XXL hippos as well as dating and marrying them.

      If it wasn’t for these simpleton Negroes chasing after these fatties, overweight and morbidly obese black females would’ve gotten back into shape a long time ago.

      As I commented above, Kevin Samuels was the last bastion of hope for the modern day black female, he tried to warned them as well as motivate them to get back into shape, however because so many simps still abound, black women know that the overwhelming majority of black men aren’t going anywhere.

      Most black men unfortunately have their standards square deep in the sewer when it comes to their choice in women.

  7. That obese stragg looks atrocious! That slim brother she’s with must really be down bad to be with her, or he’s been brainwashed to see any Black woman as beautiful; he must be under a spell! Also, did anybody else notice how the love she spoke of him having for her wasn’t reciprocated? She said, “His Love is a reflection of how I love myself…and I love me very deeply.” Uh, no you don’t, not with that extremely unhealthy body image! I hate how these blobs of flesh try to convince themselves and others that their obesity is normal; i hate it even more how they try to pass off people’s disgust with their obesity as a form of systemic oppression.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      This is one of the many problems with so called “black love”, the love typically only travels in 1 direction, from the black man towards the black woman, I’ve rarely if even seen black women reciprocate anything they’re receiving from their black male counterparts. This is simply another illustration of what feminism can do, cause women to throw off any kinds of standards and thus plunge themselves deeper into the gutter.

  8. White sugar honey: Everything is okay?
    SYSBM: This woman who gave birth to me, she’s pushing buttons.
    White Sugar Honey: Stay with me. Let me clear your head!

    I can’t write anything today because of stress but it’s a good blog still.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  9. If the only Black women you guys see or get are on par with Precious, then the issue isn’t the women – the issue is your weak-ass game. Good grief, there is NO ONE in my life – not friends, not relatives, not associates – as big as Precious. Like seriously dude, to take a single & extreme data point and create an entire dissertation is the most desperate, most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. If you don’t want an obese Black women then DON’T DATE ONE. And if the only Black women you know are obese then get out more and find a new crowd/community of Black people.

    1. AfricanAmericanMan,

      I hope you realise that so called “game” is only required when dealing with disjointed and dysfunctional females, as I’ve said to you in previous comments, you’re telling on yourself and proving in real time that you’re NOT dealing with quality black women, not by a long shot. With NORMAL women, game isn’t a requirement.

      The fact of the matter is quality pickings in black female society are extremely slim to none. The few black women remaining who are of true quality(no weaves/wigs, no fake eyelashes, no tattoos, no raptor claw nails, no clown face makeup, fit ie in shape, feminine, friendly, childless etc) are either married, taken or dealing with non black men.

      It’s clearly evident that you’re wading amongst the crumbs and the scraps but foolishly attempting to claim these women are quality, smh. You’re still telling on yourself simp:

      1. “The few black women remaining who are of true quality(no weaves/wigs, no fake eyelashes, no tattoos, no raptor claw nails, no clown face makeup, fit ie in shape, feminine, friendly, childless etc) are either married, taken or dealing with non black men.”

        ALL the Black women “of true quality” are “married, taken or dealing with non black men?” ALL of them? You can speak unequivocally and without any trace of doubt that there are NO quality single Black women?

        If you can’t see the ridiculousness of such an absolutist statement – on par with the ridiculously foolish “all black men are _______” – then there really isn’t anything left to say, is there?

        By the way, game IS required to separate the wheat from the chaff but that concept is lost on simps like you who are too self-righteous to know the difference.

        1. AfricanAmericanMan,

          Is English your first language sir, you seem to be struggling in comprehending what I’m saying. No problem, please post some links to quality black females since you believe there is a litany of them, I’m waiting. I stopped playing this “there are still plenty of good quality black women out there” game a long time ago once the raw truth became undeniable.

          Again, you’re the one who keeps on introducing the word ALL, nowhere in any of my statements have I stated that ALL black women are such and such. Most, the overwhelming majority, black women as a group, black women as a collective/whole, this is the language that I commonly use to describe the current disgraceful condition of black female society in 2023.

          Keisha is typically a used up, ran through and rinsed out 304 with a minimum of 2 children en tow, if these are the women that you’re applying so called “game” to then all the best to you, you can hardly label tatted up, weave, fake eyelash, heavy makeup and fake nail wearing bottomed out single mothers as quality, you cannot be serious.

          Black women as a whole are at the slap bottom of the dating totem poll, exactly what quality do you expect to find? Once again, please point to some quality black females, I’m still waiting.

          1. Post links? You mean like the AKA or Delta Sigma Theta websites, or Tuskegee or Hampton U’s website? Are you not aware of these orgs and universities?

            As a former active member of two professional orgs (NSBE & NBMBAA), I cannot ever recall a dearth of “quality black women:”


            Again, maybe you chaps are hanging out in the wrong circles.

            And miss me with that “I didn’t say ‘all’” bullshit. YOUR words:
            “The few black women remaining who are of true quality…are either married, taken or dealing with non black men.” In other words, you’re asserting that NONE of the single, unattached Black women in this country can be deemed “true quality.” Don’t you see the ridiculousness of such an absolutist remark? Don’t you see that treating Black women as a monolithic entity is no better than when whites hear of a crime involving a Black male suspect and then immediately ascribe criminal intent to all Black men? Where’s the difference in those two behaviors? How can one be wrong but the other be acceptable?

            1. AfricanAmericanMan,

              Don’t even bother with sororities and fraternities because there are practically no women of quality within them, most of those black females are busting it open far and wide to any high profile male who happens to pass by them. Don’t act like you don’t know what really goes on in those organisations.

              Black women across the board who attend any kind of education facility aren’t just getting an education, they’re also engaging in plenty of other “extracurricular” activities. Surely you cannot be this ignorant as to how most black females conduct themselves in 2023.

              Now, let’s deal with the other link you posted and break down the 6 black females listed within:

              1. Aisha Pinky Cole has named her restaurant “Slutty Vegan”, that is a sad reflection of her mind state. Talk about breathing fresh life into negative stereotypes concerning black females and their sexual proclivities, smh. Why is she naming her restaurant after 304s ie sexually loose women? Look at this video here, the woman is cake faced up to the hilt plus she has a nose ring:


              Running a successful business does NOT automatically mean that you’re a quality woman. She is to be congratulated on the success of her business but that’s as far as it goes. She’s NOT quality, not by a long shot.

              2. Alicia Holmes is a single mother of two daughters, that’s definitely not a quality woman:


              Additionally, without the makeup her face resembles that of a zombie. My previous statement still stands, you clearly don’t know neither do you hang around true quality black women.

              3. Neidy Hornsby is only into helping other women, she has little to no interest in helping black men at all which to be honest is typical of black women in particular and women in general. Here is a skit, this is what your “queen” thinks working with men is like, she’s not your friend:


              4. Chrishon Lampley does not look attractive at all, I suggest you look at the picture in the link below, a non cake faced version has been provided for you:


              Additionally, I get the impression that she might be part of the carpet munching alphabet crew because I see very few men in her pictures, either that or she’s a single as a one way train ticket and has been that way for a very long time because no man sees her as quality.

              5. Tara Melvin is in her 50s, how are you calling this woman quality? How is any man supposed to start a family with a female who has already hit The Wall and menopause? Once again, I have no problems congratulating these women on their businesses, however I’m still waiting for you to present me with a quality woman:


              6. Christie Lindor’s organisation promotes the introduction of the LGBTQP garbage into the workplace, I don’t mess around with any women who promote the sodomite agenda. I am a heterosexual free thinking black men who supports other like minded heterosexual free thinking brothers. I’m not part of any “inclusive” politics. Look at the introduction on the first page of her website, don’t take my word for it:


              My statement still stands, true quality black women are extremely few and far between, your horrible failure in being able to present any simply proves my point. Feel free to try again if you wish.

              1. What do you want from me? Am I supposed to provide LinkedIn profiles and Facebook pages for your approval? Don’t be so weird. I provided links to pages associated with orgs I’m familiar with – orgs that have plenty “true quality” women. If you think I’m going to provide someone’s PII for your judgment then you’re crazy.

                “ Don’t even bother with sororities and fraternities because there are practically no women of quality within them, most of those black females are busting it open far and wide to any high profile male who happens to pass by them.”

                HOW could you possibly know the actions of every woman associated with a sorority? (Not sure if or where you attended college but there are no women in fraternities). There you go again with broad, sweeping unproven generalizations. Would you be happy with broad, sweeping generalizations of Black men? Does the fact ⅓ of all American Black men are involved in the criminal Justice system mean that ALL Black men are criminals? Again, I don’t understand why you’re so comfortable asserting Black women as a monolith when we both know you’d resist a similar broad and sweeping characterization of Black men. What’s wrong with acknowledging that Black women are as varied as Black men, and the same way women who don’t want a no-good Black man should avoid the no-good ones, men who don’t want a no-good Black woman should avoid the no-good ones – NOT pretend that all Black women should be resisted because they’re no good or good ones are in scarce supply.

                1. AfricanAmericanMan,

                  You’ve simply come to the wrong place, we don’t worship black women over here like yourself. I hold black women to account and illustrate over and over again why those black men with sense and intelligence should simply walk away from black women and seek love and companionship amongst non black females instead.

                  You cannot present a solid, robust case in favour of black women, all you can do is appeal via emotions because observably black women have already plunged their own image and reputation deep into the sewer. When the words “black women” are mentioned, nothing positive comes to mind because black women themselves have made things that way via their own hands.

                  Keep deluding yourself into believing that there is an abundance of good black women out there when there isn’t, your failure to present any is a blatant indication of that. We don’t play the “good black women Vs no good black women” game over here because most black women have proven themselves to be bad, the writing has been on the wall for a very long time, unfortunately Negroes like yourself still refuse to read and accept what is written.

                  If you want to waste your time searching for that unicorn black female ie the so called “good black woman” who is never coming then you go ahead and do that. I walked away from black women over 18 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. I managed to find love and companionship in a woman who is OUTSIDE of “da communitah”, many other brothers who’ve read and accepted the writing on the wall have done the same including these black men below:






                  There is absolutely NO WAY I’m returning to a group of nasty, vindictive, evil, selfish, disloyal, backstabbing females after experiencing peace, tranquility, liberty, true love and appreciation as well as being stress free for so long. All the best on your search for “the one”, you going to need all the help you can muster.

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