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Some Black Men Ought Not To Speak!


There is a specific political term given to those who choose to advocate as well as throw their weight and support behind a movement that is actually working against them, that term is called “useful idiots“.

If only this stupid Negro above knew just how much homosexuals as a collective hate heterosexuals and actually enjoy watching knuckleheaded heterosexual men and women like himself advocate on their behalf and push their homosexual agenda which by the way only ever benefits homosexuals themselves.

I equally have to laugh at the fact that there are too many heterosexual men and women out here who’ll readily use the word “homophobia” without realising the word has no legitimacy whatsoever.

The word “homophobia” was invented by homosexuals in their efforts to stop critics from questioning their dysfunctional behaviour as well as their incredibly questionable lifestyle much like the Jewish people invented the term “anti semitic” in their efforts to shut down any legitimate criticisms, examinations, debate and scrutiny of the Jewish people and their dodgy conduct.

There are no viable reasons why any heterosexual individual should support anything to do with homosexuality, NONE. If it isn’t black women attempting to push the LGBTQP agenda deeper into black society, it’s confused, compromised and braindead Negro males trying their utmost to sideways get other black men to accept homosexuality in order to do the same.

As I’ve stated before, homosexuality brings absolutely NO benefits to any society, however rolling out such a lifestyle can bring many detriments upon the people who choose to accept it.

Homosexuality is a dysfunctional abomination that must always be rejected at all costs, we’ve clearly seen the damage that feminism has brought to black society already knowing that feminism and homosexuality being linked come from the same reprobate tree.

Gentlemen, take note and beware of so called “conscious” black folks attempting to slide homosexuality into your acceptance zone on the slick, it is a healthy practice to be hyper skeptical and critical of dysfunctional and destructive lifestyles of which homosexuality fits both descriptions.

History bears out time and time again the destruction and horrible end homosexuality brings upon any society that chooses to accept and embrace it, NEVER allow these slicksters and wizards to shame you into accepting something you can clearly see is a detriment on all fronts.

Those within black society who openly embrace homosexuality, feminism as well as other related branches and encourage others to do the same clearly have an agenda to ensure that black folks as a whole continue to remain in their dysfunctional stupor.

Everywhere you look it’s homosexual this and homosexual that, the fact that they have to continually push this sodomite lifestyle in your face 24/7 tells you off the rip that it isn’t natural, this is on top of many more obvious pointers.

Brothers, as per usual black masculinity and manhood is under heavy attack and General Blizzard is trying his best to make black men the new face of the sodomite culture via using mullet headed flunkies such as Conscious Lee to push the agenda forward. Always stand tall in your heterosexuality, masculinity and manhood and never allow homosexuals to shame you into a corner of silence.

It will be a freezing cold day in hell before I ever accept the homosexual lifestyle and remember, these are the same greasy decadents who are openly going after children. Didn’t the sodomites of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus release a song mid last year bragging about how they were going to indoctrinate and convert children over to their lifestyle?

This is exactly what happens when you give homosexuals an inch, they’ll eventually move to bust down the whole door. This is why the “I don’t mind what they do as long as they keep it over there” mantra doesn’t work because foolish individuals don’t understand the homosexual’s mindset.

They NEVER “keep it over there”, sodomites relish embarking upon forbidden territory, they’re constantly seeking out “fresh meat” and have no problems violating anybody who crosses their path. I made it very clear in MBD’s SYSBM book that SYSBM DOES NOT support homosexuality and it NEVER WILL(as per SYSBM Tenet Number 7).

Homosexuals need to seriously slow their roll, being a small minority it isn’t good for them to puff out their chests and talk about converting over children to their perversions. People eventually are going to snap and I don’t feel sorry for these homosexuals when they are fully recompensed for their transgressions:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Resistance Against Homosexuality Is Obedience To The Most High God

Most High Bless

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34 thoughts on “Some Black Men Ought Not To Speak!

  1. Islamic nations would stone homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders to death.

    All of these LGBT people should receive the death penalty, so that future generations won’t get encouraged into abnormal degeneracy.

    In future, I don’t want anyone influencing my own kid to think this lifestyle is ok.

    Maybe I should move to an Islamic environment with a white wifey for raising kids.

    Dubai comes to mind cause they want UK citizens.

    1. Yes sir, I said in another comment if I could make a living in someplace like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, I’d be out like a shot. No Western far-leftist gender confusion or mutant feminism there, plus warm all the time.

      1. Islamic countries are the most traditionalist out of all the white nations. Trailer Trash Joe, KGB Dan and Confederate Shanqiua throw shade at Erdogan, Quatar and the Syrian Rebels for being what the former pretended to be and failed in every way. Soviet conservatives, black women and Western white men had all the power and opportunity to improve themselves and keep the West dominant, but instead they let Chabad Azov and Missa Chin whisper sweet lies into their ear and make off with all the high tech and industry though espionage and cunning.

    2. Witwijf,

      It’s an extremely sad state of affairs but as has been mentioned before, outside of Chinese communism as well as the orthodox Christian belief system stemming from Eastern Europe, Islam is the only other sect I can see standing firm against the pestilence called homosexuality.

      So called modern day “Christians” ie those of the West dropped the ball a long time ago when they decided to endorse the homosexual lifestyle as well as allow the sodomites a free reign in their churches, the black church being the worst culprit of all.

      1. Verbs, you are correct that China is doing a great job of keeping Western pestilence out of their country.

        Here they are banning degenerate negro hip-hop from their state TV. They need to do that in America, braindead rap/hip-hop lowlife matriarchal death culture (amplified by Chabad-owned Western media) has done enough damage.

        And here they are again banning “effeminate” males from TV. Apparently they want strong heterosexual boys to grow up and take charge one day. They keep the gender-confused British cigarettes and transformers underground where they belong, instead of spreading their filth out in the open like in Babylon.

        No time for “ho3 phases” and chasing bad boys if you’re a Chinese woman who is deemed a “sheng-nu” if you are over 27 and unmarried. No fat angry blue-haired tattooed dyke feminists here.

        I know a Black dude who lived in Beijing for a decade and loved it. He only moved back to the US when his department was phased out. So it’s definitely possible to emigrate there. SYSBM.

  2. Either dude is a closet batty boy or he was paid for his bullshit commentary. It’s just a round about method of population control. That’s why they’re always trying to force this fuck shit on heterosexual black men.

    1. Val Zod,

      I keep on saying it, heterosexual free thinking black men are the most hostile and militant group on the planet when it comes to homosexuality(and rightly so), put bluntly, we don’t play when it comes to those who call themselves “gay”.

      Black women under the directive of Field Marshal Breezy were supposed to break down that barrier making black men more receptive to the sodomite lifestyle, however it hasn’t worked. Obsidian also tried and miserably failed to break down that much needed resistance as has been pointed out before.

      The powers that be desperately desire to subdue the most masculine individuals on the planet(us)and we are giving them massive problems with our high level of pushback against the sodomite lifestyle. Good.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t support the homosexual lifestyle because they forcing it onto people and that is wrong. Can you imagine if the whole world turned gay and lesbian then the human race will eventually die off because no new kids will born and to produce a human being or a baby you need a man and a woman to do that. I thank God that I am a free thinking heterosexual SYSBM man who supports the nuclear family with a man and a woman because that is the natural order of things.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Agreed, a man’s natural and ultimate purpose is to replicate himself, obviously this cannot happen if men are turning towards each other instead of towards women. Just like yourself, I stand strong and proud in the fact that I am a heterosexual black man and NOTHING will every change that. The LGBTQP squads can protest and lobby all they want, I’m straight over here(pun intended).

  4. Many of the black male simps who advocate for the LGBTQP agenda are in fact paid shills. Often they work for a ‘WOKE’ fake news outlet such as MSNBC. Other times they are shilling for the degenerate wing of the Democratic party or one of the many NGOs that advocate for the degenerate wing of the Democratic party.

    Don’t think I am advocating for the Republican party just because I point out some of the nonsense of the Democratic party. I say a pox on both of them, because neither have an agenda that is beneficial to free thinking heterosexual black men. I have to make this point because some half baked thinkers will construe that if I criticize the Democratic party, that means I’m advocating for the Republican party.

    But rest assured that whenever you see a black male simp on some media platform or outlet, advocating for the LGBTQP agenda, said simp is being paid to do so, and is being sponsored by the forces that are pushing this sick and depraved agenda..

    1. Many Soviet conservatives and ‘liberal’ black women and white men are in fact covert fishes who use race purity as an opportunity to push the lifestyle into wider society and destroy any opposition. The Turkish Ottomans and Chabad rabbis knew of the power of homosexuality for blackmail and used it as such. During the 1900s-1960s there was Democrat KKK Jim Crow and ‘white pride’. Investigators discovered that much of the idealism about the white race being pushed during that period was due to covert drugging of black men and white women to keep them docile. Today the Democrat liberals are the party of LGBTQP+ and handouts.

      On the other hand, the KGB Third Rome Soviet crowd that Tucker Carlson and Vlad Putin belong to is staffed with a huge amount of Russian Army officers that rape young boys and other soldiers. Many godfathers of the Russian wignat movement have been exposed as wife swappers and homosexual pederasts. Due to these degenerates and the Chabad gang’s everlasting fear of white women and black men joining forces and overthrowing them, Russia suffers from the highest rate of divorce, sex trafficking and HIV in the world. Coincidence? Nein!

      Don’t you find it strange that black women/western white men and Soviet conservatives put aside their beefs to bomb, attack and destroy Islamic countries who oppose homosexuality and sexual deviancy? The Taliban banned bacchi basa and all of the Soviet/US collaborators came running back to the West. Turkey destroys the Neo-Nazi SSNP working with the crypto-gay Syrian Arab Army and collaborates with the Russian Army to destroy the Azov foot soldiers of the Chabad cult and the Russian and American media starts spreading conspiracy theories about a new Iron Curtain.

      Bonnets and Jackboots must have been going up in flames recently when the Saudi King announced a Straight Pride month. Now we know why beta white males are so obsessed with black men’s sexual organs and black women gravitate towards Neo-Nazi movements

      Books like “The Pink Swakitsa” were right all along. The easiest way to destroy a nation is to push degeneracy under the excuse of racial nationalism and destroy the critics by calling them names.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      Having seen the colossal failure on the
      part of the black witch to soften black men up in order to be more receptive towards the LGBTQP lifestyle and community, you’d think that the black male simp would’ve chosen not to take onboard such a mission himself, however we already know how desperate these bootlicking, brown nosing simps are to impress their black female overlords, nether the less, he’s still chosen to “have a go at it”, smh.

      As a straight free thinking black man, it profits me absolutely NOTHING to endorse, support or promote the homosexual lifestyle, even if dockets are involved.

  5. I will always view homosexuality as an abomination before the Most High and beyond disgusting, the same goes for all social movements attached to it. Interesting note that it has ALWAYS been understood that the treatment of the black race in modern times has been so damnably evil as to rise to the level of offense where it must eventually be answered by the Supreme Deity Himself. The writings of Thomas Jefferson notes that even he was astutely aware of the irony of fighting for the independence of Americans while being slave owners, something he wrote they’d have to answer for from God Himself. He just hoped that it wouldn’t happen on his watch.

    I said all of that to say this. How in the living hell are we EVER supposed to expect the Almighty to recompense us for those historically great tragedies enacted on our people if we take into our midst that which He has ALWAYS seen as repugnant! The answer is that we can’t but your typical Jezebel bw and brain dead army of simps don’t see it as a problem.
    Add this reason to the already full to the brim list as yet another reason why the vast majority of the “comunitah” must be abandoned to the trash heap oh history.
    P.S. The day Sodomy is accepted in SYSBM will be the last day I represent it. PERIOD!

    1. Black females and beta white men don’t think. They lap up and propagate narratives and let other people control how the system is run. This is why they will stalk, shame, collaborate with white nationalist communists ala Putin and Fox News on racist projects, and try to prevent black men from dating out, but will never have the time to deal with Missa Chin, Chabad Azov, Soviet Sam and Hindutva Pajeet stealing all the jobs and high tech and sending it to the ‘motherland’ through Israel. A favorite complaint of the conservative Reds and ‘liberal’ Klansmen is ‘white women from foreign countries stealing the jobs and genociding the white race’.

      As one radical Muslim from Turkey said once, Slavic wignat commies and KKK Democrat white betas and black females are crybaby cowards who only have the balls to attack Muslims and white women because they are a easier target. Black females/white men sat on their ass for years and let the anarchist far right deindustrialize the West while claiming to be the master race. But when devout Muslims and white women actually try to find solutions, Brad, Vlad and Boomsequa all attack them at once.

      There is a reason why the Rebbe in his genocidal speech described Western white men/black women and commie Russian conservatives as useful tools and fronts for the goals of Chabad. As the eminence behind the original Nazis he knew what he was talking about.

      Some white women have also noticed that Soviet conservatives, racist black females and insecure white men also have feelings of inferiority towards white women and/or black males and act this out by putting up a tough face. These fools have all the power and prestige in the world yet still remain scared of the poorest men on the planet.

    2. How in the living hell are we EVER supposed to expect the Almighty to recompense us for those historically great tragedies enacted on our people…

      The goal is to wipe us out. It hasn’t happened. 300 million Africans, black men around the world going SYSBM with the ability to escape the matrix. We hold the keys to a new genetic generation. That in itself is part of God’s recompense.

    3. Andre,

      This is why separation in these times is key and so important. Whenever I hear black men or black women talking about “coming together as a people”, I have to give such talk a serious side eye because there is currently too much trash within black society that I point blank refuse to be associated with.

      These “let’s come together” black merchants ultimately seek to funnel the scum buckets in with the good in order to give the trash cover(pure evil I know), this is so obvious yet these knuckleheads honestly believe that level headed, moral coded brothers don’t see this.

      What you mentioned about the Most High and his judgement is probably one of the most important reasons why black men who hold to a moral code and structure must keep themselves separate from these liberal supporting Negroes. I don’t want to be around these contaminants when the fire rains down from heaven upon their heads.

      1. “These “let’s come together” black merchants ultimately seek to funnel the scum buckets in with the good in order to give the trash cover(pure evil I know), this is so obvious yet these knuckleheads honestly believe that level headed, moral coded brothers don’t see this.”

        Notice it’s always those with nothing to offer who push for “coming together as a people” i.e. coming together with your resources. Those with advantage are not talking that garbage. The educated Black Man has to work three times as hard to get to the level that Topher and Connor are born into, but is expected to socialize his hard-earned gains with ghetto scumbuckets, particularly babymamas. No thanks I’m keeping mine over here.

  6. This screams of pandering from this Conscious Guy. Especially degeneracy month is just around the corner.

    I wonder with the revision of the scriptures and other crucial moments pertaining to the book of Barnabas, had something to deal with the homosexuality narrative?

    According to a fellow free-thinking Black man “the removal of the books of the intertestamental period have aided the solidification of western doctrine and dominance in many regards.”

    I am starting to think there is truth to that given from the white man worship from numerous Black American women everywhere.

    1. Blackdjedi,

      These newer Bible versions were deliberately introduced in order to muddy the waters on issues that the KJV and Geneva Bible made very clear to understand. The KJV clearly states that it is an abomination for any man to sleep with another man as he would a woman, the same goes in reverse for women.

      In reality what has happened here is the State has replaced the Most High as the authority over people and unfortunately most folks have accepted this malevolent transition without question seeing as they’ve already thrown in the toilet any moral codes they previously had.

  7. The main problem I have with homosexuals is going after the children. As you’ve seen with the school grooming of infants with straight up porn. That’s where I draw the line.

    If you abuse a child, sexually abuse or groom a child, ritually abuse and beat a child, if you’re a nonce or a “minor attracted person”, the death sentence is the only solution in my opinion. Child grooming is an Admiral Snowshoe fetish straight from hell. Why does the P in LGBTQIXP even exist? That’s the end goal.

    The soocer player who refused to wear a rainbow on his jersey is getting pelters – of course they don’t mind persecuting a straight black Muslim man for his beliefs.

    I don’t hate homosexuals but I’m not interested in being relentlessly sold on the lifestyle. That’s it. Stop shilling for Lord Ice sheet

    1. Soviet Red Army Commissars on Faux News and KKK Democrats are all raging homosexuals, what else do you expect? Their Aryan Nazi Hassidic masters and the Hindutva root of all this nonsense are just as bad as well. All four of them will beat down black males for dating outside the race but if you were to hear what some of these rabbis and pajeets do when the door is closed, you’d vomit.

      Why do you think that the Azov Mafia and the Hindutva gang are now spreading ‘white genocide’ propaganda? Because they know KGB Cuck Jack, Bottom Shelf Brad and Confederate Shanqiua will lap it up and use it to conceal their homosexuality and degeneracy. Black men and white women are the most masculine and feminine examples of their race at this point in time.

      1. Brennan Dubalos,

        The homosexual agenda continues to be rolled out in the West with homosexuals openly mocking and ridiculing anybody who recognising the agenda for what it is and sees where it’s going, a classic technique of distraction and diversion that unfortunately too many people fall for.

    2. Michel,

      I’m the complete opposite, I despise these sodomites with every bone in my body as I see what their agenda is especially pertaining to children and ultimately I know where they want to go, they want to be able to violate who they desire with impunity ie abuse the rights of heterosexuals or remove our rights completely.

      This is why I keep on saying that giving homosexuals any room is a mistake. Africa as a whole, Eastern Europe and Islam as far as I’m concerned have the right approach when it comes to dealing with sodomites. We only have to look at the decadent feminist tree to note how out of control it has gotten in such a short space of time under the guise of “we only want equal rights”.

      Societies that have accepted and embraced homosexuality in the past have ended horribly, this should be enough of a warning to those in these modern times who support and endorse the lifestyle, however as per usual, it seems that white liberals, black women and their black male simp flunkies are going to have to learn this lesson the hard way.

  8. Does anybody else want to punch this clown in his stupid face? What the heck is a “diet homophobe”? Either you’re totally against the lifestyle or you’re not; to quote Big Daddy Kane, “ain’t no half steppin”. Black people, let alone Black men, have no business supporting homosexuality in any form; it should come as no surprise that Conscious Lee would speak on behalf of the LGBTQP crowd. Apparently, he’s also a feminist sympathizer:

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The dude needs a hammer placed straight into the middle of his skull. He’s attempting to use classic reversal psychology techniques because deep down just like homosexuals themselves, he knows that the lifestyle cannot stand on its own square. They go out of their ways to invent negative sounding words, terms, slogans and phrases in their efforts to demonise those who oppose a lifestyle with some very serious shortcomings.

  9. SYSBM Friday.

    Friday night story guys. Right, I’m goanna tell you a story in 2008. I was leaving Morley College on a Thursday evening. I was at Victoria and it was quit. And I mean it was very quiet. I was in a rush heading back to Willesden because I had work on the next day. I was walking past Victoria trains station and I see that there no 52 bus to Willesden Bus Garage. So I try to take the 16 to Cricklewood so I get to Willesden. So there is this person said to me “Like your jacket!” And I look around and said who said that? Then the person said “I like your jacket!” I turn my head and I said thanks. When I saw that the person, it was a fruit black guy with a handbag, cigarette in his hand, standing up like a fucking woman. The fruity dude said “Come here, come here!” And then he said it again “Come here, come here!” So I walk away from that very quickly and catch the bus home.

    If a man wants to live a certain lifestyle then go ahead. He can knock himself out but don’t bring that shit towards me. They are pushing this agenda towards black men because they wanna see black men into this failed masculinity. And some black men are pushing it relentlessly. Colonel blizzard is pushing this and you know why? Because the beta male is drilling a next man batty. Probably he’s digging out Bareback Fountain but that’s another story blud. When you look at slavery, not only the female slave was getting raped but the male slaves were getting raped as well. So when you look at Jamaica, you will why you see Jamaican people protesting when they see a gay march.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight because these simps, beta males and the ratchet black women are coming after non black women.


    1. Good point, in slavery the men were getting raped too by Colonel Wind-chill. No-one cares to mention this, they’d rather coat tail Brothers as usual. Even abortionists quote MLK. To hell with them.

      1. Many black females and white men are covert sprats who hide behind race purity

    2. Money Cultural,

      I had a somewhat similar situation when I was on vacation a few years back. I forget where but as I was exiting a lift with two fruits in it, one of them decided to say “hmmmm, chocolate” in Spanish. Like yourself I just kept it moving, it just goes to show how these fruits are becoming more emboldened as they managed to get more laws passed in their favour.

      Like I said to Michel, if these sodomites had it their way, they’d completely strip heterosexuals of all of their rights.

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