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Foreign Women Don’t Need Your Help!

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You know what’s scary is the fact that the woman above as well as many other black females regularly walk out of their houses/apartments onto the streets looking like scary clowns, circus side show attractions, science experiments gone wrong and outright freaks of nature.

What on earth made her think that her face looks suitable to present to the public? How can you make such a mess of applying makeup to your face and not look in the mirror questioning your sanity and mental stability?

More and more you’ll notice that increasing numbers of women are afraid to look at themselves in the mirror because they really don’t like the faces that are staring back at them, hence their need to spray paint their faces with endless layers of witchcraft and sorcery.

First and foremost woman, having an abundance of females in the West doesn’t automatically guarantee that those women are of QUALITY, in fact the severe dearth of quality women is the primary reason why so many black men are getting their passports and checking out of the Western dating market altogether.

Secondly, your so called “standards and expectations” in most cases are completely unrealistic especially in light of the fact that most of you harridans have been ran through by the grimiest of men and thus once again aren’t of a quality significant enough to even be making the ridiculous demands that you are.

You notice that these types of women typically only put standards and principles in place once they’ve hit The Wall at warp speed, however even then, if a guy that they’re attracted to comes along, those so called “standards and principles” will immediately be dropped.

Once again notice the condescending tone this freakish looking harriet uses when referring to foreign women as if they just aren’t as clued up as her Western backside concerning Western men as well as dating them.

The fact of the matter is Western women are contaminated, they know that they’ve polluted themselves and thus can’t compete with their foreign cousins, hence the frequent use of guilt tripping and shaming language against the men who’ve had enough.

You really have to laugh at these western black females, the least married and the least desired women on the planet believe that somehow they can offer valuable advice to other groups of women who have a much higher success rate in obtaining and retaining men, lol.

I strongly suspect that this papaya principle harpy is as single as a one way train ticket, as the saying goes, single women keep other women single. Additionally, foreign women know better than to listen to a group of knuckleheaded females who’ve done nothing but disparage and insult them since the Passport Bros saga first kicked off.

Foreign women aren’t listening to your advice siren, wear your own natural hair without shame and stop plastering your face with 50 layers of industrial grade makeup, these are the things you ought to be worrying about, foreign women can take care of themselves, they don’t need your help.

Any women who want to find and successfully retain men would do wise NOT to listen to black women at all, any so called “advice” coming from their mouths should be rejected with the quickness.

Concentrate upon your journey of “healing” including getting your mental state in balance first before choosing to dish out recommendations to women who don’t need them.

Black men who have the money to travel to foreign countries and in some cases have the means to move to and live in said countries permanently can hardly be classed as “bottom feeders”.

The real bottom feeders are the ones who don’t leave their own state or block, the guys that loiter on street corners, the dudes that get up to no good, you know the same guys @papayaprinciple regularly opened her legs to back in the day when she was a YOUNGER woman.

Keep getting those passports gents, avoid contaminated women such as @papayaprinciple like the plague and never look back. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Leave These Lost Females To Their Own Insane Devises

Most High Bless

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22 thoughts on “Foreign Women Don’t Need Your Help!

  1. Never listen to any advice from any woman who is only fluent in English.

    Never listen to any advice from a negress.

    I prefer to be with a white girlfriend that is either bilingual or trilingual.

    The exodus of passport bros is happening for many reasons.

    The fact that I can think of more reasons to leave anglo saxon nations for good than living here says it all.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      These black sirens are shook, they never believed they would see the day where swaths of black men would up and leave. Passport Bros isn’t even at critical mass yet and the black witch is already blowing her top. As per usual, black women observe a contingent of black men walking away from them and chose to mock them instead of investigating why they’re leaving. Don’t save them, they don’t want to be saved. #SYSBM™

  2. The weave, the makeup, the fake ass Becky voice. These heauxes are trash!!! LOL!

    1. Val Zod,

      She genuinely believed that she looked good enough to present herself to the public. Black women always take the clown face makeup to the next level and beyond. Clown face makeup, another overt indicator of female mental instability and insecurity. #SYSBM™

  3. What gets me is, they assume every foreign woman lives in a “third world” country and/or is totally impoverished. They think all women outside the west have the minds of naive children. They assume these women are uneducated and don’t have any relationship or life experiences and that it’s easy to “prey” on them. This is how you know you can’t take these western chicks seriously.

    Passport Bros are “bottom feeders” who can’t get women in their own countries? Last I checked, most PB have already dated several women in their own countries and are doing well for themselves. Last I checked, these men have decided to exercise their right to expand their options. If a foreign woman doesn’t like you and there’s no connection, it won’t go any further. Simple as that.

    Last I checked, many women in the states don’t even have a pot to piss in themselves, while so many foreign women are actually doing well and have careers. So many Passport Bros are married, have started families and been settled for many years, you don’t hear these chicks talking about that, cos of course it doesn’t fit the narrative.

    She needs to differentiate between good black men who travel and white male weirdos, because black men very rarely go to different countries to “prey” on anybody. That’s white man shit, quite frankly.

    And if PB are bottom feeders, then why are so many women from the states crying about them leaving and even following them abroad? Why are so many women trying to be “Passport Sisters” to try and get one up on men and failing utterly miserably and taking Ls since they’re so great? Foreign men don’t want them at all.

    From what I’ve seen in a couple of her tiktok videos, this old, washed up “healed” papaya hag actually is with a black man, so what’s it to her what Passport Bros do? Why does she care? What’s she doing in her spare time to help any foreign women abroad with anything since she’s so concerned about them? She has a fool by her side, so this weavehead needs to worry about her own relationship and mind her fucking business.

    Here’s what a foreign woman has to say in response to western women:

    See how something so simple needs to be explained? The fact is, foreign women have far more wisdom and are pros when it comes to the dynamics of relationships between men and women. Western women are trash and a huge DOWNGRADE for men who have their stuff together. I’d rather give a foreign woman £1000 than buy a western woman a sandwich any day.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Typical black sirens, they think they can shame men out of reaching for better options. They see black men leaving and rather than asking why, they instead chose to take the usual path of hurling insults, mocking, ridiculing and denigrating, you cannot make this stuff up.

      I’ve said it before, while black women are busy engaging in the usual shaming tactics as well as choosing to go in on women who haven’t done anything to them, foreign women are scooping up the quality brothers those same black women claim they never wanted.

      I can’t even pay these black females any mind, they’ve completely derailed themselves beyond recognition and unfortunately they’ve taken a sizeable chunk of non black western women with them.

      Old hag Papaya Principle is still an overseer of the plantation, even though she may have a man, that matriarchal, gotta keep them on the plantation mentality will always kick in whenever she sees black men freeing themselves from the chains and shackles of “da communitah”.

      You’re right, she shouldn’t be concerned with where black men are choosing to place their family jewels, however you already know the black witch, she always feels the need to stick her nose into the business and the affairs of black men.

      1. Verbs2015,

        I mentioned before how when Colombian and Venezuelan women started moving to Panama and scooping the men up, the local Panamanian women didn’t go around attacking them or insulting their men, they simply stepped their game up and improved themselves in order to compete. That’s the difference between REAL feminine women and western chicks (especially bdubs).

        Black women do the complete opposite and just get more grotesque and off putting. You’d think the mere fact that so many of their men are dodging them would wake something up in them, but no, they’d literally rather suffer and perish than get their act together and live a quality life with a good man.

        As for Miss Papaya here, good luck to that sucker she’s with, because I can already tell she’s a handful. If she respected his authority, she wouldn’t even be addressing and scolding men in the first place. But like a lot of simp black men (like this ‘AfricanAmericanMale’ dude who’s been spamming this site with his simp bullshit) he probably just sits back and lets her rule the roost. I bet she tells him what to do and he complies like a little bitch.

  4. This is funny Verbs as when I type ‘Passport Bros’ on YouTube just for fun of it. These haters are still on it.

    I give you a bit of Education about the whole war between Western females and foreign women. I goes like this:

    Black Women vs Filipinas
    White Women vs Thais

    The WW war on Thai started in Australia and it died down before the Covid. Since after the pandemic and White Men knows about the Passport Bros thing the WW are back at the war against the Thai women because these WW see BW at war against the Filipinas. You see all this on TikTok.

    Verbs wrote:
    “Typical black sirens, they think they can shame men out of reaching for better options. They see black men leaving and rather than asking why, they instead chose to take the usual path of hurling insults, mocking, ridiculing and denigrating, you cannot make this stuff up.

    I’ve said it before, while black women are busy engaging in the usual shaming tactics as well as choosing to go in on women who haven’t done anything to them, foreign women are scooping up the quality brothers those same black women claim they never wanted.”

    Even Madbusdriver show the brothers the clip of when this evil bitter BW made a response to a romantic couple kissing and she talks all this conspiracy and this Bullshit White Supremacy just like Shawn James keep on bleating on because he is stuck in the hood dealing with these 304s in New York aka Building the Black Community.
    I was thinking when this female was talking out of her arse, ‘What the hell is she talking about’.
    These BW just make some bitter jealousy response because the nice guy ‘beta male’ is no longer ‘beta’. Now Red-Pill, leaving for better life.

    I be truthful about this Verbs that when these BW makes response videos talking out of haltered, they are speaking out of fear and they are frighten because there will no more nice guys around them and they will end up settling for simps or Pookie/Ray Ray.

    1. MMT,

      At this stage the Western black female is done. She doesn’t know how to alter her strategy according to the changing times. Black men have a viable solution in the form of a passport they can readily use in order to circumvent the wiles of the decadent feminist religion and all these black sirens can do is use the same old shaming tactics believing they’ll work even though the environment is not the same, smh.

  5. What made this oogly blk woman think that the white dude in said video (with his foreign woman) is a passport bro? He’s probably a simple expat that has a passport. So, what she’s saying is Passport Bros is just another name for expat? This frosted face blk woman is no different from the women 30-40 years ago crying the same tune of men traveling internationally for sex as a sexpat.

    I will probably piggyback more on this Wednesday concerning a black male teenager in my area on the other side of the city that needs a passport to get out of his tough and rough neighborhood he’s living in with the shooting and he can’t leave his residence to go to his high school.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Everybody is a Passport Bro to modern day black females, if they saw me in a foreign country with a foreign female, they’d call me a Passport Bro even though I’m not a black American man and I’m SYSBM, you cannot make this stuff up. These old hags are just jealous they cannot get the traction with foreign men that SYSBM™ Practitioners and Passport Bros can easily attain with foreign women. As I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

  6. I have often admitted that I started out in life as a simp. Because this is how Blackistan indoctrinates its male children.

    I could not see black women objectively when I was a simp.

    When I was a simp, I did not see how physically unattractive most black women were. This is largely due to their high testosterone levels. Now days most are ugly and obese.

    Blackistan tries to brainwash black males into believing that ugly is pretty. This is why Blackistan says things like you are measuring black women by a European standard of beauty.

    I say this is bullshit and nonsense. Beauty is beauty, and ugly is ugly. A beautiful woman is beautiful, an ugly woman is ugly. This is regardless of her race. The fact is that there is a dearth of attractive women among the west African female phenotype.

    Black men of quality should not confine themselves to ugly women in the name of race loyalty. You will have to wake up to this ugly every morning. And it only gets uglier with age. Add this to all their character and personality shortcomings that we discuss everyday, and the fact that they are taught from birth to be malevolent to black men. On top of all of these things, they are uber toxified by mutant 4th wave feminism.

    Leave these beasts to the black male simps, the bottom shelf Brads, and the occasional beta nonblack male who will have them. Save yourself black men. Deal with the best quality women you are capable of getting. Travel and see for yourself how these scraggle daggles compare to the rest of the world. Quailty black men can do so much better than the typical scraggle daggle.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The difference in treatment between foreign women vs black women in particular and Western women in general is like night and day. Western women regardless of race know they cannot compete with foreign women, hence why these Western 304s(especially the black witch’s coven) will resort to the usual shaming language in their efforts to keep men from walking off the proverbial plantation.

      I’ve been stating for years that there is a serious dearth of attractive black women within black female society, this alongside the black female’s nasty and evil disposition is yet another reason why increasing numbers of black men are checking out. These days trying to find a NATURALLY attractive black female is no different to wading through the rubbish in a dumpster looking for a premium steak. The entire world is open, black men with sense and intelligence simply need to take advantage.

  7. These straggs are so copy and paste, its beyond laughable at this point; anytime you hear one of these broads attack Passport Bros and foreign women, just know she’s trying to cope with the fact that she will be part of that class of females who will be single and unable to find a man in the near future. I’m not going to do a whole breakdown of her little rant, because she’s not really saying anything we haven’t already responded to; women compete with other women physically, and foreign women are doing laps around Western females. At the end of the day, Passport Bros’ agenda is to find a female counterpart that understands the program, while these bitter harriets pretend to have concern about these same women – women who don’t need their help!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These heifers claim not to care but they’re already heading to the countries black men are going to trying to start beef with brothers in foreign lands. Black men simply need to ignore these black sirens regardless of them trying to gaslight brothers into petty squabbles and mindless beefs. They’ve lost, they’ve chosen not to compete(they can’t anyway), it’s a chicken wrap for the modern day black female and things are only going to get worse for her.

  8. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t blame SYSBM black men and Passport Bros black men for travelling to different parts of the world especially to east Asia to get themselves good looking quality childfree Asian women and other childfree non black women as girlfriends and wives to settle down and have kids with. This papaya black woman is a horrible looking monstrosity who is looking fake from head to toe and that’s the reason why black men like me who refuse to date black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      East Asia is wide open for black men especially the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos etc, Eastern Europe is the same. There are plenty of good looking, child free women in those regions and more. These black sirens don’t seem to understand that they do NOT have anything of value to offer a man, hence why it is so easy for black men with their heads screwed on straight to just up and leave. #SYSBM™

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. SYSBM is the only way for good black men.

  9. SYSBM: Yesterday was great!
    White sugar honey: It was, boo!

    I don’t have a problem with men especially black men getting their passports because that it’s very difficult to find a decent honey in America or in Britain but most of the time the passport brothers movement is more of an American thing, you get me. When she says that these passport brothers are bottom feeders, how come these passport brothers have the money to travel? How they have the money to book a posh, stoosh hotel? Because they have the money for it. These passport bros are making a huge amount of money. Not only that these bitter harriets are coming after these passport brothers but these simps are coming after them as well because they feel like these passport brothers are refusing to wife these harlots, you get me? And these simps are getting burnt by these scraggle daggles who prefer the worthless men who can’t do anything for them.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  10. Amazing article brother!

    Lol these black women don’t even realize how doomed they are. Literally no one wants them and black women also face the highest rate of evictions and winter is coming(or is probably already here) just like Kevin Samuels said but they still talk shit instead of humbling themselves and putting an end to their horrible behavior. They know that it’s over for them and they hate seeing black men get with beautiful foreign women that actually love them and respect them. There’s nothing that the black woman hates more than seeing the black man happy without her.

    Oh yeah…and did you hear about Mr. Gerbil Face Umar? He took a trip to Dominican Republic and he’s apparently a Passport Bro now. Even the biggest ass-kissing simp when it comes to putting on the cape for black women is now talking about getting foreign women. You really can’t make this stuff up. It would be amazing if you do a article on this.


    1. IzaEHFRH,

      Yep, I’m going to be mentioning Gerbilface’s trip to the Dominican Republic in the Open Mic this week, I’ll also be posting the clip of him losing focus on Dominican booty in 4K. The dude is a joke.
      As for black women, their goose is cooked, they’re going to have to ride out the extremely turbulent storms that are coming for them BY THEMSELVES. Their recompense and judgement is long overdue. As the scriptures say, those who exalt themselves WILL be humbled, black women are NO exception to this rule.

      1. Thanks a lot brother! I’m very excited for that article. Umar is such a joke, but at the same time this is very beautiful to see because when the King of Simps aka Gerbil Face turns into a Passport Bro, that’s how we know 1000% that black women are definitely doomed at this point. They’re at the point of no return. Umar knows deep down inside that Passport Bros have been correct all this time but he has to keep kissing the asses of black women in order to keep that donation money coming in, but now that his black queens see that he’s in The Dominican Republic, I bet that money is going to dry up real quick now.

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