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He Just Doesn’t Understand How Modern Day Women Work!

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I’m sure by now you guys must have come across this video which has been doing the rounds. Johnathan clearly doesn’t know nor understand how to deal with modern day women, I suspect that he doesn’t really have that much experience with modern women face to face either.

Additionally I reckon that most of his interactions with them have been internet based only(if they’ve even bothered to respond to him at all, we already know how modern women are).

Johnathan’s approach in dealing with modern women is all wrong, you don’t approach modern women using a traditional framework, NEVER. That is a disaster waiting to happen alongside the endless ridicule you’ll receive from the same modern females.

Western women as a collective are a cold hearted bunch of mean, evil, selfish savages, they don’t care about men nor do they have any empathy for how difficult life is for men in the West. They’ll laugh at and mock men who are suffering without any remorse or compassion. Johnathan is right, Western women DO NOT care about a man’s feelings.

It should also be added that he made a huge mistake bringing along flowers, this is 2023 not 1953. Modern women are NOT deserving of any traditional rights, privileges and treatment from men, don’t ever allow them into persuading you otherwise.

As you’ve heard me say before, regarding dating in the West, restaurant rendezvous should be shelved/scrapped until you both officially become a couple, don’t be that guy who get used for free meals.

One of Johnathan’s other mistakes was appealing to women to answer his question as to what he did wrong instead of appealing to masculine framed men. I suspect that the guy was raised by a single mother and thus his natural instinct unfortunately would be to appeal to women.

Here is a valuable lesson, if you as a man want to understand modern women and the dating environment they have close to completely ruined, talk to MASCULINE FRAMED MEN, why would you bother talking or appealing to the very females who have destroyed the same arena you’re venturing into trying to find love and companionship?

By far, the worst people to seek advice from are women, by far the worst people to talk to women about are other women, by far the worst people to seek an understanding of women from are other women, always remember this!

You cannot be a gentlemen with modern day women, they’ll eat you up and spit you out in the same spot without batting an eyelid. Modern women don’t appreciate gentlemen, they much prefer dealing with guys who treat them disrespectfully as well as pay them little to no attention.

For those who missed it, here is the link to a list I compiled concerning what behaviours, actions and dispositions disqualify women from receiving traditional treatment. Shout out to commenter Blue Collar Trevor who also contributed towards this list:

The ultimate solutions for Johnathan are to get in shape, assert and ground himself more firmly in his masculine frame as well as getting his passport in order to venture to non Westernised foreign countries where the women in said regions will actually appreciate his traditionally minded mannerisms.

Sadly observing just how far Western women have flowed into the sewer pipe, as far as I’m concerned at this stage they’re fit for recreational use only, nothing more.

Johnathan not only has to save himself from the scraggle daggle but also from the rest of these Western straggs who are just as equally contaminated and ruined.

As I’ve explained before, Johnathan also needs to understand that dating apps in my opinion are a complete waste of time as most women on them are simply there to garner more attention typically by leading men to follow them on Instagram or to subscribe to their OnlyFans.

When seeking long term relationships, if your resolve is to stick to western shores only then you’re going to have to operate with a scarcity mindset because in 2023 most Western women aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm.

As you already know my advice remains the same, get your passports gents and never look back. Dating women in non Westernised countries is a complete reset from what you’ll commonly experience in the West.

Finally, as a man, NEVER act like these dysfunctional modern day females and take your grievances to TikTok, NEVER. ALWAYS consult with good male friends or other masculine framed wise men IN PRIVATE. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Abandon Ship For Dating In The West, At This Stage It’s Already A Dead Horse

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “He Just Doesn’t Understand How Modern Day Women Work!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I will never simp for these modern day western women in 2023 because I know my value and self worth as a masculine man. I will only take a woman out to a fancy restaurant if she is my wife or long term girlfriend who is a non black woman and that we have been in a solid long term relationship together for years throughout the good times and bad times in life.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I fully agree with what you’ve said, however I believe this guy is simping unintentionally, his mistake is applying mannerisms that were normal in pre feminism days, to women living in the modern era. Modern women don’t deserve to be taken out to restaurants, a coffee date or less is sufficient for them.

  2. I saw this video and people made video about this.

    Normally I would call Johnathan a simp and lots of people did.
    However after my assessment of this video. I will give him a ‘pass’.

    The reason I will give him a ‘Pass’ because he is one of those naive people and to be truthful, we all were simps back in the days and when we got older and took a lot of Red-Pill and see the females’ true nature. We become self aware.

    Lets talk about this Johnathan guy on why I will let him off the hook. But some brothers here will go hard on this guy. But I be lenient on him.

    He brought up to be respectful to women which is nothing wrong with that and be humble to them. Sometimes we do the right thing to treat women with respect.
    I think this guy has got some simp and female friends who gave him some simp and flawed advice about dealing with modern females.
    He also been listening to these dumb ass hypergamy females about how he should treat women on the 1st date. Very bad and wrong advice.

    First of all, you never listen to female’s advice about dating especially the ones who do hypergamy and single females as they will set you up for failure.

    He mention that how he did all the right thing, but unaware that he made many wrong moves.
    You never pay premiums on the 1st date, stop listening to women about how men should pay premiums on the 1st date. 1st date is about 2 things: Induction and Introduction. Basically means getting to know each other to see if you both click.
    You do not bring flowers on a 1st date. Never make a video getting upset about being stood up because you make yourself embarrassing.
    I remember seeing old videos where simps making a video crying and pleading to get back with their ex. Why humiliate yourself on Social Media.
    Another note: Never ask a women for what went wrong, females will never give you feedback, ask men, Red-Pill men, not simps for feedback as they will bullshit you.
    Also he mention that this should not be hard for dating. I am sorry to say this but dating is very hard because lots of blue-pillers made the dating so rigged that modern females will never give you time and day.

    Let’s give Johnathan some advice:
    Shawn James made books like ‘Stop Simping’ which will be useful. I am not sure SYSBM will agree with that.
    I recommend SYSBM books, take lot of Red-Pill, come out of the dating scene. Ask Red-Pill men for advice.
    Build yourself up, save up for a Passport to travel. If you build, other women (foreign) will come.

    Again I will give him a pass because this is a lesson to learn about modern women.

    I will let American Black Man do the critiquing because he give knowledge of simps.
    Don’t forget Quincy as he preaches the child-free quality women to build his own family.

    Last advice: Forget these modern women do not deal with them. They are not GF, marriage or family material. I will say he dodge the bullet because they are just headache and they may ruin or destroy your life (financially, legally and mortally). Look for family oriented person.

    As Verbs stated that this is not 1950s. This is 2020s. The dating structure is totally backwards.

    1. MMT,

      I pretty much agree, I believe that Johnathan is simply ignorant of how modern women work, he’s attempting to apply things that would’ve been normal 60-70 year ago to Western women living in the modern era which is a huge mistake. One thing I would say is that he needs to get his act together very quickly if he’s going to navigate the Western dating market because these women will eat him alive. Obviously you already know my stance, he needs to get his passport and travel abroad AFTER he’s first worked on himself.

  3. This ain’t 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s

    It seems Johnathan has been living under a rock.

    Modern day women in anglo saxon societies are a lost cause.

    Not all women are into flowers and simping never works.

    If I was on a date with a quality white girlfriend, I would ask her first before buying flowers in future.

    Never on a 1st date, only on a 2nd date if she’s into flowers.

    I have a better chance of finding the white one for me out of anglo saxon nations.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I honestly don’t believe the guy has had many dating experiences, it’s even questionable if he’s even had a reasonable amount of interaction with women. Traditional women would appreciate the flowers, however for a first date that is still too much, that kind of gesture should come way down the line.

      I agree, simping never works, however in this guy’s case as I’ve stated above, I don’t believe he is one of these gatekeeping blue pilled simps who is all about protecting women at all costs alongside castigating men who refuse to lick the muddy boots of modern day females, I just believe he’s out of touch with the times.

  4. Verbs2015,

    Maybe its me. By that I mean, maybe I’ve become red pill 2.0 or something. But I find Johnathan to be a simp who needs to work on himself first.

    First of all, he’s in serious need of some dental work. If he has money to spend on dates, he has money to spend on his dental health. His priorities are not in order.

    Its time to get brutally honest about the simps. I can’t feel sympathy for the simp anymore. He is causing too much harm to the world. Everyday he simps, he is throwing gasoline on that dumpster fire that we call western dating.

    The simp deserves his pain, as his pain is self enflicted. My problem with the simp is that he makes the world more toxic for others.

    I have met all types of women in my day; rich, poor, dumb, smart, good, bad, beautiful, ugly, all races.

    Most women are not leaders, but are natural hypergamists and opportunists. They can read a situation intuitively, and employ hypergamy and opportunism according to the situation.

    You have so much toxic female energy in the west, because women can get away with it in the west. They can get away with it because of the epidemic of simping in the west.

    How can you not fault the simp? You could not have the current sorry state of affairs without the simp doing what he does. Most simps never learn. They simply double down on the simping, when women dog them out.

    SYSBM and similar points of view, are for the few, the strong. These are men who were never comfortable with simping to begin with. They might have been indoctrinated to simp at one time. But since simping is contrary to their nature, they could quckly and easily overcome it.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Your first sentence sums it up, the guy needs to work on himself first. Yes, he’s a simp however he isn’t like the typical hard nosed, blue pilled simps we frequently come across, he genuinely believes that flowers on a first date are cool and he mistakenly thinks that employing customs that are reserved for traditional women only can be transferred across to these modern day harriets, not so.

      As I’ve stated above, I don’t think Johnathan has had much experience in the modern dating world, hence why he’s attempting to employ customs that shouldn’t be touched in these modern times. Additionally, the fact that he asked women for advice is very troubling though, they are the last group he should be seeking answers from, smh.

      He needs to come under the wing of masculine framed, traditionally grounded men, I believe he can come out of the simp bewitchment, however he has to want to first. I still remember Tupac and how he finally realised the true nature of the black siren in particular and Western women in general. Men can break out of the simp phase, it is possible if they want to:

  5. Sometimes you can tell when a man doesn’t have strong male figures in their lives and were raised by females who just put a bunch of fantasy Disney bullshit in their ears i.e. lay a jacket over a puddle, buy flowers and play the guitar while singing outside a woman’s window etc. Just pure nonsense that will get you ate up even in non western countries, let alone in the belly of the beast where females are more ruthless than they’ve ever been. That nice guy shit will NEVER fly anywhere, it’s about time men realise this!

    He needs to do a lot of self work before he even thinks of dating again. Seriously, he needs to take out a good 2-3 years of his life to work on numerous things before he gets back in the game. Only then will he have an abundance mindset and not take to social media to cry over females who will only see this and possibly use it against him. You need to take the bull by the horns and get yourself out of whatever rut you’re in. This world doesn’t care about men’s feelings. Nothing wrong with crying out for help when you need it, but seek a professional or trusted friend/family member, NOT social media.

    Many of us were him – maybe not AS bad – at one point and naive until we got burnt, so I won’t act all high and mighty (I’m not accusing anyone of this BTW) and be too hard on him. Despite his shortcomings, he has potential. I wanna see men improve, therefore I won’t kick a good dude while he’s down for giggles. As long as you’re breathing, there’s always hope. Some things just need to be ironed out and he’ll be good to go.

    And yeah, he needs to travel overseas, cos at least non western women will appreciate him once he gets his act together even if they’re aware of his past. Unlike “our” women, many women love a good, intelligent, well put together man. Once he’s improved himself in all aspects and realises that western women are beyond damaged goods and total trash, he’ll feel stupid for ever giving a fuck about them in the first place.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Hollywood has really done a serious number on both men and women, they’re still pushing the false narrative that the fumbling, bumbling man who is still trying to find himself will get recognised by an attractive female and in turn she’ll give him the time of day in order to get to know him as a person and thereafter a relationship will blossom and they’ll live happily ever after, smh.

      Just look at the film Shazam 2, the crippled young guy with the crutch somehow gets a halfway decent looking mixed female even though her intentions were bad to begin with, come on man, in what reality does this take place?

      We already know that most women in the West would openly laugh at any man with a disability, they wouldn’t give him the time of day nor spit on the dude if he was on fire. I find Western women have bought into the Hollywood fantasy much more than men however.

      You’re not wrong, most of us have been in the position of simping at some point in our lives, thank the Most High we came out of it and are now able to warn other men who are on the Red Pill path about the perils and the dangers of licking the muddy boots of females as well as worshipping them.

      I think we can all agree that Johnathan needs to work on himself first, after that the rest will be child’s play. Thereafter the guy definitely needs to get his passport and expand upon his dating options because women in the West are NOT it.

      It has to be said that these Western females are a bunch of dummies on steroids, you’ll notice that in recent times they’ve begun a new dumb trend on social media of talking about what gives them “the ick” in men. Abandon ship and never look back. #SYSBM™

  6. White sugar honey: That girl who stood you up made a big mistake because I have got you now.
    SYSBM: I can see that.

    Alright, guys. After a stressful day today as I lost £40 pounds today when I was at Watford, Lord have mercy. I want to tell you this. If I organised a date and the gyal wait for me for half an hour, I will never speak to her ever again.

    And the guy who had roses in his hand saying that he got stood up. If the girl stood him up, then that means she’s not interested in him. If he had money, she wouldn’t stood him up but she will use him and I know how it feels to be used.

    Right, as this woman that stood him up, there is goanna be a man that is goanna do the same thing to her and it’s goanna be worse for her. And let me tell you something. When a man get played by one woman to another, sooner or later he will become the bad guy.

    I can’t give any advice to men especially black men because all of the men are simping nowadays. There is nothing I can do now, people.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Western women fully deserve the judgement and recompense that is soon coming for them. Decent men will always have the last laugh, Johnathan needs to work on himself first, get his passport, explore the world and leave these Western females behind.

  7. Dude has a salt and pepper beard. That means he`s old enough to know better and he`s been living in la la land.

    If he doesn`t know, he`ll never know.

    1. Noise Of Art,

      I have to say that I’m disturbed at how out of touch the guy is from the harsh realities of modern dating. Attempting to give flowers to modern women in 2023????

  8. Thanks for the shoutout, Verbs! Indeed, check out the “Traditional Treatment Disqualifiers” page; alao, don’t forget about the “Guiding Principles of A True High Quality Black Man” page. I believe these guiding principles could help a guy like Jonathan; now, I personally wasn’t aware of this video, but I don’t keep up with social media like I used to. Now, it’s easy to just roast him for making this video and call him a simp, but I’m not going to do that; I do think he comes across as a “sucker for love” type of dude. My advice to Jonathan would be to not be so desperate to find love, especially on dating apps and websites; also, consider it a blessing that she rejected you because she probably wasn’t worth any of the effort you put into the date. Take this time to work on your craft as a comedian, find new hobbies, go to the gym, get your passport and see new places, and just enjoy your own company; when a man minds his own, women will do whatever to try and get in his sights. I just hope he develops the discernment to distinguish between a woman who genuinely likes him for him instead of one who’d use him for a free meal or money.

    1. BCT,

      You’re welcome sir. I”ve post the link to the guiding principles of a true high quality black man below:

      I would agree, the guy is just ignorant to how dating works in this modern times in the West. As many brothers including yourself have already stated, Johnathan simply needs to work on himself first then get his passport and explore the world. I really don’t think he should bother with Western women at all as most of them have shown themselves to be a complete waste of time. Don’t even get me started on these dating apps, smh. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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