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An Indisputable Classic – Never Forget! #SHORTS


Big up the YouTuber YoMommaBlack for producing this classic masterpiece 6 years ago, it’s still extremely relevant today. He used to be much more active back in the day, however I strongly suspect he cut back on productions because of black women running to their white father in order to get his videos taken down.

In typical fashion unfortunately the particular video above has fallen victim to YouTube’s “Verify Your Age” censorship apparatus as have many of the other earlier videos he produced, however I managed to get around that by downloading the video using this online website below:

For the meantime it seems that you’re still able to download those videos that YouTube places under the Verify Your Age garbage, so be sure to take full advantage of the loophole while you can.

The video speaks for itself, the difference is as clear as night and day and it isn’t as if we didn’t already know this. Black women are ultra submissive to their white lord and saviour General Sleet while at the same time going out of their way to act like unbridled, rabid wild animals whenever interacting with black men.

The bottom line is black women hate anything that reminds them of who they are, this especially applies to black men. Most black men however are bewitched and spellbound by this modern day black female, no matter how badly she treats them, they’ll still bow down and grovel at her feet, what a sad state of affairs.

Black women are also the ones to go out of their way to show off their white boyfriends/husbands, once again, it’s only the blue pilled, back to Africa(in theory, never in practice), pro black pyramid heads who get upset whenever they see one of their “sistas” dating out, free thinking brothers on the other hand don’t care who black women choose to deal with, we have many other things of relevance to focus on.

The modern day black female is the white man’s flunky and whore, on the fence Negroes need to understand this and understand it well. This has been the case for at least the last 400 years and nothing outside of an Armageddon type catastrophe will ever change it.

The case for SYSBM continues to be substantiated each and everyday, however as I and many other brothers have stated many times over, SYSBM is for the very, very few, not the many. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Truth Can Never Be Disputed, Black Women Stay Worshipping White Men

Most High Bless

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25 thoughts on “An Indisputable Classic – Never Forget! #SHORTS

  1. I was going to post this on OMW originally, but I forgot:

    This whole “women’s empowerment” things is not really about empowerment, in my opinion: the perfect allegory for this would be the confrontation between Jody and Yvette from the movie “Baby Boy”. She was all “I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR” as she was whaling on him, but as soon as Jody turned around and cracked her in the face (which I think could have been more out of reflex than anything), all of that empowerment facade simply CRUMBLED posthaste.

    1. I forgot who originally said this but, whenever you see women screaming about “empowerment” they mean being empowered strictly for rebellion against men. That word is never used in regards to being empowered as a loving and industrious wife, mother, sister or any type of aid or help as the woman was established to be. Simply listen to the words they use and the actions that follow those words. Words like “empowered” or “independent” are hints that the woman speaking them is only worthy of being cast away by a rooted man.

      1. They submit to white men ?
        The old but true saying is better him than me.
        there’s one question that i have to ask. If white men are marrying American black women like that, then why is this American black woman chronically single to the rate of 70+%

        1. Jamal Jones,

          The video is highlighting and talking about the rare occasions that black women do get with white men, this is the black female’s behaviour towards them.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I saw the above video years ago and yes black women worship white men like gods because they want those mixed race kids with that good hair and blue eyes and no matter what educational level, financial level or status level the white man is black women will still date that white man even if he broke and living on the streets. Whereas black men have to be perfect just to get a hello from black women and this is the reason why I refuse to date black women because their expectations of black men is stupidly unrealistic.

  3. Sadly, it is not just that black females are only submissive to white men and other nonblack men.

    It is so far beyond that. Just casually peruse social media, and you will literally find thousands of black females begging for, and pleading for any type of attention from white men.

    They are offering no strings attached free bedwhench services, begging for master slave booty call relationships, anything, just to have a moment of contact with Bottom Shelf Brad.

    They accept that white men with any game, who have no problem getting white women, would never want them as his main squeeze.

    Their fetish for white men is so great, they are begging for just a crumb of attention from Bottom Shelf Brad. You see, though they say a black man must have all manner of qualities for them, their only criteria for Bottom Shelf Brad, is to be Caucasian.

    This all brings me back to my ongoing campaign against black male simping.

    In view of all this, how can anyone respect a black male simp who goes around bowing down to these daggles and calling them ‘Quaens’. More than that, the same black male simp demands that all black men bow down to these bacterial vaginosis smelling beasts, and call them ‘Quaens’.

    1. By virtue of calling these women “queens,” these black simps are also worshipping the white man. But WE are the ones perpetuating white supremacy, right?!

      1. Thinking is not in these peoples’ DNA. And these same clowns go around telling the young incels and silly white boys, that black men dating white women is going to genocide ‘muh white race’, and the simps to wife up the queenies. Then they wonder why Muslims, Latinos and white women are replacing them and even Chabad Chev views them as disposable.

  4. They have to fake it to impress them.

    Then their true self will come out.

    Hostile environments is the African nature and coded in genetic DNA.

    This explains why the word submissive could only be possible in all non black environments.

    In my lifetime I’ve only experienced submissiveness from white women.

    I’ll never see that in black environments anywhere.

  5. Quick fact: the ‘YoMommaBlack’ channel is run by the same person who runs the ‘Black Patriarch’ channel; before I started working, I used to watch his videos religiously and learned a lot from him about the Black experience in America. Another fact about the above video is that it went viral after it was reposted to the ‘Delorean’ Facebook page; the comments on that video were full of Black women (including one who was featured in YoMommaBlack’s video) who denied the charges presented.

    YoMommaBlack had to do a follow up after all of the attention his video received, including a response video from the High Priestess of Swirl Mountain herself where she, too, denied that what was stated in the video wasn’t true; a few days later, Karazin made a video where she proved YoMommaBlack’s point about how Black women behave differently with White men by saying that Black women have to modify their behavior when they’re around the White man and his family.

    Black Patriarch even did a video where he showed how Black women will start wearing their natural hair when they’re with a White man; when Black men required the same, they were called gay. The White male worship is real with the scraggle daggle; let’s not forget the way Christelyn Karazin broke down in tears when the VeGAINator made it clear that he was interested in dating White women only, or how they lamented that Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein didn’t see any Black girls as desirable enough to RAPE.

    1. Yet these same clowns will run around calling black men traitors for dating out and spread all sorts of rumors and hate speech, when they don’t get the attention they want. BW are pathetic, they should spend less time worshipping Chabad Chev and False Flag Fedowitz and training thugs and killers and more time on thinking. But since these clowns like their WASP partner live of ‘choseness’ and literal pity parties, that will never happen.

      Breed them out and keep the wall up.

  6. Wow these Bottom Shelf Brads are real losers if these are the only kinds of bedwenches they can pull, lol. I thought Opie pulled the Halle Berry in her prime, Meagan Good in her prime, 90s Naomi Campbell, top shelf BW. I see dark skin, overweight, five-heads and struggle weave. Since this vid is 6 years old, I wonder how many of those dudes did a Chad Wheeler on those black hoes since then.

    As for the actual content of the video, it’s nothing that we don’t know. Blue Collar Trevor said that even with video evidence the daggles tried to deny this was the case and argue it down. Again, no surprises there. I honestly struggle to see why decent BM still mess with these bitches. I mean the truth is out there like the X-Files.

    What was really genius about the video was the soothing, nice music for submissive BW and the horror movie music for Shaniqua. LOL!

    Like the late, great David Carroll used to say, this cannot be deconstructed, or debunked.

    Keep steering clear of these bitches, gentlemen. Especially you young men out there. They’ve only gotten worse in the past 6 years. Glad I’m not a young man trying to deal with this new crop of hoes.


    1. Frantz Fanon was right when he said that cognitive dissonance is a bitch.

  7. When I saw this, I have to go the kitchen cupboard and open up the alcoholic peaches. And I add the lemonade as well.

    I have seen this video a long time ago and when it comes to black women who are in relationships with white men, they are extremely submissive. But when it comes to black o men, they become like hyenas and cause havoc. I have no issues of black women dating non black men (most of the time it’s white men when they begin a non black relationship) but the reason why date white men is because that they want biracial children with that so called good hair and blue eyes. But at the end of the day, black women will end up with the bottom of the barrel white men who are nothing like beta males like General Blizzrad, Homo Nazi Vern, Incest Man Wayne who breed is first cousin Sonya and Cuckold Master Jim.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe because the ghetto ratchet hoodrats and the simps are coming after non black women because they are with non black men.

    I want a son. I want son that look like my youngest nephew. I need a heir to the throne.


    1. “General Blizzrad, Homo Nazi Vern, Incest Man Wayne who breed is first cousin Sonya and Cuckold Master Jim”

      Bruh, I was cracking up at that. Describes the 4chan ‘Greatest Story Ever Sold’ and NazBol Daily Stormer gang as well as the CNN/Gadston Flag waving patriotards who make their living ‘battling’ such scum who are basically pushed up by Mossad and 77th Brigade anyways, I see these weirdos all the time on Bitchute.

      It’s funny how the black female/WASP crowd loves to go around screaming ‘Kalergi’ on Renegade Tribune when they think no one’s looking and ‘muh religious right’ on MSNNBC to rile up the Antifa brownshirts when in fact, they were/are exactly who they accuse black men of being. Running their mouths off about ‘the master race’ when you literally glorify being a sex slave to Bottom Shelf Brad for Shaniqua and a global policeman for Chabad Chev, Lord Anglo and Missa Chin for Chad.

      What sort of ‘queen’ lets her community sink into ruin and decay, these western black women are high on drugs and the power the ‘elites’ have given them. These fools rail and moan about BM dating out, when the black youth are literally copying Jamaican degeneracy and crime.

      Speaking about Jamaica, it is the black women who protect and defend the criminals who roam the streets here. The Windsors/CCP have seen the success of the fatherless home in breeding criminals and broken people in Jamaica and have used the same strategy with feminism in the USA.

      BW/beta white males continue to show their stupidity on a daily basis, leave them to Moscow Micholev, Chabad Chev, Missa Chin and Lord Anglo.

    2. “General Blizzard, Homo Nazi Vern, Incest Man Wayne who breed is first cousin Sonya and Cuckold Master Jim.”


        1. and Brian the Nonce, Pedo Pete and Kiddyfiddler Karen who hang around round outside kindergarten schools.

  8. and Brian the Nonce, Pedo Pete and Kiddyfiddler Karen who hang around round outside kindergarten schools.

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