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Greetings brothers, this will be the last post of 2023, once again as I stated in the last Open Mic Wednesday, I’ll be back on the 29th January 2024. A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all. Let me end 2023 by reiterating a point I’ve been making throughout the year.


The first question I would ask the second female of Cakeface Central is what exactly qualifies her to be entitled to my money and resources? I guarantee you she wouldn’t be able to give me a satisfactory answer because hedonistic/materialistic women bring nothing of tangible value to the table outside of sex.

Now this materialistic siren named Michelle Diaz did manage to land herself a blue pilled East Asian cash mule flunky who decided to lead with his wallet(massive mistake).

My guess is he WASN’T her first choice and the guys she really wanted had more options available to them and weren’t going to tolerate her perpetual lustful cravings for material and superficial things.

This ultra blue pilled simp needs to understand that the so called “love” this woman is bringing is only based upon him continuing to cater to her empty wants, vain lusts and carnal desires. If he is unfortunate enough to run into financial difficulties, she’ll be gone faster than Road Runner leaving Wiley Coyote in the dust.

Gentlemen, NEVER put yourself in a position to where your only use to any female is being her financial utility. Michelle Diaz doesn’t love this simp, she only loves the fact that he’s continually pampering and spoiling her.

Feminism, social media, television, movies and the internet have brainwashed and indoctrinated Western women into believing that they deserve everything, can have it all and that men are only here to fulfil their vapious dreams and fantasies towards living a luxury, high on the hog, vanity lifestyle.

No doubt the simp will marry her WITHOUT legally protecting himself, eventually down the pike she’ll get bored and leave his backside in the dirt, we already know how the story will pan out.

Fellas, as I said before, the overwhelming majority of Western women are NOT interested in solid, long term investments ie raising a family in order to keep their legacy in continuance, nope, they only want to engage in endless superficial/carnal pursuits that bring them temporary fleeting buzzes, pleasure sensations and short term euphorias.

Get those passports gents and never look back, you’ll have a much better chance of landing a non Jezebel, non feminist minded, traditional, family oriented woman on foreign soil.

As I stated in last Monday’s article, most women in the West are professional beggars/panhandlers who despite claiming to be strong and independent are ALWAYS asking men for things whether it be money, clothes, food, likes, attention, validation, legal and political rights, protection, reparations etc.

There are NO women on this planet who can put in the work alone and live a luxury lifestyle off their own backs without men being involved in the process at some level.

If these delusional harpies want to live like celebrities, royalty, entertainers, the rich and wealthy so badly, let them do so ALONE. You cannot satisfy a woman’s lusts and desires, they’ll just keep on coming so DON’T EVEN BOTHER TRYING, you’ll simply tire yourself out.

Finally, DO NOT try to make a woman happy through materialism/carnality, that will put you as a man into complete and utter misery. If she is not content with having what she NEEDS then she’s no good and ought to be replaced.

Open Mic Friday is here, what’s on your minds for the end of the year gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

Most High Bless

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112 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Friday!


    If you read through these inheritance laws, the extended family members (cousins, nephews, nieces, siblings, in-law siblings) automatically get resources from deceased Ghanaian men.

    I wonder if other countries have this kind of law but it ain’t right.

    No family members should automatically have my resources after passing away.

    My resources should only go to a white girlfriend and future kids with her, no one else.

    Luckily I don’t have Ghanaian heritage.

    This video is Kwame and Chelsea from love is blind show on season 4 series.

    Kwame has Ghanaian heritage and his siblings and cousins will automatically get 25% of his wealth after he passes away in future.

    When he has kids with his white wife Chelsea, they will get 75% of his wealth equally.

    His spouse and his future kids should get 100% of everything.

    Chelsea will get upset when she finds out about this in future.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Kwame needs to draft up a will in order to ensure his money and resources will go to his Misses. Extended family members should only be involved when there are no immediately family members to pass down the money and resources to. Happy Christmas and a prosperous New year to you bro.

  2. Good Open Topic Friday edition,

    Certain black men on social media like Facebook are declaring to stay clear from white women after the Johnathan Majors’ court case verdict. One blk fella on Facebook last night stated that he is gearing towards Thai women and Latinas.

    1. I love how these disingenuous Pookies try to pretend that black hoes don’t get niggas set up and locked up. Tory Lanez on line one. Merlin Santana on line two..oh right, he’s dead.

      Now this new wall-smashing hoe is trying to #metoo Method Man 30 years too late.

      I’d say dump ALL western women in 2023 and going forward. White women are no longer the standard.

      That guy is on to something when he says Thai and Latinas only.

      1. Typical

        He and other brown-nosing maggles means like how man’s such as Martin Luther King, Justice Clarence Thomas, Mike tyson, Brian banks, Tupac, NFL player Von miller, deceased NFL player Travis rudolph, former NBA player Kevin Porter jr, Jamie foxx, apparently the mayor of New York, Tory Lanez, Martin lawrence, Game Changer, the content creator thanks to these idiots letting women in their spaces; some say Ike Turner (that the most I can think of Within 90 seconds.) were accused by daggles?
        Got it, they must think we’re dumb like they are LOL!

        The woman who started the metoo Movement we all know is a KRS one looking daggle.
        8 out of 10 divorces against black man as well as child support are initiated by the black woman

        Why is it it takes us SYSBM
        bros. to explain to these dudes that women are women? Is it because unlike them we are more experienced with different cultures than these idiots? Is it really that hard to differentiate between
        westernized women from that system and patriarchal traditional systems?

        These people are just retarded.

        I don’t even like using that word, because I’ve done volunteer work helping and mentoring intelligent people with Autism and Asperger.
        But holy s*** it’s appropriate for these people.


        PS, Jonathan Majors ex is f****** Iranian Farsi, not f****** white technically. Maybe her mom is British but that’s it. These m************ can’t get that right but whatever.

      2. Schadenfreude,

        Black men are forever getting shafted by black women more than non black females, I don’t understand how these Negroes time and time again fail to look at the atrocious track records of their own “sistas”.

        But let’s be honest, we know what’s really going on, most of these dudes don’t have the nuts to date out and so will use any mishap on the other side of the fence as a confirmation bias.

        What kind of system is this, where any woman can rail any accusation against a man and it will be taken seriously by the court jesting, good for nothing police as well as the so called “judicial” system?

        Only in the West, this 30 years later coming forward tom foolery would NOT fly in a non Westernised country. This is another reason why black men with sense and intelligence need to get their passports and move the heck out of dodge.

    2. Brotherdanunlimted,

      You have to laugh really because most black men are getting shafted by BLACK WOMEN, white and other non black females running black men through the ringer is no where near the frequency of the black witch using her white lord and saviour’s judicial system against brothers.

      That being said I do agree with the brother you mentioned who talked about gearing himself more towards Thai and Latina women. Unfortunately more Western white women are now choosing to travel down the same path of death and destruction as the modern day black female.

      1. Only Majors demanded she act more like Michelle Obama. Once I heard that I was done. He shouldn’t be guilty of anything, now booted off movies like John Depp was once his verdict came down.

        Majors will be able to resume his movie career once the noise dies down.

        I am glad most maggles are turned off to White women, good now go live your slightly better than average lives. Asian and Latina hit a very hard glass ceiling in Anglo Saxon countries, I suggest if you are going to go that route to remain in her country.

        That is the beauty of White women, she can go anywhere, command an audience of many ANYWHERE and people will listen. You are only limited by your immigration.

        I like Latinas and Asian women, but as I did a deep analysis on various career websites, read studies, etc, etc.

        White women are the best option period. However they do have the risk of aging quite aggressively but the beauty market was made for them and less so for other women so they have the tools to battle aging, assuming they can afford them.

        The opportunities are nearly endless. I also did a deep dive on athletes and that really drove things home. AA-Latin fusions are next most successful while AA-Asians are a very distant third.

        It’s obvious if the most successful F1 driver of this era is Lewis Hamilton (half White), the best QB in the NFL is Patrick Mahomes who is half White and arguably MLB biggest impact player is Aaron Judge also half White.

        The travel bros are not us, leave them to their own devices. They’ll finish 2nd as they always do, what else is new?

        1. Anthony,

          “Asian and Latina hit a very hard glass ceiling in Anglo Saxon countries, I suggest if you are going to go that route to remain in her country.”

          To be honest, at this stage I would apply this to any foreign women I dealt with, the West is too toxic to bring any foreign female into without her becoming contaminated with the decadent, feminist mindset that is already deep and pervasive within these Western 304s.

    3. Scared bastards! Most American black men are raised to be cowards. They go towards dark skinned Asians and Latinas because they think the melanin will be that connection and that it’s safe. Thus why many black men have to put ‘Afro’ in front of everything. They’re afraid to pursue Julie Gonzalo, so they chase Rosario Dawson.

  3. SYSBM: Look like Slaying Evil is finished for the year.
    White sugar honey: Yeah, great website. Funny as well.
    SYSBM: But what about Money Cultural?
    White sugar honey: Yeah, that what I’m thinking about.

    Yes SYSBM and the Passport brothers. Just a long one. Hope everything is cool with you guys and the non-black ladies. And for the black men who are with black women, I have nothing but respect for you guys. I want a son. I want a son that looks like my youngest nephew.

    Right, you know that black men are well known to be simps, well we have non-black men that are simps as well and it seems like they are coming out of the woodwork. It seems that these simps are in desperation to get these women but these women who are materialistic, entitled women are really mediocre.

    The Asian guy who proposed to this woman is making a huge mistake and that mistake he’s goanna marry a good for nothing entitled women. There are so many women who has this entitlement and you must be thinking where there are coming from. Well, they are getting it from their mothers. They’re mothers shows them how to be this way.

    And let me tell you something. You see these broke dudes that these entitled women are talking about, they can get women. You think Broke Pocket Patrick and Empty Wallet Ronald can’t get women. Listen, they have women left, right and centre. Look at the dudes up at Harlesden in North West London. They have more then one baby mother.

    When you see a woman who thinks she’s entitled, there is one thing. What can she do for a man? Can she cook, can she clean, can she give the man punany if the man wants sex? Can she take care of the children? Is she willing to put in the work? Can she do all them things? That is the question. Or questions?

    That’s it for me for 2023. I really don’t know what’s goanna happen with the Money Cultural website in the new year as I have other ideas in my mind. So, Verbs I wanna say that you get great Christmas and a happy new year. And also, I wanna say is merry Christmas and a happy new year to SYSBM and the passport brothers. 2024 is goanna be a much bigger battle with you guys and the simps. And to the ratchet black women, you ladies need to change as it was an embarrassing year for you ratchet hoodrats. Maybe that could be the article to start the new year.

    So, I say this one more time for 2023. Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.

    See you guys in 2024.


      1. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2024!

  4. Verbs 2015.

    I hope that you have a good Christmas and a great New Year 2024. When I die if I become rich before then my money and resources is only going to my future girlfriend and my future children so that they won’t struggle financially. Extended family members are excluded.

    1. I was just watching a video from a Ghanian dude talking about how he’s expected to support his whole extended family not just his wife and kids. Fu** that. All these deadbeats feel entitled to the productive Black Man’s money. Not on my watch. Have an SYSBM Christmas and a Passport Bro New Year!

      1. Schadenfreude,

        This unfortunately is a common custom in Africa(Nigeria especially), the problem is most African men go along with this garbage tradition instead of telling those scrounging extended family members to get lost. There is absolutely no way that I’m supporting anybody outside of my immediate family. Happy Christmas and a Happy New year to you as well brother.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Happy Christmas and a prosperous New year to you as well brother. As you always say, I fully agree with your bro.

  5. Happy Open Mic Friday, and Merry Christmas to all of my free thinking SYSBM/Passport Bros from Slaying Evil! It’s hard to believe this year is already almost done when it feels like it just began yesterday; so much has happened this year, where do I even start? We all can agree that the scraggle daggle took some monumental L’s this year; the content creator Accountable Commentary had a “Keisha sendoff” for 2023 where he gives a rundown of the many L’s Black women took. By the way, does anybody know the name of his second channel?

    Speaking of the B Dubbs taking L’s, there is one nasty stragg who decided to deep fry her feces and serve it to her husband to get back at him for cheating:

    They will do anything but leave; she put this out there for the world to see, and her husband’s infidelity pales in comparison to this. Him eating her poop can make him very ill, or even kill him! This video is just another PSA for SYSBM and Passport Bros; these daggles are the seed of Satan!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I couldn’t watch the whole thing, I had to skim through that video. It’s amazing how these malevolent black sirens have got so much time on their hands to plot beyond evil schemes of revenge on the non commitment type of guys they themselves love, worship, exalt and choose over decent, hardworking, level headed brothers. Like you pointed out, in the face of infidelity, why don’t these women simply pack up their things and leave?

      I keep on calling black women the righthand henchwomen of Satan himself because the level of evil they’ll stoop to knows no bounds. Frying up feces just to get back at your husband for cheating and these heifers are so desperate for attention that they’ll readily post their malevolent works on social media for all to see.

      That was way beyond disgusting, Hell is filled with the souls of so many black women who during their time on earth engaged in some of the most evil, sadistic, nasty, repulsive actions imaginable. And these SYSBM scoffers still have the nerve to ask us what we’re saving ourselves from. Being served fried faeces, that’s what and more, smh.

  6. I came across this video yesterday (Dec. 24, 2023):

    Here is the full article:

    These liberals and their Newspeak form of expressing themselves is laughable, but annoying at the same time; I never heard of some of those words (like “whitelist” and “manhours”), but I could care less about anything said in this article. I’m a full grown adult, and the last thing I need is an English lesson.

  7. Hope you brothas had a good Xmas yesterday.

    So I see our friend the Hotep Walrus is back at it once again with another smash hit.

    A few months ago, law abiding, professional black men were to blame for the state of the “black community” according to him. Now, this nutball is on Joe Budden’s podcast raving like a madman (even by his standards) and having the gall to dick police some guy I’m unfamiliar with who apparently has done more for black folks than Umar has.

    Like someone on Twitter said, it’s a shame that no one’s asked him directly about the two baby mamas he has and why he hasn’t married either of them yet, or why he’s not even in a relationship at all. I know this is his gimmick and what he’s doing is obviously rage bait, but I’d be damned as a grown man if I’m gonna let some coke sniffing pro whack or anyone for that matter interrogate me about who I’m laying with. Laws, social opposition and even violence haven’t even stopped black men and women of different races being together, but somehow this buffoon thinks he has the power to put an end to it by using outdated Jungle Fever talking points lol.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I believe this is the clip you were referring to:

      Here is a comment I left on another clip that was taken from that interview and posted:

      “The unlearned, cult of personality simpletons who keep on giving this non boys academy producing, single as a one way train ticket knucklehead a platform to continue spewing his race baiting rhetoric at this stage are the problem.”

      Here is another clip I found of Gerbilface stoking the flames of racism:

  8. Gentlemen,

    She told the truth, no lies detected. As men we always have been and always will continue to be the prize regardless of what these delusional feminist harpies in the West have been indoctrinated and programmed to believe.

    In addition to what she mentioned, it is MEN who are the ones keeping society going, we’re the ones who oil the cogs and keep the wheels turning.

    Also, there are more women in the world than men, therefore on their lesser numbers alone, men have to be the prize due to their scarcer quantity.

    It’s only in the West where men are taken for granted and minimalised, foreign women fully understand that men are critical to their lives running smoothly and safely.

    Women(especially black women) absolutely hate men who know their worth and value, they want to continue having the upper hand that feminism has given them and they know full well this means degrading as well as throwing men under the bus whenever it suits them. The modern day Western female is your enemy, NEVER forget this.

    Simone Biles NFL player husband was right and his statement is having black women all in their feelings and throwing their toys out of the buggy because as we already know, black women look at black men as being beneath them. MEN ARE THE PRIZE and these disgruntled black sirens need to get over this fact.

    Get those passports gents and leave these disjointed, mentally unstable harpies of the Western world to crash and burn in their own delusions of grandeur and failures. Western women have the audacity to call themselves the prize when in reality most of them are no different to prison sentences.

    1. BCT,

      I don’t understand why the police were asking the good samaritan to come forward and explain what happened when the video footage makes it abundantly clear exactly what took place. Skinny jeans wearing, tatted up 12 Gauge Mike aka Eric Eugene Washington(who was already an established criminal) got dealt with, he was a grown man and had the consequences of his actions handed to him on a silver platter.

      He won’t be robbing anybody else again. As per usual, we see the mother being interviewed but there’s no father in sight, smh. When you son engages in criminal skullduggery, you don’t get to determine how he’s dealt with by the victims.

    2. Typical “My little Johnny was a good boy” bullshit. SMH.

      He was 30 years old. Old enough to know and do better. These mothers always mollycoddle their piece of shit sons, but the good boys of the family who don’t get into trouble get taken advantage of and mistreated.

      “No one rendered aid”. Yeah, I’m gonna render aid to a guy who just stuck a gun in my face and clearly didn’t give a shit about MY life LMAO.

      Fuck that guy and his mother.

  9. Reason 98987539834980 not to have anything to do with this demographic:

    So basically, according to this Keisha we can’t call the absolute dregs of black male society any names like Pookies and Ray Rays, because it sounds like white supremacist language – even though white men never came up with those terms. This female thinks she’s in a position to tell MEN how we should deal with and refer to other males. Never mind the fact that a Pookie would literally drag her in an alleyway and commit the worst of crimes on her person.

    Any other women wouldn’t object to male criminals in their communities being called names – even if some of them are attracted to the so called bad boys.

    This is the problem with a matriarchal “society” such as this one. Black women just don’t know their place and when to shut the fuck up, because they’ve never been told to shut the fuck up. They can have their little ‘Sista Circles’ and retreats or whatever the fuck they do and we never object or say anything about it, but they want to stick their noses in men’s business and dictate to us how we should handle things cos they know they won’t get a smack in the mouth for trying to meddle in our affairs (I’m NOT advocating violence unless in self defence, BTW. We know how other men would do though….)

    Her and that other ‘Vida the podcast bae” chick are criminal lovers, I’ve seen them being quoted before and saying slick shit against us, while defending Slim Sauce and 12 Gauge Mike.

    Productive brothas are just walking human ATMs and standby cleanup crew to da communitah. They will never praise good black men for having their shit together nor defend US when we’re called lames and cornballs for wearing suits or just simply acting like grown adult men, but they’re quick to jump in and defend the same type of dudes who would bring terror to them in a heartbeat. Yet, these are the women that we’re supposed to marry and procreate with?

    I see a lot of dudes who are supposedly SYSBM that I follow and who follow me also follow this chick and I don’t know why. Some of them talk the talk and then act all hurt and surprised when that so called “good” black woman they admire lets her inner KKKeisha come out. SMH.

    If I sound misogynistic, so be it. Black men need to start being more fierce when asserting their manhood because our survival depends on it. Enough is enough.

    Anyway, you know what to do. Thank God for that little travel document which is our literal ‘get out of hell card’ at this point.

    SYSBM always from now and eternity.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I had to leave a comment on that tweet and remind the witch that it is black women who have crafted those ridiculous and outlandish names and more to call their sons. Since these black sirens are the ones who have created names such as Pookie and RayRay, according to what Mama Tea said, shouldn’t we rightfully label black females as white supremacists? Black women are beyond a joke, they’re so wrapped up in their own little world they completely gloss over and forget the regular transgressions and skullduggery they engage in, smh.

  10. Earlier this year, I was looking at my second favorite blog site (Slaying Evil is No. 1), and it contained an article addressing what has come to be known as the “Bad Boy Curse”; this stems from the number of artists who were at one time signed to Bad Boy Records who suddenly turned religious, such as Craig Mack, Shyne, Loon, and Mase to name a few. I want to focus on Craig Mack, the very first artist signed to Bad Boy whose single “Flava In Ya Ear” was the label’s first hit; unfortunately for Mack, the success of his debut album “Project: Funk Da World” was overshadowed by that of The Notorious B.I.G.’s debut album “Ready To Die” which was released exactly 7 days before Mack’s.

    On Mack’s album, he included the track “When God Comes”, a song which I believe was ahead of its time with its message scolding the sinful ways of the Hip Hop generation back then:

    Here is the second verse in its entirety:
    “Now we all established dat Mack’s new king
    And the king for his people has to represent the right thing
    Brothers in the ghetto stop genociding
    ‘Cause same boat we riding, will do like the Poseidon
    I watched the earth’s cheese line getting longer,
    I watch allegiance to Satan’s army getting stronger
    I watched drugs and guns take control
    I even watched how the devil took the Black woman’s soul
    They ain’t got respect no more
    When your ass on the camera you ain’t nothing but a whore
    Ladies you need to help out your man,
    Instead of frontin’ at the club with a drink in your hand
    The Black family is now pre-historic
    And we don’t need psychic healing from Dionne Warwick
    We all need to be down on our knees beggin’ please
    Lord help us shake this disease
    And MC’s don’t take these rhymes for no joke,
    Craig Mack pen is mightier than the sword you stroke
    So take heed to the words that I send,
    ‘Cause on Judgement Day every man must attend.”

    Did you catch that? Back in 1994, Craig Mack peeped how the Devil took the Black woman’s soul away! In my first post on this Open Mic Friday, I stated that the scraggle daggle are the seed of Satan himself, and that bar from Craig Mack underscores what I said; he also spoke about how they lack self respect and turn into whores whenever they’re in front of a camera. Fast forward to today, and we see that this has only gotten worse with the likes of Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Sukihana, Sexxy Red, GloRilla, Lizzo, Ice Spice, SZA, etc., being in the mainstream. All of them are trash! He also says that Black women should be helping out their men instead of being in the club drinking, and he also declared the Black family to be pre-historic (in other words, Black Love is DEAD); as for not needing psychic healing from Dionne Warwick, I’ll add to that and say we don’t Iyanla Vanzant’s help to fix anything, either!

    It’s amazing how the message of SYSBM has already been expressed in one form or another before MadbusdriverX created the movement; the handwriting has been on the wall for a very long time now, but many still refuse to read it. Craig Mack saw it, and decided to use his voice to try and wake people up; now that is what I call “kicking flava in ya ear”!

    RIP Craig Jamieson Mack

    1. Matt M,

      Don’t worry, I have an article coming soon demonstrating how African women lust after General Blizzard to the maximum, stay tuned.

  11. The following was forwarded to me:

    This is to inform you that our beloved and well known friend, *Mr. 2023*, is retiring on the 31st of this month.
    His 12 wives, 52 children and 365 grandchildren will be attending the grand send off on Sunday, 31st December at 23.59 hrs.

    However, his family members asked me to Inform you that he is retiring with *ALL your problems, sickness, disappointments, frustration, untimely death, shame, disgrace, barrenness, discouragement, failure, and rejection.*

    Yet, his successor – *Mr. 2024 asked me to inform you that, he is going to compensate you with :- *long life, good health, wealth, love, abundant blessings, peace, joy, righteousness, promotion, prosperity*
    *God’s Blessings*!
    *Season’s Greetings*!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Happy new year to you too brother. in 2024 we’re going to definitely need God in our corner not only to battle against the powers that be, but also to fend off the multitude of knuckleheads surrounding us including these disjointed Western women.

  12. Gentlemen,

    It seems that the DailyRapUpCrew alongside Anton Daniels are finally realising that it isn’t worth hunting for those needle in the haystack Western females and that the Passport Bros were right all along.

    I’ve been stating for a while now that Western women need to be abandoned, leave them to crash and burn in their own failures, this is the only way they’ll learn since they point blank refuse to listen to sound advice from good men.

    I find incredibly sad how you can no longer encounter a wide variety of women in the Western hemisphere, Western females for the most part have turned into clones and copy each other because they no longer have the ability to think and reason for themselves as individuals:

  13. Verbs2015,

    Imagine if females like this were our only option:

    Look at how abhorrent and toxic this sow’s energy is. Her friends, as she admits, are equally toxic. This is the western woman of today. Usually women would keep stuff like this to themselves or within their own private circles, but now they take pride in being horrible females and they know there’s still a simp epidemic.

    I agree with International Passport here:

    I’ve observed videos from foreign women themselves or Passport Bros/men who have simply moved abroad and have noticed how these women ADORE their men. Of course the naysayers will come with the usual green card and money accusations, but it is what it is. The results these men experience speaks for itself.

  14. So someone sent me this vid via whatsapp:

    You hear what this ‘high yella’ ABW said in the beginning – that these average face at best, wack body having, bonnet head UK BEASTS we have as counterparts are disparaging us and telling her we’re not the ones she wants.

    Yet these are the same females who wonder why we date and marry out at such high rates. Isn’t it interesting how the ONLY women who seem to have a problem with everything we do are black females? Funny how other women accept us for who we are and don’t come with all these demands.

    “Big fucking horse”? We “don’t make women feel safe and that’s why there’s a divide”? “Men used to hunt”. Really? And listen to the entitlement about men owing her a drink or being supposedly too “touchy feely”.

    First of all, I don’t “hunt” shit. I’m not Elmer Fudd. Secondly, dudes being touchy feely and supposedly not making women “feel safe” in the clubs – this doesn’t apply to men they find attractive (Wasteman Wayne and Roadman Ronnie who they always have babies by makes them feel safe I guess), especially white men. Let it be Admiral Frost and there’d be zero complaints – they’re WAY more aggressive. And just because someone makes small talk doesn’t mean they’re obligated to pay for your drink. FOH. As for the “divide”, of course black women are totally blameless as usual.

    They feel they can say whatever the hell they want about black men just because they’re in the mood to crack jokes at our expense, but let this have been a brother saying anything about black women no matter how justified and all hell would have broken loose.

    Now, one might say I’m being sensitive here because this is just humour, but it’s not funny to me. I just don’t like seeing brothers being put down by females who quite frankly, are the absolute worst demographic of women on the earth by far, “jokes” or not. Too many dudes have low self esteem and question their own worth because of females like this. It’s the MAN who is the prize. What are you doing to impress ME?

    More Black men in the UK need to follow SYSBM/Passport Bros and remember that if you’re a good dude and making the necessary steps for self improvement, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!! These same women disparaging you are still single in their 30s and 40s. Why is that? If we’re so bad, why do they always cry and moan about us settling down with other women?

    Oh and while UK black women talk shit about us, American brothers have their own observations about them and it ain’t good.

    This is why I like International Passport’s channel. He gives black men hope and interviews good brothers from here and the states who are making money, studying, travelling and managing to attract high quality, traditional women that are superior to this ABW and her UK sisters.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Wait a minute, wasn’t this the same light, bright black siren who filmed herself on a Jamaican beach castigating some Jamaican brothers because they didn’t want to eat her snatch in exchange for a green card?

      Once again, black women like this disjointed harriet have seem to forgotten that we’re now in a new era, one of EQUALITY. Since according to feminism/women’s empowerment women are now supposedly equal to men, they can make themselves feel “safe”. Me personally, I not a man who frequents the club environment anyway, one of many reasons being the fact that there are no women of quality who attend such establishments.

      Indeed, black male YouTuber Skylar DeRouen aka 1MasterTeacher has had some unpleasant run ins with the UK daggles. He lived here for the longest while and was warning his black American comrades NOT to be deceived into believing that black women in the UK are any better than their US cousins.

      Black women as a collective stay stuck on dumb and stupid for life, just like the rest of these Western females, they should be abandoned and left to rot, crash and burn in their own failures, don’t save them because they don’t want to be saved. #SYSBMTILLTHEWHEELSFALLOFF

      1. “Wait a minute, wasn’t this the same light, bright black siren who filmed herself on a Jamaican beach castigating some Jamaican brothers because they didn’t want to eat her snatch in exchange for a green card?”

        I forgot about that. It’s always trashy black females like her and that broke prostitute going viral right now for slaying black men aged 40+ who work retail and city jobs who do the most. As usual, you never hear them talk about what they have to offer. Every black man they come across is somehow beneath them in one way or another.

        That guy Skylar was the first one who came to mind and I’ve read and heard similar sentiments expressed from American black men via social media, especially when they hear the crap coming from these UK women’s mouths when most of them don’t even have the looks or feminine charm to be talking shit about anyone in the first place.


      – Dr. Habitrail Johnson


    2. “You best be wifing up dem fat blaq queans, coon ass nigha!!!!”

      Dr Umar GerbilFace Johnson

  15. I don’t know if any of you are aware or have been keeping up with this, but some of the Epstein documents have finally dropped.

    1. Kameron Brown,

      You’ll notice at the same time those documents were dropped there was an “alien attack” in Miami.

      1. “Prince Andrew” was one of the names that were mentioned that may have travelled to The Island.

        1. Kameron,

          Indeed, Prince Andrew’s name has been surfacing for quite a while now, however because he is a royal, nobody can touch him.

      2. And that Kate Garraway’s husband has died. (Means nothing to anyone outside the UK)

        Great timing.

  16. Gentlemen,

    I’ve mentioned this before but just for a recap, NEVER get involved in these stupid smartphone debates with knuckleheaded Western females, it’s incredible how each day they continue to demonstrate just how increasingly foolish and stupid they’re becoming.

    All I can say is thank God for non Westernised foreign women who aren’t worrying about dumb foolishness like this but instead are more focused on a man’s character and moral compass ie the things that actually matter in a relationship.

    1. I do not understand the whole judging a male character based on a phone brand.
      I did more YouTube search and I remember you did made a topic about it.

      I found out that these western females have this personal grudge against a man owning an Android.
      The theory behind females hating on Android Phone is more darker, deeper and disturbing. It is like the man’s character and status does not matter as long as he owns an iphone to make him a potential parter.

      How does owning an iPhone make me ‘Real Man’?
      Does an iPhone make me more masculine?

      Also the typical BW calling BM ‘broke’ and ‘dusty’ for owning a Android Phone.

      The good thing about these videos that it not just show them their true colours, but also justification for American Black Men to get Passports.
      I do feel bad for American Brothers about this phone brand, but I am worried about in the future and I know it will this phone brand dating debate this may spread to the UK.

      1. @MMT

        For one’s own sanity, it’s not worth trying to figure out or understand. It’s just pea-brain, bird babble. When I first heard this, I thought it was just trolling, come to find out these dingbats genuinely do feel that way. Why? I don’t know or care.

        The UK is no better than America. Suerreya Brooks just posted and debunked a video of some blonde weaved bdub from our neck of the woods literally stating that as long as a man loves a woman, she doesn’t need to do anything but breathe lol. That’s just how far gone things are now. It’s over.

        The sky is blue, water’s wet and Western chicks are done. That’s it lol.

    2. I remember the article you wrote about Fresh & Fit where they also encouraged men to get iPhones to attract women; they admitted themselves that Samsung was superior to Apple, but you should still get the latest iPhone. My Samsung serves me just fine, and I can’t complain one bit.

  17. Gentlemen,

    I saw this video by General Tito responding to a year old panel with Pro-Black Krew Season gaslighting Auston Holleman.

    If anyone here never heard of Auston Holleman, he is a Pro-Black Passport Bros and he is a 23 year old young cat. A fence-sitting black men who is a traveller. Even he is a Pro-Black version of Passport Bro, however he comes to the terms after a year of travelling around the world that the western females are no good.

    Back to General Tito:
    When I saw this video, Tito and the thinking cannot believe the Dick Policing gaslighting Plantation Bro Hoteps and these Black Females trying to shame Auston as he can on the panel.

    These Simps and the BW cannot fathom the exposure of other cultures Auston has explored so far.

    This is the funnies part of all. Auston ask the Pro-Black a question about ‘How do you deal with a masculine female?’. The simps response is he will adapt. Meaning he will cater to them.
    I will tell you this: Thinking man with their head screwed together will never deal with a masculine female. Period.
    I did not watch all of the Original and the Uncut version as I have seen enough of the Plantation people in the panel on there. But you all can feel free to watch.

    The biggest mistake was him going on the panel with all the Plantation Simps and Females when they are trying hard to get Auston back to the Plantation. Waste of time talking to a Plantation mindset people.

    General Tito =
    Original Video =
    Uncut simp Panel =

  18. Brothers,

    IP’s recent live is full of countless gems for brothers building wealth through technology:

    This is how it is when intelligent, good brothers who are serious about their business get together and discuss building something tangible without allowing certain demographics into the fold to ruin the energy. This isn’t just talk. We’re actually making real moves here. As someone already in cloud and learning more about cryptocurrency, this was a valuable listen.

    These type of livestreams obviously don’t get nearly as much views as the ones on women which is a shame, but those who need to hear them will. We already know we’re genuinely desired by good, foreign women who will be the perfect complement and encourage us in our endeavours despite what the jealous Plantation Losers and the KKKeishas they’re stuck with have to say. There’s too many receipts on our side for the shaming tactics from Deadweight Blackistan to work.

    However, apart from physical health, building wealth, attaining power and leaving a legacy is something black men need to be more focused on. Like the brother said, the time is NOW. I got a lot of things going on at the moment that deserve my attention, so as I promised myself before the start of the year, I’m gonna be a lot more selective on what (and who) I pay attention to moving forward.


    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’ve watched some of the clips Shannon posted, Kat Williams was firing some serious cannons, folks were getting exposed left and right. I’ve got to check out the entire interview at some point, 31 million plus views in 4 days as of the writing of this comment.


    Umar Johnson wants black people to sign a petition to ban interracial marriages in USA.

    The joke is marriage is already dead in the west of anglo saxon.

    The passport bros are already going overseas to interracially marry traditional women.

    He thinks white women are destroying the black community.

    No one is destoying it more than negress females.

    Blackistan males like him should be castrated all over the world.

    A vasectomy would prevent black men breeding with black females.

    This would fix the sheboon crisis worldwide.

    No such thing as a snow bunny crisis as he calls it.

    I only prefer white dutch women and nothing changes my preference for no one.

    1. @WW

      This is how you know he’s not serious. The gimmick just isn’t funny or entertaining anymore. I won’t even dignify that foolishness or rise to the bait.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      At this point Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson has to be looked upon as a black male court jester and a bread and circus monkey show entertainer because nobody with two brain cells to rub together is going to take him seriously. He keeps prattling on about more black men choosing to date and marry white women but he refuses to examine the main reason why, the black witch herself.

      Additionally, until this clown opens up his boys academy as well as cuffs a black female himself, anything coming out of his mouth should go in one ear and straight out of the other. Gerbilface at this stage has absolutely no credibility, as mentioned before, in 2024 the main problem isn’t him but the cult of personality fools who continue to bring this non boys academy manifesting swindler onto their platforms.

    3. That is not going to happen because that law itself promotes equality and diversity. Meaning the White Feminist and the LGBT will not allow it.

      So any pro-blacks even sign the petition and get their way, the BW rather be single then dating a hotep simp. Heck, they rather still choose Pookies over Hoteps.

      Also Madbusdriver stated that Clarence Thomas married to a Becky.

      I will say to Pro Blacks – ‘In your dreams’.

  20. Gentlemen and Verbs,

    Look what ‘Say NO To Single Mothers: Black Men’s Edition’ group found.
    Teaching little girls and boy simps to be pole dancers.

    This was on my feed and I am not shocked at all because the communitah promotes and endorse this.

    1. Michael Mike,

      Tommy Sotomayor wasn’t wrong when he called black women the worst stewards of children on the planet. This is why it’s in a well to do black man’s best interest to NOT place his seed into any of these black sirens. Your modern day black female is hedonistic as well as paganistic, she gravitate towards degeneracy, debauchery and degradation by default. Teaching children stripper poll dancing, this is beyond disgraceful, smh.


    So the blackity black, “stay away from white women” crowd who were harassing this black man are of course silent when this black she-devil got exposed for lying on her ex boyfriend accusing him of giving her HIV. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen something like this. Years ago, I saw a similar post on a now long defunct Black British forum called ‘bnvillage’ with a post of some black man’s face being plastered on it and folks believing the woman who was telling everyone to spread the word that this man is going around giving STDs to women. That was a bunch of b.s. also.

    People can talk about Jonathan Major’s ex girlfriend all they want (admittedly white females are dangerous when scorned too but not on the level of the kweenz), but I’m seeing a pattern of the most atrocious and vicious lies coming from black females for any transgression.

    I have to give it to Daphne. From what I’ve been seeing on my timeline when her name pops up, she does put in the work against black harridans and shows receipts of even legal action she’s helped facilitate when they do something foul. I’m no fan of black womankind, but I won’t fail to give an individual respect and so far she and Chez Charde are the only two on social platforms I take seriously. Of course, the black female dogs have sent all kind of threats and tried to ruin her themselves, even bringing up her deceased mother to taunt her (because human death) – you know, like how they always do when you hold them accountable. Not to mention all the simps and the rest of the female jackals who don’t care and still claim black men never call out Pookies and Ray Rays which is total bullshit, because when we do they tell us we sound like KKK members or we’re lames lol.

    Although she wanted to give a reassurance in her second tweet that not all black women are like this lying Hyena, unfortunately black women like her who are willing to go to war with the same type of females who have caused brothers like us to be SYSBM in the first place don’t even make up 3% of the black female population. The rest of the “good ones” remain silent or make excuses, hence why SYSBM is the only way forward for decent black men. If that young man was SYSBM, this simply wouldn’t have happened to him. Now he has to pick up the pieces of this debacle and probably won’t have any form of justice or even an apology.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Black women and their pro black female, blue pilled simp flunkies are forever telling black men to stay away from white women, yet in the overwhelming majority of circumstances where a black man is being shafted and put through the ringer, typically it’s a black witch behind the wheel.

      Black women have destroyed black men far more than any white female could, black women out here gleefully killing unborn black children in the womb, meanwhile whenever we observe any pro life rallies, it’s always white women who constitute the majority of the crowds.

      As I’ve stated before, white women as a collective despite their various shortcomings care more about black children than black women do, therefore it’s a no brainer as to where a black man with his head screwed on straight should place his seed if he wishes to have children.

      1. Verbs2015,

        “Black women have destroyed black men far more than any white female could…”

        Exactly. I’ve seen and experienced firsthand from youth how vicious and nasty black women are – and they don’t care of you’re a child or not. How many black men have been killed, imprisoned, financially ruined, estranged from their children or wound up in mental homes because of black harridans? Cos I personally know of many stories when this has been the case and it’s extremely rare that a white woman was behind any of it.

        There wouldn’t be a so called ‘snow bunny crisis’ as that fat, scruffy hotep walrus calls it if black women made halfway suitable partners for black men. Every man with sense knows to stay away from these hyenas.

  22. SYSBM tenet #3

    I thought this was funny, but a wise move. True SYSBM brothas only deal with quality women and ain’t fools out here, so we would have just kept it moving too. We simply won’t get caught up in western women’s b.s., no matter what race they are.


    1. I won’t lie, I thought she meant “slap me in the face” when she asked the question; if you reverse the roles, women would’ve said the guy’s masculinity is fragile if he called the girl “mean” for rejecting him the way he rejected her.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      I’ve also noticed that a lot of these chicken heads going around playing this kiss or slap challenge are Onlyfans prostitutes.

    1. Kameron,

      Glad to see some still holding the fort when it comes to traditional Christianity, the Roman Catholic church has completely bastardised the faith by intermingling it with its own paganism.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As I’ve been saying, women like this should be left to crash and burn in their own delusions of grandeur. Social media has completely brainwashed Western females into believing that the man is solely a financial utility to be used at their will in order to fulfil their carnal, superficial and material lusts whenever they have a hedonistic itch they want to scratch.

      I stand by my statement, most Western females by trade are professional beggars who mask their poverty under the guise and illusion of them somehow being “special” and therefore being entitled to constant pampering and spoiling. Let the simps step up and deal with these delusional females, the men they want however will be using them for recreation purposes only.


    I always have to laugh when da communitah says this considering Blackistan is a dysfunctional, failed state who wouldn’t have the power to “support” Manchester United.

    Good, heterosexual black men get persecuted in da communitah just for being on the straight and narrow. A black man could discover a cure for every illness on the planet and eradicate world hunger, the only thing da communitah would care about is 1) who he’s sleeping with and 2) how they can get their hands on his hard earned resources. Having a black partner doesn’t save you from their mess as we’ve seen countless times.

    Also, brothas who try to help are either ignored or become casualties (Nipsey Hussle, anyone…?). Hell, greater black men i.e. MLK, Malcolm X, Garvey tried to save the “community” to no avail. Now all you have are grifters who prey on da communitah by running scams and starting weird cults to line their pockets and get easier access to sex.

    No way I’m sacrificing myself in any way for the “black community”. I have no duty to it. No guilt trips or shaming tactics are gonna work. I’ve done my part in the past, so I know they’re not serious about making any real change, but would rather wallow in victimhood and excuse the actions of criminals and the women. The people who caused me the worst type of pain in life are those who look like me, so I owe them f*ck all.

    Good black men are on their own, they’re the only ones who count (the pro whack simps are excluded from this) as my community as far as I’m concerned. The reason black men are walking away and moving on to greener pastures is because they’ve finally realised trying to fix the community is fighting a losing battle and they DON’T have to tolerate the disrespect and “understand” it because of the legacy of slavery and blah blah blah. The “community” is really only code for black females and Pookies and Ray Rays. We’re not included in it.

    We have the worst females on the planet and the most pathetic dudes who willingly throw other black men under the bus for Scooby snacks from KKKeisha – look at our friend, the know-it-all, backstabbing sellout Auston’s latest shenanigans as an example – therefore, there’s nothing for us to go back to. So when da communitah threatens to withhold their “support”, this would literally be my answer to them in the exact same manner lol:


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      The black community(black women), support? That’s an oxymoron. “Da Communitah” is the only community that doesn’t support its own. You honestly cannot turn to the majority of black folks and ask them for help because they’ll look at you as if you’re from another planet. This is especially the case if you’re a masculine heterosexual black men fully grounded in his manhood. Most black people are selfish, this unfortunately is a huge part of that typical left leaning, liberal mindset that the overwhelming majority of black people have adopted.


    Don’t you find it interesting that ever since men started focusing more on building themselves up and going abroad to find normal women to settle down with, all that #metoo shit seems to have suddenly disappeared?

    Whatever happened to the ‘leave women alone and don’t dare even look at them’ message that was strongly being pushed just a few years ago?

    There’s so much I could say in response to this western bird babble, but time doesn’t permit and I simply can’t be bothered lol.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Feminism, social media, dating apps and the MeToo movement. Western females have used all of the above to totally ruin the dating market in the West. They need to look at themselves first and stop acting like they don’t know why increasing numbers of Western men are walking away from them. This Kansas City shuffle is straight out of the black sirens’s handbook, in the case of black women, pretending they don’t know why there is an increasing resentment and hatred towards them coming from more black men and why more brothers are choosing to seek out love and companionship elsewhere, smh.

    2. “Don’t you find it interesting that ever since men started focusing more on building themselves up and going abroad to find normal women to settle down with, all that #metoo shit seems to have suddenly disappeared?”

      I’ll go you one better. When their guru Lizzo was sued by her backup dancers for sexual abuse and harassment they went stone silent. When it came out that Brickface lied on Black Men, they either went quiet or started grasping at straws to defend her. People saw the Jonathan Majors case how that white woman lied on him. Video showed him RUNNING AWAY from that woman, the OPPOSITE of “abuse.” People saw the Johnny Depp case and saw how Amber Heard lied on him. And what about the EPIDEMIC of female teachers having sex with their underage students? Nobody is buying that “believe all women” bullshit anymore. Like The Gipper once said, “trust but verify.” Those lying bitches overplayed their hand. The online feminist #metoo witch hunt warriors of 2020-2021 are all in on Palestine now. They don’t even talk about the sh*t anymore.

      Now like you point out, western men are doing them, focusing on themselves, saving their cash, and going abroad and these same bitches are mad. Oh well. Let them eat cake.



    Just had to post this here.

    While “our” women are telling the world we ain’t shit and doing everything in their power to destroy our image for their own gain (‘Brickgate’ anyone?), you have women who love, desire and appreciate us for US. And yes, you can be a “nerd/lame/square” without a criminal rap sheet. As long as you have your stuff together and take care of business, that’s enough.

    A true woman will compete for you, defend you and elevate you in front of the world. This is what all good, productive black men deserve and I love to see it.

    Good black men are in demand, don’t let these incel Brads, KKKeishas and their simp plantation flunkies tell you otherwise.


  26. Roda Osman (AKA Brickface) has been charged with felony theft by deception:

    This is demonic on so many levels! She made up an entire story about a Black man assaulting her with a brick, and on top of that, claimed that the alleged suspect was involved in human trafficking; where are the divestors and pro Whack simps to make noise about this case like they did with Jonathan Majors and his ex? Where is Dr. Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson to condemn his “African sister” for behavior that is unbecoming of African people?

    Before any pro Whacks bring up her being “non-FBA” or a “tether”, it must be stressed that the problem with the scraggle daggle is the same around the globe; these non-FBA straggs follow in the footsteps of the Westernized straggs, and Brickface is no exception. Look at this profile I found of her:

    Her interests include “Black feminist theory, ethnography, urban social movements, Black diasporic studies, decolonial studies, cultural studies, race and gender studies”; perhaps if she considered studying subjects that were worth a damn, she wouldn’t be scamming the “sustahhood” out of over $40,000. I hope they throw the book at her just like the imaginary brick she claimed hit her in the face!

    1. Blue Collar,

      I give props to Daphnie Sutton because she is the one who expose this Brickgate Roda.
      I thought this happen is Somalia, but it turns out it happen in America.

      We all knew she was lying all along, but these Pro-Black simps were defending Roda heavily, even threatening an eye witness who decontruct her lies months ago.

      I do not feel bad for the BW who got scam by her because the BW so caught up with consuming Black Male hate they even donate to her con.

      Links to her videos of the Journey to expose the Brickface:

      Link 1 =
      Link 2 =
      Link 3 =
      Link 4 =
      Link 5 =
      Link 6 =

      1. Michael,

        I saw the links, each footage is like the journey to exposing the Brickface girl.
        I saw one commenter asking if the Pro-Black and BW will apologise to Black Men for slandering.
        I say don’t bother waiting because they always double down.

    1. Deeznutz,

      Doesn’t that make you a premium grade dunce and a jack ass for going out of your way to comment on a website to let some “losers” know that you’ve been here? You’re not very bright are you, smh.

    2. Of course no explanation as to how we’re “losers”, just a hit-and-run comment with a bunch of emojis.

      Let’s see if “Deeznutz” is willing to debate, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      1. SYSBM Forever,

        This is unfortunately one of the downsides of having a website where real and pertinent issues are discussed, occasionally low brow, knuckle dragging laggards will breeze through feeling the need to mock and ridicule, yet they never intelligently countering the points raised.

        1. Verbs2015,

          I’m looking forward to your first issue of 2024. This is going to be a very interesting year. A lot is going on.

          You champion the good, everyday decent black man. And what you do is unique on the internet.

          The scraggles will be taking heavy loses this year, as more and more of their duplicity, fuckery, and intimate collusion with their white zaddy masters will come to light.

          The recent Claudine Gay (ex Harvard U. DEI President) drama is a prime example of black female collusion with white zaddy masters to advance the narrative of black female empowerment and black male disempowerment. Claudine Gay’s only accomplishments is life were useless degrees in academic fluff that she committed plagiarism to attain. The white zaddies at Harvard thought it was clever symbolism to make her President of Harvard, that she could be a useful icon of the black matriarchy.

          Throughout her brief tenure at Harvard, she used her DEI position to do harm to the few black male faculty members at Harvard. This is what comes naturally to scraggs like Claudine Gay.

          I won’t make the mistake of thinking it is only white racist males on the left who engage this way with the scraggle daggle. I am sure that racist white male society on the right does the same thing. Its just that there are more scraggle daggles to be found in leftist society circles.

          This is one reason I don’t want to hear people talking about how great Candice Owens is. The racist right wing uses her exactly the same way as the racist left wing uses its scraggle daggle tools. As a tool to batter the already totally destroyed black communitah, and as a billy club to beat the heads of black males.

          1. AmericanBlkMan,

            Looking forward to resuming next week Monday, I’m going to be coming hard out of the gate. All forms of foolishness coming from these black sirens as well as Western females in general are going to be thoroughly deconstructed. It will be very interesting to see how worse things will pan out for the daggles, get your popcorn and freshly squeezed juice at the ready.

        2. The precise reason why private, Black, all-male social clubs need to make a comeback. So matriarchal niggas with their mama’s last name can’t get in.

          1. Scadenfreude,

            I completely agree with you. These matriarchal maggles are a serious hindrance to masculine, progressive black men.

            1. I’m gonna touch on that on next week’s Open Mic Wednesday.

              These pussified matriarchal dudes who look like us are our biggest enemies right now, even more than the black daggle. I’m partly basing this on a particular youtuber from my side of the pond we’re familiar with.

              1. I’ve been saying for years that the black male simp is a bigger problem than the scraggle daggle. I truly believe this. As I see it, the scraggle daggle cannot exist as she does today, cannot be the negative empowered force she is, cannot reign supreme over da communitah, but for the black male simp.

                The black male simp sustains and empowers and enables the scraggle daggle. The scraggle daggle cohort cannot sustain itself on its own. The black male simp does all the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively) for the scraggle daggle.

              2. SYSBM Forever,

                Looking forward to your commentary as well as the exposure. I’m locked, loaded and ready for this coming Monday.


    This is the type of shit the west promotes. She’s the whole villain in this entire scenario, but of course the ‘go with your heart’ narrative is spun to make it seem like some touching love story and no doubt if you call her out you’re being “bigoted”. Notice the underlying tone of “deal with it” in the article? LOL this selfish bitch devastated her family and traumatised her husband and kids just to bump uglies with another woman.

    SMH. Then they seriously wonder why society has fallen apart and men don’t wanna get married nor trust women anymore.

    Get your passports cos the west is done.


    You have to be a special kind of evil to torture and kill innocent animals; worse yet, you do so on YouTube?! Also, it’s funny how YouTube didn’t do anything about this sooner? Oh, I forgot, they allowed Cynthia G to spew hate speech against straight Black men and get paid for it for years!


    Unbelievable! She stabbed this man over 100 times, and she only gets probation and community service?! Also, I can’t ignore how they attempted to victim blame by saying he bullied and intimidated her into smoking the last bit of marijuana (they’re insinuating that this wouldn’t have happened had he not forced her to smoke); had the roles been reversed, I think we know how this trial would’ve ended for the man.

    1. Tommy Sotomayor called it years ago, the system wants these female monsters back out on the streets asap to keep causing more havoc. If they’re in their reproductive years, the sentences are even lighter so they can shit out bastard children as fodder for the prison industrial complex, or the fetuses can get aborted to appease Moloch. Either way the Satanic American system wins, and we lose.

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