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They Do Care, Don’t Believe Their Hype!

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This is why I keep on telling you black men NOT to extend olive branches out to black women because in the end they’ll always prove themselves to be a bunch of evil, deceitful buzzards.

So, because the black witch he was responding to wasn’t able to shake Zilla off his square, she in typical lefty black female fashion decided to run to her Chinese father and report his page, do you see how these black females have no problems working against you if you say anything that they don’t like or upsets them?

Don’t believe the hype of black women claiming they don’t care who black men choose to date, their actions speak a completely different language.

Black women know that outside of the black male, no other races of men will date them en masse, this is why they’re always engaging in all manner of trickery, witchcraft and sorcery upfront as well as behind the scenes in their feeble attempts to keep black men locked on the proverbial plantation.

They claim not to care about who black men date yet as the brother stated, when he’s been out with non black women, these black sirens have gone out of their ways to show their disapproval of the unions.

He also talked about black women all of a sudden showing him interest when he’s been with a non black female, this is a classic black harriet Kansas City shuffle, don’t ever fall for it.

The only guys who fall for this Texas Two step are those black men who deep down still desire black women despite them dating out.

Of course the guy who still has one foot on the plantation falls for the Okey Dokey, gets rid of the non black woman he’s with, pursues that deceitful black female only for her to pull the first right of refusal card on his backside, completely denying that she was ever interested in him.

She’s right, she wasn’t interested at all, her plan was to simply sabotage and destroy that particular interracial union and the unlearned Negro took the bait like a sucker.

You have to understand exactly how these modern day black sirens work and scheme out their mischief, as has been stated many times before, most black men simply aren’t cut out for interracial dating because they just can’t let go of the black female.

Black women as a collective hate seeing black men happy especially when that happiness is completely outside of their control. Black women would much prefer to see black men be miserable 24 hours per day, 7 days a week just as they are.

We already know what the deal is with most black women, the only time they want the “corny”, “lame”, “boring”, “plan B” guy is once they crashed into the wall at 125mph with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 children en tow.

However remember, they don’t really want you, they simply desire the use of your money and resources as a means to help them escape the negative consequences stemming from the stupid decisions they’ve made in the past, once again, don’t ever be that sucker.

I keep on telling you, if black women had the capacity to bring back chattel slavery, they’d have black men shackled up in chains instantly and wouldn’t waste anytime frolicking in the hay with their white lord and saviour Major Sleet.

Finally, ZillaPeace43 needs to understand that the main reason why black women continue to orbit around black men despite them constantly claiming to be dissatisfied with us is because they need black men to hand as their favourite scapegoat.

If black men aren’t within reach then who are these black sirens going to blame for messing up their own lives via their own hands? Always remember, the “blame the black man” religion that most black women submit to and rigorously practice is contingent upon black men always being within blaming distance.

Get your passports brothers, date out and never look back, in 2023 now more than ever the black female juice seriously isn’t worth the squeeze and being completely honest, it hasn’t been fresh for a very long time either. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stop Conversing With And Extending Olive Branches Out To Black Women, Cut Them Off And Never Look Back

Most High Bless

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10 thoughts on “They Do Care, Don’t Believe Their Hype!

  1. Before I became full blown SYSBM, one day I simply looked at the situation and realised that there’s literally no benefit for good black men in this day and age to deal with black women. None. I also noticed that black men with non black women tend to be a lot more happier and content and obviously have more stability in their lives.

    Bdubs know this fact too. This is why you’ll hear some of them tell on themselves and say that black men who date other women are “taking the easy way out”. Easy way out of what exactly? Isn’t it supposed to be easier to date within your own culture? You see, they know they’re a problematic bunch, but they have no reason to change because these cape wearing black simps and the so called “good” black women never call them out on it.

    Even the imaginary school building, Hotep Walrus deep down doesn’t wanna deal with black women like that and is obviously curious about other women, but the whole non-stick Frying Pan African gimmick is his bread and butter, so he has to pretend to be down with da sistas only while going to the DR and ogling the women there talking about “bbbbut they’re black tooo!” instead of just accepting that as a heterosexual man, it’s perfectly natural to find any women sexually attractive.

    We’re the ones who are the real threat because we’re waking up other black men and letting them know they have options and don’t need to deal with this harridan. Not only that, but there’s ample proof that black men with everything going for themselves get top tier women. Look at that chefway brother for example. There was some controversy a while back from some tweets he made about black women back in the day. They got pulled up and he got so called “exposed” with black women and simps calling for his head, but that hasn’t stopped his grind. He’s travelling the world and has a dope Asian woman by his side and is living the life.

    Black athletes, professionals and many others already know the deal and have known for a very long time – black women simply do not make good partners, especially for ‘their’ own men. All our lives, we’ve been hearing how we’re no good, but now that we are finally standing up for ourselves after all this time, it’s a problem. They go out their way to destroy us in any way possible for nothing, but we’re supposed to date these females? No chance. I was black women’s biggest supporter at one point, but black women ruined it. They are not my problem. Other people are starting to see them for who they are too.

    By the way, for us UK brothers, this man was obviously right way back then. Too bad I was a blackity black, misguided fool in those days:


    1. Woke PRO BLACK HOTEP LIberals Are Stupid idiots 🙄 They’re Telling Me This, You Came From A Black Woman. You Can’t Mixed White People You Destroy Your Black Cultures Of Black Women Some Of Those Prejudice Fools Agree, With Umar Johnson. Try To Stop Black Man From Race Mixing. 😠 I Can’t Stand Them. I Love White Women, They are Cowards To Try Stop Brothers Like Me. FROM Race Mixing 😠😡😠 And CALL ME A COON Save Yourself Black Men Be FREE..

  2. Zillapeace has said his experiences as a lesson to black men who are either already dating out or want to date out.

    This lesson is to watch out for these black sirens that would try to sabotage sysbm relationships.

    I know my blackistan/negress family members aren’t happy that I’m moving abroad permanently.

    I can sense it and they don’t like the word permanently.

    I know I won’t come back to live in the UK ever again.

    The UK is only a financial hub, nothing more than that.

    I would rather build my own family tree with a non anglo saxon white girlfriend overseas.

    I would advice Zilla peace to get his passport and leave anglo saxon nations if he wants to do the same as me or not.

    1. the funny part is, Super Pro-Black HOTEP Karen’s they played the race card and they’re against. Black men for liking white women Ir Outside of Race That’s why these fucking RACIST Woke liberals want to put a stop From Black Men race mixing I noticed it. You know why? Everytime they put these hateful videos . Bash Black Man That’s a definition of jealousy and stupid. , and I think I know why. Pushing the gay woke GENDER And also, they’re always telling you stick with your own race. Cause you’re a slave. And this is a problem in America truth. Hurt

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black women hate the fact that decent black men date outside of their race with non black women because these good black men are expanding their dating options and black women know that they will lose their future step daddy meal tickets when they become single mothers with lots of different bastard kids from lots of different black men thug wutless baby fathers and they want us decent childfree black men to play step dad to their bastard kids. As a childfree black man at 41, I refuse to single mothers and black women. I don’t give a fucking shit if black women decide to date white men or other non black men because it doesn’t affect me at all. I also had experiences where I was out with my ex non black girlfriends and black women gave me and my ex girlfriends some dirty evil looks. I’ve even had times when I was walking street on my own and I walked pass black women who are with their white boyfriends and they still gave me evil looks and they even tried to make me feel jealous because they was with their white lord and saviour boyfriends and I still didn’t give a shit.

  4. SYSBM: Today was hot.
    White sugar honey: Tonight is goanna be hotter then today.

    I have no issues of black women dating non black women. She can date whoever she wants as long if she’s happy. And I don’t have a problem if a white man dates a black woman. He can date whoever he wants. No dick policing here. But the thing is that when a black man is with a non black woman, we see the scraggle daggles coming after him because the colour of the woman. But when a black woman is with a non black man, nothing but silence, you get me?

    Black men get bullied when they are with a non black woman but they know how to defend themselves when things get down. I know that these scraggle daggles can’t defend themselves that’s when the simps come to their damn rescue and defend their queens while their queens are getting slam down on the mattress by Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, 357 Jimmy, Cell Block Scrappy, Rum Head Fraiser, Drunky Lenny, Long Cocky George, Last Long Palmer and Fuck All Night Freed.

    I head that 60 per cent of black men are with non black women in the UK and the reason why is because of the dysfunction of black women. I know that black men are with black women but one, some of the black men fell that the ratchetness of black women is up the roof and black men are with the black honeys but they are not choosing the ratchet black ones, Lord have mercy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  5. BW do care about who BM date because if they don’t, they will not make a video at all and shut up about it.

    Madbusdriver made a video years ago touching this subject. However for some reason I cannot find the video to show you. I think it went private because these simps probably flag it down.

    Verbs wrotes:
    “He also talked about black women all of a sudden showing him interest when he’s been with a non black female, this is a classic black harriet Kansas City shuffle, don’t ever fall for it.”

    Actually this does happen and women find men attractive when they are taken. Especially in the dating scene that if you are single, they not interested. Any females decide to take interest in you because someone else is into you, that women have to take that ‘L’ because the the ship has sailed. That is their loss. Never take them back or look back if they take interest when you up and better.

  6. Anytime a Black woman says she doesn’t care about Black men dating out, just know that she is lying; even Psychology Today published an article on a test conducted by an Asian woman where they found that Black women do in fact care:

    If they truly didn’t care, why are they going out of their way to stalk Passport Bros in these foreign countries just to mean mug them? Make that make sense! To add to his story about the stragg who approached his Asian date to disrespect her, that reminded me of a Facebook post I read years ago of a Black man who spoke of a date he was on with a White woman, and 2 daggles at a table nearby were making nasty remarks about the both of them; that guy ended his post saying he’ll never date a Black woman ever again. Don’t believe their words; believe their actions. #SYSBM

  7. SYSBM. Accept no substitutes.


  8. The term “bed wench” suggests there are Black men trying to police Black women (and other Black men based on the use of terms like “bed Buck”).

    Since divorce occurs between Black men and their non-Black women all the time – the same as with other pairings – I’ve never believed another race is the answer to one’s dating woes. In the end it’s about finding a good person and committing to the relationship. Believing the key to achieving a magical relationship fantasyland is found in rejecting one’s own race/dating someone of another race is the hallmark of someone who is certifiably nuts.

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