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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Another Open Mic is upon us, the world continues to get crazier and crazier day by day. Just as the so called “conspiracy theorists” stated from day one concerning Convid-1984, it was simply a common cold/flu that the mainstream media under the instructions of malevolent governments worldwide ran with and decided to give the virus fantasy mutant killer powers.

Shame on anybody who still chooses to put their trust in the lamestream media or the governments they work for, how many times does a government need to slap an individual in the mouth or repeatedly punch them in the face for he/she to finally realise that such entities are not working in their best interest and cannot be trusted?

Just look at how many suckers fell for the Convid-1984 Okey Doke, trusted in the State, forfeited their freedoms and rolled up their sleeves, smh. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gentlemen, roll that dice:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mindset)

Most High Bless

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62 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. 2 black soccer players have destroyed their careers for life.

    Mason greenwood physically abused his ex white girlfriend and allegedly raped her, she used an audio recorder to tape the whole conversation when they were together in bed.

    A vid of Kurt Zouma physically abusing his cat pet.

    This paints an image of black men not only as predator rapists and women abusers but now animal cruelty.

    This would encourage more white women in western societies to stay away from black men.

    The mainstream media exposes dark secrets to push their own agenda at play and the damage has already been done.

    Domestic violence on pets is the nail in the coffin.

    1. Being honest, if I were a woman, I’d stay away from most black athletes and sports stars in general. They are used to the world kissing their ass due to their talent and getting away with literal murder, especially good dudes who’s only talent has ever been sports.

      1. So true LOL. Jamaica allowed its sports talent and music to go by the way side and now most people here just leave as soon as they get money to do so. These incidents will undoubtedly be used by the WASP/BW and the Soviet cucks who worship Baron Eiberstein and his Roman Empire, as examples to their Daily Stormer/Renegade Tribune fanbase that black men are savages and their white privilege scam is real.


    The Hong Kong protests IMMEDIATELY stopped after this crap started. My belief is that it was three fold in intention:

    1. Disrupt the world at large
    2. End the Hong Kong protests and strong arm that country into being part of China again.
    3. Get Trump out of office somehow

    These Hong Kongers are cowards yellow bellied (no pun intended) cowards that will fight the good fight UNTIL the same government they’ve been fighting against suddenly says it’s not safe. Go figure. Asia as a whole is SCREWED, this is what happens when you become a race of blind, robotic sheep.

    1. So true LOL. Han Chinese and Koreans as a whole are a joke, having lots of strength for the n word and raping Africa but weak as kittens towards their corrupt leaders and the greedy rabbis who live high of the hog and use the Chinese people as pawns in their game of world control. Only the so called ‘minorities’ like the Manchu and Uyghurs are actually worth a damn, Vietnam and Taiwan have managed to do a better job of containing the dragon and the Hindutva bully beside it than the cucks of the Robert Bryd and Kremlin Putin variety.

      The vast amounts of German, American and Japanese technology the CCP is getting through ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ filled with Russian mafia gangsters, GRU assets and outright National Socialists might be a reason for this hard lockdown as they don’t want the peasants to see the tech transfer.

      As for Hong Kong, that place and East Turkestan have always been ‘hot’ for a good period of time. CCP followed the Stazi and created fake opposition to try and discredit the protestors, but the rebels remain. They just went underground.

      This is why I can’t take pro blacks seriously. They moan about the white man and black women treating them like shit, but the beliefs some of these Indian Hindus, Turks, Iranians, Koreans, Han Chinese and even Turks have towards race would make even a hardcore National Socialist blush. Clowns like Umar Johnson moan about the BW/WASP and Soviet cucks exploiting and pimping out the rest of the world, but are silent when their Hindu ‘brothers’ spit out hate speech towards Kashmirs, Pakistanis and other Muslims and Rohingya are being genocided.

      1. “The vast amounts of German, American and Japanese technology the CCP is getting through ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ filled with Russian mafia gangsters, GRU assets and outright National Socialists might be a reason for this hard lockdown as they don’t want the peasants to see the tech transfer.”

        This is the one thing I cannot get my head around. Why they keep giving all this technology to the CCP on the one hand, and keep talking about going to war with them on the other hand?

        The best I can figure out is that the greed of western elites is so great that they’ll sell their own kids to the Devil for the right price.

        1. Divide and conquer game. A lot of these politicians, military and intelligence are either fronts, puppets or outright members of the system. War helps keep the economy alive and the sheep under control. These white nationalists and pro blacks should be on the spot exposing these schemes, as usual they’re too busy shilling for their government patrons or fighting each other to care.

          Even events like the freedom convoy in Canada are staged. I read a thread pointing out how all this is connected to a scheme to automate trucks. The alt media and the race purists should be all over this, since they worship nature and support the country life.

          Alt media is dead and gone, most of the big platforms are just feds and elite members doing data analytics on gullible sheep. Gabbai which the Neo-Nazis and WN suck off is a 100% kosher term. As some people have pointed out, WN, pro blacks and Sovietism is just Zionism and Hindutva for the West.

    1. Biden spends millions of dollars to send crack pipes to minority neighborhoods, Trump spent the same to get them employed, cleaned up, better educational opportunities and he’s called the racist.

      If these people can’t see what’s actually going on and that this is Obama 3.0 (and he’s even being controlled) they deserve what’s coming to them. I’m out of patience to attempt to get through their thick skulls.

      1. “Trump spent the same to get them employed, cleaned up, better educational opportunities and he’s called the racist.”

        Trump was also prepared to start shipping them boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables in his “America’s Harvest” proposal, but people said that it was racist because he was cutting into their food stamp money. Meanwhile the same people complain that BW are fat because in poor areas they don’t have access to healthy foods…………..

        1. Trump actually got up there with his full chest and said “African-Americans built America.”

          The Dems say “iMmiGraNts bUiLt aMerIcA,” while letting them in illegally and letting them vote without citizenship to replace Black people as the base of the party.

    2. So this guy couldn’t get a voting rights bill passed (thanks to the Republican party’s filibuster and the Dems’ effort to reform the filibuster being killed by only two Democratic senators), but he can pass out crack pipes; unbelievable!


    Here’s the push for the unhealthy vegan shit, which is a foreword to people eating bugs. SOYlent Green indeed. And it’s this black jackass in NY pushing it. Black folk will ALWAYS be betrayed most by their so called leaders, elders and representatives.

    Keep in mind that more whites will simply be homeschooling their kids nationwide. That leaves only black kids, Latinos and the poorest of the poor whites to remain in these shitty public schools. Oh well, when you choose a prison for your kids, don’t complain about the bars.

    1. So true LOL.

      These people never change. Notice how BW and racist liberals started progressivism and feminism to keep white women away from black men and the former’s power intact, but if you go on the more obscure parts of twitter and even on the streets, white women and Muslims have basically captured the liberal movement and used it to confront and deal with real issues.

      As bad as BLM is, notice the only persons who actually gave a damn during 2020 were white women.

      Shaniqua and Brad were too busy ‘fighting’ KGB Carlson and the ‘conservative Bolshevik revolution’ by throwing fits on the MSM, dick policing black men and making fools out of themselves in general. And Segregation Joe wonders why the WASP demographic is being replaced by white women from Eastern Europe, Muslims, Asians and Latinos. What a sad joke.

      BW and WASP Democrats claim to be the ‘master race’ yet allow Chabad Chev and Missa Chin to run roughshod all over them. Notice how it’s always the posers that end up looking like fools. These people are 100% clowns and this vegan nonsense shows it.

      Wasn’t the moustache man whom Shaniqua and Brad’s lower level enforcers on 4chan and Renegade Tribune worship like a god a vegan? That tells me all I need to know

      1. “And Segregation Joe wonders why the WASP demographic is being replaced by white women from Eastern Europe, Muslims, Asians and Latinos. What a sad joke.”

        Shout out to white women from Eastern Europe! Love Them!

        But seriously, even before Covid-1984, any black person with 2 live brain cells should’ve known better than to trust the gubmint or the drive by media.

        But, what can you expect from Negroes who romanticize da communitah, and still think that Chabad Chev is their friend.

        Hell, Chabad Chev is not even a friend to his own kind, if he can’t get a buck out of them.

        1. They romanticize the same communitah that they beg the “white debbil” to come fix. Then again, half of em romanticize prison!

          1. AfroFuturism1,

            “They romanticize the same communitah that they beg the “white debbil” to come fix. Then again, half of em romanticize prison!”

            Sadly, that is not even a stretch.

            Red, black, and green Hoteps, and black street thugs, have been romanticizing prison for decades. Many have outright called it a rite of passage for black males.

            And they are not referring to some type of political prisoner. They are talking about straight up degenerate black male simps who terrorize da communitah.

        2. So true LOL. Shaniquas and Bottom Shelf Brads whine and moan about ‘white genocide’ and Kalergi, but as usual fail to mention it was them and the Soviet cucks under the ‘white America/Europe’ policy that occupied and bombed the Baltics, Eastern Europe and the Middle East for Guns, Oil and Drugs. Now that the white women in these places see that they don’t have to put up with Hindutva Ram, Neocon Nikosav and Wahhabi Abdul and their barbaric antics, they’re moving over to educated brothers and exploiting the same media BW/WASPs use to herd the sheep with, to their advantage.

          Your quote about Chabad Chev is so true LOL. He’s got the SJWs and the 4chan clowns on the streets battling ‘the red menance’ which he, Missa Chin and Lord Anglo created through Wall Street and constant tech transfers, while pretending to be a friend to Shaniqua, the Kremlin and Brad with the Zionist agenda which again, black women, racist liberals and Soviet neocons all support despite their raving about it on Reconquista Europa, Thule Tide and the Daily Stormer.

          What neither BW/WASPs nor Soviet Faux News Conservatives realize is that they’re all being taken for a ride. The ‘only democracy in the Middle East’ is stealing all their high tech and secret military equipment and sending it over to Her Majesty and the Red Dragon, who BW/WASPs worship and adore.

          These idiots and their supporters’ main talking point is ‘keeping America white’, which caused them to be a laughing stock during the Cold War as the ‘evil Republican Bolshevik’ Eisenhower made segregation illegal and neither the JBS nor States’ Rights could stop it.

          The elites knew what they were doing when they put these idiots in power. ‘Master race’ yet not one of these clowns has the balls to go out and put in any real work. These Antifa/Christian Identity, gay pride Gadston Flag weirdos and Israeli worshipping, Soviet imperialist faux conservatives find ‘strength’ in bombing and killing innocent Muslims and trash talking online but are somehow ‘powerless’ to put Missa Chin and Lord Anglo in their place.

          These clowns moan about ‘antisemitism’ when Netanyahu’s Azov battalion thugs run rampant through Ukraine, killing ethnic Russians there and causing the ordinary Jews in that country to become refugees along with Syrians and Iraqis fleeing the war. But don’t you talk about that on the Daily Stormer or Reconqista Europa, where the white beta males there are busy shilling for KGB Putin’s Novorussiya project in Crimera or the EU’s Reichcomissart there.

          Shaniquas and Brads wonder why people laugh after them and people are now calling out their BS left and right using the same media they manipulate the sheep with, but it’s oblivious when you look at the World Star Hip-Hop, 4chan and Reconquista Europa watching clowns their education system churns out for Missa Chin, Lord Anglo and Chabad Chev.

          Most of these beta white males are so stupid and deceived they don’t realize the system is using them to stage controversy and farm public support for the beast system. Contrary to popular belief, the elites love racialism and the idiots it generates.

          Look at pro-wacks like Umar Johnson and Brandon Martinez, who literally makes a living by whining about white women ‘invading’ Europe and destroying the European race by marrying black men. Silly WN go on the latter’s website because he throws some bones to them and gives the old dick police rhetoric, but he actually despises white people and wishes to see them go back to Eastern Europe and the Stans.

          This clown deliberately ignores the fact that it was his ilk that created racialism and supported slavery of white women and black men in the first place, and laid the conditions for this BW/WASP vs Fox News Communist problem we have today by their brutal treatment and oppression of Muslims and Eastern Europeans.

          Reactionaries like him who make a living whining about interracial dating and white women coming from Eastern Europe to steal their jobs are essentially the conservative, pro black version of the Beijing Biden/Crystal Swirls Eastern Establishment and the Soviet Faux News cucks whom they fake fight. Bitching whiny assholes who worship power and have nothing better to do with their lives.

          These types don’t want change, they want outrage for money and fame. Despite their tirades against ‘the religious right’ Martinez and Snopes both have donate buttons and merchandise to market to their gullible fanbase.

          The WNs and Soviet neocons do the same thing too.

          With this type of immature, childish and self righteous behavior and competition for the bottom of the barrel among the so called political, intelligence and military elite and the people supposedly battling their worldwide communist revolution, is it a surprise that people have gotten fed up with their nonsense and walked away?

          The liberal press and some sections of white nationalism are literally now just a front for white women to dig up embarrassing info on the BW/WASP axis and the Soviets and put it out in the public domain.

          MI6 Dugin knew what he was doing with the ‘Third Rome, Third Reich, Third International’ rhetoric. If BW/WASPs and Soviet cucks spent less time dick policing and recruiting thugs for their disputes and more time actually using their brains, they’d understand why they remained unwanted and why white women, Asians and Latinos are replacing them.

          As some of the commentators on the Youtube videos exposing stuff like Hindutva pointed out, race purists are all the same.

          Notice how these people were the same ones screaming ‘conspiracy theory’ when the likes of Ted Pike and EIR tried to tell them to keep away from the race purity nonsense and divisive rhetoric, and focus on building. As usual with racist liberals, black women and Soviet betas, the usual response was to marginalize those trying to tell them the truth and support the true believers.

          “You’re telling me that we have to stop hiding behind white males, lose the Confederate and Third Rome rhetoric, stop bombing Third World countries for guns, oil and drugs and actually be submissive to a masculine man and husband material for women! F that man, what we want is legions of beta males worshipping us like Gods and comfort women from South East Asia to bow down to us! Who cares if people become homeless and the kids turn to drugs and radicalism due to the factories closing, the West has to remain white at all costs!” -BW, Soviet cucks and WASPs when confronted with facts

          And we see the results today.

          Viet Cong, FSA, Kashmiris all have their various problems, weaknesses and fanatics trying to gain power, but nobody is as self righteous, delusional, ignorant, stupid and blind as these silly black females/WASPs and their fake Soviet opponents. Their language is literally the same as the racist Zionist and radical blood and soil hoteps that they claim to hate.

    2. Adams is DeBlasio in black skin; so his continued destruction of the city is more acceptable to these idiots. I outright refuse to go into the city (hell I can’t even get in anywhere because I am unjabbed) for numerous reasons unless I’m driving through.

      As the city gets worse, so do the immediate surrounding areas in New York (Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties) and causes the housing market to skyrocket…

      I can’t get out of this state soon enough

      1. Move to some place cheap and your life will instantly improve. Hell, even if you just take a basic job for the time being when you get there, your money will go a lot farther.

    3. A lady I knew from when I was a child sent me this video last November after he won:

      When he announced he was going to remove processed meat from the schools, I thought “this will not go over well with the students”; there are many leftists who aren’t very optimistic about this guy, either. He began to show his authoritarian proclivities almost instantly.

    4. Afrofuturism1,

      The vegan diet overall is a slow kill deathtrap, it’s all well and good at the beginning until the vitamin and mineral deficiencies begin setting it and they’ll set in hard(iron, vitamin B12, cholesterol, vitamin D, omega 3 etc).

      By the way, the reproductive system uses cholesterol to operate efficiently, so by reducing or eliminating cholesterol from the diet, you’re effectively sterilising yourself. Sterilisation, sounds like a plan that would come straight out of Bill Gates’ camp, smh.


    BLM founder sent to prison? Of course, a daggle! As well all know, that bullshit pity party organization was NEVER about black folk, namely because black women were involved. It was ALWAYS a liberal socialist shitfest wherein daggles could make a quick buck. Of course, they couldn’t keep from doing illegal stuff!

    1. Some things never change. BW and WASPs never got the message of being honest and truthful. It was the same bullshit during the ‘Cold War’ in which their lord and god Chabad Chev and his sidekicks Baron Anglo and Missa Chin helped build up the joke neocon Fox News NazBol movement into a massive force that was out to threaten the world, then sat back and laughed as Shaniqua and Brad destroyed themselves dick policing black men, moving all the industry to China and the high tech to Israel in the name of ‘fighting ‘ contrived threat and ruined their own communities with feminism and government handouts.

      Now that black men and white women are leaving the plantation and walking away due to not wanting to deal with the ‘master race”s knuckledragging 4chan, Renegade Tribune, Tekashi69 and World Star Hip Hop’s feminist raised scum, the black female/WASP axis is trying to come up with all sorts of tricks and schemes to get them to come back.

      Unfortunately, nobody believes the BW/WASP anymore and thanks to Orange Man and his popularity of the term ‘fake news’, more and more people are doing their own research. And as a result, BW/WASP only have the cucks in the Kremlin who are essentially the government front for Chabad Chev and Missa Chin anyways, to compete for the attention of the beta white male.

      Isn’t it funny how BW/WASP and Kremlin Nazbols both blame black men dating white women, as well as ‘muh religious right’ for the decline of ‘liberal democracy’ and the white race, but fail to mention to their delusional followers in the MSM and the 4chan/Renegate Tribune crowd that it was them who brought in ‘muh Notsis’ and the resulting degeneracy of the ‘Frankfurt School’ through programs like Paperclip and it was under their ‘white America/Europe’ reign that the endless wars, lifting of migrant laws and letting Chabad/Russian mafia immigrate to the West occurred.

      And they wonder why nobody takes them seriously anymore and their old comfort woman hide out of South East Asia is getting exposed. White women need to mock the KGB cucks and BW/WASP on this more. As the old saying goes, ‘Pro-black/Gadston flag/hammer and sickle in the streets, interracially on the sheets’. Nobody buys the Thule Society/Young Turk/Soviet Eurasianist racial purity narrative except the gullible sheep who give their money to pro black goosesteppers, Fox News Communists and 4chan Arbeipartei so that the globalist controlled media can get something to report on.

      Shaniqua and Brad can’t stop the yaoi love affair with the Kremlin or the support for apartheid Israel long enough to deal with real issues like crappy public schools and polarization, yet they want us to believe they are the ‘master race’. What a joke.

      These people were a joke when they started out, and remain a joke even today. No wonder white women from Eastern Europe and Muslims are replacing them so fast. When you fool yourself into believing that you’re a God and are owed shit because of your race, people get tired of your antics .

      ‘Black lives matter’ ‘Keep America white’. How about black women and racist liberals actually work on fixing problems instead of begging the same ‘religious right’ whom they whine and moan about on the MSM for handouts, contrived drama and fake controversy to keep themselves relevant.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    I always knew that all covid was is another name for the flu and that’s the reason why I refuse to be vaccinated because we all know that the vaccine is a bioweapon that is going to kill you and I want to live a very long life. The government are brainwashing people and scaring people into taking the vaccine and a lot of people are foolish enough to take the vaccine only to realise that they have been tricked by the government the whole time. The government used this covid scam to control peoples lives and I refuse to be controlled by any government.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The Convid-1984 jab is nothing but poison and the government is trying desperately to cover up this fact. Again, look at how many people were tricked using fear into rolling up their sleeves and giving up their freedoms, smh.

      At my place of work I’m surrounded by folks who simply went and took the shot without questioning anything, I’ve also seen a few individuals who knew better give in and get jabbed up with Babylon’s sorcery just because they wanted to go on holiday, smh.

      The scam/grift is real and so many folks got hoodwinked.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I spoke to many people who took the covid vaccine jab and they regretted taking it in the first place. I am so glad that I listened to my gut instinct.

  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! A friend shared the following link with me where an anonymous nurse from CA blows the whistle on Stew Peters’ show regarding the organ trafficking occurring in the hospital where she is employed; the host also interviews the mother of single father of 3 who was basically kidnapped by the hospital and treated like a prisoner. This is truly heartbreaking what they did to this man:

    1. I remember seeing a video years ago of an island black man (Jamaican or Haitian) who talked about the RAMPANT organ harvesting trade in those areas.

    1. They cannot let it go.
      The Convid gig is up so here comes the threat of releasing Ebola, smallpox, chickenpox, monkey pox, just to keep scaring the living shit out of us. What’s the next scariant coming to get us?

      Crying wolf eventually gets old.

  7. I want a son. I want him look like my youngest nephew!

    Right, there was an article about the Convid 19. It says that the origins are from horseshoe bats. I bet you the bats must off fly away and says “These are fucking idiots!” And the most deadliest thing known as the vaccine. There are so many people dying from the frigging vaccine. And I heard that if people are not taking the vaccine, they will lose their job. So they are taking our rights for working now? That’s fine because if they ask me that if I took the vaccine if I’m applying for a job and I don’t get work, then that is shit is cool. I’m not taking this vaccine. No thank you!

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all night. It’s raining outside as well so keep her dry and warm as well.


  8. Just got off the Reddit page LockdownSkepticism, where a mod was complaining that ppl posting there were becoming too “anti vax” and not balanced enough. Sorry, I don’t owe ANY narrative a fair and balanced take when it’s shoved down my throat 24/7. Secondly, this shows you how stupid and cowardly some are. They’ll admit that “da science” was wrong about lockdowns and masks but not vaccines?

    These ppl still trust the government, they just think they’re intelligent or moral because they don’t wanna force you to do the same. Going along with the stupidity anywhere prolongs it everywhere. You can’t tell me a restaurant sucks but you still eat 75% of the menu.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      These governments have never proven themselves to be trustworthy at any turn and yet they still managed to persuade millions upon millions to roll up their sleeves and take a shot that if it doesn’t kill them immediately, will most certainly do so in around 2-5 years. Myself, yourself, Brotherdanunlimited, Blue Collar Trevor, Black Picard and others did our job, we put the information out there clearly demonstrating that the so called “official narrative” was nothing short of a joke and that the Convid-1984 injectable was extremely dangerous, yet after all this yet there were brothers who used to comment here that still went ahead and took Bill Gates’ potion of witchcraft. Their blood is NOT on our hands, we pre-warned them and yet they still chose to bow down to an untrustworthy entity ie the State. The gullible majority will always be the achilles heal to the free thinking minority.

      1. Again, it’s the same government that they will complain about 9 times out of 2 with anything else, especially concerning racism. But NOW they’re trustworthy? Hell, look back at Tuskegee, not to mention the whole AIDS crap in the 80s and 90s (which also involved Fauci).

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      How are 10 year old children and teens suffering from heart attacks and so many still aren’t able to put the pieces of the puzzle together? Again, this is what you receive when you blindly place trust in untrustworthy entities. Indeed, the only individual I feel sorry for in this case is the deceased son.

    1. They fear the upcoming Trump Social network launching and the avalanche of truthful information. They can’t censor information there so Deep State provocateurs will be treating ANYTHING that isn’t the official narrative as akin to holocaust denial.

    1. In America at least, midterms are coming up. In Canada, well….

      Honk honk honk!!! 🛻 🛻 🛻 🛻

      1. Even Canada Geese know to fly south so they don’t get arrested by the Canadian authorities for “honking”.


    1. Just another YT public service announcement from the Fruity Negro Association – A subsidiary of BLM headquartered in the Ghetto Union of Blackistan, Simpistan and Cuckistan. No surprise there.


    2. Mslet,

      These black heifers and their homosexuals partners in crime love reaching, any attempts to stop SYSBM but the obstacles aren’t stopping diddly squat, lol.

  9. Did you fall for the Convid pysop and took the shot?

    Did you get two more shots?

    Did you also get your booster?

    Congratulations! You now have AIDS!

  10. Walking through Hackney, I was approached by a brother who wanted me to ask questions. Turns out he was promoting the deathshot. He was ‘trying to increase the uptake of the Convid shot within the African Caribbean community’.

    So I told him in no uncertain terms exactly where I stood on the matter – and he agreed… yet still handed me a Convid leaflet.
    Tuskegee happened in America but we British folks still carry that history of medical experimentation in our genes. So why is this brother doing the foot work for the council by leading his own people off a cliff?

    Kin folk want you dead too.

    1. Michel,

      Did the guy happen to be an elder Gen Xer as we know a lot of them have been promoting the death shot and now expect you to all of a sudden to trust in a government that has never proven itself to be trustworthy. How can so many black folks be so simple minded and dumb when it comes to stuff like this? Some of the worst people to deal with are those who took the shot but didn’t suffer any adverse reactions, they are some of the biggest proponents of the Convid-1984 death shot. I’m Convid jab free and that’s the way I’m staying.

      1. Yes he was an elder brother, well played! From some community group in the area.
        The leaflet was parroting the usual government line, so I was even suspicious of the type of questions he asked, like:

        Where do you get your information from on the killshot?
        Who do you trust for valuable information on the convid aids shot?
        Do you know where to go to gt tested?

        So the aim was clearly to steer black folk away from even talking to each other towards oblivion. The kicker was the dude had kids…

      2. Verbs,

        I agree that’s it’s the people who took this shot and haven’t been touched by side effects that are hardest to reach. The problem is that the longer this goes on and the more boosters they get you will end up with a Murphy’s Law type conclusion. Every new jab bring them closer to illness, injury or death.

        1. Autodidact,

          At this point there is so much information out there demonstrating the fact that these so called “Covid vaccines” are far from safe, anybody who still chooses to roll along with the program only has themselves to blame when they meet an untimely end. Normally when it comes to experimental drugs, pharmaceutical companies will pay the participants large amounts of money and will settle out of court with the families of said individuals if they die in the process.

          Not this time around though, not only have they gotten so many folks to jab themselves up with an experimental potion for FREE, these same pharma companies also got governments around the world to give them prosecution immunity in the event of people dying from the death shot, smh. Prosecution immunity from the resulting fallout of experimental substances is a major, major red flag, yet one that many people still chose to ignore.

  11. Forgot to post this one. Looks like Big Dave doesn’t want Section 8 babymamas, their bad-ass kids, and the Pookies laying up with them, in his town. Because we all know what “affordable housing” really means. Of course white liberals and socialists are fake outraged…they’ve been looking for another reason to cancel Dave ever since he made fun of trannies and got away with it.

    Strong Black man with money standing up for his community and keeping the riff-raff out…you love to see it.

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