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Modern Day Women Are Simply Professional Beggars!

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I’ve come to the reasonable conclusion that modern day women of the West are professional beggars/tramps/panhandlers because all they do is either beg men to get them food, beg men to buy them various items or beg men to give them money.

Just look at the way that modern women conduct themselves when it comes to how they view men and tell me if you see any difference between themselves and beggars on the streets asking you to spare them some change or buy them some food, I’ll wait.

It’s typically the same old story with the majority of these Western females who look halfway decent, as soon as they open their mouths any attraction that was there before immediately disappears.

As I’ve stated before, provision and protection are TRADITIONAL CUSTOMS that modern day women DO NOT qualify for. Additionally, these same women who claim to be strong and independent are out here prolifically begging men for money to take care of things that are said women’s responsibility.

Your car is YOUR responsibility woman, not mine. Your phone bill is YOUR responsibility once again, not mine. Any textbooks you require yet again are YOUR responsibility to buy, NOT MINE.

Let’s make something clear, the only woman who I would provide for would be one who has already proven her worth to me and clearly demonstrated that she is a plus to my life. Random thots and 304s making cringe videos on TikTok handing out extremely bad advice need to take 20 seats because they’re NOT entitled to anything over here.

Gentlemen, if the female you’re dealing with hasn’t first proven her worth and value to your life but is demanding that you be her provider, be sure to remind her that provision has to be EARNED, it isn’t just given out freely to every female who makes a request.

Maybe the man who gives “excuses and solutions” has probably determined that the female concerned is not worthy to be provided for, however this possibility has clearly flown way over this female’s head.

Maybe the man who gives “excuses and solutions” has rightfully determined that what you’re asking for is NOT his responsibility to deal with, again this is yet another reasonable conclusion that this knucklehead doesn’t understand.

The bottom line is modern day women CAN’T prove their worth to men, this is why they’re very quick to Jedi mind trick and employ reverse psychology attempting to put pressure on YOU to perform to THEIR liking.

The burden of performance is on the woman to prove that she’s worthy for a man to give her a relationship/marriage, never allow these Western harriets to bust a move and trick you into believing that you have to prove yourselves to them.

Additionally, if the woman concerned isn’t traditionally minded, once again it is down to her to show the man why he should provide anything for her. You’re NOT a woman’s financial utility, never allow these disjointed harridans to guilt and shame you into believing otherwise.

Another reason why this is truly some jacked up advice because the boyfriend may have genuinely wanted to provide the money but because he didn’t hand it over immediately, her automatic conclusion is the man is not serious about the woman, smh.

I understand much more clearly why there are so many single women walking these Western streets, when they freely listen to mullet heads like this female above, disaster and calamity are sure to follow.

These mentally unbalanced, non critical thinking Western harpies are so ready to throw a perfectly normal and functioning relationship into the toilet just because a dumb thotty on Tiktok gives them some foolish, outlandish and ridiculous advice. As the saying goes, single women keep other women single.

Brothers, leave these professional beggars/panhandling Western females to their own fates, I only wish they’d simply walk down the streets with a cap in hand asking for some spare change instead of using their attitudes of entitlement to mask their true nature.

They’ve given themselves over to hedonism, materialism and superficial values and just like these blue pilled, brown nosing simps, they fully expect you as men of quality to follow them down their unprincipled path of death and destruction. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

We’re NOT “partners”, this isn’t an equal union, I’m the authority of and in the relationship, I make the final decisions, if any woman doesn’t agree to this then she’s free to leave. Modern women only want you to lead them when they’re in agreement with you, see what happens when there’s a difference of opinion.

Get those passports gents, there is little to no hope for the majority of these women in the West. They’re going to have to crash and burn horribly before they’ll even consider that they were wrong to embrace their sacred religion of feminism.

These Western females need to learn that they’re NOT the prize, nor are they the stars of the show or the main characters. The simps will continue to simp, however the men that count will have no problems showing women like this that said men run the show, not them.

Men have feelings too, they also want to be loved, cherished, appreciated and respected, not just looked upon as an ATM or a financial instrument to be used at a woman’s will.

Finally, a woman’s lusts, wants and desires DO NOT come under the provision custom, most women either don’t understand this and are frequently trying to move their luxury wants and desires into the needs section or they simply want you to view their wants, lusts and desires equally as essentials.

Modern day women, the new professional beggars/panhandlers/scroungers of Western society. Out here claiming to be independent yet at the same time every 5 minutes they’re begging men for money, food, clothes etc, smh. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Modern Day Females Stay Begging And Scrounging

Most high Bless

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34 thoughts on “Modern Day Women Are Simply Professional Beggars!

  1. Brother verbs u have stated that women especially the scraggle daggles are modern day beggars with PhD in begging. On Saturday I checked on Instagram of certain Kenyan brother who had married a latina and they are currently living in Kenya.

    As usual bdubs started complaining that black men are colorists , the brother had built a good house fit for a king and the b dubs start bubbling nonsense about black wealth going to the other races, talk about jealousy and anger and I even scratch my head concerning these she-demons of the communitah who often berate black men for marrying non black women and connection with the black man’s wealth. Brother verbs what is your say concerning this sickening mindset of the scraggle daggle???

    1. Edward Maina,

      The bottom line is black women aren’t qualified to talk about black wealth going into the pockets of other races because they themselves are the biggest spenders in black society and have no problems handing over any money they manage to generate to the Chinese and the Koreans in the US and the Pakistanis and Indians over here in the UK.

  2. LOL….

    All I heard was “bawk, bawk, bawk…….”

    They got money for the latest IPhones every year, designer clothes and jewelry but wanna shit test men into paying for a bill and an oil change? LMAO. They really think we’re stupid.

    You know things are bad when the so called advice sounds like complete satire from an SNL skit. And what does this Fraggle Rock muppet have to offer? Let me guess – she IS the table lol. Just looking at this annoying bird-brain’s IG tells me all I need to know. I’m not even gonna dignify that babble.

    Passport Bros exist for a reason. The traditional women outside the west that these girls are so quick to insult are never this materialistic nor they make you jump through more hoops than Sonic over some bullshit to “prove” your worthiness to them. Good, traditional women worth their salt literally hit the jackpot when it comes to good men with resources.

    As for the rest of these chickenheads, to quote the late Big L:

    “Some girls don’t even know me, askin’ me can they get some money?
    I’m lookin’ nothin’ like your poppa
    I wouldn’t give a chick ten cent to put cheese on a Whopper”


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      It’s the same old story with these kinds of chicks, they enter into the dating market, get ran through by Tyrone, Chad and Brad, come out the other side many years later bruised and battered and only then do they want to talk about establishing “standards” as well as “not settling”.

      In addition to this they also go about creating various stupid tests, rules and conditions they believe will show them which men are genuine vs the fraudsters.

      We keep on saying that Western women need to choose better, they see the calamitous choices of other females and yet still choose to make jacked up decisions spellbinding themselves with the “what happened to her will never happen to me, my outcome will be different” incantation.

      Like I said before, these Western females are totally backwards, they’re supposed to use their youth and beauty to attract the best male candidates and start a family from early, however instead they choose to squander their value(youth, beauty and fertility) on the worst men imaginable as well as getting likes, clicks and views on social media from random thirsty dudes.

      SYSBM™ and Passport Bros will only increase exponentially as Western women continue to play goofy games as well as listen to knucklehead female social media influencers and self professed relationship “experts” hand out detrimental advice, smh.

    2. Rest in peace to Big L for the line on these amerikkkan and Western machines

  3. Verbs,

    I am glad you made this topic. You should of put screenshots of Twitter and Facebook posts of Black Females posting utility bills for the simps to pay with their cash apps which they post a lot of times. This will put some fuel on SYSBM brothers here to see.

    I find this frustrating and the yes, bitter hatred towards Black Women are legitimately justified.
    I do not hate them but I do understand that hate towards BW when they post stuff like this.

    Here you have these same old Black Females giving simps advices to pay ‘Premium’ on the 1st date.
    If brothers here do not know what is Premium on the 1st date means. Basically you paying extortion amount of money who you just met and you do not even got to the introduction/induction stage of getting to know each other yet. But they expect you to empty your wallet.

    I watch videos where if you are black-man and not other race of men as they are exempt. If you are black man you have to pay $500 dating fee before asking her out on a date. This is not date, this is some pimping flex.

    Then you have these females expect you to pay all of her utility bills of you are in a relationship or dating, even you both live separately. Where is this ‘I do not need a man’ went? This only applies when they are single. As soon as they go on the dating site, they change from ‘Independent Feminist’ to a professional begging pimp hobo. They even call Black Men ‘dusty’ if the BM disagrees with it.

    Verbs wrote:
    “Finally, a woman’s lusts, wants and desires DO NOT come under the provision custom, most women either don’t understand this and are frequently trying to move their luxury wants and desires into the needs section or they simply want you to view their wants, lusts and desires equally as essentials.”
    BW are just financial reckless that is what it is and they just listen and watch too much celebrity TV where rappers show off their Gs and bling who pay 304’s all of their bills because they think they are ‘real man’. Also people like Derrick Jaxn and those simp/pimps take those advice from Rappers and celebrities, making videos lying to dumb females who think this is real life. Believe that this is normal Western Black Culture of Dating because what what the lying panders say to them instead listening to true brothers who are.

    1. MMT,

      Again, black women don’t qualify for their bills to be paid because they’re not traditional females, shame on those black men who are simping and paying the utility bills for these sirens while getting little to nothing in return.

      I refuse to be looked upon as a financial instrument/ATM, any female who looks at me in that manner can suck up gravel, kick rocks and take her hedonistic religion across the street, I’m NOT interested.

      Only a desperate, blue pilled, pro black simp would pay a black witch a $500 pre date tax, black men worth their salt will simply give said female an extremely wide berth.

      Black women by and large are the worst culprits when it comes to managing money, this is why they want black men to step up and subsidise their hedonistic, materialistic lifestyles, that way they can stack up their own money while at the same time sending the unfortunate cash mule flunky Negro sponsoring them into bankruptcy, smh.

      You’re right, black women in particular and Western women in general spend way too much time immersed in social media as well as reality television. They honestly believe they should be living like celebrities, entertainers and superstars.

      1. $500 is the type of money you spend on your wife or long term partner.

        Honestly, if fools are really that desperate and thirsty to give that amount to a chick straight off the bat, they deserve to get their pockets ran. I won’t even blame the women for that one. Apart from bills and other essentials, that money could be spent on a gym membership, cryptocurrency/IT courses, new clothes etc. Something way more important with long term value than some stranger who most likely ghost you.

        It’s like when dudes used to give that Jessica X chick the same amount in donations when she was doing those live streams on youtube just cos of her put on sultry voice and a few sexy selfies. Where is she now though, lol? I come to the conclusion she was a fraud all along, cos she’s supposedly from London but she doesn’t sound like any chick I ever known or met from this city. She’s probably laughing all the way to the bank in Dubai somewhere.

        Men really gotta do better. There’s no excuse going into 2024 to be that much of a simp. Come on, guys.

        1. SYSBM Forever,

          Jessica X at her peak was minting major dockets, she didn’t even have to show her face for black men to literally throw money at her. Again, it’s these desperate blue pilled simps who foolishly believe they’re going to get closer to a particular female if they give her money.

          As soon as X advertised that she was going to go live in say 3 days or even a week, dudes would already be waiting in the chat. That reminds me of those folks who line up and even sleep outside of Apple stores wanting to get their hands on the latest Iphone or Apple gadget.

          To give her a little credit, though Jessica X refused to show her face, a few years ago she did livestream a video of herself walking the streets of London while being interviewed by YouTuber Bernard Riley.

          She claimed that it was her employment as to one of the main reasons why she didn’t go on camera(even though she said she eventually would and did give particular times which she never fulfilled).

          I believe she also said that she’d put on a bit of weight from working from home during the Convid-1984 plandemic, this was possibly another reason why she didn’t show her face.

          I remember I wrote an mini article on an Open Mic Wednesday stating that those dudes giving her money might as well sign up to a random dating website and Western union some money over to the first woman that requests cash from them because they were literally sending money to a female who they hadn’t at least seen in the flesh.

          From Jessica X to these notorious OnlyFans prostitutes, the common denominator is always these thirsty blue pilled simps sponsoring these heifers to the hilt. If it wasn’t for these unprincipled buzzards regularly sending money to random females, said men would be in a far better position to demand much more from women including keeping the standards high.

    1. Lol! What the hell really? Lol!

      This dude should stick to writing comic books instead of making up narratives about SYSBM. If he just put that energy into his creating stories and Canon for his comic books. Then he wouldn’t have to do topics like this to grift for likes and views. All together class:


      I remember calling this fool out years ago. SJ sounding like most of the opponents of us, two steps behind, Clueless, and really just delusional like the women that raise them.

    2. That’s like someone who’s never sat behind the wheel of a car a day in their life trying to convince an experienced mechanic or a professional car reviewer that all vehicles are the same and there’s no differences.

      It’s only dudes who aren’t in a relationship or have no experience with women at all who feel the need to defend ‘muh kweenz’ at all costs. I remember when I first came to this site and listened to the audios on here with the hilarious debate he had with Verbs on Obsidian’s podcast and he admitted to being broke and not being in a relationship at his big age, so I think he needs to stay in his lane and stick to the Mickey Mouse comics, whatever he does.

      I’d rather listen to all the brothas who have actually dated/married both western and foreign women and KNOW the glaring difference.

      1. SYSBM Forever,

        Shawn makes good stuff on video.
        When it comes to Passport Bros and SYSBM, he has no experience in Passport and foreign women.
        He try his best to deconstruct SYSBM because he can never win against them. He is using isolated incident to put SYSBM into it where this has nothing to do with SYSBM or Passport Bros at all. Just like Black Females try many ways to blame black men, even they are out of the picture.

        SYSBM Forever wrote:
        “I remember when I first came to this site and listened to the audios on here with the hilarious debate he had with Verbs on Obsidian’s podcast and he admitted to being broke and not being in a relationship at his big age, so I think he needs to stay in his lane and stick to the Mickey Mouse comics, whatever he does.”

        Many years ago Shawn uses his Critical and interectual thinking skills agains Verbs (Babatunde) on the debate panel on Obsidian. He Shawn may have outsmart Verbs however Shawn lost and Verbs win the debate because Verbs is more experice when it come to travelling to other countries.
        He can have all the critical thinking skills he got, but he will still lose to another person because the next person has the experience and exposure, which is the reason why he complaining about he cannot find a job. I do understand how hard it s to find a job.

        During the talk many years ago and as of today, he is still haunted by his childhood since 1987. He made a book called ‘John Haynes 1987’ which is about his childhood. Ne never dated since 1989 which he was 14 years old. He is now 50 still promoting black love which I have no problem with. He never got a Passport in his life.
        These pro-black thinks they are expert on foreign women based on TV and media, but they never learn the culture there or been outside America.
        Shawn may say that Hypergamy is international, but hypergamy is actually local meaning, the dating standard in each country are different which these dick policing never do their research and never experience quality females in their life, only western feminists.

        Shawn uses the term ‘Spell-bound’, when in reality men are actually experiencing true quality woman.
        He need to stay in his lane and stop talking about SYSBM.

    3. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Let’s not forget that Shawn James currently is involving himself in sexual exploits with silicone/rubber sex dolls, the man cannot be serious. He has no place talking about relationships when he’s openly admitted that his last supposed relationship was in 1989. That’s a clean 34 year stretch. As the brothers above have stated, he has no experience in what he’s talking about. Western woman and traditional foreign women are very different but he doesn’t know this having little to no experience in either.

      1. Verbs,

        What? Shawn James has taken the doll pill? LOL he’s gone full Brian Solonge. All his opinions should be rendered invalid from now on. How do you know this? Hilarious.

  4. If men asked modern women to do the same things that they are asking men to do, they would use these words from their dictionary textbooks.


    If single mothers have a son, these words from this list is non existent.

    They would provide everything that their son asks them that meets his needs.

    Some single mothers would still use the same words from that list to their sons as a reflection from past relationships with their fathers.

    Understanding the psychology of this says it all.

    White Dutch women know about going dutch on dates.

    That is where the term going dutch comes from on the dating market.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Most of these Western females know they’re trash because they’ve wasted their beauty, youth and fertility on riotous living and finally realised they can’t turn back the clock. This is why they’ll go into overdrive trying their utmost to shame decent men into accepting them in such a rundown and decrepit condition.

      No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. They really despise when a man knows his worth because he’ll wisely reject them in favour of a female who hasn’t been contaminated by social media, dating apps and reality television.

  5. Of course she doesn’t give any examples nor prove any of her claims. Just generic stuff anyone could say and claim. When low level people only talk that generic stuff and little detail that is because they are trying to be slick.

    1. Goose,

      Just like I said in Negro Wars, these Western females stay giving each other extremely bad advice believing said advice is valuable and functional, yet they continue to remain chronically single at an extremely high clip and still cannot put the pieces of the puzzle together, make that make sense.

  6. Verbs, I’ve been telling myself this for a while now: In the future, if I become rich, wealthy, make lots of money, I’m definitely gonna be dating outside of the United States of America, PERIOD! Ain’t no ifs, ands, nor buts to what I said. I’m sticking to my damn word. What we got in the US, is total bullshit. I’m really finding all this crap funny to me because too many American Women, especially the American Black Women, are trying too damn hard. There’s no such thing as a “strong, independent” woman. Yeah I said it. How y’all women claim to be strong and independent when y’all are all on the internet asking for cashapp, wanting dudes to pay your bills and utilities, all this other dumb shit? These women want dudes to pay their bills and crap, but the only question I wanna ask is this: Shouldn’t they be paying their own bills? Last time I checked, your bills don’t have my name on them. These chicks talk about wanting a dude who makes 6 figures, news flash babydoll: If I make 6 figures, then I’ll probably want a chick who makes 6 figures too, so we can build wealth together, and pass it along to our children.

    I swear to the tenth power, these American women are walking escorts and prostitutes. They’re talking about $500 to even talk to them or for a first date, that sounds like an escort to me. These women get advice from 304s, trying to live like a celebrity, dating dudes they literally don’t want them, but they’ll let them hit it, giving it up, they finna have rough lives afterwards, I don’t care how it gets dressed up, they done “changed their ways,” they want a “good man” now, they “celibate,” they don’t do that stuff no more. NO, NO, NO! I’m not boo boo the fool. You fucked up, you live with it. I can’t help you. You made that mess, you clean it up. You made your bed, now you lay in it.

    1. That Retro Guy,

      These modern day harriets are always begging for something yet they claim to be “strong and independent”. If they’re not begging for money, clothes, food and bills to be paid, they’re haggling hard for likes, clicks, views, validation and attention from random men on social media platforms.

      Women don’t need to know the financial affairs of men, they’re just being nosey because they want to see if you’ll be the suitable sucker, cash mule flunky sponsoring their empty vessel hedonistic, materialistic and superficial lifestyles.

      This is why the overwhelming majority of these greedy, selfish delusionals are constantly talking about the men they get with needing to earn 6 figures or more, it’s all about propping themselves up with your cash while you run yourself into the red trying to make them “happy”.

      These sirens all think they’re Kim Kardashian or at least should be living on her level but they want YOU to fund that, not themselves. As I’ve stated before, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

  7. Tall, mixed and hot. The world would be her oyster if she kept her mouth shut and looked pretty. Giving shitty advice and rapping like a discount Ice Spice smh. Nowhere does she say what she’d be doing in return for this hypothetical money. In my own life, if I was fu**ing a chick and she treated me right and she was short a few bucks, I would give it to her. If you are the man in the relationship, and she’s breaking you off, that’s your job. But these 304s just expect to be paid off rip with zero services rendered, the audacity.

    Since she’s hot I’m sure those Canadian simps are paying upfront, which is where she probably gets the gall. Simps are the real pandemic.

    The “most educated” demographic claim to be “running rings around Black Men” yet steady panhandling, make it make sense.

    Don’t be bamboozled by those looks, gents. SYSBM™ and Passport Bros continue to be the final solution for goal-oriented productive Black Men. Let the Friendzone niggas/Plantation Bros™ stay behind and subsidize these heffas for free.

    Happy SYSBM™ Monday!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Yep, it’s primarily these desperate blue pilled simps through showering these delusional Western sirens with endless amounts of money who have given said females the ludicrous idea that they can demand(beg/scrounge/mooch) much more from men while reciprocating little to nothing in return.

      Additionally social media has also added a lot of fuel to their delusional fire with mullet head influencers cheering on each of the ridiculous, outlandish and unrealistic expectations these Western harridans conjure up.

      Like I said before, a lot of these Western women look halfway decent but as soon as they open their mouths to speak, any attraction that was previously in place quickly disappears.

      SYSBM™ and Passport Bros for the win, there are so many attractive non Westernised foreign women who haven’t guzzled the feminist, social media entitlement Kool Aid. #SYSBM™

  8. SYSBM: Some of these women think they are entitled to get what they want from a man.
    White sugar honey: The only thing they can get is shit!

    Not only modern women are beggars, they are gold diggers as well. If these women are so called independent, then why they are begging for a man to do something for them financially? Right, if a man is in a relationship with a woman or married to her, then alright. He has to bring home the bacon but a man have to be careful with that now.

    You see these entitled women that basically are gold diggers, I come to realise that these women are broke. They have no money at all. They can’t say that they are independent but they are wanting a man to give them money. It makes you think really.

    We have a lot of women that are entitled nowadays especially with some of the black women in the so-called black community. But the thing is this. I don’t know where this self-entitlement come from as some black people are from not only from poor neighbourhoods but rough areas. I’m from Brent, North West London and all I see is police rolling by, hustlers selling weed on the street, occasional stabbings and shootings.

    When you see a woman that is entitled, you ask her what can she do for a man? What can she do for a man who is doing these things for him? Well, the woman is not goanna do nothing for him but to use him. That’s it really.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  9. Verbs 2015.

    What makes me laugh about these modern western women and black women in 2023 is they claim to be strong independent well educated with 4 university degrees with a high paying job and they say that they don’t need a man but yet they are begging men to pay extortionate amount of money on the first date even though they don’t even know that man. I stay well away from gold digging skanks like the plague.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These modern day Western females are a joke and a laughingstock, they can’t manage their money properly, this is why they carry the most debt. They live for temporary fleeting pleasures which is one of the main reasons why so many of them are flat broke. So called “strong and independent” but always asking men for money, clothes, food etc, you cannot make this stuff up.

      1. When Black Men get money, we supposed to build houses, schools, rec centers, grocery stores and subsidize single mothers we did NOT have sex with.
        When black women get money it goes straight to Indian weave and Korean nail salons, crab legs, Door Dash, girl’s trips, Fashion Nova and putting money on Pookie’s books, smh.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          Thank God black men are now learning that when they get money, they’re supposed to get the fuck outta dodge and use their resources to build with foreign women.

          You build anything for da communitah, these worthless fuckers will just destroy it in a matter of weeks, especially when they know it’s been built by a black man. They loot and destroy the grocery stores in their own hoods so that decent folk remaining can’t shop somewhere decent or have to travel further afield. And no, not cos of some social inustice they vent about, but simply because they feel like it.

          Any people who can’t even respect where they lay their own head don’t deserve shit.

  10. Let’s call these females what they really are: bums; they have the audacity to call us “dusty”, yet we’re always the first ones they run to for financial help. Make it make sense! Best believe that any broad who listens to this WILL become single for many years to come; I recall seeing a screenshot of a TikTok where a young Becky had captions that spoke of how she cheated on her ex boyfriend because he wasn’t spoiling her with his money; come to find out, he was saving up his money so that he could adopt his nephews! She, of course, was regretful after the fact, but he wanted nothing else to do with her; also, in typical fashion, she dodged accountability by blaming social media for misleading her. Unbelievable! I repeat, any broad who listens to this horrible piece of dating advice from these straggs on TikTok will become single for many years to come; you can bank on it (pun intended)! #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These women listen to other stupid women on social media handing out cruddy advice but at the end of the day, it’s still within the full control of these women whether they choose to act upon said garbage information or opt to reject it. These worthless Western females have absolutely no concept of budgeting, they so desperately want to live like royalty, celebrities and entertainers and they want us to freely sponsor their delusions of grandeur. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. Ask the average Western woman why she is entitled to your money and resources and other than pointing down to what is between her legs, she’d be completely stumped and wouldn’t be able to give you a satisfactory response.


  11. Great article Verbs! Did you hear about that Incident in Bali where 2 black women attacked a female employee at a salon? These black women are really wreaking havoc overseas.

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