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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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Just to let you guys know that the last post of 2023 will be this Friday 22nd December where it will be another Open Mic just like today. That way any interesting links and information you guys come across during the Christmas and New Year periods you can post them freely.

I’ll be back on the 29th January 2024, however as you already know, I’ll still be responding to comments and links posted in the meantime. The Christmas and New Year periods are the only times I get to take a break and recharge ready for the following year.

No mega rants from me for this Open Mic Wednesday, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. Have a safe and merry Christmas and a happy New Year brothers, your continued support is greatly appreciated.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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38 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Oh man until January 20th 2024😢😢 ?. Anyway, brother verbs,as the year 2024 is on the horizon, I feel that 2023 has been a mix for brothers , however there is something that lately that has boggling my mind lately concerning the huge chunk of inheritance Kobe Bryant left to Vanessa and his daughters and why Umar Johnson the shameless liar is fuming.

    It is said I don’t if it is true that Kobe Bryant left 600 million dollars worth of inheritance to Vanessa and I keep wondering,brothers were mourning for this legend and black women were completely nuts giving excuses that his wealth should have gone to the communitah which at the moment it is at the deathbed, very strange that black women instead of mourning for a brother who died with his daughter in a helicopter crush they spit at his grave laughing at him because he married a latina.

    What is your say before we rap up the year??

    1. Edward Maina,

      As stated above, the 29th January is when I return with the first article of 2024, I do things this way every year, that way I can recharge properly. Regarding your statement about Kobe Bryant, black women only see black men as cash mule flunkies, financial instruments to be used at their will. Black women are the number one prolific wasters of money on the planet, had any part of that inheritance money been dropped into “Da Communitah”, it would’ve been spent on mindless endless junk and never be put to proper use.

      It’s funny because black women don’t see black men as part of the so called community anyway, however they do still see our money and resources as belonging to them. This is why they get so upset when brothers take their money and resources elsewhere, because said capital is now out of their reach and thus these greedy black harpies can’t mooch, scrounge and beg from those black men as they usually would.

      Laughing at a black man who has passed away in tragedy simply because his wife was non black, black women are beyond evil and they wonder why they continue to remain chronically single at such a high clip, smh.

      1. You gotta have a seriously evil soul to laugh at the death of a man who died along his young daughter simply because his wife was non black. I’ve never even seen Mexican men gloat over that tragedy and even though there’s some racial tensions in LA between black/Hispanic, to my understanding a lot of Mexicans actually respected Kobe and were pissed at Oprah’s buddy Gayle King for bringing up his old rape case not even a week after the man died SMH.

        Black women are so dark hearted, I don’t know why any decent black man would even consider planting his seed into something so wicked.

        1. SYSBM Forever,

          This is why I label the overwhelming majority of black females as the devil’s righthand henchwomen, because their evil thoughts and actions know no bounds.

          You have to be a complete and utter bloodthirsty savage to gloat over the death of an individual simply because he married outside of his race.

          Then again, these are the same black sirens who assassinate the highest numbers of unborn children in the womb without any remorse or regret, therefore we really shouldn’t be surprised whenever they laugh at the death of a black man who was hitched to a non black woman.

    2. Edward Maina,

      I’ll respond to your question. They say Oprah Winfrey is worth 2 -3 billion bucks. Why hasn’t she married Stedman and put him in a position to inherit her 2 -3 billion dollars?

      Now, suppose Oprah had married a black man, and God forbid, had a fatal accident leaving it all to said black man. The scraggle daggles would be up in arms, and their heads would explode if said black man started keeping company with good looking nonblack women.

      They say Serena Williams is worth a couple hundred million bucks. You don’t hear scraggle daggles being concerned that a white man will get her money, should something happen to her.

      Personally, it is none of my business what Kobe Bryant or Serena Williams did or do with their money. And it is not the scraggle daggles’ business either.

      Black males who continue to simp for the scraggle daggle in 2023, in the same manner as black males of past generations, are losers. Previous generations of black men did not have access to the same information as today’s black men.

      Black men in the past were brainwashed and conditioned to have a plantation mentality, just as they are today. The difference is that black men today have a wealth of information to avail themselves of, to counter all this plantation rubbish.

      1. I agree with you completely. Previous generations of black men get a pass for messing with straggles because they didn’t have the info we have.

        Plus, segregation and miscegenation laws left them little choice.

        However, a modern-day black man foolish enough to date/marry black women deserves what he gets.

        1. Ramses,

          Totally agree. If you choose to read the incantations from the Book of The Dead knowing how dangerous it is, don’t complain when you unleash the Deadites and they wreak havoc in your world. I view black women as one in the same.

      2. To be honest brother American blk man, a black man who focuses on his craft believe me will be exiled from the communitah which will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. And the scraggle daggles now in their late 30s with kids from Slim gun ,Rapid fire Rasta and machete jimmy will be fuming as they see Jamal the CEO with his fiancee Katie the sub-urban snow bunny.

    3. Edward and Verbs,

      I saw that article about this whole Vanessa Bryant situation because many years ago she hadn’t she inherited $600 million which is about over half a billion.
      Link =

      I heard few years ago and I am not sure if this is true that she would give some of the inheritance to the black community and the Hispanic people endorsed it.
      However, the agreement was reversed because of what she and the Hispanic saw on social media. What they and we all saw was the BW and simps and mocking Kobe’s death and on top of it when Umar made a video about it, when she saw it she decide not to give them any dime to them. I do not blame them as the Black females and Umar should have kept their mouth shut.

      Now I saw recently that I saw a video of Umar Johnson going after Vanessa Bryant because she inherited half and billion, He was in rage and angry and any took it so personally because Vanessa did not send any money to the Black Community.
      Umar got so butt-hurt on the video because he is not getting any money from successful Black Men

      Original Shorts =–04

      Link 1 =

      Link 2 =

      Accountable commentary response =
      General Tito =

      There was proof that Vanessa did build the park and the community centre.
      Link =

      Umar is no Prince of Pan-African, he is the Pan-African Pookie.

      Lets say if Kobe did wife up a BW and promote Black Love?
      If there was black love, the BW would get contaminated by her ghetto friends and end up like other basket ball players when they keep it black, divorce and paying a lifetime (not 18 years) of child support. Kobe end up broke and the BW will spend it on useless materials instead of the black communitah.

      Also to remind Dick Police like Umar that BW never gave Kobe time and day, before his success. Who took him under the wing? A Latina, Black females take an L and Umar knows this.
      And black male leadership decide where the money goes, not Umar, the Pro-Blacks or the community.

      1. To be honest brother Michael I don’t blame high value brothers marrying Becky, Maria, Ling Ling and Yakamoto . Bw have only themselves to blame Black men don’t get wealth so that they can spend it on useless staff however black women do the opposite,wigs , fake make-up etc ,etc.

        Brother Michael white feminist women lied to black women they don’t need a man I once read it in a certain article why bw are in the bottom of the bottomless in the dating game, the population of black men is less than that of bw but because bw adopted feminist ideals WW are winning left,right and centre she says she doesn’t need a man but goes home to cook for Jamal the CEO. The article I read concerning how bw mutated because of feminism showed a white witch representing ww lying to black women they don’t need a man, however in the white witch’s eyes it shows she is giving the brother a seductive side-eye knowing if the bw falls for the okie dokie it’s over for the black communitah.

        Now you understand why WW all over the world and other non black women are being competitive when looking for a high value brother.

  2. And Umar Johnson is busy yapping bullshit about funds going to the communitah. Well brother pray for me I get a Becky not theses demons of the communitah for at the moment am a single man 😂😂😂

    1. Edward Maina: “To be honest brother American blk man, a black man who focuses on his craft believe me will be exiled from the communitah…”

      Me: If an (American) black man who focuses on his craft were ever in the communitay to begin with to be exiled from it.


    This video highlights why no black man should be giving resources to negress females.

    I would only give my resources to a white girlfriend that actually deserves it.

    Umar Johnson is an agent on behalf of the blackistan communities trying to prevent black men from escaping their black tax plantation.

    1. Brothers who are busy trying to win the hearts of the scraggle daggles are wasting their energy I would rather have my wealth inherited by Becky , Maria, Ling Ling and Yakamoto just in case the Lord calls me home than to give them to the black sirens because it would be finished within 5 years or less.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I fully agree with what the man said in the video, however I refuse to perform cash mule services for anybody. I will choose who I give money to and even then that privilege would’ve been EARNED by that individual. There will be NO FREE HANDOUTS over here.

  4. I would say overall 2023 has been a roller-coaster. I wasn’t expecting things to get any better anytime soon. As I think the western world in particular the UK is experiencing the fallout of the lockdown for years to come.

    The UK has just been atrocious with an openly corrupt government that doesn’t even have any shame or even try and hide it. The job market here has been bad especially for those starting – mid-level and crap pay for delusional expectations where companies complain but refuse train anyone. A rise of nepotism and incompetence being promoted over competence.

    I would like 2024 to be better but as I said before, I think the next few years are going to be crap before it gets any better if it even does. I’d say the current conservative government has 6 more months tops in my opinion.

    There is a lot of doom and gloom in this world however I can see that the current world order is coming to an end. It’s going to be a multi-polar world.

    What do you all think?
    Do you think history will repeat itself?

    1. They are clearly priming the West for the New World Order. The UK and USA are ground zero for these social engineering policies, created, pushed and normalized via social media by academic think tanks.

      Homeownership in the West is getting beyond the reach of many, by design. Same with cars. You will own nothing and like it.

      You can’t even date in the West because of weaponized, feminist bitches. I have a buddy whose son is twentysomething. Out on his own with a good job. Not interested in dating, just playing video games with his friends. Not gay, just not interested. Checked out. When we were in our 20s we were girl crazy, but the juice is not worth the squeeze for today’s entitled 304s. Young dudes have adapted to this new reality.

      The evil is inescapable. Every day is a new degradation, too powerful to stop. We are the lobster in the pot and the heat is getting higher and higher. I consider myself a classic liberal (a Republican by shitty, brain-dead far-left standards), but Jan 6th seems prophetic as a full citizen takeover is what’s needed as we’ve been sold out by our (s)elected officials and elites.

      When I see brothers making moves to the Philippines, Thailand and even mainland China, I see dudes making the right moves to escape the West completely.

      This will probably be the first and last time I get so deep on here. It’s fun to dunk on Shaniqua and Pookie but this is on a serious note.

      Your passport is and has always been your escape hatch, if you haven’t gotten one, get one now. They will try to curb your travel soon. Now that Black Men are leaving en masse, they will try to shut you down. They tried to gum up the works during COVID by saying they were backlogged. Now I saw something the other day about “carbon passports” because we’re “flying too much.” They’re floating all these ideas to keep you on the plantation, locked inside your “15 Minute City” where you have to pay to drive. Don’t wait.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    I was watching a video on Umar Johnson yesterday and even he admitted that white woman date black men even if the black man is broke and poor but he has the potential to be successful in the future that same white woman is prepared to be with that black man from the beginning of the relationship when they are both young (secondary school years, college years and university years) so that can build a successful life together. Whereas black women only want black men at the finish line when the black man is already rich and successful. This is the reason why black men date white women and other non black women because they are loyal to us in the good times and bad times in life plus our struggles. This is why no decent black men like myself wants to date black women because they are the biggest gold diggers to us and they will bleed us dry. As the old saying goes if you are not there during my struggles then you don’t deserve to be there during my successes.

    1. I saw that video weeks ago. When I saw that video, he was talking wise about the snowbunnies but unfortunately he is 10 years because we all know this a long time ago. Umar is just slow like he thinks this is a new thing. Pro Black always thinks that the Becky looking for a potential a new thing when this happen 20 years ago.
      These Pro-Black as way behind the time because they just focus on pandering.

      1. Michael MisterTea.

        Yep and I fully agree with you bro. These pro blacks are fucking idiots.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      But the frying Pan African pundit Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson will still castigate black men for dating out instead of looking at the main reason why so many of us have walked away from black women and fix the problem, smh.

      Yes indeed, we know that most black women look at black men as outside flunkies, slaves, commodities and assets, as far as the black witch is concerned, the black man is there to serve her, not the reverse.

      The woman is supposed to support the man in his constructive endeavours and help him move to the next level and beyond, this concept flies straight over the heads of black women as a collective and sadly an increasing number of Western females in general.


    Passport Hoes as always doing what they do best: bullying others and causing chaos no matter where they are. Now both these beasts have been arrested. No doubt if some of the local men came in there and mopped the floor with these two harridans it would be “why didn’t any (omnipotent) black man appear from out of nowhere and defend muh kweeeenz” lol.

    The good thing is, a lot of people are starting to see the difference between black men and women. We’re on our best behaviour when we’re out the country. Bdubs, you can never tell them what to do. I didn’t listen to the stream, but IP and Theo had a recent video on how to conduct oneself when in other countries. We take this seriously because we know Passport Bros/SYSBM is gonna be the vanguard of change for black men worldwide – more than that fake mystical/hotep superstitious weird Egypt worship bullshit. I know some people were just hoping this was gonna be all talk and just some phase, but unfortunately for them, this is as REAL as the air they breathe and already yielding tangible results.

    We ain’t going anywhere (well, we are, but you know what I mean lol)

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      These disjointed black sirens especially those from the US honestly believe they can bring their dysfunctional behaviour from their own home turf over to a foreign land and get away with it, smh.

      Indonesia if I’m not mistaken is a predominantly Muslim country, they don’t play over there and disruptive foreigners will be dealt with harshly.

      Black women, how many times do we see them involved in disputes with nail salon employees, at this stage I’ve lost count. These degenerates simply tried to get out of paying the bill, a tactic they would regularly practice back at home but their dastardly plan was foiled, it didn’t work, lol.

      1. They cane lawbreakers in some parts of Indonesia I guess it’s too much to hope these black bitches get the whip just like slave days. Western liberal governments and NGOs are trying to get them to stop the practice, I hope Indonesia stands strong. It’s not hard to behave yourself when traveling, but these black American heffas seem to have a problem with civilized behavior i.e. “Sassy Trucker” in Dubai etc.

        Between BM and BW it’s clear who the problem is.

  7. SYSBM: You know that Dr Foolmar Johnson is fuming about Kobe Bryant’s wife is getting all of the heritance?
    White sugar honey: I heard that he built a school for black children. That’s good but the thing is that I’m hearing that he’s scamming people just to buy cocaine to sniff. Is that true?
    SYSBM: Yep”

    Long one but still roll the dice, still!

    Let me tell you something when it comes to women especially black women. with all the ratchetness and this entitlement bull shit I’m seeing nowadays, I wanna say is this. Fellas including black fellas, choose your women wisely now.

    James, the black boy who saw his mother twerking with the guy, I wonder will he go SYSBM if he gets older as how he sees his mother like that? Listen here, the reason why black men are with non-black men is because that they don’t want a woman who is like their female family members.

    Trans woman got murdered because she or he fooled a boy as he finds out that he’s a dude. Listen here, if a person wants to live a certain lifestyle, then by all means these trans better be careful as they will get erased by the guy who they fooled. It’s the Crying Game thing. Great thriller, though.

    Lauryn Hill’s album, the miseducation of Lauryn Hill, I was listening to the album on Monday. It was the first time I have listen to the album and it’s a masterpiece. But the thing is that she only gave herself credit of the album and other people made the album with her. One of the greatest albums of all time.

    Jonathan Majors was found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend — well, he didn’t do it because the 304 was assaulting him in the street when he found out that she was cheating. Listen here, it doesn’t matter what colour the woman is, these women can cause problem sometimes.

    I heard that Dr Foolmar Johnson is fuming that the heritance is going to Koke Bryant’s wife. Let me say this. This man really needs to stop scamming people and stop sniffing cocaine. Man is like Tony Montana when you see him sniffing off the cocaine like crazy. But anyhow.

    One more thing, when it comes to my exes right, do you know that I only hand one black UK girlfriend and the other two was biracial. The others was Jamaican but I knew it didn’t last long. When it comes to black women, black men are walking away from black women. Or running from them.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  8. “Mother & Daughter Face Off After Jail and CPS Threats! | KARAMO”

    Listen closely from 0:01:28 to 0:01:44 at the mother’s grand admission to her daughter’s out of control behavior. Her daughter was exposed to the toxic public school environment and the bad elements/influences of other kids.

    From my experience of growing up in a city public school system and with children of a majority black urban population from the early 1990s to 2005, do not EVER put your children in a urban public school, full of mostly dysfunctional blacks. Your children will be fighting mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically to stay alive from preschool until they drop out of school or barely graduate successfully with their lives. The teachers in many cases have to meet lesson plan quotas and get a paycheck so your children won’t be looked after. Yeah, your children may get a good teacher or two or a caring guidance counselor or principal but do you want to risk it? I wouldn’t.

    Save yourselves directly through your offsprings for future generations.

  9. Gentlemen,

    I can’t believe this clown is still going, but he’s slowed down his video production significantly and has been turning off the comment sections to his videos, lol. I suspect that members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure may have given him a hard time or some blue pilled, pro blacks might have rolled in to give him some work. Bootlicking for the black witch contingent and just like the fake academic Aaron Fountain, he still couldn’t land himself a “queenie”, lol.

    1. It never seems to end well for these simps. Turns out kissing these black heffas’ brontosaurus asses yields no dividends, who knew? We did. What a loser and a white guy at that. Yet Passport Bros/SYSBM is going from strength to strength. Weird!

      1. Schadenfreude,

        These blue pilled simps are a pestilence and a curse upon society regardless of what form they come in. The dude really tried and miserably failed, lol.

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