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I still don’t understand how black men are willing to deal with a group of females who openly refer to them as n****s every 5 seconds, they won’t even refer to black men as “dudes” or “guys”, what a disgrace. Again, it’s even more of a disappointment that most black American men are still choosing these gutter woman over much better and cleaner outsider options. Meanwhile, in other news:

We’re not stupid over here, the same way Dr Umar “GerbilFace” Johnson clapped the cheeks of the so called “conscious stripper” is exactly what he wants to do to Sukihana, however with Suki being much more of a notorious 304 and in view of the trouble Johnson got his backside into before, he might just skip this one because if he did decide to dive into Sukihana’s cheeks, word of his transgression would spread very quickly. Finally:

I believe somebody posted a link to this video before. Apparently the dude engaging in the five finger discount had come into the store before and done the same thing, however this time the shop clerks had has enough and chose to give him that work, a maximum salute to them.

Don’t mind the bootlicker recording the video either, rumour has it that he was also involved in the heist and was encouraging the other man to steal until he saw his friend catching a well deserved beatdown. The dude is all over the news acting as if that beating was unjustified:

He encouraged his friend to steal, recorded it, then encouraged the beatdown and thereafter began pleading for the beating to stop, you cannot make this stuff up, smh.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

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13 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. That beat down at his age is a sign of being raised by a black single mother.

    Dr Umar “GerbilFace” Johnson only has words but no actions of his school.

    Imagine if it was the reverse of a black man saying the word negress every 5 seconds.

    All black females have the same cultural mentality but blackistan societies will never see it this way.

    Social economics with political science are perfect examples of this across the world.

    I can’t raise my future child with a quality white girlfriend in anglonized nations at all.

    1. The only action Umar is in is to further gain 1990s-like black entertainment clout.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    The black women on the above video calling black men niggers reconfirms the reasons why I refuse to date black women as a SYSBM childfree black man at 41. The black community is dead and finished and I ain’t ever coming back to save it. Let pro black simps like Umar Johnson save the black community instead alongside his black queen.

  3. 1) Fat, overweight, weave wearers. Typical. Just your average Bdub. SYSBM don’t have to deal with these “women” anyway, they’re not our problem…

    2) Umar Johnson is a confirmed clown. I wouldn’t even care if he did smash that demonic 304 or not, that’s on him. I can never take him seriously.

    3) That beating was deserved. I’m sure the militants and hoteps will say who cares if da communitah steals from these stores since they exploit black people anyway. Maybe. But the fact is these same lowlives do the exact same or worse to black businesses. They have no loyalty to black folks who at least try to make a difference. I’ll never be friends or associate with these kind of funky, loser degenerates. Matter of fact, I couldn’t give a French Connection UK about the “black community” anymore. They have ample opportunity and resources to better themselves and choose not to. All they wanna do is wallow in a victim mentality and say the same shit over and over while doing the same shit over and over. I’m not gonna bail out and clean up after these fuckers just cos they look like me. I only care about Passport Bros/SYSBM/good brothas at this point. The rest can go to hell wearing gasoline boots.

    Da communitah aside, I had to shake my head at this tweet:

    If any chick thinks it’s cute to disrespect you in public, even as a “joke”, she needs to go. Her job is to exalt you in front of people. I won’t tolerate being belittled under any circumstances. You see this shit in sitcoms and other forms of entertainment all the time where the woman is making the dude look like a jackass while he’s just standing there looking goofy and we think that’s what’s supposed to be the norm. Fuck that. The warning signs are always there. Pay attention to red flags. If she ain’t ride or die and isn’t hot on you like that, don’t waste your time.

    Oh and another one that cracks me up:

    This pretty WW has got “da sistas” heated right now and trolling the shit out of them LMAO. The same chicks who wear weaves and bully other females who don’t kiss their ass are doing all kinds of weeping and wailing and gnashing of the teeth in rage cos she has her hair in braids lol. I hope she continues fucking with them!


  4. White Sugar Honey: Everything alright now?
    SYSBM: With you in my arms, yeah boo.
    White Sugar Honey: Let’s go to the bedroom, now!

    Right, the first video. I really don’t know why these women keeps on saying the word nigger especially when they are chatting on a mic. But at the end of the day, these women are nothing but ratchet.

    Dr Foolmar Johnson video saying what he was saying about the black community. Here this now. I know that he’s trying to slap the cheeks of Sukihana. If he tries to slap them cheeks, everyone will talk about it online in a flash. But here is this as well. He’s trying to change her just to marry her. She’s not the marriage type.

    And the man who got the beat down in the store. Do you know how many times I have said “Yes mon” while they where beating him? I lost count, blud! You can tell that this guy has been raised by a single mother.

    About Monday’s article with the fat ting and the guy but I’m not goanna say much about it

    Here how it goes down. He might be living off the woman or he’s was looking for a place to stay or he can’t do better and find a better looking woman. Or maybe, that’s what he likes. If he like that type of thing, then hey. But I know that some of the dudes are with these women. There is a reason. My exes are fatties and I have approached fat women before. Gyal is gyal, no homo! No Bareback Fountain here!

    Since I heard about Sukihana and Sexy Redd, I have seen a lot of ratchetness with some of the black women. Especially with my family and father side, I doesn’t know much. And also, the reason why we see so many ratchet black women is because of these simps who are siding with them.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  5. My brother who has been a lifelong black male simp, just took his daughter to a major HBCU University to start her freshman year. He called me, lamenting the fact that there were all these black females and hardly any black males in the incoming freshman class.

    He then proceeded to complain about his job in corporate America, where there are all these black females and hardly any black males. He said it was the same in the previous corporation he worked for, and the one before that. He shot off the usual Hotep litany about the man doing this and the man doing that to keep the black male down. I just listened, agreed, and smiled to myself.

    He’s starting to see the light. But he’s light years away from connecting the dots and seeing how his simping and the simping of millions of other black men like himself, has brought us to this sorry state of affairs.

  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! So, that first video shows us the reason why dating has gone to crap in the West; you cannot have a lasting relationship with such an unbalanced dynamic between the man and woman. He must like her more than she likes him? This wouldn’t be were it not for blue pilled simps! Also, I never hear the N word come out of the mouths of any other group more than the scraggle daggle, but then want to cry when they get called out of their name. As for Umar, this guy must’ve forgotten what happened with him and the Conscious Stripper; this man thinks he can coach Sukihana, the most notorious 304 in the game, to lead the Black community to something great? This guy has deluded himself to a very disturbing level; outside of the West, guys like Umar would be catching a beatdown like that bum who was robbing Abdul and Amir’s store. The mantra remains the same: get your passports, and save yourselves! #SYSBM

  7. A few weeks ago, I listened to the replay of one of General Tito’s livestreams from around 2 years ago; the subject matter was in regards to a Black man named Jewel Woods who published what’s known as the “Black Male Privilege Checklist”. Here’s the full list (heads up, the list is long):

    Here’s Tito’s livestream where he addressed a few of the items that stuck out to him:

  8. I just have to mention this beauty once again lol:

    I’m glad to see more folk stand up to black females and their incessant bullying. Filipinas set it off and others are following. I mentioned a while back that more and more people are starting to get sick of BW with their unwarranted animosity and hypocrisy. They imitate WW waaay more than WW imitate them in terms of wigs, hairstyles etc.

    Like I said in response to this WW, the same BW with their fake outrage will literally swoon over a WM with cornrows or locs – ESPECIALLY if he’s naturally blonde! I’ve witnessed it myself. Apart from their male simp lackeys, everyone else can see right through BW with their “cultural appropriation” bullshit argument.

    Also, I actually somewhat agree with the slavery argument. Let’s face it – most black folks in their day to day ain’t doing shit to honour their ancestors from even 60 years ago, let alone hundreds of years ago. They just shout rhetoric because it sounds good. My ancestors were also enslaved – in Jamaica to be exact where it was particularly brutal and cruel – but you know what….I have a brain. I have hands and feet and control over my body’s motor functions. Yes, I know racism exists. However, if I fuck up in life or become a success, that’s on me. A lot of the wasteman see around my area who lounge around and don’t do shit with their lives choose to be like that. I’m sick and tired of slavery being used an excuse too. It makes us look like grown children. We don’t even have it as bad as black folks from decades ago, so either make something of yourself or shut the hell up.

  9. I got something to say about this Umar Johnson simp again:

    He said the he is comparing BM with Jesus – the messiah because he forgives the prostitutes and we do not.
    Let let set the record straight for this simp.

    This difference between bible days and the modern days is basically simple:
    304s in the bible day were redeemable. But the modern 304s are not. In fact beyond redemption as damage beyond repair.
    Liberal modern females just damaged good and you cannot even fix them.

    Also bear in mind even you can forgive their past, some past can come back to haunt them (Chicken comes home to roost).

    Verbs and SYSBM practitioners there was a story about the TronicsFix analogy and need to learn of this quote:

    “This is a YouTuber called ‘TronicsFix’. He buys broken video game consoles in a bulk at a big discount and attempts to get them working again. Sometimes he is very successful and other times not very. He is buying the consoles at such a cheap price if he has a low (or zero) success rate, it’s not a big loss to him at all.

    Black women have a lot of girlfriends that are mentally and physically broken. Mostly beyond repair. They expect the good and decent men to be like ‘TronicsFix’ and spend good time (and money) “fixing” these black women to get them “working like normal” again. However, TronicsFix has low investment in these systems. Failure doesn’t really hurt him that much. Brocken black women are expensive to acquire, because they still expect to be treated like their normal sisters and their issues are so numerous and complicated it will cost a King’s Ransom to attempt to fix them. The cost/benefit equation is upside down. Just say no to ‘fixing’ these broken products, black man.”

    Basically saying leave these BWs alone.

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