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Firstly, notice that despite the guy asking the question in a respectable manner, she still had no problems giving him the middle finger as well as calling him a f**k n***a, smh. I really don’t know how these blue pilled, pro black simps do it.

She said it herself, a lack of a father in the home is the reason why she turned to the whore lifestyle. Single black mothers produce not only more single black mothers but also females that are professionally seasoned 304s.

Savour this moment because it isn’t very often that you’ll come across a black female who’ll tell the truth. Just think about it, 70-80% of black girls are being raised without a father in the home, it makes sense as to why black women as a collective have the strongest proclivity towards hoeing.

This is why as a heterosexual, free thinking black man, your best option is to walk away from black women and seek decent, non Matrix minded women elsewhere. Very few if any upstanding, conservative, chaste or at least sexually disciplined black women exist within black female society anymore.

This black female is a hot mess, tatted up to the hilt, funny bright colours in her hair and she’s not afraid to have her cheeks all out for the camera. All the best to those black men still searching for their “unicorn”.

In searching for a quality female, it’s not only important that she was raised in a two parent household but also one where the father was an ACTIVE, DOMINANT, LEADING force within her family.

There are too many dysfunctional two parent households where the father has chosen to take a passive backseat and has allowed the mother to run the show, rule over the family as well as make all the decisions especially the important ones.

Yes, this hot mess of a black female above has confirmed what we already knew, black girls raised in single mother households are much more likely to go astray, get involved in sexual exploits with multiple men from a very young age and remain that way.

This is exactly what SYSBM™ is all about, avoiding dysfunctional black females first and exercising the same precaution and wide berth strategies towards other races of women who demonstrate the same reprobate, degenerate and amoral tendencies.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Edward Maina,

    Regarding the question you asked about Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson, the inheritance Kobe Bryant left for his wife and her children are for them and them alone. The black community didn’t help Kobe get to where he was as one of the greatest basketball players ever, therefore they don’t deserve any of his fortune.

    I find it funny how black folks like Gerbilface, his black female overlords as well as the rest of these left leaning, blue pilled, pro black simps are always approaching the upwardly mobile brothers with their hands out expecting free handouts even though those miscreants are the same ones who’ve driven good black men out of “Da Communitah” to begin with, smh.

    1. Verbs2015,

      Da Communitah can all go to hell wearing Gasoline Boots. Nothing but a bunch of grown children. And as far as the Blubbery Hotep Walrus, he needs to use the money he gets from his school donations to buy a Wahl Clipper & Trimming kit and shut the fuck up.

      Bringing up a woman who is going through unimaginable grief by asking her for money that her late husband earned with his own hard work is a real low, but that’s Whackistan for you. Gimme, gimme, gimme despite having brains, hands and feet SMH.

      1. SYSBM Forever,

        As I’ve stated before, as far as I’m concerned until Gerbilface manifests his currently non existent boys academy, nobody should be giving this disingenuous swindler a platform to speak from.

        Additionally, lets always remember that the “Da Communitah” is really black women, therefore these same black sirens wouldn’t waste a second in handing over that money to East Asian owned nail salons, beauty supply stores and designer labels.

    2. Brother verbs the black communitah led by Umar Johnson the shameless liar operates in a hive mindset because they are being controlled by Admiral frost.

      The black communitah is divided into several group.(if you have played the classic video game “resistance”, the black communitah operates like the chimera)

      Group A. (Upper hoard)These are the black women who run the plantation in a matriarchal state. They are the “queens” like the xenomorph they carry out their direct orders from admiral frost.

      Group B(foot soldiers).These are the black communitah’s Pan Africanist enforcers those who force the communitah members to bow down to the “Mother goddess” this is where Umar Johnson the shameless liar is at.

      Group 3(workers) .These are the blue pilled simps completely void of their free will, just like ants they will mate with the queens and produce next offsprings. This is where pookie and ray ray belong.

      Brother verbs I can tell for free Becky, Maria,Ling Ling and Yakamoto are busy scooping brothers like there’s no tomorrow I can see 2024 being the year of the passport bros and SYSBM let the communitah burn in hellfire and brimstone and the snow bunnies, rice bunnies and pepper bunnies(latina women) come and take high value thinking free brothers.

    3. I recently deleted my tiktok account.

      The algorithm feed kept showing me vids from content I no longer want to see anymore.

      Umar Johnson kept showing up on my algorithm and each time I was trying to refresh it, it never actually refreshes the feeds.

      I did see a video of him talking about how the snow bunnies are military agents scooping up black men when being successful at succeeding something in life.

      I would rather have a white dutch woman as my girlfriend and military agent anyday than a military agent trying to prevent black men from escaping the black tax plantation.

      I also saw the video he said about Kobe and his wife.

      He is saying his wife is not doing anything to help the black community with her wealth.

      Why should they get her wealth automatically?

      They haven’t earned anything to get wealth in their lives and just want free handouts.

      This is one of the reasons why most black people won’t get anywhere in life when it comes to social economics with that kind of mindset.

      Some of my video content on Tiktok was anti chinese politically and the platform is owned by China.

      Is either I leave the platform voluntarily which I did or Tiktok eventually bans me because of my political views economically.

      1. Unfortunately, I need to use TikTok right now because it’s been effective in marketing one of my businesses.

        If it weren’t for that, I’d never touch that app. It’s CLEARLY biased against black men.

        For example, if you try to do a search on TikTok for “SYSBM,” the app will tell you you can’t search for the term because it’s hate speech.

        The same thing happens if you try to search for “Save yourself black man.” But, if you instead add two simple letters and type “Save yourself black WOMAN,” the search goes through and a ton of videos by black women bashing black men pop up.

        Similarly, TikTok has no problem with divestors bashing black men left and right. But if black men return that same energy with videos of their own, their accounts get flagged and, eventually, banned. I’ve seen it time and time again.

        Unfortunately, this double standard happens on more than just TikTok. It’s widespread on social media. YouTube and Reddit, for example, are both notorious for allowing black male bashing while suppressing criticisms of black women.

      2. Wittexton Witwijf,

        It’s a shame, you should’ve plugged your channel over here. I’ve would’ve love to check it out. That’s always been a rule here on the website, SYSBM Knights/Practitioners are free to post links to their personal material in ANY comment section.

        As for Gerbilface and the rest of the so called black community, you’re right, they’re doomed because they keep holding their hands out looking for free handouts. Unfortunately most blacks these days don’t want to work for anything, this is what their left leaning slave masters have taught them.


    I haven’t listened to the whole thing, just snippets here and there and it’s the usual projections.

    Brothas, don’t let these other black men try and shame or intimidate you out of dating IR and pursuing non black women just because shit didn’t work out for them. All the points he’s mentioned that I’ve heard so far and in the comment section of the video, I’ve got a comeback for all of them. Didn’t he have a white American girlfriend himself just recently?? I guess cos they’re no longer together and because he got called out for being Pearl Davis’ servant, he has to save face somehow lol.

    Some of these pro blacks and low self esteem dudes who don’t think they’re worthy of attracting quality women of different races love bringing up that video of the white chick who said black male attention isn’t a compliment (they rinse that one to death) as confirmation bias, or they like to say the black men who attract quality women of other races are the super exceptional ones with money. Bullshit. Not to mention bringing up the whole Jonathan Majors fiasco as if Tupac and Mike Tyson didn’t temporarily lose their freedom over bdubs lying on them.

    There’s way too many receipts online of your average brother with beautiful women of all races and other women proclaiming their love for black men. All this projection and talk of “we have to be realistic” and we “can’t move like other men” is mainly bdub influenced and simply reeks of low self esteem. Worrying about the stares you might get for being with a woman of a different race or what the family may or may not think of you is cowardice to be honest. If you’re the prize – which good black men are – the question should be what will you think of THEM. I don’t go into any situation thinking any woman or her family is better than me, regardless of where they’re from.

    If every black man listened when someone told him he couldn’t do something, Obama would never have been POTUS and there’d be no black male millionaires, doctors, lawyers etc..

    The “reality” is, it’s BLACK WOMEN who require black men to be super exceptional Supermen who have to fit a certain image or else they won’t give him the time of day. It’s a myth that as a black man, you have to have a six pack, six figures, six feet tall etc to attract non black women or else she’ll just be fat and ugly. That statement is really wearing thin and the brothers who repeat that shit are only telling on themselves.

    We’re not fools, neither do we (SYSBM and the REAL Passport Bros) put non black women on a pedestal out of some inferiority complex – see tenet #21. We encourage black men to be at their optimum. We know you can’t attract quality women being slobs and losers hence why we always stress self improvement in all aspects of life. When we’re in our prime, we blow every other man out the water. Randy J Booker is a good example of a Passport Bro who embodies that and look at that super fine chick he’s with – she literally can’t keep her hands off him lol.

    Another example is the OG Jubril from Passport Heavy – he’s been doing his thing waaaay before Passport Bros became mainstream and no one ever mentions him oddly enough.

    Don’t listen to these dudes with a lack mindset. I’m never marrying into the failed state of Whackistan ever again, especially here in the UK cos there’s nothing left for brothas like us.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Your commentary pretty much nailed it, King Richez is a road man/hood type of Negro, this is one of the main reasons why he continues to fail when it comes to dating IR. As I’ve stated before, there are a lot of black men who aren’t normal, attempt to bring their dysfunction to non black women and fail miserably.

      The dude needs to clean himself up properly first before trying to talk down on the non black women who rightfully rejected him because of his street mannerisms.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Umar Johnson needs to shut the fuck up and build that school he has been yapping about for years.
    I am so proud to be a SYSBM black man and I ain’t saving the black community. This rhetoric of that black men can only attract ugly fat non black women is bullshit because on the streets of London every day I have seen all sorts of black men whether they super good looking black men (8,9and 10) good looking black men (6 and 7) average looking black men (5) and ugly looking black men (1,2,3 and 4) with beautiful non black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro. At this point we already know that Gerbilface is full of garbage, however it’s these knuckleheads who continue to give the dude a platform to speak from who are now the real problem. Yep, that line about black men only being able to attract ugly and fat white women is a myth, TikTok proved that wrong years ago when all of those videos of white women showing appreciation of black men came out and that didn’t even include the black male/white female couple videos.

  4. All I can say is, that is one masculine thugged out scraggle daggle. SMH!

  5. SYSBM: Well, Verbs is back for 2024.
    White sugar honey: So is Money Cultural. But only for two days!
    SYSBM: I heard that things could be different when June comes.
    White sugar honey: That’s what I heard for him.

    There are plenty black women who are raised without a father in the household. It’s around 70 to 80 per cent of them. That is the reason why they are acting like this. all ratchet as shit. Let’s not forget black men as well who are raised with single mothers as well. Look at these simps on YouTube. There are tons of them.

    What about the two-parent home? There are fathers who are letting the ratchet women they are with running the show and they are running it in destructive manner. So, not only in the single parent household but in the two-parent home as well, you get me?

    Dr Foolmar Johnson was talking about Kobe Bryant’s wife who has his inheritance money. The woman has lost her husband and her daughter. Why the man can’t shut the hell up? He can’t find anything to do? Is this man sniffing cocaine, still? Christ!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  6. Happy 1st Open Mic Wednesday of 2024! I won’t waste too much words on that stragg, but I respect her honesty in saying what we already knew; don’t you just love when you hear the truth straight from, in this case, the whore’s mouth?

    On a different note, I like to listen to Black men content creators while I’m working, and one of those guys is the Thinking Man’s Templar; he has a video that he released almost 5 years ago, and it hits differently now in light of recent developments. Here is the TMT classic that I believe was before its time:

    1. According to the online daggles, Travis Kelce “fumbled” when he dumped the black chick to get with multi-millionaire Taylor Swift. Sales of this man’s jersey quintupled when he got with Swift, the daggle brought nothing to his bottom line. Although this whole pairing looks like a promo strategy to me, terminally online BW were hurt just the same lol.

  7. I know this is off-topic, but check out this bs verbs. Lawyer bragging about how he told one of his female clients to lie to get half of her ex husbands money, & women in the comments agreeing with it smh. Never get married in western countries.. >>

    1. One of these days, these simps who work on behalf of these witches (like this clown of a lawyer) will catch hell; he better hopes the ex husband never sees this TikTok.

    2. JD,

      No sir, this is Open Mic Wednesday, nothing is off topic here. Marriage in the West is a hard NO NO. Not only are you battling against the legal system but also feminist maggles who are all too willing and eager to form Voltron with unscrupulous, ill minded women.

      SYSBM isn’t just about protecting ourselves from the black siren anymore, it’s now about evading the clutches of ALL dysfunctional women as well as any dodgy mechanisms they can potentially use against us.

      That lawyer is a complete and utter disgrace, no wonder Christ called out these charlatans.


    This septum ring chick is having a breakdown cos some black man rejected her politely. All this over ONE rejection lol.

    I’m noticing a lot more of these videos popping up with black women openly admitting that brothers ain’t acknowledging them like before. Good. They brought it on themselves. Even easy access to sex with them is a no go for many black men now. I’m glad all the years of constant disrespect of black men – which is still going on BTW – and good brothers being seen as lames and fallback options are finally coming back to bite them.

    They better get used to the “polite” rejections now, because soon they’re gonna be getting the same hostile responses they relished in giving black men who expressed any interest in them.

    We don’t want you now that you fell off, Keisha. Should have got your act together when we WERE checking for you and before we started to discover our self worth and a whole world of other options available to us lol.

  9. Also, how could I forget:

    RIP Carl Weathers. One of my first heroes as a little boy watching a strong, masculine black male character on screen.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Indeed, notice how there are very few grounded masculine characters especially black ones represented on screen these days. The attack against classic masculinity and traditional manhood is very real.

  10. Hi Verbs, any comment on Obsidian Ali apparent demise at the hands of a Daggle? This is the risk of basing your career on Black women

    1. CTAX,

      After Kevin Samuels hit the grave as a result of taking the devil’s juice aka the COVID jab, you’d think Obsidian would know better. I’ll be honest, outside of entertainment YouTube cannot be used to spread the truth anymore.

      I still remember the wide array of videos I could find on the platform between 2009-2015 when compared to today.

      Obsidian has forgotten that black women are a weaponised and protected group in the US. He should’ve set up his own website and archived his material from many years back.

      I see he’s over on Rumble now which is better because at least its CEO has stated that he’s going to preserve and protect free speech.

      Trying to horse trade, negotiate and reason with black women after you’ve been reprimanding them for years is always going to get you in trouble. There is no reasoning with the modern day black female, NONE.

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