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If This Is True, Isn’t This The Black Woman’s Own Fault? #SHORTS

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Thanks to commenter SYSBM Forever for bringing this article to my attention.

In response to Mr Simpy Lee Meta Jasper’s Instagram post, I left the following comment:

“Step up” for who, a bunch of arrogant, ignorant knuckleheads who go around screaming how strong and independent they are and how they don’t need men? You’re right, black men have to break the cycle by abandoning these reckless black sirens and instead seeking love and companionship elsewhere. You’re really going to sit there and ignore the black female’s treacherous, historical track record against her own male counterparts, really bruh?”

Remember, these are also the same black females who bypass the best and the brightest of black male society and instead home in on, open their legs to and get impregnated by the dregs and the lowest scum bucket black men.

My brothers over on the other side of the pond, don’t believe for a second that the black female of the United Kingdom is any different to her black American female cousin. As I’ve been stating for the longest while as well as in my book Negro Wars, black female dysfunction is an INTERNATIONAL PROBLEM.

When you scream from the rooftops that you’re a strong and independent black woman who doesn’t need a man, you set yourself up and immediately place a target over your head.

If there is any actual truth to this so called black female femicide in London, then to be honest it’s not hard to figure out why black women are being taken out at such a high clip, they act like men and don’t know when to keep their mouths shut.

Back in the 1980s the UK government decided to adopt the same fatherless home welfare policies as the US government did in the 1960s and we now have the same results.

It’s common knowledge that black women as a collective prefer keeping extremely bad company,  In “Da Communitah” well do to black men are typically rejected and pushed away while thugs, gangsters and serial criminals are embraced, worshipped and exalted especially by black females.

From the article above, the part they left out is the fact that the overwhelming majority of these black women are being taken out by the same trash, knuckle dragging Negro men they love fornicating with as well as the devil spawn seedlings they produce as a result.

The reality of the matter is there is nothing extraordinary going on here, black women are interacting with bad men and suffering the consequences of doing so, there is nothing to see here, move along.

I’ll keep on repeating the same, when you interact with and open your legs to dickheads, DON’T expect miracles and smooth times.

As for Triple Cream Certified Simp Jasper’s Instagram post, on the contrary, blue pilled, black male simps have always “stepped up” to defend black women and I strongly believe this is where the problem lies.

Black women just like non black Western females should be left to crash and burn out in their own failures. Yes, women NEED men, to protect women from themselves and other folks from women.

“Da Communitah” is a prime example of what happens when you allow women to govern themselves, they’ll ALWAYS lean towards degeneracy, wicked and evil works because women will go with what FEELS good instead of what is logically sound, morally correct and beneficial.

As far as I’m concerned, this black female femicide in London article is a big nothing burger and what should be talked about instead is the high level of infanticide that black women partake in which is far far worse.

However of course, very few individuals want to have a REAL conversation. Don’t talk to me about supposed black female femicide before we converse on the relentless murdering of unborn children by the black female community.

Gentlemen, since these black women so desire to puff out their chests and purport themselves as men, let them suffer the consequences for doing so. In the words of Project Pat, don’t save them, they don’t want to be saved. #SYSBM™

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35 thoughts on “If This Is True, Isn’t This The Black Woman’s Own Fault? #SHORTS

  1. The less black females on earth, the better.

    No black women on earth is heaven for thinking black men.

    I want to see more and more black men abandoning negress sheboons at a faster rate than now.

    Not just in UK, USA but across the globe, including Africa, South America and Caribbean islands.

    I don’t want to see anymore kids being raised by black women.

    9 times out of 10 these kids will become blackistian males.

    This planet already has millions of blackistian males which unfortunately is the biggest issue.

    East Asian women need more children to increase their population in Japan.

    White women need more kids to avoid extinction but they need to wake up to leftist agenda’s.

    Let me know what you think of this article.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I’ll keep on saying it till the cows come home, the best weapon against this modern day black female and the agenda she’s carrying out on behalf of her father the Devil is abandonment. These black women have absolutely no self awareness nor accountability, anytime they choose to highlight the faults and shortcomings of a small portion of black men(Sheggy Spoony etc), they completely omit the fact that they’re the ones raising the overwhelming majority of them. Quality cultures will always matter, the black witch however has NO IDEA what a quality culture is.

  2. *******LONG POST ALERT******


    Thanks for the mention. This will be a long one, but thankfully it’s still early in the day.

    To anyone who thinks us brothers in the UK are just parroting American talking points about black women dissing good black men for Pookies and it doesn’t happen over here, I present to you exhibit A:

    (This is how “our” women generally talk over here in London *groan*)

    Notice how a simple “no thank you” couldn’t suffice? This Keisha had to totally degrade and verbally abuse the brother despite his politeness and respectful demeanor because of his job as a binman (garbage collector) while praising her incarcerated “babyfather” who is a repeat offender.

    This is far from an isolated case. I remember back in the day when the Yardies were running amok and black females couldn’t open their legs fast enough for these hoodlums. I also remember when black females would deliberately get pregnant by Wasteman Wayne and Roadman Ronnie just so they can get an apartment. All these Top Boy style thugs nowadays in gangs who go around shooting and mainly stabbing each other and causing chaos, who/where do you think they came from? No prizes for guessing.

    Also, for us UK bros remember this clip from back in the day (exhibit B):

    This brother sounds like one of us on here lol. He was SYSBM years before the term was even thought of lol. We’ve BEEN telling them what our issue is with them. Of course Vanessa Feltz had to pander, I get it, but this brave man was making legitimate talking points. The weaves, bad attitudes, obesity etc…where was the lie? Of course the simp who uploaded the video as well as the rest of the comments are up in arms…admittedly back then I was brainwashed so I also had the same stance and dismissed him as some self hating ‘coon’ until black women pretty much forced me into being SYSBM much later on in life.(BTW I’m glad he called out rastafarians because they’re another useless group who have been around for nearly a century and haven’t really produced or done shit and can only ride Bob Marley’s coattails.)

    Meanwhile, it was always OK for black women to also get on TV, radio shows and write articles to just say whatever the hell they wanted about black men no matter how slanderous and offensive, but no one ever called them out on it or asked them about their fathers, brothers, uncles etc. Back then, social media was still in its infancy, so bdubs were still regarded as innocent angels – long before they started to expose themselves. You know how it is, we’re supposed to just sit back and take it.

    I’m somewhat going off on a tangent, but the point I’m making is this, black women always knew the type of good for nothing black men they were dealing with. This “femicide” has nothing to do with GOOD, regular black men. While unfortunate, nine murders in an entire year is some huge crisis?? You kidding me right now?? Were ALL the perpetrators black men? You’re telling me the numbers of white and Asian women in London killed by their partners were less? I call baseball cap on this and I wouldn’t be surprised if a black female is behind it, because society doesn’t give a shit about black women and would only post an article like this to tarnish the black male image. Otherwise, why would they care?

    All this has done is give the divesters, racists and weak simps like this blackity black Lee Jasper (who I’ve been familiar with for many years) ammunition and it disgusts how most black men in this country can never get on code and at least challenge the accusations and slander hurled at us from black women. They will just say can’t we just focus on the nine women murdered as if being tarred with the same brush as Pookies/Roadmen doesn’t have far reaching consequences for all of us. At least more black men in the states are speaking up for themselves and openly challenging the black harridan, over here we’re way behind in that regard.

    As an SYSBM bro with all I’ve experienced at the hands of black women from early childhood until adulthood, I’m not concerned. I’ve personally had to exercise restraint on a number of occasions, especially with one distant female relative in particular who is lucky to be above ground (but still dead to me regardless) after trying to goad me into attacking her because of her petty jealousy. With all I’ve been through with this demographic, its a wonder why I’ve only been SYSBM for the last couple of years. I’m actually late to the party. I’m willing to bet I have more of a reason to be SYSBM than most.

    Black women in this country are no better than their American cousins. As for the rest of American brothers, if you think you’re gonna get a quality black woman from here because you watched a 1984 Sade interview, forget it lol. The Passport Bro Skylar DeRouen discovered that for himself.

    I tried. I don’t wanna hear shit about how it’s my job to “protect” this vile demographic. I did my part. I’m done with them. Plenty of black male simps jump to the defense of these harridans all the time. Exhibit C: Let THEM do it. Yeah, they’ll get their little praises online, but that’s where it ends. We’ll still be subject to black male slander and insults the rest of the time.

    Good black men have always been disrespected and it’s time black women start facing the consequences. Not through domestic violence which I will NEVER advocate unless in self defence, but by us walking away for good. They claim to be “unsafe” around us, so that will easily solve the problem. Too bad the “good” black women never spoke up and called out their fellow sisters, but chose to stay silent. They’ll have to face the consequences too, I’m afraid.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Another slam dunk of a comment, I’ll just be commenting on “Exhibit C”. These pro black female, black male simps are a disgrace. Didn’t the black witch state that she was fully trained in MMA? As I stated before, she was much more concerned about getting a video that she could post to social media in the hopes of going viral than she was for her own safety.

      As for the Negro who decided to “step up” to defend a random black siren, guys like him are the gatekeepers of black female dysfunction, hence why more black men who are worth their salt are rightfully choosing to walk away from black women altogether.

      I don’t understand how these pro blackity black simps expect to see black women improve without making room for any correction and chastisement. Again, if these black females need defending, always point them towards a government building, a police station or alternatively a forest where they can enlist the protective services of a bear. #SYSBM™

      1. Verbs2015,

        “…alternatively a forest where they can enlist the protective services of a bear.”

        LOL even the most hungry and dangerous bears would flee from bdubs and become SYSBM – Save Your Sanity Bear Man.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      Your comments may be long, but they are well worth the read; the female in Exhibit A sounds like YouTuber KSI the way she’s speaking. If that’s how Black women from London really sound, then YIKES!!! In Exhibit B, that guy does sound like a guy who comments here on Slaying Evil; it was low key annoying hearing that White lady pander and try to make that U.K. SYSBM brother sound extreme for speaking the truth. Black women have been dogging us out for decades with the worst slander and defamation imaginable, but we speak on our observations about White women’s looks versus Black women’s looks, and that’s “extreme”? Lastly, we can write a whole article on that simp in Exhibit C and why you shouldn’t emulate his actions; what if that guy actually pulled a weapon on him? He would be dead for intervening in an argument where the Black woman was willing to show how strong and independent she really is.

      1. BCT,

        Appreciate the kind words.

        Re Exhibit C, that harridan was hardly a damsel in distress. I could understand if Mr Simp wanted to protect a woman who was genuinely being harassed and trying to walk away, but if she’s arguing with a man and running her mouth and bragging about her so called MMA fighter skills like she’s something big, then clearly Miss Steven Seagal doesn’t need my help. You notice how she didn’t even seem to appreciate the gesture of the simp, she kept running her mouth like he wasn’t even there which could have inflamed the situation.

        The station attendant was present, let him do what he’s paid to do. Black women simply don’t know when to be quiet. Nine times out of ten, they’re just not gonna be a physical match for a man and a big mouth is not a protective force field or super power. But bdubs are so used to being King of the Hill and totally disregarding black male authority, they’d rather put everyone else in danger than use wisdom in tense situations and standing to the side.

  3. The second I saw that article I knew it was a line of propaganda, even ITV News removed the article from its website.

    You cannot claim to be the most murdered, then expect the people committing the murder to step up and protect them, where is the logic in that?

    If that report is remotely true, I’d like to see the breakdown in stats, ie. age, race, partner status. Where is the report, where’s the proof? Missing in action, as usual…

    1. Michel,

      Good to hear from you, it’s been a long while. Indeed, the article is bollocks even though the BBC, The Standard and The Independent newspapers are still running with it. Black women want to hang around the bad apples of black male society but then want the good, upstanding, non criminally minded brothers to step in and save them when things go south. It seems that a few of these UK rags are trying to go down the black female pandering route, could this be in connection with the up and coming General Election? It’s something to think about.

      1. There’s clearly an agenda, because no way is this simply general reporting. The problem is, on this side of the pond there’s hardly, if any pushback from black men against anti black male propaganda. Unless I haven’t looked hard enough, I’m just not seeing it. At least in the states you have AC, Dennis Spurling, Medium Man and many others who will quote statistics and provide receipts. Medium Man especially is good at breaking things down.

        Black men here either seem to ignore it, or run with it like Lee Jasper. I can’t remember his name, but there was a black man from here well over 10 years ago who used to have a silhouette of himself in the thumbnails and always spoke up for black men and didn’t pander, but he’s long since disappeared.

        I see articles of white women AND girls being slain by their boyfriends/husbands all the time. There’s no way you’re telling me more black women in London are being killed by their partners. I’m just not buying it.

        Oh, and what about that black female who was recently convicted of killing her little 3 year old son??

        Interesting how this tragedy wasn’t doing the rounds in da communitah. The bdubs and black male simps were really silent on that one. If a black father killed his little daughter they would have blown it wide open and you would never hear the end of it. But who cares about black males, right? We’re seen as a monolith, while white cops can kidnap, rape and mutilate the bodies of white women (RIP Sarah Everard) and be treated as individuals.

        It’s all well and good pointing out what goes on in the states, black female dysfunction is obvious to a deaf and blind person. No one else even has to point it out because they proudly expose it themselves. Over here, bdubs are still in a position to hide behind the veneer of innocence since black men are always easy targets since we have no power and generally never get on code. Until then, black women are free to throw rocks and hide their hands and make us to be the monsters.

        1. SYSBM Forever,

          That Daily Mail article was a very hard read, what was especially disturbing was a picture of the bamboo cane the black witch used that still had the child’s blood on it.

          And regardless of this these pro blackity blacks still want me to put my seed into devil spawn black females like this? No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

          You’re right about there being a lack of representation for the righteous, upstanding black man in the UK, I can’t think of any black men here who are ten toes down standing in our corner.

          I believe the ex YouTuber you might be talking about was a black guy named Thugtician. I believe black women ran him off the platform through endless false flagging and reporting:

          The monolith outlook on UK black men is seriously problematic and has been in place for a very long time. Black men in the UK are so far from being on any kind of code unless it’s a postal one(if you know what I mean).

          The problem as always is black men have gotten too comfortable in Babylon, they’ve adapted to the degenerate ways of the West and now serve its god.

          I said this many times before, unfortunately the only time black folks come together and stick it out that way through thick and thin is when we’re being heavily persecuted.

          Sad to say it but most black men over here just like the black sirens are going to have to be left to crash and burn in their wilful ignorance.

          As for those UK whites continually perpetuating stereotypes about black men, their recompense is upon them through their country rapidly going down the toilet.

          They don’t have the nuts to save their own land because they no longer hold to any moral compass.

          I see white Americans talking about God, Christ and the bible all the time, however to see the same amongst indigenous English white folks is an extreme rarity. Unfortunately for white folks here, they won’t learn until they’re judged and even then most of them still won’t get it even when fire and brimstone is upon them.

          1. Verbs2015,

            I remember Thugtician. It’s not him, it was another brother. He had a silhouette of his picture and in some videos he would have his voice deliberately distorted, but after a while he’d post in his regular voice. Again, I can’t remember his name because it was so long ago. He was pro black male, anti marriage and definitely called out dysfunctional and entitled black women unapologetically.

            But yeah, black men in the UK for the most part are a strange case collectively. There’s no longer a sense of camaraderie like the old days, especially not against the black daggle. Even something as simple as the ‘black head nod’ you won’t even get sometimes .Some brothers from the states who have visited here have even commented on this. I don’t expect it in London where we’re everywhere, or some of the major cities, but in some parts you’ll find that white men are more likely to greet you and initiate conversation. We already know how it goes with the women.

            It’s disheartening at times, I’m not gonna lie. You’d think we’d get on code and have each other’s backs as men let alone BLACK men.

            As for the white British populace, you got groups like Britain First (who are the new National Front as far as I’m concerned) who pretend to protect christian values, but it’s only pushback against the muslim population. They’re really just white supremacists and I doubt any of them have opened up a bible to read in recent times. America may be more openly christian in name, but that country makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like what the Garden of Eden would have been if the first simp had stood his ground like a man lol.

        2. If it was up to me this black witch would have her throat slit. This is why i think the death penalty should be brought back for certain crimes

    1. Jeezus Christe!
      She look like a demon looking Tranny with the mugshot.
      She has no soul at all.

    2. Thebackhandofreality,

      Here is another example of an out of control black female, and they wonder why more black men are choosing to walk away from them. Yep, just mash up the entire airport because you cannot find your children who you’re supposed to be keeping an eye on, smh:

  4. Verbs wrote:

    “Back in the 1980s the UK government decided to adopt the same fatherless home welfare policies as the US government did in the 1960s and we now have the same results.”

    Actually Verbs, it started in the Pre-1970s and the early 70s era in the UK.
    I am going to mention UK brothers name here, Verbs, Money Cultural, SYSBM Forever and Quincy because you are UK bros and tell you the story.

    I remember my mum told me and all my brothers the story of the Pro 1970s era of UK welfare.
    During the late 70s era in the UK she was going to sign up to Welfare. The condition was to get the welfare is to leave her husband (my dad). Her response was ‘Where he goes, she goes.’ Basically mean hell no.

    If she takes the deal (Welfare) which other female did, she will become single mother and my dad becomes deadbeat.
    But she decide to stay with my dad, ride and die together. Even my mum goes through ups and down. Also had beefs in the past, however that alone when she turn down the welfare which is the reason I still admire my mum because of this. She also read the Negro Wars book and when she read it she told the story of the UK Welfare at the time.

    The reason I mention the UK brothers name in this because I want people the understand how the welfare changes the fate of the family structure. Now today most females will trade their men for welfare.

    As for American brothers here: In the UK, Council houses and Council flats is a UK version of American Section 8 Housing areas.

    1. That is real talk Andy C.
      The welfare at the time truly changes the fate of the family structure.
      Modern females will talk all caps about how men leave their females to make them single mothers and loss of elders will tell the tale of the beginning of the Welfare in the UK. Also UK elders also tell the story of Welfare.

    2. I remember Cynthia G made a video years ago debunking US Welfare saying that how Black Men voluntary abandon black families.
      Even the BW supporters believe this.
      She was using all academic research to prove it.
      However the black elders knew Cynthia was talking caps because she knew nothing how the welfare works. Some BM left their familes or else the women and children starve to death. This is how the welfare works. Accountable Commentary (I know some do not rock with him because of FBA thing) mention that BW chose to leave the black patriarchy to move to the ghetto of Section 8 towns (US equivalent to UK Council Houses and estates).
      I did not watch the whole video as she was full of cap anyway and read the comments as I cannot stand her poison venom voice. Thank god that she is off YouTube.

    3. Andy C,

      You’re right but the late 1980s is when the welfare state here really took off. They couldn’t implement it successfully in the 70s because black people were still being attacked and persecuted in the streets by groups such as the BNP(British National Party), NF(National Front)etc. Black women would’ve been sitting ducks if they had chosen to venture out on their own at that time.

      It was only when the UK government got those far right groups “under control” in the mid to late 80s, that’s when they could run with the welfare state program at full speed and of course black women couldn’t wait to get onboard.

      Black women always show their true treacherous hands whenever the State comes knocking at their door bearing “gifts” in exchange for certain “favours”.

  5. SYSBM: You know, these scragglies get breed up on purpose just to get housing.
    White sugar honey: That is one tactic they are using.

    When welfare came into the UK, everything changed. That’s when the family structure starts to fall apart. It was shattered to pieces. And that’s when the man walked out of the family home and never come back.

    As you see I was raised in a two-parent home with my parents working everyday just to pay bills. When I was in school, some of the kids didn’t had a father in the household. The first girl had s*x with, my ex-girlfriends never had a father in their lives.

    Even some of my female family members didn’t had a father in the household. So, I know about someone who didn’t grow up without a father. When a woman says that she become a single mother by choice, that means that she became a single mother just to get welfare.

    In America, they have section 8. In the UK which is now turning into shit, they call it housing. And that is something that I can’t get. Anyway, I just finished a protect today. I need to rest for a few days.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. I’m vary grateful how i was raised in a two parent black home which is rare. Because children from broken homes a more likely to be criminals

  6. I remember Cynthia G made a video years ago debunking US Welfare saying that how Black Men voluntary abandon black families.
    Even the BW supporters believe this.
    She was using all academic research to prove it.
    However the black elders knew Cynthia was talking caps because she knew nothing how the welfare works. Some BM left their familes or else the women and children starve to death. This is how the welfare works. Accountable Commentary (I know some do not rock with him because of FBA thing) mention that BW chose to leave the black patriarchy to move to the ghetto of Section 8 towns (US equivalent to UK Council Houses and estates).
    I did not watch the whole video as she was full of cap anyway and read the comments as I cannot stand her poison venom voice. Thank god that she is off YouTube.

    1. Mister Master,

      Ever since black men have been laying out the facts concerning how black women abandoned the black family in exchange for welfare from the State, black women such as The Black Witch Of Scalp Summit aka Cynthia G have been engaging in all manner of sorcery and witchcraft trying their hardest to “alter” their treacherous history.

  7. Verbs 2015.

    It’s totally the single black mothers fault they are in the situation that they’re in because they chose to have kids with the wrong type of black men and welfare instead of having nuclear families with the right type black men. This is why you see lots and lots of decent black men dating non black women in the UK.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This is why clowns like Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson are a joke and a laughingstock, most black women in the UK just like in the US go out of their way to become single mothers. They keep on stating that they don’t need black men and that’s the janky doctrine they’re sticking to. If black women truly wanted good black men then they would choose them FROM THE START. #SYSBM™

  8. So, the U.K.’s Ministry of Truth (”1984″ reference) expects us to believe that because 8 of the 13 recorded femicide victims were Black women, we all should feel it is of the utmost importance to focus on protecting EVERY Black woman? Are the remaining 5 women any less special because they aren’t Black women? This word “femicide” is nothing but a desperate attempt to cast all men as violent and predatory (unlike the bear 🙄); also, why not inform us on what exactly took place that lead to the deaths of these women? I’m 100% sure it wasn’t just because they’re women. Shame on these people for trying to spread such nonsensical propaganda!

    1. BCT,

      “also, why not inform us on what exactly took place that lead to the deaths of these women?”

      I’m willing to bet most of them were deliberately provoking the men and running their mouths non stop and even being physically abusive themselves and the men just snapped. Black women know how to press your buttons and spark a rage in you that you didn’t even know you were capable of. That’s why it’s better to keep your distance as much as possible just like you would a dangerous animal.

    2. BCT wrote:
      “also, why not inform us on what exactly took place that lead to the deaths of these women? I’”

      I tell you what causes the deaths.
      The females are the instigator of trouble. Their deaths is due to know when to keep her mouth shut. Females uses shaming tactics to trigger and gaslight men which turn men into violence
      Black females create violet men by starting shit for no reason.
      I remember on Kevin Samuels panel where the female caller was talking about how her ex-BF was a violent narcassist person.
      Kevin ask her how he became the pookie he was and it was so deep to the origin that it was the Black Female caller herself was the cause of this. Because the man was a good guy, but what made the man the psycho was he was listening to her bitter single friends and telling her to do some manipulative shit to the guy because her friends was jealous of her. Her friends turn him to a Pookie when she start instigating beef where there were none.
      She admit to Kevin that she was the cause of the man to turn productive to Pookie because she listen to her shitty friends.

    3. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Up until the Convid-1984 plandemic, so many folks had a serious distrust in the mainstream media, however Convid-1984 save the legacy media and many folks fell back into their spellbound trance and once again began to believe and parrot what the lamestream press was telling them. I’ve always stated that if you refuse to use your own brain, somebody else will definitely use it for you to their own advantage. Like I said before, this so called black female “femicide” in London is a massive nothing burger, we should be focused on the more important issue of infanticide and how black women are assassinating so many children in the womb. Black female femicide in London is a myth.

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