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45 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. If the UK government starts santioning Russian banks, Russian businesses in UK, its a sign of world war 3.

    Boris Johnson has pissed of Putin.

    The west in general wants to get involved in a war they can’t finish.

    Let the east nuke this babylon western societies to the ground in ashes.

    At least we could have more white Russian women and white Ukrainian women exploring their options of dating black men by entering the west after the war.

    Historically a lot of eastern countries were a part of Russia until they got their independence.

    Putin wants to build a new Russian empire.

    I’m not against the idea of Russia invading Ukraine and smart enough to not get involved in wars I can’t win.

    The UK government and the rest of Europe on the other hand are not bright at all for starting a battle against Russia.

    1. As I’ve said before, Eastern Europe will be the future of Europe as a whole, and possibly the world. Asia, including China, has CRIPPLED themselves with this COVIDian hysteria, never mind the fact that their birthrates are lower than ever because Lee Maui Bai would rather jerk off yo anime or nut in a sex doll.

      China is at least reversing course and encouraging people to have three kids.

      1. So true LOL. Though I’d stay off the Russia worship you are so right LOL.

    2. Putin is a KGB desk jockey and puppet of the same Chabad mafia that runs the West. In fact the USSR/Russia is nothing more than a boogeyman these ultra Zionists use to scam gullible BW/WASPs out of their money. He is also advised by MI6 agent Alexander Dugin who wrote a book called ‘Foundation of Geopolitics’ which advised his fellow agents in the Russian security services to cause chaos in Europe and America, which would be then blamed on Russia.

      Putin has also been a strong supporter of vaccines and transhumanism which is supported by the elite.

      The whole ‘cold war’ between conservative Bolshevism and leftist fascism is a big fucking joke. Putin supports Hizbullah, Assad and SSNP who then go around causing chaos and destruction, allowing for the ‘liberal anti-communist’ crusaders to destroy the Middle East and bomb FSA and Houthis who hate Iran and the mullahs and want democracy. The defense contractors benefit, Rothschild is happy and the gullible Red Guards of Soviet Stormfront and Kosher Kremlin Spencer as well as their faux liberal, Confederate flag waving ‘liberals’ who would praise Hitler if he gave them a plan to invade Russia, are the only ones out of the loop.

      Apparently nobody told them to be their own fact checkers and use targeted searches.

      China is buying up Siberia on the cheap thanks to traitors like Henry Kissinger who pretends to support either Russia or the USA, then fucks them over to China who is busy buying up Eastern Europe and roping in poor countries into the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ which Boris supported.

      Germany also built the Nord Stream gas pipeline which steals Russia’s oil and the Russia groupies and MSM cultists are fast asleep on as usual.

      You’d think simps like Reconquista Europa (a pro black scam artist posing as a WN who now spends his time bashing Islam and white women in general) and the same National Front/Antifa NatSocs they claim to be ‘oppressed’ by would be all over this by now. Reconquista Europa bitches about ‘muh Jews’ and white women and Muslims replacing him and the current set of Caucasians whom he cries about, but look at who he has on his show!

      The same white nationalists whom he claims is going to replace him with Mexicans and Muslims! One of the people he interviewed was on the mainstream media, for crying out loud. You can’t get more pathetic than that!

      You’d think the ‘Christian Identity’, Woodrow Wilson segregationalist Democrats would be all over this by now and sharing it to everyone on Renegade Tribune and Reconquista Europa for street work, but nah….it’s the KKK and Drag Queen school for you. No wonder white women are replacing them.

      The EU is pure National Socialism based around the idea of Oswald Mosely and Kalergi whom even the Fox News Reds have started whining about.

      You’re right that the aftermath of the war would involve white Slavic women dating black men. The liberal establishment BW/WASP fascists and the evangelical communists fear this as it would mean the end of their flock and their race baiting since there would be no more beta white males and bad ass thugs for them to fight over.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Like you’ve mentioned before, the refuelled resurgence of this LGBTQP abomination is simply a continuation of Obama’s regime, you know for damn sure he’s the one behind the scenes pulling the strings while sleepy Joe Biden cognitive abilities continue to fade away like the mist. Of course, what did we expect from California’s “justice” system, nothing less.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      It’s a shame that most black folks don’t want to accept that the modern day black female is the spanner in the works ie the hindrance to true progression in black society, most black men especially are in denial of this inconvenient truth.

    1. That’s because they really want men, not women. They need Viagra to get it up for females.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Hmmmm, just like the inventor of the PCR test Dr Kary Mullis conveniently died 5 months before this entire Convid-1984 scam kicked off, smh. Mullis was another one who recognised Fauci for the evil fraudulent buzzard that he is because Fauci used the same PCR testing protocols during the so called HIV/AIDS pandemic even though Mullis stated that PCR is NOT to be used to test for infectious diseases.

  2. Happy Open Mic Wednesday (forgot to say that on my first post); last Friday, I checked another blog site that posted about a movie from 1993 called ‘Demolition Man’ starring Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone:

    This movie, though satirical in nature, was like a prophecy that accurately predicted what’s happening in Western society today; even Sylvester Stallone said this movie was ahead of its time:

    Fun fact about the latter article: Google recommended it to me in real time as I was reading the VC article; that goes to show the level of monitoring going on (just like the movie showed).

    1. I was just thinking about watching that again. I haven’t seen it since it first came out and remember nothing about it.

    2. Demolition Man is one of my favourite movies ever. Yes the villain acts a lot like Klaus Schwab, Wesley Snipes is the MK Ultra assassin that kinda reminds me of Kanye. So des that make Sylvester Stallone Trump? 🤔

    3. It is kind of strange that you Bring up Demolition Man.

      The film has predicted a lot of thing happening now.
      Many years ago these stuff are just fictitious fantasy, then it slowly become reality which is happening right now at the present.

      There was a scene where the guy name Edgar Friendly who is the Rebel but it turn out he is just a guy who like to ‘live life’ meaning the society sees him as an enemy.
      Either live up the top with all the BS or live in the Sewer just to live free.
      If you look at the comments and I read this years ago before the Covid that this film predict a lot of stuff.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Those beastly savages, these are the heifers that haters of free thinking black men are trying to get us to form a coalition with, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. Both of those creatures look more masculine than steroided up power lifters.

  3. ***I’ve already emailed Verbs about this, but since I’m referencing a family member, I’m going to use a pseudonym for this post. He knows who I am.***

    I’ve spoken with my father Sunday, and he told me that he has Bell’s palsy, and has had it for a week up to that point. I’m not exactly a medical expert, but I’m pretty damn sure that NO ONE develops Bell’s palsy out of nowhere, let alone late in life. I have a strong suspicion that the vaxx is responsible, since it has been almost a year since he took the original (he did tell me he took a booster, but not when; he took the original shot around his birthday last year).

    1. Pretty sure that’s what killed my uncle. I mean, random clots in his neck? Yep.

  4. Happy Wednesday guys.

    Putin and his beef with Ukraine. I don’t know why he’s war with the Ukrainians but here this. I think that Ukraine is just waiting for him to make the first move. It’s like to them, it’s like “Bring it on bitch! Come fool!” These leaders don’t leave these countries alone.

    I was watching They Yorkshire Ripper on ITV1. It’s a documentary of him killing all the women them. There was another serial killer known as Ted Bundy. He rape and kill over 30 women. My thing is this that why did they kill these women? Why they kill off the women?

    Since my grandmother died in 2011, I see my mum side slowly splitting up. I think because that there is so much ratchetness in the family. I will discuss about that some other time. Since my grandmother died, no one has not sat on that matriarchal throne. And I think I know why. It’s so wretched, if one of the female sits on that throne and act ratchet, people like me will judge them of their actions.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all night because the ghetto ratchet black women and these simps are coming after them.


  5. Salute to all thinking and well-minded Black men. How’s everyone doing.

    1. Glad to see the site up and running again.

    2. I have been MIA due to working on myself both skill and health. But on the Discord chat, I have been active there from time to time.

    3. I do have two articles to share. First one is the connection between the BS-19 sharp shooter and AIDS. Further supporting the fact the “vaccine” is toxic.

    Here’s the 1st:

    The 2nd article provides the case of mental disorder American Black Women display:

  6. I found the subject matter of this video to be very interesting:

    This confirms my thoughts that feminism was – and still is – a branch of White supremacy; I also found it interesting that they highlighted how White feminists were used to “save” women from supposedly “less civilized societies” (i.e. “saving” Black/Brown women from their men). The interviewee didn’t write the book as a total denunciation of the feminist movement, but to highlight the hypocrisy of White feminism; as you just heard, feminism was built on racism, yet the scraggle daggle still hold on to this monument of failure as if their lives depended upon it.

  7. Ugly Transformer Calls Adele ‘Fatphobic’ And ‘Transphobic’ And Says Black Men Are To Blame (???):

    I apologize in advance for the headache you’re likely to receive from listening to this Frankenstein creation; just like the scraggle daggle, they are illogical and easily triggered by a White woman.

    1. …… I-……… if-…..

      ….. no, just no. I have no words.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      One of the main parts that kills it for me is the transforming meat head being indistinguishable from your average black female walking the streets today, black women ought to be ashamed when dudes can dress and doll themselves up as females and look just like them, smh.

  8. “…feminism was built on racism, yet the scraggle daggle still hold on to this monument of failure as if their lives depended upon it.”

    There is an actual term for when you’ve bought into something so heavy, and get in so deep, there’s no going back, you might as well own it. A point of no return. That’s where these black hoes are now. Generations of angry black lesbian feminist “scholars” like bell hooks and Brittany “Professor Crunk” Cooper, and angry black lesbian feminist writers starting with Alice Walker have helped cement this mindset.

    They still don’t get that white women ran the okeydoke on these heffas. Alienating them from their men and swooping back and grabbing all the free-range black d*ck that black women left on the table…including the productive, intellectual class that black women discarded in favor of Pookie nem. Being as feminine and submissive as black women were being masculine and contrary. This started in the 70s and is still happening today.

    This is why SYSBM is so effective. There is no saving these bitches, their mindset is too ingrained. And why should you save them? This is what they fought and voted for. This is THEIR shit, not ours. This is the Black Matriarchy. Other races of women are glad to scoop up all us productive, intelligent Black Men…we date and marry out at 3x the rate of these ghetto-gaggers while Zaddy ends up killing these hoes when he tires of them. 30% of degreed BM have left the plantation for good per

    I say keep your foot on the gas and on they necks and as JamesSYSBM says, keep the wall up.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      The part of black women NOT wanting themselves to be saved from the failed religion of feminism is the part that most black men have an extremely hard time grasping and accepting. For example, people who are looking for any form of help will generally call out and ask for it ie give outwards indicators that help is required.

      I’ve yet to see black women turn towards black men and ask them for assistance in decontaminating themselves from their mutant form of feminism, nope, instead these black sirens are digging their heals in deeper and deeper by the day.

      I stand by my long time statement, black women as a collective must be left to rot, stew, marinate and burn in the mess and the failures they’ve created as a result of the janky past decisions they’ve made. Black women are proudly walking a path of death and destruction and they’re quite happy doing so, this is an observable and inconvenient truth that black love advocates point blank refuse to take onboard.

      Besides, why should the men that black women have openly rejected return to the plantation to save them, it’s the responsibility of the thugs, gangsters and criminals black women love and prefer laying up with, let those guys “save” them and the piles of ashes and rubble they’ve created called “da communitah”.

      1. “Besides, why should the men that black women have openly rejected return to the plantation to save them, it’s the responsibility of the thugs, gangsters and criminals black women love and prefer laying up with, let those guys “save” them and the piles of ashes and rubble they’ve created called “da communitah”.

        Well said sir. Them hoes know that Thug Passion Terrell, Dyslexic Dion and Learning Disability La’Travion who they let bust raw can’t rebuild the hood, that’s why they’re crying for guys like us to do it, playing chameleon Pick Me on YouTube now. Most will fall for it, we won’t.

        1. Held Back Harry, Lunkhead, Illiterate Iliandre, Drop Out Jamal and Dumb Fuck Darnell.

  9. Just found out that my recently deceased uncle DID in fact take the death jab and keeled over from a heart attack. Also another member received all three plus the booster. I had to tell them they’ve potentially got AIDS.

    Sad stuff but I did warn them. Their best hope now is a good detox and faith.

  10. Finally, some good newz in this depressingly corrupt, evil world. SYSBMers, please excuse my eXciteMeNt. But right now, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Here goes!

    ⚒⛏🔨 CRUSH them Russia!! Wipe the fckin floor CLEAN of ALL globalist NATO vassal Banderastan/Azov NeoNazi dogs of war scum in Ukraine. Let freedom ring once & for all in a new dynamic EurAsian focused Ukraine that will be on friendly terms with the new multipolar EurAsian “Union”. CRUSH those fckin terrorist shit disturbers who are destabilizing their society to please Lord Euroberg & his vulture capitalist bankster pigs in London, New York, Brussels, Paris & DC – the District of Criminals! ⚒⛏🔨

    Russian Air Strikes Destroy 74 Ukrainian Military Infrastructure Targets, Ministry of Defence Says

    Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the start of a special operation by the Russian armed forces in Donbass with the goal of protecting the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR). He explained that the operation was needed to stop atrocities committed by Ukrainian forces in Donbass.

    Air strikes by the Russian military destroyed 74 military infrastructure targets of the Ukrainian armed forces, the Russian Defence Ministry has stated. Among them are 11 airfields, three command centres, a Ukrainian Navy post, 18 S-300 radars (NATO reporting name SA-10 Grumble), and Buk (NATO reporting name Gadfly) air defence systems of the Ukrainian military, the Russian Defence Ministry elaborated.

    In addition, Russian forces shot down a Ukrainian attack helicopter and four Turkish-made Bayraktar strike drones in the Donbass region, the Defence Ministry reported.

    No Attacks on Ukrainian Cities, Corridors for Surrendering Troops
    Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered to create corridors for the safe exit of surrendering Ukrainian troops from combat zones and directed the Russian military to treat them with respect. According to the Defence Ministry, at least 14 Ukrainian servicemen have already surrendered since the launch of an operation by the Russian military and forces from the DPR and LPR……


    1. You get it, you understand what’s really going on. Here the newspapers in England feature the same bloodied crisis actress on all the front pages, with Putin dressed up as a Nartzee in the Daily Mail. Just like Trump, the demonised seem to be really the good guys.

    2. Black Picard,

      I’m glad you posted those two articles because they have given me more of a complete understanding as to what has actually gone on. As you already know, the mainstream media cannot be trusted to report the truth on anything. That was over quicker than it started. I find it funny how the lamestream press aren’t reporting on the two independent states and how they’re being bullied, harassed, intimidated and trodden down by Kiev, this convenient omission shouldn’t surprise us though:

  11. Looks like the cucked tough talkin NATO soyboy brass won’t be intervening in Ukraine lest they be crushed by an angry Bear looking for payback. This is great news for the anti-globalist resistance.

    Donbass Republics Eternally Grateful to Russia for Recognition, Saving Lives – Top Diplomats
    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The people of the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, or DPR and LPR, are grateful to Russia for protection against Kiev forces and the recognition of their independence, senior diplomats of the republics said on Friday.
    “The people of Donbass are eternally grateful to the Russian Federation, President of the Russian Federation [Vladimir Putin], the government, and the parliament for recognising our republics, for saving the lives of our children, our parents, and our loved ones. We want to live, we want to work, we want peace”, Donetsk People’s Republic First Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Peresada said after a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow.
    Lugansk People’s Republic Foreign Minister Vladislav Deinego, who was also at the meeting, asked Lavrov to convey his gratitude to Putin…

    …Russia’s decision followed requests by the leaders of the breakaway republics, who accused Ukraine of attacking their territories, thereby forcing DPR and LPR to begin the evacuation of civilians (women and children) to Russia. Kiev, for its part, has claimed that it was not responsible for the attacks.

    In the early hours of Thursday, Russia began a military operation in Ukraine in response to appeals by the Donbass republics to assist them in defence against attacks by the Ukrainian army.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said the operation is aimed at protecting the local population from genocide waged by Kiev</strong. He emphasised that Moscow has no intention of occupying Ukraine.


    1. Kungfumovieguy,

      I’ve moved this link to last week’s Open Mic, feel free to post it again in this week’s one.

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