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She Was Always For The Streets Bro!

Once again, another scoop courtesy of King Sigma, much appreciated brother.


Normally I don’t really cover celebrity news, however in this case there is a pinnacle lesson to be learned. NEVER slip into simp mode and attempt to get serious with ran through, rinsed out and used up women which is exactly what super simp Michael B Jordan tried his utmost to do with Lori Harvey and failed miserably.

Though attractive Lori Harvey solidly belongs to the streets having already been ran through by many black male celebrities before Jordan came on the scene. The saying “you cannot turn a hoe into a housewife” still remains true to this day(especially with modern day black females), though there are many foolish men out here who honestly believe they can buck this principle and manage to come out on top, smh.

This is the harsh reality when it comes to the celebrity circuit, you’re always going to be dealing with somebody else’s leftovers, there are very few if any female celebrities who are relatively untouched and uncontaminated.

Michael B Jordan should never have gotten involved in a long term relationship with Lori Harvey, he should’ve done what the other black men did before him, slay the cheeks for a number of weeks and thereafter swiftly move on, Lori Harvey like your typical black female is NOT relationship nor wife material.

Unfortunately I suspect Michael B Jordan was dazzled and bewitched by her beauty and chose to dismiss her promiscuous past believing that he could somehow “overcome” her THOT history, oh how wrong he was.

I’ll keep on making the same statement over and over again, SYSBM is the only sustainable and viable way forward for the heterosexual free thinking black man, Michael B Jordan is now finding this out the hard way.

I also believe that Lori Harvey was getting extremely agitated at the fact that she was locked down with a guy who wasn’t a Pookie, 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Cheezy Grillz or Shorty Fist type Negro, she was longing for “freedom” to spread her legs to every Tom, Dick and Harry and now Harvey is back where she really wants to be, Streetsville Central.

I suspect part of the reason why Jordan got with Harvey in the first place was to appease the black love crowd seeing as black women gave him some serious heat back in 2018 when he was vacationing in Italy and was photographed on a boat with nothing but white women:

Jordan should’ve remained on the SYSBM pathway instead of turning into a simp and getting with a ran through, it’s just your turn black female aiming to get the black love pundits off his back.

I keep on telling you that these modern day black females don’t feel comfortable unless they’re dealing with chaotic, dangerous, fast life living black males, as a black man if you don’t have a lengthy rap sheet, sag your trousers to the floor, have gold grills in your mouth, have your body totally graffitied in tattoos, flip your cap to the back and are ready to shoot up the streets, the truth is the overwhelming majority of black women will NOT be interested in you.

Even Rapper Boosie caught some heat last year from Harvey and Jordan fans when he doubled down on his comments about Lori Harvey’s body count and how understandably she isn’t the type of woman he’d personally settle down with:

Boosie wasn’t wrong though, Lori Harvey is simply a glorified hoodrat with money who belongs to the streets, she enjoys entertaining multiple nut seeds from multiple men in her snatch and she eventually just like most black women will finally get that wake up call that the hoe phase really wasn’t worth the journey once she exits her prime and sees the same types of men who previously checked for her going after younger, fresher women.

Unfortunately large swaths of women in the west foolishly believe that they’re going to stay young forever, social media has outperformed itself in deluding these heifers into believing that things will always remain the same for them no matter what their age, physical and mental condition, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Gentlemen, SYSBM for the long term and the home run, remain focused, don’t ever dip your feet into simp waters like Michael B Jordan, don’t be fooled into believing you can rehabilitate broken beyond repair women who ought to be left by the wayside and given an extremely wide berth. Don’t be an “on the fence” Negro either believing that you can defy all odds and find that unicorn black female, that’s NEVER going to happen.

SYSBM isn’t only about expanding upon one’s dating options, it is also about dealing with QUALITY women. Lori Harvey is NOT a quality female, very far from it. The fact that MBJ wants a serious relationship is commendable, what isn’t however is him attempting to make that work with an individual who’s the complete opposite and wishes to continue loitering on Hoe Avenue for the foreseeable future.

Most Western women unfortunately have turned into complete numbskulls and non thinking blockheads who’ve wholly swallowed the deceptive feminist social media tainted Kool Aid about them being special, having all the time in the world to “do as they please”, deserving nothing but “the best”, being able to live however they want without facing any consequences, with any man they deal with always believing they can do better and being able to “have it all” until the day they hit the grave.

Lastly, never forget that the black witch will always remain a dysfunctional and ghetto wretch no matter where she’s positioned on the socioeconomic spectrum. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

As We Always Say, Simping Never Pays

Most High Bless

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52 thoughts on “She Was Always For The Streets Bro!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Michael B Jordan is a good looking top tier black man who can date any race of women on the planet if he wanted to. He should have never settle for Lori Harvey because he wanted to please the black community because of the flak that he got from them all because he had a lot of white women on his boat in Italy. The SYSBM lifestyle is vital for a black mans life if he wants to live a very long life and the black community cannot guilt trip me into dating black women because I am just not attracted to them.

    1. Never appease fools and numbskulls. The fact that Jordan was dumb enough to hook up with her because of pressure from the ‘community’ shows this in clear light.

      1. Brennan Dubalos,

        He should’ve done a Shannon Sharpe and told the black witch coven to stay out of his dating life.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Unfortunately most black men out here still believe they can make relationships work with female counterpart who hates their guts. Jordan should’ve stuck to the path he was on, Lori Harvey is a Thot, he was foolish to try to forge something serious with her, that’s some ultra simp behaviour right there.

    3. If I had Michael B. Jordan’s looks, the scraggle would be NOWHERE near my radar.


  2. Good thing I didn’t watch any of his movies, not even black panther.

    I don’t think he will learn and probably end up like Will Smith.

    Celebrity women and non celebrity women have the same westernised mindset.

    This is why I’m trying to head east into the arms of white Russian women

    1. Good for you but remember that many of these white Slavic men are cucks who are secretly gay and extremely racist. Also the KGB cucks have turned a lot of these white Russian women into sluts so be careful. Still, white Muslim and Slavic women are the best.

    2. Witwijf,

      It’s funny you should say that because indeed, large swaths of Western women get their cues, talking points and doctrine from these same celebrity female types. Look at how many of these heifers know the lyrics to songs produced by Cardi B and Megan The Male Horse, enough said.

      1. Verbs,

        You are spot on, cutie-pie white girl Stacy in the burbs gets her marching orders from Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, fat ass Lizzo and Megan the Male Horse. The thinking brotha could always at least fall back on cute white chicks but even they are contaminated by black girl magic now. Fat, tattooed, twerking and chasing the same Pookies just like Keisha and Shaniqua with brown babies running around and no man in sight.

        Damn shame, how the mighty have fallen.


      2. Megan is really a man huh?

        As for M.B Jordon I’m starting to have my doubts, about any man who’d take a left over “NUTTED IN A THOUSAND TIMES” ran through black whore has got to be at least bisexual, unless it was one of those HollyWEIRD contractual relationships.

        Btw I don’t find her that attractive as I’ve come to despise BLACK women! To me her face is average. Bw are the worst women Satan ever shyt out of his Kingdom!! And these simps just refuse to learn.

    3. Figure out something and go, try not to wait. Have a sense of urgency, you can go to Eastern Europe for less than $600 RT from the West Coast starting in late August.

      Men are actively going to the border between Ukraine & Poland.

      Ukrainian women are already appearing on dating sites having relocated to countries like Germany and continue looking for men to date/marry.

      The time is now though the conflict is likely to end likely before the end of the year, things will be far from normal and the damage is done.

      Many of these women are not looking to return to Ukraine.

  3. MBJ’s stock is down, and its never going to bounce back. This is what happens when you are on the ascent as a celebrity, and then publicly proclaim yourself to be a simp. Unlike Will Smith who is already massively weathly, even though he gets the lifetime simp award, MBJ had yet to really make the huge big bucks.

    Oh well, simping has consequences !

    1. AmericanBlkMale,

      He messed up trying to convert a hoe into a house wife. The guy has status and wealth and yet he still decided to take a venture up Daggle Avenue believing he could find a quality black female. Quality black women went the way of the dinosaurs, let’s see if he’ll learn from this massive calamity.

  4. MBJ’s stock is down and its never going to bounce back. Unlike Will Smith who is already massively wealthy, even though he gets the lifetime simp award, MBJ had yet to make the really really big bucks. His stock was on the climb until he publicly declared himself a simp.

    Oh well, simping has consequences !

    1. Simping never pays and it seems like Jordan couldn’t get it. Well, it’s not my problem but it’s something to learn from

  5. MBJ should have smashed and dashed on Lori Harvey, like a long list of other male celebrities before him. He didn’t need to try to elevate Lori to the wife position. Bad move MBJ, and now, he is looking real dumb out here – dumped and out played by a woman 10 years his junior.

    On the bright side, he can now get back to being his true self as the ‘black love’ hustle ran its course. And he didn’t end up in relationship hell like Will Smith!!! Last 30 days has seen a lot of talk about brothas on the SYSBM path from Bronny James (Gen Z), Shannon Sharpe & Jaime Foxx (Gen X) and Michael B. Jordan (Millennial). Notice the pattern?

    Soon, these brothas will be openly flying the SYSBM flag in total rebellion against the sexual racial racism against Black men.


    1. King Sigma,

      I am glad he didn’t smash her because he would getting her pregnant and will be a disaster. He doged the bullet here by not smashing. He would be end up just like the Thug rappers with this Black Love Bull Shite and the hoes will make him up pay up with extortion amount of Child Support.

      1. @Andy

        Oh, MBJ was smashing for a year or so. Luckily, he was smart enough to strap up or she kept the pill on deck. Either way, he escaped the Will Smith trap. Remember, Jada Pinkett ADMITTED she NEVER wanted to marry Will Smith and only did so because she was preggo.

        No reason to believe Lori Harvey would be any less of a headcase in a marriage.

        Ultimately, Lori rejected MBJ marriage proposal and he has all the things Western women claim they want. Except they leave out FREEDOM to do as they please when and where they want…

    2. King Sigma,

      MBJ is looking incredibly stupid and foolish right now, as commenter Blue Collar Trevor has pointed out, he still has his pictures up of them together as a couple on his Instagram, yet Harvey has completely renovated her Instagram page, he’s nowhere to be seen on it, smh.

      Hopefully he’s learnt his lesson and will stick to the path he was on previously before he attempted to appease the pro black love pundits. The day is indeed coming where SYSBM will have its time to shine. #SYSBMFORLIFE

      1. @Verbs

        I think him keeping Lori Harvey shots up on his page is a PR stunt to show how invested he was in the relationship and how cold she was in dumping him.

        Give it a week or two and he will have deleted all those posts.

        6 months from now, MBJ will be back on the SYSBM path. Last time doing was Italy, don’t be surprised if he is in Colombia or Brazil this time around. Don’t worry, TMZ and NYPOST will be there to scoop it up to send the Femcels in a tizzy.

  6. Truthfully I don’t think the relationship was real. I always thought the only reason why he got with Lori Harvey in the 1st place was to get the Daggles off his back about his dating preferences. He was probably advised to do so for the betterment of his career. I left a comment in one of SWP’s videos stating the same thing i’m saying now. I also said the way you’ll know i’m right is if he goes back to dating the same types of women he did before he got with Lori Harvey. If i’m right I think the narrative that she broke up with him is a smart move rather than vice-versa because if it got out that he broke up with her just to go back to dating Maria & Becky the Daggle wouldn’t stop until his career was completely destroyed!

    1. Val Zod,

      I believe the relationship was real to him but not to her, it looks like he genuinely had feelings for the woman but all the while she really wanted to be free to perch herself wherever she wanted without restrictions.

      MBJ still has pictures of them up on his Instagram, the same cannot be said for Harvey however. I don’t really believe that the lack of black female support would’ve put a dent in his career, remember Black Panther came out in 2018 a full 2 years before he got together with Harvey, he was already on the up and up especially with Creed and Creed 2.

      It will be interesting to see where he goes from here on out, if Jordan is smart he’ll return to the old path and give these celebrity black daggles an extremely wide berth.

  7. The black entertainment culture is one of the reasons why black folks have unrealistic dating expectations in western society. The above clip of two black women fighting, many if not all reality television programs are scripted reality such as the Jersey Shore.

    Yes, the Jerry Springer show in the 2000s can fit in this category. Documentary TV series The Springer Hustle from VH1 around this time showed behind the scenes on how the guests was in rehearsal on set.

    Black folks and people in general in real life are watching these TV programs thinking its real and reacting said behavior are worse than the actors they watched.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Is life imitating art or is art imitating life? I believe the latter to be correct. We see black women fighting all the time in any and all environments. With the modern day black female no scripts are required, simple venture into the local streets with a camera and it won’t be long till your run across a black female or black females engaging in some sort of dysfunctional Tom foolery

  8. MBJ needs to grow a pair of balls and be a damn MAN‼️

    It’s obvious his PREFERENCE are White Women and the only reason why he even chose to date her was to appease the toxic, insecure, hateful, jealous and envious Weave Walkers🤮. Then, his dumb ass went out and chose a Weave Walker who’s the “industry car wash”, meaning: she’s been driven through by every rapper and athlete.

    Now, he just needs to screw on that pair of balls that he hopefully bought after that brain fart of a dating decision and choose what his heart really wants, and that’s a FIT, FEMININE AND FRIENDLY White Woman👸🏼‼️
    #TeamWhiteQueens 👸🏼

    1. TeamWhiteGirls,

      Harvey is most definitely NOT the type of woman to think about wifing up, from his previous path he should’ve known better than to think he could find quality amongst black daggledom.

      So many black men have to learn the hard way that there is little to no quality in black female society, even today, many right now are still holding out believing that they can find that unicorn black female, smh.

  9. If it were me, I’d have left her heaux azz alone, and took my azz back to Italy. Tariq Nasheed made a good point about Hollywood not wanting black men to be players out here. But damn that, if he had good handlers, they’d have told him to go the Kobe route, or import an Afro Latina(Brazil and Colombia).

    1. JayinChi,

      Watch out for the Afro Latinas because in 2022 they’re hardcore copying these Western black females. When I went to the Dominican Republic back in 2008 the Afro Latinas women out there looked very nice, most of all they were natural from head to toe.

      Not anymore, now they’re rocking the same weaves and wigs as these black witches in the West, too many of them are tatted up to the hilt and many of them have gone down the plastic surgery route with fake breasts and BBLs. Unfortunately this is across all Latin American countries.

      Non black and mixed Latinas at this stage are the better way forward. #SYSBM

  10. In the words of Future, “she belongs to the streets”; while I was checking out the links at the beginning of this article, I couldn’t help but notice that MBJ still has his posts up on IG with Lori, but she removed all traces of him from her IG page. I thought they were BOTH heartbroken? Apparently, she’s not too heartbroken to delete any post of them together; Lori Harvey isn’t done with her hoe phase yet at her young age. Michael B. Jordan would’ve become the next Russell Wilson had he put a ring on Lori’s finger; that way, all of the daggles would’ve lived vicariously through their relationship online. Why do you think they were so vicious towards him online when he was vacationing in Italy on the boat with White women? I hope that Michael returns to his SYSBM roots and stops giving a rat’s behind what the communitah thinks.

    1. BCT,

      Jordan simply needs to put this behind himself and take away a valuable lesson, don’t try to wife up these hoes especially industry harlots, they do indeed belong to the streets. IF Harvey was committed to Jordan during their time together and didn’t play away behind closed doors, it was truly a struggle for her as it is for any whore to stick to one man and one man alone.

      If he really acknowledges what’s good for him, MBJ will return to the old path and this time stick to it without wavering.

  11. I was going to say someting about this during the Open Mic Wednesday, however I knew Verbs is going to make a topic about it.

    I got something to say about this:

    I agree with all the brothers because the relationship was just a PR stunt to promote black love and black couple.

    I know Kevin before he died he help the black people by promoting black love.

    I going to say something sad but this is the reality of this.
    Even people try to promote black love unfortunately the BW are just too liberal and simply not relationship material. I know Michael mean well but Lori was not serious about the relationship.

    I agree with what Quincy mention few times that you cannot convince a brother that there are good BW out there, because when we get older, it is too late to convince the brothers because BM waste their lives hoping Black love but decided to go else where where they get respected.

    Michael B Jordan was a gentlemen and when the BW messes up, she will get a very low chance of getting another one. Michael just have to go foreign.

    Verbs, there is a video for you to look at:
    Link =
    Basically this is about a BW turn down a man who is a Nuclear Physicist.
    This man can do what a BW wanted for a man, protect, provide and a husband/boyfriend material and what did she do, she turn him down.

    Every time when BW like Lori who finally manage to get a gentlemen, they somehow fuck it up or let some hoes friends sabotage it. Unfortunately they will be end up back in the streets where they belong and don’t get mad when people like the Nuclear Physicist gets a Becky.

    1. MMT,

      Hopefully MBJ learns his lesson as is able to move on from this brief episode with an industry thot, it is in his best interests to resume the old path and never to stray from it again.

      As I and many other brothers here have said, you cannot wife up a whore, they belong to the streets, they need to be left there and be used accordingly.

      That video link you’ve posted, it’s been doing some serious rounds and segues beautifully into this article as it once again demonstrates how good black men are in plentiful supply but black women simply don’t want them.

      If that Nuclear physicist had a set of gold grills in his mouth, was tatted up to the hilt, had a snapback on backwards, was sagging his pants down to the ground and talked like a slave from the 1700’s, that floozy would have jumped all over the guy and would be extra eager to meet him.

      As we already know the truth of the matter is black women as a collective much prefer to be in chaotic relationships, therefore their dysfunctional preferences in men have to match, hence why they prefer the likes of Slim Sauce, Cheezy Grillz, 12 Gauge Mike, Field Mouse, Roof Top Trey and Trap House Jim.

  12. Another home run article right out of the park, Verbs. Simpmonger going out sad trying to make an industry pass-around into a housewife. Boosie know the truth lol. I agree that the only reason MBJ got with Lori Harvey was to get the sustahood off his back for his famous SYSBM white girl boat ride in Italy, lol. But simpin’ never pays. Hopefully MBJ will emerge unapologetic with a new snowbunny like Bronny, Jamie, Shannon Sharpe and Dr. Umar did, and call it a day. Black hoes are unabashed with their love for Topher and Connor, so why are brothas tip-toeing through the tulips around these heffas when it comes to white women?

    You are right that SYSBM is the only sustainable solution for the thinking, progressive Black Man!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Much appreciated for the kind words brother, yep, the guy seriously messed up and has egg on his face. You don’t try to forge a serious relationship with an industry pass around, most definitely not a black one:

      More black male celebrities need to embrace some testicular fortitude, be like Shannon Sharpe and tell these black sirens where to shove it whenever they attempt to stick their fat noses into black men’s dating affairs.

      The so called “Snow Bunny Crisis is only going to increase in magnitude as even more black men finally come to the realisation that the black queen juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

      It’s exactly what you said, black women openly confess their love for Admiral Frost and Lieutenant Breeze but it’s a sin for a black man to show his love and appreciation for Kylie?

      Yep, too many of these western women are all too familiar with gutter musicians such as Cardi B, Megan the Male Horse, Doja Cat, Saweetie, City Girls and the rest of them, I’ve been saying for a while now that at this point non westernised foreign women are truly the best way forward.

  13. Michael B. Jordan can have all the honeys he wants, yet he chooses a thot who is for the roadz. In other terms “She’s for the streets!” Do you know how many gyal I know who are for the streets? Some of my exes are for the roadz, you get me? He can date whoever he wants but why choose an Instagram gyal who had been ram out by the thug dudes like Cell Block Scrappy, Colt Five Rounds, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta? He use to date non black women but then the ratchet black women and their enforcers known as the simps came after him because of that. So, he decided to date a black chick who is a 304, or a 403. He should off continue dating white women instead of these ratchet dungles, especially the ones who are shaking their ass like Ciara who is a married woman. I have no issues of black men marrying black women right but every single time when you see a black man with a black woman which is no problem, it’s always a ratchet woman he’s with. I’m struggling to find the answers.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times because these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, these beta males and these simps are coming after non black woman. and they coming after black men who are with non black women as well.


    1. I already comment on it and Verbs saw it.
      I mention before that these will be the same BW gets pissed when he gets Becky after she rejects him.
      This BW who rejected him done him a favour because she will learn the hard way and hit the wall because she belongs to the streets as she rather get dick down by the Thugs, Pookies and Ray Rays.

  14. You weak black males aren’t celebrated anywhere losers. Lori Harvey is better looking than most of your dusty asses could pull.

    1. Daniel Mcfarland,

      That “you black males aren’t celebrated anywhere” witchcraft isn’t going to work over here, though I’ll give you a few points for trying. You have to be either a disgruntled black female who’s a complete failure at life or a limp wristed, blue pilled pro black simp. Either way, you’re a laughing stock and a joke.

      1. You can not refute a word I said. Black men that date out almost never pull beautiful women outside their race if they aren’t nba players or rappers or a list actors. I know what I am talking about.

        1. Daniel McFarland,

          This argument is absolutely lame and one that has been refuted time and time again. Black men on all levels are just as capable of obtaining attractive non black female as non black men and no, we don’t need status and money to do so:

          Plenty of attractive everyday non black females in the link above dealing with regular black men, I told you that argument is a redundant one. Which one are you, an angry, bitter and disgruntled black female, a pro black blue pilled flunky or a Captain Snowy? I’m reckoning the first!

  15. If you losers built anything for the black community instead of disrespecting the women that birthed you weak black males… you wouldn’t have to worry about being last class.

    1. Daniel McFarland,

      What a feminine lame response, besides why are you asking “losers” and “weak black males” to build for the black community? Why don’t you “build” for the black community yourself instead of worrying about what those black men who chose to leave it are doing? You obviously haven’t read the SYSBM Tenets either, smh. Get the people who destroyed the community in the first place to rebuild it.

    2. Daniel, you lazy bastard, stop wacking off and go build it your goddamn self… or don’t you worship yo queans enough?

  16. Verbs2015,
    I’d like to say that Hopefully Mr. Jordan has Learned his Lesson from this Experience, But it’s very Unlikely he will. He’ll go for Another Ghetto Gagger Much like Harvey, Most likely Wife her up, End up With Kids & Wind up in a Miserable Place. I’ve Been Hearing that the Reason Why he goes for Black Women is Because much like with Nick Cannon, He doesn’t wanna Taint his Fanbase that Consist of Black Women. I Say if that So-Called Fanbase Don’t like the Idea of you Being Happy with a Non-Black Female then They just Showed you that. They are Not your Fans. Pandering to Them is just a Waste of Time & Energy. Like Will Smith did with Jada. He Pandered for her by Slapping Chris Rock & Smith’s Career Took a Serious Hit for it. Plus you got Jada Saying that She Hopes Will & Chris Make up. Basically She Said ”She didn’t Appreciate Her Husband for Sticking up for her”. Jada Much like Harvey Both Belong to the Streets. Will Found that out the Hard way. Now Mr. Jackson Found out the Hard Way too. The Only thing I Can Say is Seeing as he Can. He Should Broaden his Horizon’s & Travel Outside America & Find a Non-Black Female or If he is Still into the Chocolate. Find a Black Female that Isn’t ”AMERICANIZED”. Bottom line MBJ’s Dilemma Should Serve as a Reminder/Warning ”If She Came from the Streets, Then She Belongs to the Streets”. #SYSBM For Life!!!

  17. Insults because your dusty ass can’t refute my premise. Stop capping about your accomplishments. You’re probably look weird and work a minimum wage job. That’s why nobody likes your useless ass.

    1. Refute mi bumbaclaat.
      Shove your two bit college accomplishments up your abortion hole and begone with your Bottom Shelf Brad worshipping ass.

    2. Daniel McFarland,

      I don’t work a minimum wage job and women have told me on many occasions that I look attractive, NOT weird. There’s no need to cap about accomplishments because once you leave the pile of trash called the so called “black community” behind, anything is possible and achievable.

      Sorry, your “premise” that black men aren’t desired outside of these weave/wig, fake eyelash, fake nail, tatted and heavy makeup wearing tranny-esque looking black females is easily refuted as I’ve already done so providing the link above.

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