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Well, it looks like the shadow government operators in the US are attempting to revamp the Convid-1984 scam once again due to so many people dying from the Frankenstein death shots they introduced back in December 2021 and the propaganda to blame “Covid” and not the jabs has already begun.

This Convid-1984 plandemic I believe was the primary reason I was kicked off back in December 2020, because I refuse to lap up the government propaganda and I called out the contradictions and hypocrisy of the “pandemic” at every turn.

Many black men who used to comment on this website pre end of 2020 believed the government lies and propaganda concerning Covid, chose to roll up their sleeves and take the death shot.

Some may not be alive anymore, others have chosen to stay away because of the guilt of being suckered into the lie despite the information that was being put out by myself every Open Mic demonstrating the contrary.

You have to understand that people who refuse to submit to government, who also call out evil regimes and who choose to opt out of going along with the left’s agenda as well as drinking their poison KoolAid will be targeted.

I have an archive on this website that brothers here have contributed to called Vaxx Watch, there are plenty of links on that page demonstrating how this so called “pandemic” was a complete and utter scam, the link for that page is below:

There are also links to articles on the same page showing where so many individuals have died as a result of getting themselves jabbed up with the devil’s juice shot.

I personally don’t think the scam will fly as successfully as it did before, however I’m putting this information out there just so that folks across the pond can understand why the “new covid variant” talk has all of a sudden kicked off once again across mainstream media news outlets.

I’m not wearing any damn masks, I most certainly will not be taking any jabs they already conveniently have ready to deal with the “new variant”.

Always remember the amount of African leaders that were assassinated just because they refuse to introduce the Convid-1984 death shots into their countries. They also got to the former President of Haiti.

Remember how there was an assassination attempt on the President of Madagascar just because he opted to work with natural herbs formulated into a tea instead of the jab, however that assassination attempt was unsuccessful.

Now dealing with the UK, will the knucklehead public over here once again swallow the Convid-1984 lies and propaganda even though so many damning revelations concerning the previous scam have now been brought to light?

We’ll have to wait and see how this unfolds, I knew these clowns were going to come back again with this garbage, however I didn’t predict that they would attempt this foolishness again so soon.

It seems to me that the powers that be are panicking because of the amount of people who are dying from the jab as well as the fact that more and more individuals are gradually linking these deaths to the Convid shot.

Additionally, I believe the Biden Administration are trying to steal the 2024 Presidential election just like they did the 2020. If everybody is locked down in their houses, mail in ballots will be the only option which can easily be fixed and rigged in favour of sleepy Joe.

We’ll see what happens, all I can say is sadly the US has effectively turned into a banana republic, these types of underhanded antics are what you would expect to take place in developing countries.

Meanwhile in other news:

So many black men will see the above video yet the penny still won’t drop. For you Negroes who are still on the fence, black women are never going to be your peace, NEVER.

You heard it from this wig wearing black siren’s mouth, this is in addition to watching black women in real time bring nothing but strife, chaos, contention and unnecessary volatility into a black man’s life.

Her TikTok page is a litany of videos dedicated to disparaging black men as a whole. Black women are cowards, they never go after the guys that did them wrong, nope, it’s much easier for them to blame black men in general, even the black men who they would never consider dating in the first place, make that make sense, smh.

Get your passports gents and never look back, Western women are done and the modern day black female is already several steps ahead of the rest flowing rapidly through the deepest sewer pipe on her way down to hell.

Well, that is my rant/heads up for this Open Mic, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind) And Resist Tyranny At All Costs

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Re Covid: The only “vax” you’ll ever need in case another plandemic happens is Vitamins C&D, a strong probiotic, zinc and plenty of water and exercise. You’ll be good.


    The video of that female was exactly what I was going to post. Black women are by far the worst females on the planet and in human history. All they know is hell, the very idea of peace is a concept they can’t fathom. They’re just evil. Kevin Samuels literally died at a young age cos of the fruitless efforts in trying to help this beast and the obvious stress it caused him. He should have just left them to it. This is why SYSBM exists. I just hope more black men wake up.

    If you totally avoid black females like any man with sense should, you’ve already eliminated probably 80% of the problem when dealing with women overall. Western chicks are pretty much done. A lot of Passport Bros are SYSBM, but don’t want to say it, which is cool. But at least when you listen to their interviews they have good intel on the women in other countries and who you should wife up or avoid. The fact that they’re happy and successful (despite all the obsessive and numerous attempts to clown and shame them) tells you all you need to know.

    As for these black witches, let the hoteps and simps who defend them so much deal with this bullshit.


    1. Regarding the Covid Plandemic, I believe we are living in extremely evil times. There will be Plandemic after Plandemic. I really don’t know if there is any safe place on the planet. I believe the west wants the masses to be terrified slaves, ruled over by a small super rich elite. Its almost a return to Monarchism without the Monarchy.

      As for Kevin Samuels, I believe he was taking high potency viagra. High potency viagra will definitely cause heart attacks. Taking viagra over 100 mg is very dangerous. Even taking it at 100 mg is dangerous over time. Unfortunately, too many black men are doing both. There is no circumstance where I would ever risk my health, so a woman could get a nut.

      As for the toxic scraggle daggle in the vid, any man who would deal with her is worse than a simp. He’s a glutton for punishment.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      The sad thing is most black men have been acclimatised to black female dysfunction to such a degree where they genuinely believe the behaviour is normal and acceptable. In fact as we’ve seen many times before, these triad simps will even attempt to castigate those black men who call out the garbage as well as refuse to accept it, smh. So called “black love” is dead, it’s been that way for a very long time and it died at the very hands of black women themselves.

  2. Good Option Topic Wednesday morning,

    I want to piggyback on last Wednesday’s Open Topic article concerning the n-gga word being used by blk ratchet women addressing black men. I can say the former learned it from these street dudes that used it constantly.

    When I was in late middle school and during highschool years, most black dudes used that word because they thought it was cool. Some of those dudes thought they were cool with me addressed me as such “What’s up my n-gga?” Note: I never addressed them as my n-gga(s). Blame the degenerate blk entertainment culture of the 1990s and the 2000s decade.

    It has gotten so bad that Hispanic dudes addressed each other by that term. Probably certain whites and non-black guys addressed each other or to black men they hang around as such by the terms with no ill-intent.

  3. Let me tell you, the self-love/self-marriage movement is taking off for a lot of these women for their health and well-being in western society. I’ve heard of this fad about a couple of years ago. This is what happens when these adult women as young pre-teen and teenage girls was focusing on being around the no-good folks and putting said folk needs before their own and not wanting to be alone to focus on themselves.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Notice how this self love/self marriage dysfunction is practically exclusive to Western women, even foreign women who are older and haven’t managed to find a man aren’t sinking this low, smh. The answers for black men with their heads screwed on straight are obvious, SYSBM™ in conjunction with getting your passports and never looking back. Western women are done, black women especially have been flowing through the deepest sewer system for a very long time.

  4. Climate change lockdown is coming along with convid globally.

    Travel restrictions to specific zones within 15 minutes from neighbourhoods.

    The 2nd wave of lockdown will be worse than the 1st wave.

    The UK is seen as a soft country to the rest of Europe.

    The governments all over the world love using fear as a selling point for controlling the public.

    The negress in that video is actually speaking about herself in reflection without noticing it.

    The reason why blackistan males can’t let go of black females is cause of having the same skin colour.

    No other reason than that.

    If they are claiming biracial children as black kids, its a stupid reason to not leave black women alone.

    If I have a mixed race kid with a white girlfriend, they can’t claim my child as a black kid.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      As we saw with Convid-1984, the majority of the public bought into the lies, propaganda and were more than happy to go along with the nonsense, they’ll most certainly go along with climate lockdowns as well as the digital currency trap. This is why I much prefer to have my own space to live in, these days the less people that are around you the better because most have lost the ability to think and reason for themselves.

      Fear works on those who are glued to their televisions and process information according to what the mainstream media is putting out instead of using their own eyes, ears and brain to figure out what’s actually going on around them in real life. Moving out of the UK is a very wise move, one you won’t regret.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    I ain’t taking no damn covid vaccine because its going to kill me and I want to live a very long life for at least another 50 years until I am 91 years old in the year 2073. I also refuse to wear a blasted mask because the UK government is evil and I am not bowing down to their archaic draconian rules. Black women are the most evilest women on the planet and I avoid them like the plague and I refuse to date them.

    1. That shot killed my uncle. I wonder how many more of my family will succumb to it.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I’m beginning to see an uptick in people wearing masks, many of them are rolling with the N95 types. It just goes to show how some people are born to be slaves, they cannot be set free no matter how much liberating information is placed in front of them. I refuse to be a slave, I refuse to submit myself to endless government lies and propaganda. Since when has the UK government ever proven itself to be trustworthy, I’ll wait?

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I ain’t no slave to anyone as I am a free thinking man.

  6. Verbs,

    I saw this video from Madbusdriver about the BW saying how BM wants chaos.

    This is just a typical deflection/projection and reflection.

    Basically what she is describing about BM is she is talking about herself.
    No BM does this. This is just a typical BW traits.

    1. MMT,

      Black women as a collective stay projecting for life. They simply hate seeing black men happy especially when they have no control over that happiness.

  7. I have something to say. Joe Biden, that good for nothing, racist, anti Semitic beta male bastard is the worse president America has ever had. The people in America, just hang tight there, Lord have mercy!

    And the black woman who says that black men don’t want peace but chaos. Let me tell, you know why black men are with non black women or getting their passports is because of scragglies like her, blud!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggles daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Even though the 2020 election was rigged, these lefties were so desperate to get Trump out of office, they instead voted for a guy who has one foot in the grave and who rambles random sentences, you cannot make this stuff up. As for black women and their chaos, they can keep that garbage over in their own corner.

  8. Verbs,

    Back in March 2020 when the scam-19 was manifesting here on the east coast United States, during a Saturday morning at a local name brand membership-only retail warehouse club called Sam’s Club, people was getting ready to stay indoors at their homes for the next year. I was in the customer service line and the white woman worker in her late 50s/early 60s there was quite disturbed seeing customers buying toilet paper. It was a toilet paper crisis. She said in so many words, “These people are going crazy over toilet paper?” Even with the face mask, people was walking around in the park in the open outdoors wearing a mask or three. They were driving in their cars with the windows up wearing a mask and have two pairs of surgical gloves on their hands. To this very day, they’re still doing it. I got parents in part are still living in that programming. I believe this scam-19 event was nothing less than a money making scheme using the fears of the mindless masses.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      I remember the toilet paper fiasco, that happened over here as well. So many ended up looking stupid and trying to return so much toilet paper after they finally realised they’d been hoodwinked by the State. On the old website I still remember posting pictures of the mask boxes where it said on the box on bold letters that the masks did NOT protect the individual from Covid. Of course after the government realised they could make a tidy mint from selling mask, that notice mysteriously disappeared. Some people are born to be mindless slaves, sad to say but that is their purpose in life.

  9. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Well, I guess the powers that be have decided that now is the time to go full steam ahead; the head of the WHO pretty much said that another plandemic was coming after he announced the end of the first one. Also, the new variant has a very interesting name: Eris; Eris is the Greek goddess of strife and discord. With that said, expect to see a lot of strife, discord, and chaos in the months to come; we are living in very interesting times. This next election cycle will also be very interesting to watch; I don’t know what the outcome will be, but expect the next administration to be worse than the previous one.

    As for the video with the stragg saying BM really mean chaos when they say they want peace, that is a projection that can make an AMC theater look like an amateur! No, witch, YOU want chaos because youre not at peace with yourself; look at her eyes and tell me she doesn’t look dead on the inside. Lastly, what daggle rant is complete without casual misandry against Black men? Give him peace on her terms? No, my peace is on MY terms; every time a scraggle daggle opens her mouth, all I hear is “save yourself” because they, like the new Eris variant, bring strife and discord. Save yourself, and never look back! #SYSBM

    1. BCT,

      I personally believe that this sudden “rise in Convid-1984 cases” is all to do with the up coming 2024 election, they already know that Biden doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of winning it, therefore the back up plan is to have folks locked down in their houses and use the mail in votes system where the papers can easily be changed in favour of sleepy Joe. At this point the State isn’t even slick with its intentions, smh.

      As for the daggle, we already know that daggles will continue to daggle until the cows come home, black women themselves hate peace, therefore in their eyes it’s only logical that they bring that same warfare mindset to black men, smh. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

  10. Well well well the psyops bullshit is back.

    Convid 1984 is being rolled out again worldwide just to stop Trump returning to the presidency (what does that have to do with the UK though). Like you Verbs I wonder how many people will fall in line this time, considering the original 2020 movie was a worldwide success. I just hope that this time round people start thinking logically and point towards the death shot.

    Me? I’ve still got my exempt lanyard, for the knuckle draggers to try something.

    1. Michel,

      We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, they really don’t want Trump back in the Presidential office, Convid-1984 is the perfect con to ensure that Trump is robbed again. These Democrats are complete devils, they really want to see the American public in abject poverty. Like I said before, the US effectively has turned into banana republic. Those who fall for this garbage again deserve everything that’s coming to them.

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