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They’ll Treat You Like A Cash Mule Flunky! #SHORTS

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I’ve already told you what the deal is with your average modern day black female, her job is to spend your money while simultaneously stacking up her own. I’ve done told you Negroes that your only position of worth to the black witch is to be her cash mule flunky.

First and foremost the guy’s first mistake was marrying a black female to begin with, then his second massive error was having a joint bank account with the siren. You should NEVER have a joint bank account with any woman you’re with, chiefly because women typically don’t have any self control whenever they get access to other people’s money.

Again, note how this black siren has a mindset to where an exit strategy is a must and has already been put in place. Women are selfish individuals, they don’t care about anybody else but themselves, typically when they make any moves in a relationship/marriage, its normally to benefit themselves as well as to better their position, not the other parties involved.

When she said that she’s done things for the both of them, I immediately laughed out loud. What planet did that take place on because it certainly wasn’t this one? A black woman doing something positive for a black man, since when?

Mind you, when it comes to throwing black men as a collective under the bus or stabbing us in the back, black women will have that covered every time.

The dude is working his backside off, meanwhile his wife is going into the joint account, syphoning funds and funnelling them into her own savings account just in case of a “rainy day”, smh.

Notice how she’s not remorseful in the slightest for what she’s done, as I keep on saying, outside of hypnosis and heavy witchcraft, I really cannot see why black men are still bothering to get involved with black women yet alone marry them.

NEVER allow any woman to have free and unlimited access to your finances, wealth and assets and any money she requests from you MUST be fully accounted for.

I can’t even feel sorry for the guy because black men in general despite how horribly black women treat them on the daily will still return to, bow down and grovel at their feet.

This is what happens when women control the community, they raise up hoards of blue pilled simps who typically don’t have the testicular fortitude to put said women back in line.

Marrying a mentally disjointed, weave and fake eyelashes wearing black harpy, exactly what positive did the man expect would come out of this union, I’ll wait? SYSBM gentlemen, get those passports and never look back. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stop Cleaning Up After And Providing Services For Heartless Selfish Women

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “They’ll Treat You Like A Cash Mule Flunky! #SHORTS

  1. Notice she’s not siphoning of money in case of a rainy day, to start their own business, or if they ever decide to have kids? But BlAcK lOvE & gEnErAtIoNaL wEaLtH, though right?

    I bet he’s still gonna be with her after this and his dumbass gets her knocked up, then his life of hell will be ten times worse. When these harridans know their meal ticket is slipping away, they suddenly fall pregnant so you can’t go anywhere.

    I don’t feel sorry for him either. Dudes like this usually attack black men like us – SYSBM and Passport Bros, or even men who don’t subscribe to neither but simply date other women too – and suck up to ‘muh kweenz’ for brownie points and alllow themselves to be lead like dogs on leashes. I really don’t know why so many black men still insist on living life on hard mode in this day and age. It’s like they feel they deserve to experience nothing but chaos despite whatever they have going for themselves.

    Imagine how peaceful things would be if he was single and stayed away from black females altogether and was really selective on the non black women (preferably non western) he did choose. SMH.

    Too bad he never read the SYSBM tenets beforehand.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      This is the ugly elephant in the room that pro black bootlickers such as Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson don’t want to deal with, the fact that black women view black men as slaves, commodities and assets.

      They’re not entering marriages with a wholesome mind to make the marriage work and help the man continue his family tree, nope, these black sirens are in it for themselves and are only using that black man as a stepping stone to prop themselves up higher.

      Of course when the money runs out she’ll leave and roll onto the next sucker to syphon money and resources from. I really don’t understand how more black men can’t look at the modern day female’s mindset and realise that it is diametrically opposed to a fruitful and prosperous relationship.

      Like you said, I don’t feel sorry for black men who get hemmed up by women like this, it’s not like they couldn’t read the writing on the wall beforehand.

  2. I remember this video. I saw this a year ago and I am glad you bring this up.


    What you all see is what Accountable Commentary call this a ‘Pre-Payment Divorce Plan’. As Verbs stated that her job is to spend your money while simultaneously stacking up her own. (His money = Hers, Her money = Hers.)

    Black Females years ago making videos promote this ‘Pre-Payment Divorce Plan’. It is like a Exit strategy plan as Verbs perfectly described.

    Any female does this ‘Pre-Payment Divorce Plan’ is an absolutely a no-go and she is getting married as a temporary status.
    The purpose of the marriage is to do god’s duty and create a family and structure.

    These females are completely off-limits who does this and the Pro-Black simps deserver everything they get to them if they decide to deal with a female who practice ‘Pre-Payment Divorce Plan’.

    1. MMT,

      There is no commitment with the black female when it comes to relationships with black men, it simply a case of her rolling in, syphoning as much money and resources as she can from the unfortunate host and then moving onto the next victim. There are NO BENEFITS in dealing with black women, they’re a liability all round and add absolutely no value to a black man’s life. More black men just have to read and accept the writing on the wall concerning this.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I will never have a joint bank account with a black woman or any other women because they will take my money. I refuse to be a gold digging womans future meal ticket. That black guy was a idiot for getting that black woman in the first place because we all know that black woman are the biggest gold diggers on the planet and that’s the reason why SYSBM exists for decent black men like ourselves because it gives us the opportunity to escape the black community and to never return to it.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The modern day black female has an evil mindset when it comes to black men, it’s all about using black men for whatever she can without any reciprocation whatsoever. The modern day black female hands down is a serious financial liability, she doesn’t add any value to a black man’s life. At this late stage only a simpleton and a fool would consider getting with a black woman. Unfortunately we have hoards of black men who still believe they can make black love work, smh.

  4. This video demonstrates life of a black man after marrying a black woman.

    Most blackistian males will never learn.

    If divorce laws got banned, western females would think twice before marrying.

    No exit strategy in place and kids raised in two parent households.

    I would never agree to open a joint account and I don’t know why he decided to do that.

    I would expect my future white girlfriend to have a job and have her own bank account.

    What was shown in this clip is an example of how black females view black men as pet dogs, ATM’s, slaves and asset commodities.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf.

      In the US, the whole family law and divorce industry is archaic and anachronistic. First of all, in the US it makes no sense to marry a woman with less money than you have. In the event of divorce, you can use the archaic division of assets laws to your advantage and make claims on her assets if she has assets. By law, you are entitled to her money and assets depending on length of marriage, just as she is entitled to yours. The one with the most assets loses.

      Men need to stop complaining so much about certain things and just behave smarter. Since women don’t want family law and asset division laws changed, use them to your advantage. White men are way ahead of black men in this regard. Many white men are marrying women who have more wealth and assets than they, especially in marriages over 40. When the divorce occurs, which is almost inevitable in the US, these men walk away with a big chunk of her wealth, thereby improving their financial standing. Halle Barry is exhibit a.

      There is nothing in the Bible that says that men must marry down financially. In the US, women are granted greater economic opportunity than men, and receive far more government assistance for college and skill training than men. Hence, in this day and age
      it makes no sense whatsoever for men in the US to look to marry down financially.
      Now if we are talking about marrying a woman from a different culture, it might be feasible to marry down financially. But do so only if she was raised to submit to her husband and raised in a culture where this idea is the cultural norm.

      When you think about it, we’ve been brainwashed about marriage as well. If a woman looks like crap or will soon look like crap, what’s the point in marrying her. Look at how her mother looks, and you will pretty much know what she will look like in 20 years.

      Remember, marriage is a business. Think of it that way. When thinking about marrying a woman, take the long view. Do you want her genes passed on to your offspring? Will you be able to live under the same roof with her without compromising yourself in ways that go against your core values?

      And a black man should never marry a broke sheboon. This is loser behavior to the max. You shouldn’t be marrying sheboons anyway. But if she is broke and you are not, you are entering into a contract to subject yourself to the behavior of the worst behaving female on the planet, while putting your hard earned assets in jeopardy. Leave marrying sheboons and negresses to broke Pookies and thugs. If you marry a broke sheboon, not only will she be a financial leech, but her dysfunctional family members will try to leech off you as well. Even bottom shelf Brad will usually not marry a sheboon, and never a broke sheboon.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Black males who have a Matrix mindset never learn anything, they’ll continue to give black women the benefit of the doubt even when this black female overtly shows her evil hand. The West is simply NOT the place to get married, there are too many snares, pitfalls and traps laid out for men that women cannot resist taking advantage of. Black women have an evil mindset towards their black male counterparts, you’d think this would be obvious to most black men by now, smh.

  5. SYSBM: More and more gold diggers are on these damn streets.
    White sugar honey: Men need to be careful, now!

    Right, I’m goanna go straight to the point. We are seeing more and more gold diggers on these streets. And also, we are seeing more and more black women acting like gold diggers way more often. And you wondering why black men are with non-black women because one of these situations.

    I’m not stranger to this as I have been on this road numerous times. She says she needs her nails to be done. She has the money she took from her husband, so she can do them shit herself. How many times I seen something like this? So many times. I wanna say this and I got this from a producer who produced the 1993 film Menace II Society. He says people get real emotional when it comes to money and we are seeing it right here.

    I tell you something. It’s goanna be difficult having a joint account because something like this can happen. And she’s not working as well? You can tell that she’s living off the husband. Nothing is wrong of a man taking care of his wife but there are some women that are money hungry greedy straggs. And she is one of them.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  6. Boy, where do I even start with this one? This guy’s first mistake was dealing with a stragg; his next mistake was putting enough trust in this stragg to even open a joint account with her. You’re just asking to get robbed if you do something like that; cases like this are why I have trust issues, because you never know the true intentions of some people. Her attitude and demeanor here is textbook scraggle daggle behavior; she worships mammon, and this lust for acquiring material wealth for herself led her to take money out of the bank that she never earned or contributed to its growth. The way she responded to him was just so disgusting; no lie, I wanted to put a fist on her from just watching. I would’ve gave her some swift punishment if I were the guy she stole from!

    Throughout this chaotic exchange, I caught her saying that she needs to make sure she is good in case they have a divorce; that speaks to the fact that she always had a plan to leave him. Hypothetically speaking, if they were to have a divorce, why not wait until you get to court to sort those matters out? I’m no legal expert, but I can imagine that working against her once it’s revealed what she did beforehand; also, her demonic disposition toward him when confronted about her actions isn’t a good look, either. Honestly, why would you expect a woman like this to be morally sound? I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another man she has waiting in the cut for when she leaves this guy; he better wise up and leave this witch or he can kiss his finances goodbye. This has been an #SYSBM PSA.


    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Women carry 80% of the world’s debt with black women leading the charge and this is despite men worldwide making more money than them, so what does this tell us? It clearly demonstrates that most women have absolutely no awareness when it comes to finances and economics, black women especially.

      Black women always have a secret backup plan because most of them know they cannot live up to the reasonable expectation of being a good girlfriend/housewife.

      Once again, the late Dr David Carroll stated that black women are NOT long term relationship/marriage material, however unfortunately we still have black men out here believing they can be the outliers and make things work, smh.

      The bottom line is more black men need to recognise the overt strategy used by the overwhelming majority of black women and Western women in general, they’re all about building themselves up and using your money and resources to do it.

      1. “Once again, the late Dr David Carroll stated that black women are NOT long term relationship/marriage material, however unfortunately we still have black men out here believing they can be the outliers and make things work, smh.”

        We also goofies like Lil Goodie who would wait 10-15 years for the same straggs who won’t even stay with him for 5 years if they could help it.

  7. I completely agree. A fool and his money will part quickly. I don’t feel sorry for this man never have a joint account with any women. This reminds of how my brother was out drinking with our female cousin he would buy her a drink and she would choose the the most expensive dr drink on a menu

    1. Goldenman,

      The black witch is the worst when it comes to financial and economic awareness, she has absolutely no discernment nor consideration in any of those areas. The modern day black female is the most materialistic creature on this planet and she’ll stop at nothing to satisfy her carnal, hedonistic urges.

  8. Instead of getting emotional, he should of got on the phone to the police, and them that she’s stealing money.

    1. Michael Pearson,

      To be honest, because they’re married he’d be extremely hard pressed to get that money back, unfortunately he’ll have to count those dollars as lost. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

    This is a perfect example of the topic @ hand! Black man marries a black woman (HUUUGE mistake as any smart black man already knows) that bails when he hits a financial hard time.
    I, once again, thought that black women marry for true love and other women only want your money. Notice how she calls herself “extremely beautiful” while, like most BW, is fake from head to toe. These horse’s @$$ hair wearing losers truly are delusional. Even on a black chick scale she’s a 6 if that. That’s REALLY saying something!!! LMFAO.
    Also notice she wants a traditional male “provider”. How much you wanna bet that she herself is traditional like most American (black) women… (End sarcasm)
    SYSBM +++++++

    1. Matt M,

      I saw the video that black siren made trying her best to justify her actions. These black females are full of crap, they’re extremely quick to accuse non black women both foreign and domestic of solely wanting black men’s money but they only do this to scare black men into staying with them so that they can continue having access to the lion’s share of black men’s money and resources.

      As for beauty, it’s a brazen insult for the overwhelming majority of black women out here to call themselves beautiful while looking like unrecognisable mutants and trannies. Non mixed black females who are naturally beautiful are extremely few and far between.


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