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As many of you already know, Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson has taken a trip to the Dominican Republic recently to clap some Dominican cheeks(we’re not stupid over here, we know exactly why he’s gone down there). Just goes to illustrate how the “black queens are the only way” narrative is quickly falling apart.

Even this knucklehead is realising that the modern day black female of the West is a lost cause but Gerbilface won’t actually vocalise this because he still needs black women to religiously empty their coffers into his pockets. Dude can’t even control himself, caught lusting after Dominican women in HD, smh.

The way the Dominican women are, they’ll be approaching him all the time offering their “services”, since we already know from Gerbilface’s previous escapades with the “conscious stripper”, he’ll be taking those Dominicanas up on their offers.

I’ll keep on saying it, the modern day black female cannot be defended on any level and Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson with his trip down to the Dominican Republic is pretty much showing us that his mission to defend black women at all costs as well as find a quality black female in the West isn’t going very well at all(we knew this already).

You must stay focused Gerbilface, you must say focused! Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

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29 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. I’ll just paste what I typed about this clown a week ago:

    “Even the imaginary school building, Hotep Walrus deep down doesn’t wanna deal with black women like that and is obviously curious about other women, but the whole non-stick Frying Pan African gimmick is his bread and butter, so he has to pretend to be down with da sistas only while going to the DR and ogling the women there talking about “bbbbut they’re black tooo!” instead of just accepting that as a heterosexual man, it’s perfectly natural to find any women sexually attractive.”

    I’ve been to the Dominican Republic, but personally I’m not into Dominican women like that. I think they’re overrated. Many of them would object to being called African, by the way. Dominicans as a group aren’t exactly known for identifying with or embracing blackness. Besides, all these dingbat sex tourists mainly from the states and from the UK totally saturated the place and ruined the DR with all their thirstiness and buffoonery before Passport Bros was even a thing. DR is washed and has been for years.

    I take Umar as seriously as Damon Wayan’s hotep character in Don’t be a Menace and his other one, Oswald Bates from In Living Color…basically a smart dumb negro saying a whole bunch of nothing. He’s pretty much a glorified youtuber/entertainer like his nemesis – the hateful, xenophobic Tariq Nasheed.


    In other news, this black witch says all “black love” is struggle love:

    Nuff said.

    Thank god this ain’t our issue.


    1. Great points and I agree. The women are nice, but they have to be vetted because they have gotten spoiled LOL
      The Dominicans that don’t mind or prefer to be called black or African are going to be in areas outside of the tourist spots. San Pedro, Higüey, Parts of Santo Domingo. Mainly because from what they told me they experience subtle racism on the island. So they don’t want no part of a group that oppresses them and has a history of genocide. Rafael Trujillo, a low key mix of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, was a dictator in the 20th century who had Eugenics program known for wanting to make the island more European more white.
      The upper class Dominicans and especially their celebrities, they’re on that I’m not Afro s***.
      I’ve also visited Colombia and Panama. Colombians and Panamanians generally don’t really whine about it that hard ironically enough.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      You’re right, having first visited the DR back at the end of 2008, I can confirm that the DR has been wrecked for a very long time, I wouldn’t recommend any brother worth his salt looking in that country for a potential female companion because most of the women are not quality, they’re hustlers who have been heavily corrupted and this is on top of all the external fakeness and plastic surgery they engage in.

      Even YouTuber International Passport recently released a video on Dominican women and how they’re just as bad if not worse than women in the West. A Dominican man in the video confirms that Dominican women deal with multiple men, they cannot be trusted:

    3. I haven’t been to the DR. Its not on my bucket list. Besides, I’ve met a few DR women in the states. I was not impressed. The more Latino looking ones stress their Latino side and want to be considered Latinas. The obviously African looking ones pine to be Latino, but know they don’t have the look. In both cases, they are thirsty for western materialistic culture, and will do just about anything for material goods.

      I really can’t take people like this seriously. I’m not above using them for sexual recreation under the right circumstances. But to tell the truth, I wouldn’t look for a soulmate among people who come into the states from poor places, desperate with no scrupples. I know a brother from the DR. He is a standup guy who works hards and plays by the rules. He wants to be considered African American. Ironically, his attitude about DR women is ‘they are not my women’, he’s almost embarrassed about them..

      As for the daggle in the link you provided, she is not attractive. Just your average scraggle daggle, which is unattractive. I can’t help but to think that she considers herself to be fine. The scraggle daggle always has an inflated opinion of herself. The 1s and 2s think they are 5s. An actual 5 would think she’s a 10. This is no doubt a function of being gassed up by the 90+ percent of black males who are black male simps with low to no standards,.

  2. 😂😂😂😂

    What’s hilarious about gerbil face traveling to the DR is that the negotiators as I call them are celebrating it. As if it’s a victory. Umar is one of us now, he’s become a PPB. But he’s just tricking in the DR. (I Got no problem with it because you’re going to trick or spend money on a woman directly or indirectly anyway). This dude has always been one of those types that talk about BW but smash other types of women. Y’all
    boy Kevin Samuels was Notorious for it. Especially with them young girl white Asian chicks he chased, LOL he died laying next to a Filipina how appropriate LOL. He was no fool I guess.

    Switching gears, I’m going to post this video that I saw on my feed

    I’m just going to ramble my thoughts so there’s no order to it.

    TL;DR: WM complaining about people criticizing them for their dating choices for sympathy while we BM supposedly get a pass. Really?

    This ain’t about the new lame ass MSM show or the content creator who some SYSBM bros like. We of course know about the whole Asian woman/white man dynamics. It’s been the largest interracial pairing in America for almost half a century. Before that it was BW and WM but I digress .That’s really much to do about nothing. But the comments and this content creator himself are being drama queens.
    So now people complain and whine when white guys date Asian and other races of women, but don’t say nothing when us black men date outside of our race? Really? Is that what they’re going with now?
    It’s like they are women, taking all arguments and our thoughts and claiming that they’re affected by it, when no you just don’t have status among your own group as the “default man”. Its what MBDX, you Verbs, you guys on this site and the SYSBM book has stated about these dudes.
    We all know what this is. The default man likes this system but he doesn’t like the fact that he is not on the top of the system. Because they’re not part of the ruling class. So I guess they want sympathy because despite being the default man they are still just peasants. Well D’uh!
    I guess they haven’t learned their place after the pandemic and how they’ve been treating them.
    We won’t even get into the history particularly in the UK on how they took the virginity of the commoners and peasants new wives often. This has to historical president among europe. Whether they want to blame the Moors for taking “their” women or the ruling class for taking them it is what it is.
    Not to say that they don’t have any critics of them dating outside their race. But it’s low compared to other races and especially BM.
    It doesn’t make sense for WW to complain about their men dating out when they still have status as the “default woman”.

    I get that feminism and the rising single parent rate is causing a lot of problems in their community the last few decades . I don’t blame the commoner white man because they’re commoners they don’t have no power to affect feminism much.
    But they are the default man what the hell are they complaining about? It’s not our fault that you’re still seen by your ruling class as peasants. Don’t you guys not know your own f****** history? LOL
    Doing my visits in Europe and just in general I just find out a lot of Europeans are not as verse, well-studied or well-read as people like to claim a majority of them are. The lockdowns and the response to them shows you that.

    I thought you guys might find this hilarious. Especially coming from a guy who s**** on WW (understandable but contradictory) but go after maggle troll Charleston white for what he said in jest on FnF. Lmfao!


  3. Umar Gerbilface Johnson wants to keep his profitable black love image as a side hustle business.

    No different to a pastor from black churches.

    Any black man could make a money making scheme with his pan african gimmick.

    The rule policy of this kind of business is never share an image online of myself with a snow bunny abroad.

    Never go live on webcam or release videos as a content creator with a white girlfriend overseas.

    If the negress sees any of this, it would be cancel culture, out of pocket, no blackistan fan base anymore, no negress audience anymore.

    The only funny thing is they would feel like they have been used and led astray.

    A black man with no integrity, no self respect would pretend to be someone else for fame and fortune.

    If he is calling dominican women african, they would feel offended and disagree with his statement.

  4. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    I want to piggyback on the comment I made on Monday’s article concerning a black male teenager is stuck at home because of the gunfire in his ghetto neighborhood.

    “Teen sought help surviving in Richmond. He found it: ‘I want to live. I want to help my momma.'”

    How much do you want to bet the reason why he’s living in that warzone is because of mama and now he wants to save that woman?

  5. So Dr Umar GerbilFace has been on a fact finding mission to discover his roots in the Dominican Republic, huh? What did he dig deep into apart from some Chicanas vagina? Je had money to be taking regular trips outside of the United States but we have to stick it out with da sistas? That’s not how you use your Frederick Douglass School for Boys fund…
    I don’t want to hear shit about snow bunnies when he’s voluntarily diluting the “black genes” himself. Bloody Hotep Hypocrite. Unconscious Fool.

    1. Michel,

      Gerbilface gave himself an indefinite time to open up the school. I watched a recent interview with himself and Lord Jamar(Brand Nubian) and Gerbilface had the nerve to say that people weren’t repeat donating, this was the reason behind the delay and that it would continue to be delayed until folks put their hands in their pockets again and donated more, smh.

      Over here we already know that no school is coming, Johnson has run one of the biggest ponzi schemes in black history and he has no intention of stopping, after all he does have a drug habit to fund.

    1. BrotherDanUnlimited,

      Exactly what I said last week, they know that sleepy Joe doesn’t stand a chance to win the 2024 Presidential election, however if they can get most of the country locked down and mailing in their ballots, Biden will “win” it again. Let’s see if the sheeple who were successfully hoodwinked the first time and went along with all the mandates fall for this blatant scam yet again.

  6. Mask study published by NIH suggests N95 Covid masks may expose wearers to dangerous level of toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer. “The study found that the chemicals released by these masks had eight times the recommended safety limit of toxic volatile organic compounds (TVOCs). Inhaling TVOCs has been linked to health issues like headaches and nausea, while prolonged and repeated has been linked to organ damage and even cancer.”

  7. Derrick: Have you hear what happened up ah Carnival. Eight man get stab up!
    Keano: Mi hear ’bout it!

    So Dr. Foolmar Johnson is in the Dominican Republic and we know why. He wants some Dominican cheeks, you get me? You see this black queen this and black queen that whatever it is, seems like it is falling apart. As he see them cheeks walking past him, there is no way that this man is goanna stay focus. It’s goanna be hard for him to concentrate there.

    Other things. Have you see what is going on with Brittney Renner when she was pouring water on one of the podcasters and Charleston White? As I look at this, I feel that this woman has lost it. Well, she has lost it anyway with her madness in her head.

    And the Notting Hill Carnival on bank Holiday Monday. When I went home, I though that nothing violent happened until the next day when I heard that eight people have been stabbed. When I was writing the article about it today, I said if shit like this continues, then I will have to stop going to Carnival big time. But I had fun. It was just ass shaking, cleavage showing, all that.

    And plus, September is around the corner and I’m looking for a studio flat. But I need to find something which is not expensive. If I don’t find a studio, then I have to find a bedroom to let, Lord have mercy.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.



    Another fat, husky/masculine voiced, resting bitch faced Bdub whining about successful black men not wanting her – as they shouldn’t. I mean, look at how she carries herself and talks and seriously wonders why no black man wants to deal with her – probably the same men she passed on 10 years ago.

    Phil was speaking truth until he started to use shaming language on men who date younger women. OK, he has a 24 year old daughter, and? I find that it’s only dudes who are already married to someone their age who tell other men they need to marry their age range. I bet if he was single and didn’t have a daughter in her 20s, he’d be singing a different tune. I’m not looking for a 24 year old for anything serious personally (neither do I have kids), but at the same time I’m not looking for a woman in her 40s either. Early 30s is good for me. The “maturity” argument doesn’t cut it, cos there’s birdbrains in their 30s, 40s and even 50s who still have the minds of teenagers, especially in the west.

    Also, I’m pretty far from needing anybody to take care of me and won’t need that for a very long time. As long as men look after themselves physically and mentally, they’re good. Don’t let people try and shame you out of dating and settling down with younger women by making negative predictions…it’s not “weird”. He needs to cut that out cos that’s something women say out of resentment and jealousy when they see men dating younger versions of themselves. Any single man from mid 30s and above who claims he only wants women his age and older is lying.

  9. I would like to piggyback on last Wednesday’s article.

    While Australians, U.K., and other west European countries in recent years outright questions and protest against their government, it seems that most people here in the United States don’t tend to question what’s going on with their government. They put their children in the public school system, do business with said government and giving their hard earned money to said government by paying taxes and paying into the social security system with no objection or face trouble if they do.

    This is due to the constituents had gave their politicians too much governing power over them instead of representing them.

    I think more people should be more off grid and self-governing over their affairs and life away from what so-called laws their public servant representatives passed.

    1. LOL….

      Of course, I have no problem with bdubs dating out more for whoever will take them – in fact I WANT them to – but it’s funny to me how they have to go all OTT just to get noticed.

    2. Matt M,

      Additionally, what is it with black females egregiously throwing all sorts of colours onto their faces believing such a lack of coordination works? To many black women out here looking like demonic trannies with the amount of makeup and external appendages they use. It’s a shame that Admiral Frost and other black men aren’t checking for black women like that, as an SYSBM™ Knight I have no problems with black women dating out, none.

  10. What’s good fellas long time lurker here, anyone notice that anti black male racism has been getting worse lately? Not just from white males but from other non black males as well it’s like there’s a sudden shift in consciousness and everyone has decided to attack us black men on every front I find it difficult to socialise nowadays because it’s hard to find like minded black male friends (I literally only have one who’s on the same level when it comes to our world view he’s also much older than me and has an Asian wife and two kids so he’s kind of a mentor of sorts) here in Australia unfortunately the only other options are non black males who I find insufferable to hang around because of their racist passive aggressive nature toward me and their tendency to try and compete with or copy me so I find myself having to check them constantly for their bs behaviour which is exhausting unfortunately our existence as black men is a lonely one TLDR the world is becoming increasingly toxic towards us does anyone echo the same sentiment or is it just me

    1. Lowani,

      Unfortunately, most black men in the West are matriarchal, this is I believe the main reason why it is such a struggle to find like minded peers amongst our own people. As I’ve stated many time before, black folks are the poorest people on the planet yet are still seen as a major threat by all other groups of men. All we have to do is turn up and every other male groups starts panicking and running around like headless chickens.

      You’re really in a situation, I remember years talking to a mixed race guy who moved from Australia to the UK, he stated that things were that bad and he was having to deal with racism constantly. He also said that many white Australians are overt and open when it comes to their negative views on black folks.

      That’s a real bummer, when you’re forced to hang around with groups of men who are jealous and envious of you for no valid reasons whatsoever. Those dudes are no different to the modern day black female who is always in competition with black men, she always feels the need to prove that she’s better than us even though she’s supposed to be a help meet, smh.

      As you can see we’re not many here ourselves so we understand how difficult it can be trying to find like minded brothers. Feel free to comment here anytime brother, additionally continue your search. There are brothers like you out there, it’s just going to be a long and arduous mission trying to find them. #SYSBM™

      1. Thanks for the words of advice man I’ll keep on going with my search and hopefully find like minded brothers and also bag me a fine Australian girl on the side they love us black men here so at least that’s one positive


    This is what the fuck I’m talking about right here and I’m glad more and more black men are pushing against this. These bitches and their pathetic simp accomplices always wanna address and scold either the child free black men who managed to be disciplined enough not to get caught up, or those with their OWN families for not being the clean up crew.

    Grown people with access to condoms and other forms of birth control wanna get together and have a bunch of babies all over the place, but somehow it’s OUR fault when their kids grow to be all fucked up and dysfunctional like them and we’re not supposed to call them out on it. SMH..

    Da communitah is a curse and a stain on this earth.

  12. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! So, Gerbilface is in the DR? You know, he doesn’t have to come with that hotep babble trying to qualify Dominican women as “African”, but this is the predicament he put himself in when he comes out so strongly against interracial relationships. Also, did you see how he turned his head to follow someone off camera with his eyes? I bet you he caught a fine, brownskin Dominican in his sights; I just hope he doesn’t get on Black men’s cases if more of them take him at his word and start bagging “African” Dominican chicks (I already foresee the daggle’s bonnets exploding).

    In other news, Hardcore Tito shared a link to a video he touched on in a recent livestream on his second channel; it seems that the scraggle daggle sure do find Admiral Frost’s racism amusing:

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Dealing with that video link you posted, if that was a black guy rattling off that garbage she would’ve gone straight in on him, however Admiral Frost and other non black men will always be given a pass by the black witch’s coven when it comes to this kind of chatter. We’ve exposed black women and their love for racist white and non black men many times before and how after they’ve been ran through and used up, these rinsed out 304s all of a sudden become pro black and always manage to find a simp who is willing to perform cleanup man/janitorial services, smh.

  13. 1. So Biscuit Head Johnson took a trip to the DR huh? Interesting. What’s also interesting is that I can smell fraud from my damn computer screen of this wacko. Johnson, you suppose to be about your “sistas,” what happened man? All jokes aside: I find it funny how some problacks be preaching about that black love crap, but they’re dating biracial and other non black women like bro don’t preach to me about black love, or tell me I need to stick to my own while you date/procreate/marry non black women and biracial women. No son. These problacks are not slick.

    2. The Democrats are not gonna back off with their corruption. They’re trying to bring back that COVID restrictions so Trump can’t run for office in 2024. The majority of everyone is gonna find out eventually. Me personally, I don’t care about Trump nor Biden, but I don’t want Biden, nor any of his lackeys trying to run for office. I don’t vote for neither party, nor I care about the elections because what’s gonna change except put down some bogus laws that don’t even make no sense? That 2020 election was a whole shit festival, and I didn’t even vote.

    3. The Brittany Renner incident she had on a podcast recently. God we can all tell this chick got some issues because I don’t know what her deal is. Ain’t this chick in her 30s now? You would’ve thought this chick matured, but she didn’t. It’s funny because when these chicks get older after they had their fun, sleep with dude after dude, probably had a kid or kids, some dudes will think they mature or found god, but they still the same ol chick when they were in their 20s. These chicks that say they “found” god, they don’t do that stuff no more, I’m a “good woman” now, I’m a “born again Virgin,” I’m “celibate,” I’m ready for a “good man,” I just have to look at them with the side eye, and laugh because they’re not fooling anybody, and they damn sure ain’t fooling me.

  14. What do you all think of this?

    Obviously it would be admiral sleet

    As for the article below:,the%20population%20since%20the%20pandemic

    This is a problem UK society will have to deal with, you don’t get to shit on men for multiple generations and expect good results. When UK society was doing this to black including racism society didn’t want to bat an eyelid but now it’s affecting other groups of men they want to look into it. Tough luck, I’d say UK Black men have moved on.

    To bad half of the UK are brain dead idiots that vote for incompetent governments.

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