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Everyday, More Lies – Part 3! #SHORTS


Yep, she’s back once again, the old hag Filibuster Bianca L Gibson/Jackson, remember her, the one who couldn’t answer the question as to what the benefits would be for a man who was child free dating her and taking onboard her 4 kids ie providing clean up man services.

She couldn’t answer that question, yet here she is once again gracing us with her presence and so called “knowledge” as to why increasing numbers of black men are choosing foreign women.

So, this black siren at the recording of the above video was in the Dominican Republic where she got to see firsthand how NORMAL women behave. Of course, being the unbridled elder black harriet that she is, she immediately got shook and decided to record a video to post to TikTok attempting to shame black men out of choosing to deal with foreign women.

That is the long and short of what really happened. She saw first hand what true femininity looks like and realised that she’s as far from being a traditional woman as the East is from the West.

See, this is what happens when Western black women travel to different countries and observe firsthand just how non Westernised foreign women behave, in those moments their hearts sink as they realise how much more of a better deal free thinking black men are getting by simply bypassing them and heading into the arms of women from non Westernised nations.

I could easily break down the arguments she made in the video, however I much prefer dealing with the true reason the above video was made, fake eyelash, cake faced and weave wearing Bianca L Gibson when placed side by side with a foreign woman realises that she’s literally a piece of trash that no man wants and this is excluding the fact that she’s a single mother with 4 children.

Gentlemen, do you see how these black females work when compared to women from other ethnic backgrounds, white and other non black Western women in general will visit foreign countries, see how non Westernised foreign women behave, return to their own respective countries and at least some will attempt to implement some of those better qualities in order to improve and make themselves more attractive to men.

Not this modern day black female however, nope, she observes how non Westernised foreign women behave and the first thing she’s lead to do is to produce a video for TikTok attempting to throw shade on them as well as trying her utmost to shame and dissuade black men from going over to foreign countries to deal with more traditional women, smh.

These elder black harpies can’t compete on an equal playing field and they know it, this is why black women as a collective are constantly engaging in guilt tripping and shaming tactics as they know that their quality as women is already deep in the sewers.

The witchcraft and the sorcery are very real with these modern day black harriets, they’re straight up shook out here realising that they don’t stand a chance when compared to foreign females, therefore instead they’ll choose to run the “you want a foreign woman who you can control” witchcraft in their attempts to stem the flow of black men leaving the building(which still isn’t working anyway).

Angry, bitter and disgruntled old hags such as Bianca Jackson so wish they could turn back the clock to the days of Oprah, Sally Jane Raphael, Phil Donahue, Ricki Lake etc where once upon a time black women had a free reign of the yard to slate, berate, disparage, mock, ridicule and laugh at black men without any recourse or pushback, however with the advent of the internet, thank the Most High those days are long gone, black men can now respond to black female Tom foolery and ignorance in real time.

Jackson/Gibson is your typical modern day black siren, throwing stones and hiding her hands as well as using Christianity as a shield and a decoy to carry out her evil black male hating works of garbage. If you want the bull you get the horns too, didn’t you realise that Miss Jackson?

Brothers, continue to go where you will be loved and appreciated and never allow yourself to be shamed out of doing so by angry, bitter and disgruntled black females who’ve made bad choices in the past and who don’t want to see you living your best life now and in the future. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Fear Any Competition

Most High Bless

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45 thoughts on “Everyday, More Lies – Part 3! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    The reason why us SYSBM black men date foreign women, White women and other non black women is because they treat SYSBM black men and other decent black men with love and respect plus they treat us like a normal human beings. Why I would I as a childfree black man at 39 want to date black women and single mothers because all they are going to bring in my life is problems, drama, bastard kids, and baby daddies. I want to avoid all that crap thank you very much and live a stress free life. This is the reason why I prefer to date single childfree non black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women as a collective are beginning to sweat profusely because they see the indoctrination and programming they’ve put in place for black men to worship them unconditionally is wearing off fast. All they have left are the simps and many of these elder Gen X black men who simply can’t let go. I’ve been preaching for the longest, any man worth his salt is to start his own legacy and family tree from scratch, NOT perform clean up man services and take on board the children of another.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Its so good to see Milllenial black men and Generation Z black men know their self worth and that they have plentiful of options in dating quality beautiful childfree non black women and they are escaping the black community for good and they ain’t ever coming back. Black women shaming tactics do not work on us SYSBM black men.

        1. The delusion is real.

          As I have been saying for awhile these witches and their B1 flunkies are checking up on ya’ll.

          I am seeing more and more video content from the lost and forgotten down in countries such as Dominican Republic and even Brazil (not a short plane ride).

          They see what I see. Which is the majority of Black men are dating the poorest women in these countries. On the surface that is acceptable, but in the macro it’s not because it leaves you open for criticism from Feminist and many others.

          Men are scared of prosperious women in these countries because they are concerned their behavior is the same as careerist women from the West.

          Nothing could be further from the truth. Many of these women put their dicks away when they come home to cook and cater to the men in their lives. Slavic women describe it as being “weak”. They want to come home to a place where they are no longer being asked to make difficult decisions that come with the job of being responsible for a group of people at work.

          It’s not accident that your Slavic wife wants to succeed in life overall. That means reaching the top of business, but that also means having the best children and happiest husband.

          They know from their culture, the same in other non-western cultures that if you are a good man somebody else will take him from you if treated poorly.

          The only dudes complaining about their failed marriages to Forigen women are the Beta males because being a masculine man is foriegn to them.

  2. I saw this video recently,

    She call herself a ‘Narcissistic Recovery Coach’ and a Christ follower.
    As a Christ follower, she should be taught how to be a wife.
    How can she be a Narcissistic Recovery Coach when she talks nothing but Narcissism.

    You are right Verbs, she being a liberal Narcissist make her not use to know what femininity and being a wife looks like. Nor she understands family structure. I also agree with you that they no chance of competing against foreigners because they know they will lose anyway. They might as well pick the simps even they do not want them.

    Also western females always see ‘wife’ and as oppress when they go to other countries.
    What these Western BW do not see is in other countries that foreign women works and make money too. Also know how to be a wife. These BW do not get this.

    Instead of know hoe to become a wife as she is the follower of Christ, she decided (as usual) shame BM who dates foreigner because they know how to be a wife.

    She got kids, meaning single mother? That makes sense on why she shaming men when they date foreign women.

    The reason they hate foreign women and men have options:
    1) They know other women want to have a husband and have a family
    2) They hate competition. Meaning they have no choice but to compete against the foreigners in the dating market.

    As Quincy always said, ‘he is looking for a childfree foreign women’, and not a used up man-hating women.

    Kevin use the 4 code letters when it comes to these broads: SIGN (Shame, Insult, Guilt, and a Need to be right).

    1. MMT,

      Nothing this black witch says or does is going to change anything, free thinking black men are going to continue dealing with the women they want and there is nothing that Bianca Jackson can do about it. The shaming tactics don’t work anymore, black men who date out really aren’t interested nor are they affected by the modern day black female’s opinion of them choosing to expand upon their dating options.

      Jackson is a washed up old hag with 4 children en tow, she already knows she’s up the creek without a paddle, no man worth his salt is going to deal with her and her bastard offspring. Already having dealt with so called “Christian” black women in my book Negro Wars as well as the church beast book, I already know that the overwhelming majority of black women who claim Christianity are full of premium garbage, Bianca Jackson is a prime example of this.

      She tried and failed miserably, yet a major L for the black witch contingent. L Express is needed on this one, where is commenter Thebackhandofreality when you need him?

      1. Any Black man claiming “Christianity” should read your books Verbs.

        Each child a Black woman has without being married is like driving a car with four flat tires. Each tire has a cost to be repaired or replaced just like children.

        There is a debate being had in the Passport Bro space about women overseas who are single mothers. Why this is happening I don’t know other than to think that some late Baby Boomers and older Gen X men are watching their options of having a family fade with time.

        Meanwhile they took hook, line and sink the talking points of the Manosphere in general about the unfair family court system which gives them pause.

        To use Russell Wilson again, while he is see as an shining example of what is possible to Black single mothers out there, he did after all marry a single mother.

        Not just any single mother but Ciara. That is how I see it with men. If you are going to do it, get the highest quality, best looking single mother you can find because you are getting premium pussy at a major discount.

        For one thing you know she is able to have children… I much rather compromise on this than to take risk with a woman in her late 30’s who has no idea of she can bare children or not.

        That said with so many single women out there why is it a subject anyway? That screams scarity mindset, not one of abundance.

      2. Verbs,

        A new shipment of L’s is currently out for delivery. Ask and ye shall receive.

        L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  3. So she’s on vacay in the sunny DR and has nothing better to do than to record a video talking about Black Men’s preferences. LMAO. Heterosexual men of all stripes want young and submissive women period and will take their hard earned money and find them. These old leftist hags along with their LGBTQP “allies” are at war with Mother Nature at this point. I saw a tweet where this Shaniqua claimed that a man wanting a petite female was rooted in pedophilia, LOL! The crime of wanting a female who’s smaller than you.

    American BW feel that they are entitled to a BM’s resources period, so they feel some kind of way when you openly take them elsewhere. These hoes only want you for what you can provide, why not get what you want in return?

    It’s a shame because Ms. Bianca isn’t bad looking but instead shutting up and finding a simp to take on her ready-made brood she’s berating Black Men with options on TikTok, while on vacay. BW are their own worst enemies, let them burn and roast marshmallows on the fire.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      These disgruntled, bitter and miserable black sirens are out here severely shook up, they know the tide is turning against them and there is nothing they can do to reverse the process. Bianca Jackson/Gibson, whatever last name she’s using now really believes that going in on foreign women and black men is somehow going to upset the current flow……NOT.

      You’ll notice that black women never take the humble path whenever it comes down to them noting increasing numbers of black men dating out, since when has throwing out insults and using shaming tactics been successful in persuading those same black men to return to them, I’ll wait?

      Black women have nothing to offer and they know it, hence why the shaming technique is one of the last manoeuvres they have in attempting to get black men to return to the plantation. For free thinking black men that’s never going to happen, like you said, she should simply pick up a simp and focus on her children instead of worrying about successful black men and where they’re choosing to place their family jewels.

      1. Verbs,

        There are plenty of older men, simps and single dads out there willing to do a Brady Bunch blended family type deal with a single mom who looks like her, but instead of focusing on those kinds of guys (aka normal), Bianca would rather focus on what she can’t have, SYSBM guys flexing their passports. Like you say, shaming tactics won’t get Black Men back to the plantation.

        The exodus/brain drain of good brothers with disposable income to travel is really hurting these black females. But I thought they didn’t care who we dated????

        TikTok is really doing a number on these hoes. Like tattoos, the mental illness is now visible.

  4. This ape negress just automatically assumes every black guy wants a poor foreign woman only relying on the guy for survival, not cause they genuinely love the guy.

    In reality, this ain’t the case for everyone.

    A lot of foreign women also have jobs in their countries so she’s acting like they don’t work.

    Sounds like she’s discriminating against all foreign women.

    This is why most negroids need to be wiped out from the bioweapon jab.

    A blackistan genocide is needed so people like her can’t reproduce bastard kids.

    Meanwhile I live a stressed-free life away from them with a white wifey.

    1. Witwijf,

      The Black witch Gibson isn’t changing a damn thing, black men are continuing to exit the building at an astronomical rate and there is nothing that her or the rest of black witch contingent can do to stop it. Gibson has probably never experienced love and so doesn’t have a clue about two people being in love with each other, that concept is “foreign” to her, pun intended.

      Black women out here making slap fools of themselves trying their utmost to shame free thinking brothers with options back onto the plantation rather than approaching the situation from a humble standpoint, smh. #SYSBMFORLIFE

    2. Oh how I want to be in your position. I am working diligently on that as we speak.

      I want to be honored as a Knight of the Realm.

    3. >Meanwhile I live a stressed-free life away from them with a white wifey.

      Same here. For 20 years and counting.


    1. Andy C,

      Typical black witch, throwing stones and hiding her hands. Just like the Fake Academic whenever folks respond to the garbage, Jackson/Gibson is nowhere to be found. Talking premium garbage about foreign women but then blocking the same whenever they respond, that is some weak cowardly nonsense right there. Jackson/Gibson ought to be shamed of herself, an old hag who’s way over the hill and who needs to concentrate on rearing her bastard children instead of fussing over foreign women.

  5. It’s too late, BW are basically talking to themselves at this point, good BM have checked out when it comes to dating them. The non-BW / foreign women are the boogeyman talk is their last resort. Keep the Wall up

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      It’s only right that good brothers have abandoned ship, after all, aren’t these the same black women who’ve been openly stating in no uncertain terms that they hate, loathe and despise the so called “educated lames” and much prefer to deal with the likes of Sheggy, Two Snacks, Field Mouse, Shorty Fist and Chunky Bruh?

      1. …also Slim Sauce and 12-Gauge Mike.


  6. The scraggle daggle will never learn, will they? This braud must think she’s shaming brothers for their preferences, but she’s really telling on herself as to her lack of feminine traits and her stubborn nature which stems from the lie that was fed to them by White feminists that Black men were oppressing them, and we’ve seen what the last 50 years of their “liberation” has wrought. This also explains why they hate it when Black men travel outside of the communitah: they can see how other cultures work when strong men lead, and they don’t respect the leadership of Black men; I can guarantee you Bianca wouldn’t fix her mouth to say anything like this about Captain Frostbite!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The reports are in, more heterosexual free thinking black men are realising that they can achieve much better results dealing with non westernised foreign women who are still grounded in womanhood and femininity, Bianca Gibson being your typical black female is so far removed from both plus she doesn’t believe that black men deserve either.

      Most black women don’t seem to understand that embracing feminism and the “I’m an independent woman, I don’t need a man” mindset literally comes at a price, they don’t get any man, they remain single and live out the rest of their days dedicating their time to the failed religion of feminism.

      Black women as a group through their relentless embrace of feminism have doomed themselves to spinsterhood, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

  7. I hope SYSBM enjoyed your Easter on the weekend. Hope that your snow bunny bend over in front of you and pick up them Easter eggs and wiggling her tail, lol!

    When I saw this scraggly queen, I was like let me pour a glass of liquor and here the crap she has to say.

    These ghetto ratchet black women are getting more and more salty when black men date foreign women. As I saw the scraggle daggle with four kids mocking black men choosing foreign women, do you think that any black man will date a woman like her? He wouldn’t even go near that. I have only had one black girlfriend who is from this country and five of my exes are from Jamaica, so I know about foreign woman. But they were gold diggers, single mothers; belong for the roads type women.

    As you look at this scraggle daggle harridan, this is the reason why black men are dating non black women or staying single. Because they will deal with this ghetto ratchet bitterness. And another thing. When I see a ratchet black woman, it’s always a single mother. Most of these women are single mothers who are chasing black men who are childless. And the childless black will not give these mediocre women a chance at all. You know why the scragg is bitter to the core is because the men are simping. They don’t wanna take care another man’s child or children.

    Anyway man. Keep your white sugar honey safe tonight as scraggle daggles like this crazy broad are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Jamaican women even though they are foreign are heavily westernised, this is why I emphasise “non westernised” alongside foreign. Jamaican women are some of the worst black women on the planet, I believe it’s a toss up between them and the American black woman as to who looks the most tranny-esque with all of the usual fake external appendages applied.

      Black women only have themselves to blame when it comes to more black men choosing to bypass them and instead head in the direction of non westernised foreign females however they’ll never admit this, in typical black female fashion they’ll try their utmost to find fault with black men, smh.

      1. Jamaicans are as every bit as westernised as the American, Canadian and British brothers, only difference is their money isn’t worth shit. Why do you think our ancestors pitched up in a boat for the lands of plenty?

        1. >only difference is their money isn’t worth shit.

          That statement alone is a mike drop.


  8. Angry, bitter and disgruntled old hags such as Bianca Jackson so wish they could turn back the clock to the days of Oprah, Sally Jane Raphael, Phil Donahue, Ricki Lake etc where once upon a time black women had a free reign of the yard to slate, berate, disparage, mock, ridicule and laugh at black men without any recourse

    Nighas is deadbeat
    Nighas is broke
    Nighas is conquered
    Nighas don’t build
    Nighas is selling out

    On and on and on with the same old witchcraft spells. It worked in the 90s when even British brothers were addicted to Jerry Springer Saturday nights on satellite television. Now everyone has a smartphone to record and upload the garden variety Daggle acting the fool.

    I like my South American women white and bright (so Argentina is a good shout) but even a Colombian chick will do. Never will I ever let a western Daggle have any significant say over my life – even the stagnant rancid sewer pit called family.

    Charles Tyler was onto something before he died.

    1. Michel,

      Argentina is open for travel by the way, no jab requirements and no convid-1984 testing needed for entry either. I would suggest that you be wary of the women from Argentina because feminism has really seeped into the country big time, let’s not forget the video I posted years ago of a hoard of pro abortion Argentine women attacking a load of dudes who were protecting a cathedral from vandalism:

      I personally reckon you’d be better off with a Colombian woman, however at the moment the Colombia government is being extra slow with opening up the borders, currently they want you to be jabbed up in order to come in and I believe on top of that you have to be tested before you travel as well, smh.

      1. Jeremy Kyle came well after Jerry Springer’s numerous US and occasionally UK shows.
        Kyle is a piss poor British rip off who made his living shouting at, shaming and exploiting the underclass of society for cheap ratings. Thankfully he’s no longer on air because a guest later died and ended his show. Say what you want about Springer but at least he had some class. Jeremy Kyle is a West Ham wanker.

  9. ALL THEM Sorry ASS PRO BLACK SIMPS NEED Counseling and THEY Think BLACK Women Are God help them for SOME HOODRATS PUSSY WHAT A JOKE!! 😀🤣😂😄 STAY #SYSBM4LIFE!!

  10. So what if some of these dudes are dealing with poorer women? The status and productivity of the man is what is important. All the woman needs is to be cultured enough to appreciate, receive and redistribute to her household what hes imparting. Now if shes accomplished? Thats great too, but it is completely a BW talking point to insist that a man MUST deal with some socially/financially accomplished female instead of finding the woman best suited to be a WIFE and eventually MOTHER.

    1. Autodidact,

      Most black women already know that they’re not fit to be wives or mothers, this is why they attempt to muddy the waters with the socioeconomic Texas Two Step. However, as has been pointed out so many times before, a quality man couldn’t care less about how much the woman is earning, is she grounded in her femininity and womanhood, those are the qualities that really matter to him.

  11. Salute, brother Verbs. Great to be back. I’m going to make this comment short and sweet. A single mother with 4 kids has ZERO right to talk about the way other women behave. She can minimize and diminish the submissive nature of these foreign women as she chooses, but I’d say they’re doing way better than her at the prospect of finding a decent man.

    1. Mister Perfect,

      She knows that these foreign women have way more to offer, that’s why she’s taking time out of her sunny vacation to make a video berating these women and the Black Men who seek them. Would YOU take a break from a sunny beach vacation to make such a video about BW? I’d guess no.

  12. There is something I like to add to this Verbs:

    I notice that these BW talks about how we date foreign women because thet are feminine and submissive.
    These are the same BW lesbians who picks White classy feminine women.

    The reason why Black lesbians chooses white women because BW are masculine and they like to control.

    Lesbian relations are worse because women manipulate each other so it make sense that one control another.
    BW can chose another BW but putting 2 BW lesbians as a couple with their gheto mindset is like a chain-reaction.

    You made topics about this a year ago post a video about this.

    For all these haters and dick police hoteps like Umar talking about how BM choses WW because they are submissive.
    What to they think about how black lesbian go for White Women? Crickets!
    Lets make this a simple equation to this women such as Bianca who has 4 kids:

    BM + WW = Male Leadership = Patriarchy
    BW + WW = BW Control = Matriarchy

  13. Haha just watched this video again. Funny thing is everything she mentions is what BW do. Smile in your face and use you to get the bag. At least in the DR or Puerto Rico you can spend the same money on a Dominican chick as on an American BW and get your needs met with a smile from a YOUNGER chick from a patriarchal country with a great body, no kids, her own hair and no flyaway eyelashes or talon claw nails. You don’t have to love me, just give me my money’s worth. Miss Bianca is the one in delusion hahaha. These hoes truly ain’t shit, my God.

    SYSBM, family.

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