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They Love To Pass Their Dysfunction Down To The Children #SHORTS


I don’t have any problems with dancing, however certain dances especially those of a sexually provocative nature ought to be reserved for either adults only, private quarters, but most certainly should NOT be taught to children. Do you see how black women as a collective love to inject things of a sexual nature into everything they do?

Shame on those white parents(most probably liberal) who allowed their child to participate in this mockery. There wouldn’t have been a problem if the type of dance was non sexual, however as per usual black women have to make a damn fool of themselves in public and drag others down with them including children.

Note that this wig wearing chicken head is African and she’s still engaging in the same type of behaviour that we would fully expect from Western black females, yet again demonstrating that daggleism is an INTERNATIONAL problem.

Now, coming from Africa myself I understand that dancing is a popular custom especially amongst tribes, however even within those settings you’ll struggle to find any sexually provocative dances where children are involved and even if you do find a few to the contrary, it’s never done to hyper sexualise the children, it’s simply part of the culture.

If I had children there is absolutely no way that I’d be allowing them to conduct themselves in a dodgy manner in public, once again, if the dance moves were neutral/non sexual then there wouldn’t be a problem.

This is one of the ways the modern day black female contaminates the young, she encourages them to engage in questionable behaviour under the guise of it being friendly, fun and harmless.

Gentlemen, those of you who have children need to keep a close watch on them whenever these black witches are in the near vicinity. Black women and their obsession with twerking at this point is off the damn chain. This has been yet another SYSBM public service announcement. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Children Are The Future, Guard Them At All Costs

Most High Bless

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13 thoughts on “They Love To Pass Their Dysfunction Down To The Children #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I will never let my future children dance in a sexual manner because I think that it’s fucking discusting and its perverted. People can call me racist but I will never have kids with a black woman because they don’t know how to bring up kids properly in a stable environment.

    1. So damn true. BW/WASPs along with Soviet cucks are the kings of attention seeking, pity party schemes and poor child raising skills. How do you claim to be ‘religious’ yet get your ass kicked and end up being exploited by the same ‘religious extremists’ you cry about on Renegade Tribune and MSNBC, once again it shows how lazy these people are.

      No wonder Africa is getting fucked at this moment by Missa Chin, Homo Nazi Vern from the EU and KGB Kaganovitz. BW/WASPs will cry and moan about ‘Kalergi’ on Renegade Tribune, but who wants to put up with behavior like this in the first place?

      Again, where is Umar Johnson when you need him? Are he and Reconquista Europa busy writing hate articles about Islam and whining about white women replacing them while getting free promos from the Southern Democrat ‘SJW’ controlled MSM they claim to oppose?

      1. “No wonder Africa is getting fucked at this moment by Missa Chin, Homo Nazi Vern from the EU and KGB Kaganovitz. BW/WASPs will cry and moan about ‘Kalergi’ on Renegade Tribune, but who wants to put up with behavior like this in the first place?” So True And Scary At The Same Time..I Once Went To Kenya While In The Navy In ‘1988’ Loved The Place Now I’ve Heard It’s Been TURNED Out By All The People You Mentioned Above….SMH

  2. 4 years ago I went to Nigerian weddings of my siblings so I’ve experienced tribes dancing first hand.

    If I end up having a kid, myself and my future white girlfriend won’t allow any ape negress teaching sexual dances to our kid.

    1. Whenever I see west Africans or people of west African descent dancing, it always centers around the woman shaking her buttocks to the extreme. West Africans in and out of the diaspora are obsessed with large black female buttocks.

      Now, it is one thing to favor tight, sculpted, round buttocks. But west Africans are obsessed with large black female buttocks to the level of pathology.

      I live in a city with a large west African immigrant population. And these African males, as well as Ados black males, are both totally obsessed with large black female buttocks.

      Most black men I know will deem a black woman to be gorgeous as long as she has huge elephant buttocks. She could be a zero in intelligence, character, attitude, mental health, and every other physical feature. But if she has a huge elephant ass, these men will drool over her.

      This is why the disgusting twerking phenomenon is so big. And when you think about it, most of these women don’t even wipe their ass good. Twerking is really a disgusting dance that has its roots in the west African obsession with large black female buttocks.

      Someone should do an Anthropology dissertation on the west African obsession with large black female buttocks.

      1. So true LOL. It explains why some of these brothers remain stuck in the trap.

  3. Nobody Jamaican should be surprised as this is called passa passa. Basically dry humping to ragga in a dancehall. Extremely sexual dancing. A friend of mine showed the whole family a passa passa video where one woman show up wearing no knickers – in front of children.!

    I’m disgusted with Jamaican culture generally but showing private parts to children was off limits. But the family thought that was fine, in fact they celebrate it and call you weird for objecting.

    Reminds me of my ex who thought Beyonce showing her vagina to everyone in concert was female empowerment – then called me gay for disagreeing! This is the same woman who recently got told by a gigolo she was too old to have sex with and go find a good man (a sucker, which was almost me). Yes, I had a knack for picking up damaged goods, I know…

    1. Bruh, I’m laughing. So true. And these people call themselves ‘queens’. What a joke.

  4. I don’t have a problem with dancing but this is a big no, no for me. You can’t let a young girl especially a little white girl dance like that, in the middle of the street as well. Listen here. I’m 40 years old and have no children but when I see something like this, I begin to wonder do I want to have children. I don’t know. Dancing and twerking is something that I don’t have a problem with but the things is that there is a young girl regardless of the colour shouldn’t be dancing like that. Wow!

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe tonight as these ghetto hoodrats who are making these young children twerk are coming after non black women.


  5. Shame on those parents for being such weak, spineless individuals who didn’t correct their child immediately; shame on all of the bystanders, too, for encouraging this. I would never allow my child to conduct themselves like this in public, let alone be encouraged to do so by a stranger. There’s nothing cute about this behavior at all; if this were a man doing this, he’d be accused of being a sex pervert and never trusted to be around children ever again. This looked like something reminiscent of the controversial Netflix film ‘Cuties’; the only difference is that this is real life.

  6. Two things come to mind. 1) I see bros all in YouTube comment sections talmbout how they gonna go to Africa to find a good black woman…lo and behold, daggleism has reached the continent…and the Caribbean…there is no utopia where black women are worth a good goddamn…NONE. And 2) Even sweet white Jan Brady has been corrupted by twerking black ghetto trash. It used to be the thinking Black man could at least date a cute suburban white chick but even she is out here knowing all the words to Lizzo and Cardi B songs, getting a gang of nasty tattoos and trying to grow a cellulite ass to shake on the gram. That little girl in the video is starting early. Smdh.

    Like JamesSYSBM always says, keep the Wall up.

    1. Especially with YouTubers that I would call SYSBM acolytes. In the comments and even on live streams there are B1’s, some with passports and others yet to make that investment always asking 1MT and others when they are going to Africa? I always reply, why not get your own passport and report back, we would be curious how you see it. On social media the same thing happens. A few have stepped up and said it’s a-okay and say you should go.

      I am steering clear of the continent until further notice.

  7. Shit Like This Is The Reason That Either I Reside On Another Planet With Advanced AGREEABLE Humble Beings Or The All Mighty Wipe The Slate Clean From And Start Over Again From This Sick Planet…SMH

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