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Is This Your Queen? Telling On Themselves Once Again!


Knucklehead black females like this are the norm and are to be expected lurking around every corner, however what I don’t understand is those black males who choose to confront and argue with them tweeting back and forth as if they have to justify themselves to the lowest form of women on the planet.

And black women wonder why they have the image and reputation that currently precedes them. This black siren even states on her profile that she’s a queen of misandry, look again for those who may have missed it:

Of course the witch has blocked me on Twitter already, no surprises there and besides, I got what I wanted way beforehand, lol. The way to deal with women like this is simple, take note of the dysfunctional mentality as well as the Tom foolery being spoken and simply give the harridans an extremely wide berth.

If you go to her twitter page, you’ll observe typically what you’d expect from your average black female, funny coloured weaves/wigs, thick layers of make up, filters to make her skin look lighter, fake eye lashes, fake nails, tattoos, not to mention the silly colour she’s sprayed down her afro with.

You’ll also notice videos of her twerking and showing off her body, the only thing of value(in her mind) she’s bringing to the table. Of course it looks like she’s managed to land herself a black male simp who has no problems with this behaviour and most probably encourages it, this is what blue pilled simps do.

Black female Twitter is literally a cesspool of bottom of the barrel decadent whores who loiter around that “safe space” waiting for any black man to say something that upsets and offends them so they can quickly go running to their white lord and saviour to report him and flag the Tweet.

As many of you brothers pointed out a few years back, the days of going back and forth with dysfunctional black females are done, they’re over. Leave that behaviour to the black male simps, that’s their speciality, they’re the ones unable to let go of this black female and move on to greener pastures.

I’m not even going to deal with this black heifer’s so called “lists” because black and liberal females in general stay making silly lists and requirements of what they want in a man as well as supposedly the type of men these same harriets should avoid.

I find it funny how women like this never seem to apply any of this supposed wisdom in choosing a man in their earlier years, the light always seems to come on once they’ve been ran through, used up and rinsed out, we already know that black women as a collective are the top unrivalled professionals when it comes down to choosing dickheads and waste men to open their legs to and get knocked up by.

Finally, you’ll notice that in the top list nothing is mentioned about not dealing with men who are dishonest, men who are not accountable nor hold themselves responsible for their actions and the consequences thereof, men who do not have good characters and personality traits etc.

As you can see, to the black witch everything she looks at is on the surface, black women hardly ever look deeper than looks, penis size and how much income a man brings home and they wonder why they stay losing heavy in the dating arena.

Gentlemen, nothing changes with your modern day black female and nothing ever will, no hope, no change for the modern day black woman. Those black men who have been straddling the fence for years have wasted valuable time that could’ve spent looking for higher quality women from different ethnic backgrounds.

The above is the very reason why SYSBM practitioners encourage free thinking black men to expand upon their dating options, NOT because other races of women are perfect, but because by implementing an expansion plan, you automatically increase your chances of finding a quality woman who will be looking deeper than aesthetics, the physical and materialism.

The above lists are just as dumb and nonsensical as women who predicate potential dates and partners based upon astrology and star signs. Gentlemen, continue walking away from these types of women, leave them in the dust to eat and suck on gravel and salty rocks, they’re certainly not worth your time or effort. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Dumb Females Must Be Avoided Like The Plague

Most High Bless

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32 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen? Telling On Themselves Once Again!

  1. Notice how penis size is #1 on this hoe’s list lol. I took a look at her feed, you’re right, what a cesspool. I had to stop myself from going down the rabbit hole of stuff she retweeted into her timeline from other ghetto birds. You will come away hating these bitches even more than you already do lol. Yes I am miSoGyNoiR. Funny how the ugliest black heffas have the longest lists of demands. Like attracts like, so it figures there would be a legion of simps still willing to deal with her.

    While down the rabbit hole I came across this tweet. This little black girl giving her father attitude and bullshit already. Starting the day with this nonsense. Wonder where she learned this disrespect. And the hoes in the comments telling the brotha to apologize lol. Brothers, quit bringing these entitled little snot-nosed bitches into the world if you can help it. And if you do, raise them outside the Matrix. We can choke this off at the source.

    1. Because she’s been dug out so much, she needs a dude with a rake that’s 17” while soft just so she can feel it.

      Black hoes have typically been dug out by whole basketball teams at once. Again, why do you think the image of them being “raped” is hard to imagine?

      Leave the hos for dildos.

      1. A dude with a penis size of an Airbus A380 fuselage wouldn’t satisfy that scraggle.


      2. Here’s an interesting observation, SYSBMers…
        Isn’t it ironic that there’s no SYSBW (Save Your Self Black Woman) or a similar movement for the conscious Black “Womansphere” to SEPARATE themselves from the “others” that are making THEM look BAD?? 👀

        I mean something with exactly the same SYSBM tenets, but aimed & adapted towards all the allegedly “good” black women who are not like the Communitah’s “default settings” if u know what I mean.

        Hence this is further proof that the First World “Westernized” & feminized BW collective is FINISHED since I see ZERO evidence of something similar to SYSBM. Now let that REALITY sink in, SYSBMers — serioulsy! 👀🤔👁

        At least the authentic black MALE has it in himself to right the ship (ie. SYSBM etc.) but BW?? Fugget about it! Truly depressing but it is what it is. smdh

  2. Mentally ill thots like this are totally toxic.

    The average scraggle daggle is a waste of oxygen, space, and time. Their existence is pointless.

    The average black male simp is a waste of oxygen, space, and time. Their existence is pointless.

    Flip sides of the same coin.

    It must be excruciatingly painful to be either one of these types.

    1. Those types are the norm in the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan and Cuckistan).



  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black women arent queens as they are fucking idiots for making the stupidist choices in life by picking the worst type of men to have kids with and they are always looking fake from head to toe. It’s ironic that they are the least desired woman on the planet but they have the highest demands in what type of black man that they are willing to date. I gone off black women a long time ago when I was 16 years old back in 1998 and even the so called best looking black women do not turn me on either because I have no interest in them whatsoever. When these stupid pro blacks tell me that I should get a beautiful black african woman and that there are lots of good looking black women around and I tell these pro blacks where are these good looking black women hiding because I don’t see them anywhere.

  4. Gen Y and Z blacks are becoming more disturbed by the day. Social media is amplifying their mental illnesses.

    You have a collective of emotionally disturbed, dysfunctional black people, encouraging and validating each other’s dystopic worldviews on facebook, tik tok, tender, and instagram.

    These emotionally disturbed Negroes wallow in degeneracy, negativity, and all manner of filth and failure in their rabbit holes; instead of developing critical thinking, marketable skills, and coping abilities.

    1. “Gen Y and Z blacks are becoming more disturbed by the day.”
      And also more criminal and hedonistic sadly, no morality or religion is being taught in these “strong and independent” Black single mother households.

    2. It was my oversight to leave out twitter.

      These young blacks come into the world already behind. Then they spend all their time and energy being unproductive and negative on these social media platforms, when they have so much work to do, just to catch up with the rest of the world.

      It is almost as if these social media platforms are designed to keep da communitah right where it is at. In the sewer.

      These are things you will never hear the hoteps talk about. They claim to be so pro black. But they never lift a finger to actually make anything better.

      1. Yet the hoteps have plenty of time to dick police adult Black men and live stream on YouTube all day.

        1. For 4-6 hours at a time, with no evidence. Another lane of that thought process comes from the Red Pill Community constantly talking about not bringing your girl back to the US/UK/Canada.

          So these idiots believe that the women that agreed to marry them also agree with the nonsense going on in America including racism?

          That makes zero sense.

          This is why SYSBM is pure and needs to stay that way.

      2. Don’t worry, the toxic experimental gene therapy vaxx jabs will sort em out – eventually. We need to do a wager on when the mass die off begins. Winner takes all. 😁😆😅

    3. Oh they have developed marketing skills. Just look at Instagram, the fake guru, weight loss, financial expert and sport betting tout are made up of just as many dishonest Whites as Blacks; they manage to get people to send them their hard earned income.

      These are still blue collar criminals, they don’t use weapons like guns. But they use the weapon of acceptance. These so many people in America and elsewhere that have let themselves believe the liberal BS that being fat is okay, being ugly is okay, etc, etc. Embrace it yes but don’t expect society to bend down to you because you don’t fit the standard.

      BW by and large don’t fit the standard. Which is why Whites don’t want affordable housing in their areas. It’s not because of Black men except for the Blue pill simps who underwrite ABW’s bad behavior of being loud and obstinate.

      ABW is the reason why we can’t have nice things!

  5. What the fuck has she got against photographers? So all that talk about black female gamers is a load of old bollocks.

    Black female Twitter is literally a cesspool of bottom of the barrel decadent whores who loiter around that “safe space” waiting for any black man to say something that upsets and offends them so they can quickly go running to their white lord and saviour to report him and flag the Tweet.

    I closed my twatter a long time ago for this very reason. Twatter is full of yass queans moist and slippery twinks waiting to hit the flag button. If you weren’t down with the LGBQT2XPD gang and their latest crusade against somebody slightly to the right of Stalin, you’d be better off slamming your nuts against the refrigerator. Less pain involved.

    I worked with a black female from Chicago who settled in the UK in real life and on twatter. Now me young and dumb thought she sometimes talk to me with either indifference or disrespect and took it as “ah, she’s American”. Now I know better. She’s also LGBQT after getting kicked back by Lord Icicle…

    1. Twitter was waaay better about 10 years ago or so. It is truly a powerful medium especially with #hashtags creating instant channels. I was pretty loud over there back then exposing such treasonous treachery like Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Deep State etc.

      But then my account got CENSORED permanently. All my followers, all my good, provocative #2A #FoundingFathers #secession #CONgress #Obola #DeepState #DollarCollapse #banksters #SHTF #CivilWar2 tweets — gone! Oh well!

  6. She is a troll, which for a modern day BW isn’t surprising at all. Nobody wants them, so saying/doing/wearing outrageous things is they only way that they can get attention. Trolling, multi colored hair and wigs, tattoos, stank outfits, piercings, etc. all to get someone to just notice them. Life behind the Wall has become rough for BW, especially now that they see that their chances of swirling are non-existent and good BM don’t want them. They will continue to lash out and attack BM, especially good brothers that don’t want them, ignore them and Keep the Wall up.

  7. Nothing in that first list addressed anything having to do with the man’s character; when you judge a man’s worth by his height, the size of his genitals, his facial hair (or the lack thereof), his financial status, etc., don’t be mad when he says he likes his woman with a slim figure, long hair, tight pum pum, big butt, and large breasts. I’m not sure what she has against photographers and rappers (that last one is a bit surprising), but she clearly isn’t interested in Black nerds who like anime and video games; she also dislikes the self proclaimed alphas because they won’t tolerate their rebellious nature and expect her to follow their instructions.

    They say ‘like attracts like’, so she has no reason to complain about the men she’s probably running into; also, what place does she have to speak when she’s a part of the least desired group of females? THIS is why they gravitate towards guys like Kevin Samuels because he’s their last hope for them to get a “high value male” since Karazin’s pink pills are as effective at getting them a White man as the COVID-19 booster is against the Decepticon variant; with the bio she has on her Twitter, the only kind of males she will attract are anything but high value males!

  8. It’s simps Velentine’d Day. What kind of man that these ghetto ratchet scarggle daggles are goanna call to get semen in their clit? It’s not goanna be the simps like Bareback Fountain, Monty Woodgrain, Clifton Rainey and the other simps. It’s the thugs like 357 Jimmy, Cell Block Scrappy, Street Mice, Rum Smuggler Don, Rum Head Frasier, Whiskey Baron Tony, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Knife Man Priest. It seems like it goanna be a lonely night for these simps on the day of romance. Well, they keep defending these women that don’t even like them and they are still siding with them.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all night. Keep her warm and cosy in the Valentine’s day night.


    1. Only General Tito says that Blue Pill lames should stop blaming these criminals for their behavior because they never walked a mile in their shoes.

      That is fair for him to say, but the examples of NOT WHAT TO DO are far and wide. As Tommy Sotomayor has stated, this all comes from the source = ABW

      They are the ones who put their children in horrible living conditions. The media in the US doesn’t show it often enough otherwise they would be called racist. That is why it tried hard to find a struggling White mother. Which is harder to do because these women are ashamed of their situation.

      Not so with some WW, majority of English speaking Latina and BW (and other brown skin ethnic groups) they accept this Ghetto Fabolous culture hook, line and sinker.

  9. I don’t see anything productive on that list.

    The chimp paradox is kept alive in blackistan.

    My seed is secured far away from it and very selective of which white woman receives it.

      1. JamesSYSBM,

        Interesting article. Freelance bedwench finds no takers. Below average looking black female in the most competitive city for dating where international 9s and 10s are normal, whines about not being chosen by Masters of the Universe white boys who think they’re entitled to supermodels. Talk about dating above your weight class.

        Same with the fat, gay Filipino dude in LA. Both their mistakes was their laser-focus on white people. But at least the gay one actually found somebody while the susta remained single.

        She will be talking pro-black and trying to come back to Black men in a minute if not already, just like Christelyn Karazin and Stacey Dash. Even Paula Patton trying to grow an Afro and claim Black after bedwenching for Robin Thicke. They always come home to roost.

        Like you always say, keep the wall up.

        1. 100% SYSBM General!

          They always come back, ALWAYS.

          Which proves ONCE again, that we are #2 behind WM, not Latins, not Asians.

          The best part of if it when women discover that we are #2 because of racism not because we don’t measure up somehow. The athletes are getting the cream of the crop, but and a BIG BUT. Is that there is a shortage of men in so many countries that you don’t even need to play this game in the US/UK.

          I don’t have the evidence yet but the last few years I come up with this premise about foreign women in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Miami.

          1) They are uncompetitive in their own marketplace (5’s, 6’s & 7’s)
          2) They are narcissistic
          3) They want what they can’t get in their home country (IE Black men)

          This is why Polish and Russian women are available in Chicago. German, Polish, Brazilian, Romanian and others in the other cities I listed.

          Because of that most of the best looking are still back at home because they don’t have to leave to get better options.

  10. Verbs2015
    Oh Yeah, She Seems like a Great Collection of Life Choices (Note my Sarcasm), Just Another Mouth Breathing, Shit Spewing, Venom Souled She Beast, With a Personality that Would Rival a DAMN Wildebeest. She Talks About How Men Who Men Who Ain’t 6’2 Ain’t Worth Dating/Matting & Then Goes on About How Men like DJ’s, Producers, Barber’s or Those Who Work at a Place like Amazon are Cheaters & Lumps them in the Same Category With Men Who are Unemployed. So Basically the Only Black Men She is into is Either a Yes Man SIMP or a Gay Black Dude or at Best in her Case a Vibrator May Satisfy her. The More You See Hell Beasts like This. The More it Tells you to Avoid them at all Costs & On a Side Note, I Can’t Figure out How the Hell She Has Over 2 Thousand Followers on Twitter let Alone over 8 Thousand Followers on Instagram. That’s a Whole Nother Mystery Altogether. All in All Heffers like Noel Belong in a Toxic Waste Dump. #SYSBM For Life!!!

    1. Black women are queens period i dont care what anyone says i love my queens and i aint nevr dating pale face monkeys # black love boo. #period

      1. Alphamale,

        Calling yourself “alpha” and at the same time dealing with black women is an oxymoron. Black men of true quality don’t deal with black women in their current deep in the gutter state.

      2. Alphamale,
        Alpha Doesn’t Belong in your Description, ”Simpmale” Should be More your Name, Because You SIMP & SIMP HARD For Toxic Black Women. Yet For Those of us Here. We Prefer Women of Better Quality. That is Why #SYSBM Exist!!!

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