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The Conjuring Is Very Real! #SHORTS


Now you understand why the so called black community is in the mess that it is and you can also understand why despite how horribly black women treat black men, most black men will still bow down to their female counterparts as well as grovel at their feet, smh.

You have to shake your head, while knuckleheaded black men are out here exalting, uplifting and bigging up their “queans”, black women are sitting in dark candle lit rooms busy creating all manner of witch’s brews, potions and concoctions as well as casting spells, enchantments, curses and setting up hexes.

With black women engaging in all of this witchcraft, sorcery and magic, it’s a pity they haven’t employed the dark arts in restoring the community that they’ve destroyed via their own hands.

When black women talk about “black girl magic”, this is exactly what they’re referring to, dabbling in the crafts of the devil himself believing they’re advantaging themselves, however nothing could be further from the truth.

If you understood the amount of darkness I had to wade through in order to get those videos, black women have really jumped aboard the Dark Side Express and that train is chugging full steam ahead.

Video number 4 was quite disheartening, do you see how these black sirens have no problems inducting their children into their malevolent practices? To be honest, since when have we ever seen black women demonstrate genuine love and care towards black children anyway?

The last video was particularly disturbing, nails driven into meat, blood all over the alter, burning black candles, the scene was literally out of a premium grade horror movie.

All the best to those black men who still choose to deal with devil women like this, when you’re a fit gym rat who all of a sudden finds himself having a heart attack or a stroke out of nowhere, just remember who you’ve chosen to deal with and who is in your midst.

Whilst trolling through this dark malevolence, I noticed some common themes that kept coming up again and again, septum rings, nose rings/piercings, long nails, dark makeup and lipstick, tattoos, large rings on the fingers, symbolic jewellery etc.

When you’re walking the streets and you see women using or wearing any of the above, you immediately understand what that woman is all about and should give her an extremely wide berth with the quickness.

Most black men will forever remain 20 steps behind when it comes to understanding most black women and the darkness they dabble in because as I’ve stated many times before, most black men refuse to take these kinds of activities seriously.

All they’re interested in is diving into the black female’s putrid, contaminated snatch and busting a nut in it, they couldn’t give a monkeys about what kind of questionable rituals these women are carrying out in dark corners.

Those black men with intelligence who can still think and reason for themselves, keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six at all times.

These black sirens already know they’re on a non redemptive one way journey down to the deepest, darkest and hottest places in Hell with no hopes of escape, so in turn they’ve decided to take as many black men down with them as they can.

Don’t be a sucker, don’t be a victim, don’t be that guy, snap out of the plantation spellbinding trance before it’s too late.

What are SYSBM practitioners saving ourselves from, with the montage of videos above, at this juncture is such a question even valid or worth asking? NO! #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Ensure You Give Black Witches, Black Sirens and Enchantresses An Extremely Wide Berth

Most High Bless

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8 thoughts on “The Conjuring Is Very Real! #SHORTS

  1. I looked at Alexia Jennings website and she does legit healing.
    However, one thing something not right here. If she is a legit and licence doctor (by the Government), then she should not be practicing Tarot card if I am correct here.

    I think Alexia is too good to be true.

    Verbs, check it out:

    Verbs wrote:
    “When black women talk about “black girl magic”, this is exactly what they’re referring to, dabbling in the crafts of the devil himself believing they’re advantaging themselves, however nothing could be further from the truth.”

    You are spot on here on this one and i makes sense how they call themselves ‘Black Girl Magic’. Because they use magic to curse BM and the community.

    I also find it sad, that they are teaching little girls this. Liberal always talk shit about how evil BM are, but I do not see videos showing BM doing voodoo stuff to children, I see mostly BW does this because they can get away with it legally.

    As for the hoteps like Umar Johnson and I will bring him up because he would called these witches ‘My Black Queens’ but he should tell these so called kweens to use their Dark Arts to build the community or make BM better instead of using revenge tactics and putting some hex curse on them.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    The black community is doomed and finished and its never going to get any better. Thank God that I am a childfree SYSBM black man at 41 and I walked away from the black community a long time ago and I ain’t ever coming back to save it. The SYSBM lifestyle is the only way for a decent black man and the only way that good black men can only preserve their own family linage if they have kids with good looking quality childfree non black women so that they create their own nuclear family from scratch.

  3. black girl magic= run for the hills blk men. The conscious types are the worst

  4. Their sorcery potions is a theme from horror movies, also secret societies like skull and bones, Freemasonry, Paganism, Molech, Baal, Baphomet, Jesuits, Zionism, Illuminati, Knights Templer.

    Occultism is deeper than just black magic.

    Voodoo originates in sub sahara Africa.

    This is natural for them to worship witchcraft.

    Black love is satanism by origin.

    Its in their blood and soul to seek dark arts.

    Blackistan males will blindly go straight to hell because black females have the same skin tone as them.

    I don’t need a woman to have the same skin tone as me.

    I only want a white girlfriend, not an anglo saxon and no negress at all.

  5. SYSBM: This witchcraft thing these scragglies are doing is lethal.
    White Sugar Honey: God will protect us, honey! He made the rain fall and wash the witchcraft away.

    I know about black women and witchcraft but when I saw the video with the children and all, I was thinking what is going on. I know about tarot card as it tells you something which is hidden when R&B singer Christopher Williams gave Shawn “Puffy” Combs top for a record deal and we need to get negative vibes away, yes but there is a sinister side when it comes to witchcraft with some of the black women.

    There are two things. The first thing is that the reason why black women will cast spells on a black man because they have a huge disdain towards him. And the second thing is that they put that witchcraft to lure him to their punany. Witchcraft is something that I don’t mess with when it comes to voodoo and so on. But I thought Voodoo is something that meant to protect.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  6. This article is one that reveals some very disturbing things regarding the dark side of the scraggle daggle; that first video has audio that sounds like a movie dialogue between a Black witch and a White woman who went to see her. The next three videos have the typical TikTok format where it makes what you promote or practice look fashionable and trendy; the one with the children meditating shows how evil the stragg can be towards children. The mind of a child is like a sponge, and to introduce them to the dark arts at such a young age should be considered child abuse!

    The next set of videos are the most startling in nature; they start with a witch pronouncing a curse upon a man while slicing a phallic shaped vegetable and pouring different herbs, liquids, and sticking needles in it. The next featured one daggle testing out some AI feature in her shop, and I couldn’t ignore the eye behind her (the All Seeing Eye is connected to the Illuminati and Freemasonry, if you didn’t already know). The following two videos showcased more aspects of witchcraft within the context of being fun, but this isn’t funny business we’re discussing; witchcraft destroys lives! Lastly, we see just how evil and vindictive the Black witch can truly be; I can’t even put into words just how disturbing what’s in those last two videos truly is! I also had to look up what “sonnelion” meant, and I found that it’s the name of the fallen angel of hatred. Need I say more on that?

    Remember that video from the article published 4 weeks ago of the stragg who made that TikTok giving Black men a heads up not to mess with Black women who are in these witchcraft groups putting curses on them? She mentioned that Black women don’t believe in Christianity, and after seeing the attached videos, its even more clear why that’s the case: they are driven by hatred and commit acts of vengeance against Black men, and the Bible forbids such practices. I believe this is part of the reason why they are attracted to the Dark Arts: it gives them full license to carry out the very evil that Christianity discourages them from doing. This is Answer #675,947 to the question of what we’re saving ourselves from; stay prayed up, and resist the devil woman. #SYSBM

  7. Witchcraft,Black Magic,etc,etc are very real and many Black women are Steeped Deep into them.This is why so many of them say the things they say and do the things they do.As we’ve seen over the last last two decades the Extremities and Dificulties and Overwhelming Problematic Behaviors and Actions of these Demon Possessed witches.Think about how and why they’ve been allowed to get away with certain things.Their father,controller and master is Satan himself and demons are their handlers.Men who involve themselves with women like this are Deeply trapped and can’t break free easily.However,there are ways to Permanently Dissolve relationships with them and stay away from them for good.Leaving Negro women alone altogether is really the key.

  8. The saddest thing is most of the witchcraft or old religion books are written by guess who???
    WHITE PEOPLE, for exclaiming how much they do not like white people it’s puzzling why they would trust them? Wouldn’t they fear white people might try to mislead them or trick them?

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