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At This Point They’ll Want A “Real Man”! #SHORTS


I came across the video a number of months back. Yep, at the age of 23 this chick already has 8 children, God knows how many babyfathers we’re dealing with here and as per usual, none of them are in sight. As I keep on saying, this is your modern day black female in a nutshell, she’ll bust it wide open for the dregs and the scum of black male society but at the same time mock, ridicule, laugh at and bypass any black man who is worth his salt, smh.

The above is the reason why the unicorn black female is NEVER coming, not only do black women as a collective gravitate towards heavy dysfunction from a very young age as religiously passed down to them by their mothers, the likes of 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Field Mouse and Cheezy Grillz make sure they get to these women early, scoop them up, contaminate them and spit them out ready for the next Tyrone type character to take advantage.

This is why all of you on the fence Negroes are wasting your time holding out believing that you can find “the one”, this babymother is still in the early stages of her prime years and she already has 8 children. How many days, months and years have you guys wasted so far hoping that this website as well as the few other black men telling you the same thing are wrong?

As I keep on stating, most black men simply can’t let go of these black females, they’re so deeply entrenched in the witchcraft cast over them by their mothers, it’s nigh on impossible for those same black men to break the spell and set themselves free(Tommy Sotomayor is a prime example of this).

As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink or you cannot drink the water for it. These are the types of women the likes of Kevin Samuels(RIP) as well as Obsidian want you to “negotiate”, “horse-trade” with and “clean up” for, these are the women they expect YOU to swoop in, scoop up and save, ran through, rinsed out and used up babymothers.

As stated before, SYSBM is the only viable and sustainable way forward for the free thinking black man, however what I’m slowly realising is true free thinking brothers are very few and far between. You black men who are still holding out for the unicorn or foolishly believe that black women as a whole will one day see the light and change for the better, you’ve got your work cut out and a serious uphill battle to contend with.

Oh well, that’s on you, when you refuse to read and accept the handwriting on the wall concerning your “queenies”, any subsequent sufferings will be upon your own head. The current culture within black female society is utter trash, this is the main reason why the overwhelming majority of black women are broken beyond repair.

Well, are there any volunteers who wish to take up clean up man services and wife up this 8 time hoodrat babymother? #SYSBM #QUALITYCULTURESMATTER

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Female Society Is Chocked To The Brim With Single Mothers

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “At This Point They’ll Want A “Real Man”! #SHORTS

  1. There is absolutely nothing a scraggle daggle like this can do for me. It might sound mean, but I wouldn’t even let this daggle give me a blow job. I wouldn’t even let her lick my ass.

    Yeah, I said it. Scraggle daggles like this are so utterly broken and destroyed beyond repair, that they have no redeeming value. The fact is, I wouldn’t touch it with a thirty foot pole.

    And yet, there is an army of black male simps who would go down on this. And they’ll deserve it when their tongues fall out.

    And as tragic as it is, this daggle is already preparing the next batch of scraggle daggles for Pookie, 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Field Mouse, Cheezy Grillz, and Bottom Shelf Brad.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing wrong with having large families, however this situation above clearly isn’t a family because there is no committed man on the scene.

      As I’ve stated many times before, black women have the most fertile wombs on the planet yet at the same time they fully abuse that blessing via either producing truck loads of bastard children or on the flip side hop, skip and jumping into abortion clinics everytime they get knocked up.

      And these are the women that these pro black pundits such as Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson expects us to date, wife up and further procreate with, smh. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

  2. Verbs 2015:Well,I have to say that as always you’re right on point.Making Illegitimate children has been a Favorite past time for black women for almost 60 years.We know this is total madness and needs to Stop.Unfortunately,it won’t because from way back when until now,Simp’s and Beta males keep wasting and throwing their seed into females with No discipline,male leadership,direction,structure,foundation etc,etc.It’s just become the norm amongst our people and the behaviors of women having 2,3,4,5,6 or more children from that many guys has become completely acceptable.

    1. Robert,

      This is all the more reason why there must be a separation between the black men worth their salt Vs the scum buckets and the dregs of black male society as well as the gutter of black society as a whole.

      To be fair she isn’t that bad looking for a black female, however her mentality is a complete goner already being steeped ultra deep in daggledom. Black women are the only females on the planet who place more value upon and exalt the worst of their male counterparts.

      As commenter thebackhandofreality would say, SYSBM till the wheels fall off.


  3. Verbs 2015:We Brothers Don’t have Any other choices except, get our passports,learn other cultures and languages and head to the countries where the majority of the women really love us Brothers.It’s changed for the Worse for us here in the U.S.A. and there’s No Changing it.There’s nowhere near enough good sistas if any are still left like Content Creators Chantelle Simone and Shalakemia.You can
    literally count them on one hand.The only other Option is to do what many men have been doing all along and that’s just leave women alone altogether.

  4. That must mean she started her reproductive activities at the age of 15 (if we’re being generous). Dirty witch.

    Yeah simps, knock yourselves out, lick up her used vagina and pretend you’re living the Disney life. And you on the fence negroes (BINOs) who say they’re SYSBM but beat it off to black porn… Truly don’t bother wasting your time trying to holler at white chicks or Latinas.

    1. Shaniquas and Bottom Shelf Brads, along with Kremlin Cuck Jack allowed themselves to get gassed up by Lord Rothschild, Chabad Azov Chev fresh from the gulag, Lord Ice and Missa Chin during the supposed glory days. They sat back and allowed the GOP/KGB to run rampant and promote all sorts of degenerate and disgusting behavior, which lead to this incel/hotep problem we have today while doing nothing to protect industry and high tech from espionage and theft. And they wonder why white women from Bonisia and Eastern Europe have essentially taken over the left and what little remains of nationalism.

      Rockefeller propaganda told Brad and Shaniqua that they were the ‘master race’ who didn’t need a white woman or a black man in the house and like the dumb fools that they were, white men and black women took the bait.

      Now that Jim Crow is finally dead and gone and right wing Soviet imperialism is going out the door with the Ukraine war, nobody except the true believers has time to listen to propaganda straight out of some Hassidic hideout.

      This woman needs to get her head sorted out and get a life

      1. Brennan Dubalos,

        This single mother getting her head sorted out most likely won’t happen, black females like this have been contaminated from a very young age, they see nothing wrong with this sort of behaviour and won’t hesitate to go in on those(especially black men) who attempt to bring about righteous correction.

    2. Michel,

      I remember coming across some information some years back stating that black females(US) on average begin engaging in sexual activity from the age of 11, it’s worse than you think bro. This is yet another reason why the “on the fence” Negroes don’t stand a chance of finding that unicorn, like I said before the likes of Slim Sauce and Trap House Jim are already sizing up these girls as soon as they hit 11 years of age.

      With the mothers already having solidly brought up and educated their daughters in art of harlotry, from the jump it’s a straight chicken wrap with Field Mouse, Sheggy, Cheddar Boy and Cheezy Grillz rolling in and getting to “plow the field” very early, smh.

      1. Then youve got the dirty pedophile uncle Jim and Nate from the yard already molesting the young girl – with the mother in full knowledge of what’s going on. Sorry to say the black race has undergone a historic and almighty MK Ultra program to screw us over.

        1. Michel,

          Yep, black women deliberately expose their children to abusers and allow them to take full advantage of their own seed because they don’t want to be outshone by their own offspring, pure evil.

  5. At this point, real men are saying “No thanks, we’re good”. “Here’s some L’s from L Express as a consolation prize.”

    Brothers – Delete any and all “Hey Big Head” texts and messages received, and put those senders on block.

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      Real men checked out of dealing with a rigged deck a long time ago. They realised they could do much better for themselves elsewhere and left, who could blame them? I’m glad L Express is able to keep up with the monumental demand of Ls, keep up the good work.

  6. Verbs 2015.

    I will never ever be the clean up man as a childfree man for black single mothers or any other single mothers from any other race who has lots of kids from different baby fathers. I take it as a insult that these single mothers only want you now that they have hit the wall and they have exited their sexual prime years only want to date you now because their dating options have ran out plus they have become really fat and ugly and these are the same women that in their sexual prime years when they were childfree and beautiful wouldn’t give a decent man the time of day, but now that they destroyed their lives through their own foolishness and stupidity want you as a childfree man to come back and rescue them and their bastard kids from a life of misery that they themselves created and they tell you their sob stories that they have with the baby daddies. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit as I refuse to date single mothers and black women as a childfree black man at 39. The only women that I am interested in dating is beautiful childfree non black women who is interested in me from the get go and that I am her first choice man because I am not playing second best to no other man because I value myself and I have high standards for myself.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro. I’ll never be a clean up man either, let the pro black males simps implement their janitorial services and mop up after these single mothers, no thanks, not me, I’m good, I’ll pass.

  7. Muslim countries would stone or behead women who are caught cheating on their husbands to death.

    No such thing as welfare, child support and family court of divorce where the husband loses everything.

    It ain’t 50/50 at all in non Islamic white nations.

    Here in the west, the blackistan societies wouldn’t last a day in Islamic environments.

    I want to live like a black moor back in the old days with a white wifey as it was in those times of many centuries ago.

    1. Pure facts LOL. Why do you think Soviet neocons and Woodrow Wilson worshipping liberals try so hard to destroy places like Turkey and Pakistan? Even the Romans took Ls from the Sassanids (Iranians) and these guys [the Romans] were probably the epitome of SYSBM, with all the beautiful white and Asian women falling into their arms as they conquered the known world. Even as late as 1930s, you had black guys with white wives in Germany and South Africa. There are post cards from Hungary showing a black solider with a white nurse and calling it the height of patriotism.

      Rich hoteps in the European power structure and racist Jewish bankers realized that their power and prestige was being threatened by this turn of events, so they banded together and formed ‘swatikza clubs’ that provided the backbone for Hitler’s rise to power. How do you think groups like the Proud Boys and losers like Exposing Himself Fountain were trained and organized so quickly?

      The dumbasses who lap up the nonsense provided by losers like Soviet Stormer, Faux News, Mossad Breitbart on the commie far right and Nazi propaganda protecting groups like Chabad front Azov from criticism on the MSM have no clue their precious racism is just a myth cooked up to maintain the system.

      I have always said that Islamic nationalists are the only white nationalists worth a damn, and it’s true. The racist black woman and insecure white man are pale imitations and foot soldiers of the Hindutva goon or Hassidic mafia boss who trembles in fear when he sees his daughter/cousin/sister with a black man. Chabadniks can write hasabara about Kalergi Plan and white genocide all they want and blackmail the right into acting like clowns to try and complete the illusion, but the reality is that black women and Western/Slavic white men cucked themselves.

      Do you see devout Muslims shooting up schools and attacking innocent people at any percieved injustice? Or making fools out of themselves for Fox News to use as propaganda against the West? No! You see them forming networks, helping each other, identifying enemies and building the community.

      The Albanians and Bonisians defeated the Serbs due to the unity of purpose and organization that the former had over the latter, and that was in a 2 decade long war. Black women/insecure white men have held the reigns of power for around a century now and can’t seem to get enough of ‘the JOOS’ they secretly whine about on Gab and Reconquista Europa when the CNN/MSNPC fanbase isn’t looking.

      They attack the white woman from the Balkans, Central Asia, Iran and the Middle East for wearing a hijab as part of her religion, but are powerless against the Hassidic Mafia dons terrorizing the street and the Chinese stealing all the high tech and industry through Israel. They are conformists looking for attention and shock value because the jocks who later became Trump voters and Soviet propagandists beat them up at school, and Jamal Tyrone, Becky and Melinda took away their crushes/good black men respectively.

      Black women/white men feel insecure about black men dating out because it exposes them as frauds, morons and rabbinic puppets plain and simple.

    2. Witwijf,

      Only in black society is dealing with single mothers viewed as something that is normal, Islam doesn’t play that garbage at all, Muslims are all about starting their own legacy and family tree from scratch.

      Though I don’t follow Islam myself, I can see why so many men have turned towards the faith seeing how modern day Christianity has literally turned into a bread and circus monkey show and a joke.

    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      I’ve said it before, Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson needs to rectify 4 keys issues before he ever fixes his mouth to talk smack concerning interracial dating:

      1. Get his forever collecting donations boys academy up and running.

      2. Tidy up his messy apartment.

      3. Get himself a black queen in order to set an example for others to follow.

      4. Kick the drug habit.

      1. Verbs and thebackhandofreality,

        Umar can run his mouth all he wants because thinking brothers like Shannon do not give a shit what he thinks.
        He can preach this ‘False Pan-African’ to all of these sorry ass hoteps.

  8. When I saw the baby in the pram, I said “Baby momma that!” And also when she turn to the side and start shaking her booty, I see a little girl pushing the pram. And then I see all the kids enter in the frame ready to twerk. I lost count when I saw the kids until I found out that she has eight. And she’s 23 years old? She must have been having children at a young age, maybe at 14 or 15. I could off been a teenage father back then. Two things. One, she is a type of chick that got breed up by Corner Boy Ronney, 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Dirty Biscuit, Rizla P, Stretchers and Copper Man Stoley. She doesn’t mind getting breed up more then once. And two. As she has these kids right, now she’s looking for a good black man that is childless.

    Tommy Sotomayor is a prime example of a black man who cannot let go of these women. He need to break the spell from the black witch. The spell these ebony witches cast the man is them throwing their pussy at him. And the more they do it, the more he will be thirsty for the punany.

    And when you see the baby mother twerking, it lets me know that she’s that to lure the next man to give her baby number 9.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these scraggle daggles, simps and the racist white men who are beta males are coming after non black women.


    1. Pro black simps can’t get these basic facts. RockingMrE called Azov apologists and Gab users “we wuz KANGZ” for white people in a video and I have to admit the mindset is the same. The pro black is still stuck in 1914 when Europe dominated the world and black women/white men were used to control interracial relationships through and the white nationalist is still living in the days of the Vikings, being cannon fodder for racist hotep nobility who would not lift a finger to help him if they were stuck near him, the Bolshevik revolution and being the public face for rabbinic racism and discrimination. Delusional self righteous idiots stuck in the past blaming others for their mistakes.

      “But white women who date black men are genociding the white race!” If that was the case, then why are black women/white men going to foreign countries to molest kids?

      1. I really don’t know why these black women and the white men are molesting the kids when they head to foreign countries. I wish I know the answer. And these pro blacks, when they see this chick with them eight kids, they are going crazy for her and ready to take care of them children that doesn’t belong to them but them children are future thots.

    2. Money Cultural,

      Sotomayor’s era has gone, his train has departed, his days of glory were from 2012-2016. Once these black sirens saw that he still wanted play, it was a chicken wrap from that point onwards.

      Even though Samuels did take talking points from Sotomayor, Sotomayor went in on Samuels not because of that reason but because Samuels was getting the shine that Sotomayor wants once again.

      The problem is Sotomayor is heavily compromised, he has proven himself to have no integrity and is so willing to put his penis on the chopping block just to smash one of these derelict black heifers.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if he has knocked up some other chicks somewhere but has chosen to keep those children a secret, smh.

      1. He may have breed up another scraggly woman and I will not be surprised if he did. If he’s goanna sleep with these harridans, then he should be using a condom. How many bullets I have dodged? Tommy is under a spell and these scraggle daggles has cast him one. And the spell they cast on him with the cooch. That’s how he keeps messing with them. They are seducing him. I have no issues of a woman being seductive but when it comes to these scraggle daggles, they will cast a spell on the man that he can’t get out. I’m doing a blog on him messing with these ghetto ratchet black woman and I’ll uploaded tomorrow =.

  9. Hey bus driver its so coincindental you made this post today. A few months back i left a comment about the black chick who rejected me in colllege for the thug now apprently shes pregnant at 20 by a thug now she fucked up her life and the kid. All i can do is wish her well but shes down her value is down and she gottta live with that goodluck for her.

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