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The description of her video reads:

“Life before and after dating a black man… results may vary! The before a black woman effect trend with a twist!”

I’ve said it so many times before, the best and most effective weapon against this modern day black female is ABANDONMENT.

Never allow these black females to gaslight you, the video above is merely amateur witchcraft and sorcery this black siren conjured up in order to stir up black men ie keep them engaged in conversation so they don’t leave the proverbial plantation.

Only the blue pilled, pro black simps as well as those black men who are still on the fence will fall for this garbage. It’s already been established that black women much prefer to date, open their legs to and get impregnated by the dregs and the scum buckets of black male society, black females have affirmed this out of their own mouths.

Therefore only a mentally unstable and disjointed knucklehead would expect something fruitful and prosperous to manifest from dealing with dodgy individuals who involve themselves in nefarious activities, smh.

When you choose to deal with dickheads, DON’T expect miracles. Nothing more needs to be added concerning this pot stirring, weave/wig wearing black siren. In other news, here is another greasy fire starter trying her best to antagonise black men:

Thanks to commenter Quincy Fitzpatrick for bring this video to my attention. This SINGLE MOTHER has absolutely no credibility whatsoever, NONE. Why would anybody listen to a group of women who are already defective beyond repair? How can said defective black females believe they’re in a position to criticise any black men who wisely chooses to give them a wide berth in search of women who are not defective?

She has the audacity to talk about self esteem, yet isn’t she the one walking around with white women’s hair glued to her head in addition to 50,000 pounds of industrial grade makeup plastered all over her face? The nerve of these black females, the nerve, smh.

Stop talking about there being plenty of women in the West, the QUALITY of Western females is in the sewer pipe, that’s the main reason why increasing numbers of black men are getting their passports and going abroad. True Passport Bros don’t listen to failures.

When are you on the fence black men going to get it through your thick heads that black women have NO INTENTIONS of having an honest conversation? It’s only about keeping your black-side on the plantation in accordance with the orders handed down to her by Admiral Frost, always remember this.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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33 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

    1. Verbs2015,

      After reading this nauseous effluvia from the root, I was sickened to my stomach. In America, black people as a whole suffer from disproportionate levels of acutely untreated mental illness. And the pathological black male simp who wrote this article is exhibit one.

      I would not waste my energy deconstructing this simp’s nonsensical ravings, although it would be the easiest of things to do. Any black man with an ounce of integrity and just one live brain cell would instantly know from lived experience that everything this simp is saying, is patented pathological nonsense.

      Any black man who has half a working brain, would be well advised to stay on his purpose and practice constant self improvement, while avoiding da communitah as much as he possibly can; and above all, always give the scraggle daggle as wide a berth as is humanly possible.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        I concur with everything you said. Additionally, as you keep pointing out, the black male simp has become more of a pestilence and a curse than the black female he pines after and worships.

    2. These simps suffer from some sort of masochistic disorder to even conjure up such drivel in their minds.

      1. Blue Collar Trevor,

        The bootlicking shine Young got some serious heat for that article and rightly so. The Root at its core is an anti heterosexual, anti masculine black male publication.

  1. This short video is spot on from logical MOG

    I would like to see a video that has a title of “Life before and after dating a black woman”.

    If any man did this kind of video, it would receive a lot of backlash and get flagged down.

    We know the quality of western females is very low in USA and western Europe.

    The hidden gems are only in a few areas in USA and western Europe combined.

    This is why passport bros exist to explore more options out of comfort zones.

    This is a lesson they will always fail to understand.

    In my experience, it is more risky to stay in my comfort zone than to leave my comfort zone.

    Most people want to stay living in comfort zones and not bother trying to get out of it.

    They always do the same things expecting different results.

    Negress sheboons are perfect examples of what I’m talking about.

    There will always be blackistan males on fence to keep black men on the plantation.

    Blackistan males can’t prevent me from building a future family with a white dutch girlfriend.

    They can’t prevent me from accomplishing my objective goals in life.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I see black women all day every day and these days they all look the same, fake eyelashes aka cumbrellas, fake nails, weaves/wigs aka white women’s hair, thick makeup, BBLs, they’re all disgusting clones of each other. They all want the top percentile of men while offering said men nothing that is unique/individual/different from the rest.

      It’s literally the premium steak in the dumpster scenario when we’re talking about trying to find quality women in the West. Once again Western women for the majority part all look, sound and behave in the same manner, just like the black witch they’re also afraid to embrace and cherish being an individual. They seriously lack critical thinking and reasoning skills as well. #SYSBM™

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Thanks for shouting out my name Verbs. Single mothers and black women are a lost cause and thats the reason why I refuse to date them as a SYSBM black man at 41.

    1. Shout out to you Quincy because you expose this women who also many years ago faked her death.


    I’m sure some of you have seen this already. Thankfully the clip is only a minute long because it’s like nails on a chalkboard listening to it.

    So this typically fat sow decided to chime in on her son’s conversation he was having with his girlfriend just to be a nuisance and deliberately provoke and undermine him by telling his girlfriend not to let him tell her what to do.

    We don’t even know what was said. It could have been something really simple, but she obviously couldn’t wait for an opportunity to emasculate him. It has nothing to do with him having no money, the result would have been the same if he was worth seven figures. Neither does it have anything to do with teaching her son to “respect” women. To them, “disrespect” is simply being confident and standing on your square.

    Some of the quotes are saying this is a Black American thing when that’s not the case. This is GLOBAL. I knew someone who brought his girlfriend to a BBQ for the first time to meet his family and at one point she was got up to get herself a drink and when he simply asked her to get one for him too, one of his aunts said to her “let him get his own drink, his hands work”. I also know of cases where the women in the family will butt in when one of their male relatives is reprimanding their daughters and telling him not to talk to them like that. I don’t have kids but I had a similar experience when I told off one of my nieces years ago for being rude. I was made out to be some kind of demon and the whole thing got totally blown out of proportion. – “Get the fuck outta my room nigga, cos why are you always in here”. When we say that black mothers are the worst, we’re not just talking. This is her response to her own son when he’s asking for affection. When you have other people telling us how we’re disrespecting our own mothers and the women in our family by the way we talk about bdubs in general, obviously they’re not around to witness things like this. She clearly hates her son and I guarantee she’s bitter against the father who she chose to lay with and is taking it out on him. She gets some type of sadistic pleasure inflicting pain and causing him to experience mental anguish. This is how they get down.

    I don’t know how old he is, but I sense he’s a good kid because she wouldn’t treat him that way if he was a Pookie. As soon as he’s able to, he needs to totally cut her out of his life for good. When he starts earning his money and in a position to move out, she won’t have any leverage. Not only should he date out, he needs to move FAR away from her…if not to another country, another state hundreds if not well over a thousand miles away where she can’t just show up at his house and darken his doorstep whenever she feels like it and cause a scene. No doubt she’ll make a bunch of videos since she loves airing out his business, but it is what it is. He has no control over that. Suerraya Brook’s husband had to move all the way to Germany to get away from his Keisha mother and they’ve been happily married for 20+ years living in peace. The level of absolute PEACE you have when you don’t have to deal with black females is second to none. Honestly, that alone reduces your stress levels by at least 50%.

    Black man, don’t even tell the women in your family you’re dating. Keep your business totally private (it’s good practice in general anyway). If and when you absolutely have to bring your woman around them, make sure she’s loyal and that you would have already warned her well in advance what they’re like and that she’s solid and in your corner. It goes without saying that black females are to be avoided, but make sure you’re with a traditionally minded woman, so if they ever try to pull any b.s. she’ll be in your corner and not fall for the feminist talk from a bunch of washed up and jealous bitter females.

    Some women may get the impression you’re no good if you don’t have a strong relationship with your mother or female relatives. Fuck them. Go and find a woman who is understanding. It’s not for them to be judging you because everyone’s circumstances are different and not all of us were raised with love and care. For black men, we’ve been CURSED with the worst demographic of women in world history so it’s not the same for us. I’m sick and tired of abusive black women being some sort of sacred cow. Thankfully, the perception of them is changing due to their own behaviour being exposed as a result of social media, but there’s still a long way to go.

    I’m not trying to hear none of that forgiveness crap that people love to spew either. If they’re not genuinely remorseful for what they did or try to make amends, they don’t deserve forgiveness. Abusive men don’t get a pass, neither should women. Besides, if you’re a genuinely good dude and of solid character and have good people around you, your partner should ride for you regardless. Her family can be like the family you never had and once you have children, you’ll have your own legacy to concern yourself with.

    Mothers like this think it’s a laughing matter until they get old or on their deathbed and then they’ll seriously wonder why their kids want nothing to do with them. If she tries to reach out to him in the future, he should just send her her own videos in response. Laugh now and cry later. In the meantime, it’s SYSBM all day and forever until the wheels fall off and the sparks fly as Verbs will say.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      You are correct that black women are the worst female demographic in world history. And I believe it is true globally. I used to watch Nollywood movies. I saw the exact same male-female dynamic portrayed in these movies that I see in the States on the daily.

      I’ve said this a million times. Black females, as a collective, can only be the way they are because the overwhelming majority of the black male collective tolerates it. Let me correct myself. The overwhelming majority of the black male collective not only tolerates it but cosigns it.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        The same with those South African soaps and movies.

        Some black males in the west still think all African women are like those romanticised ‘Mother Earth’ paintings portraying some traditional woman with the Kente headwrap wearing beads and carrying a jug of water over her head while palming her pregnant belly with a picture of the continent or the globe inside of it lol.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      That commentary you wrote cleaned house, nothing more needs to be added. I was absolutely disgusted with the videos, show me white and other non black females en masse denigrating their sons as well as going out of their way to emasculate them, I’ll wait.

      I couldn’t imagine living in a household with that evil witch, of course black women never find fault with themselves, this is how deep down in selfishness and evil their feet are steeped. As I stated in my piece above, the best and most effective weapon against the black female is ABANDONMENT, this will remain true forever.

    3. SYSBM Forever wrote:

      “When you have other people telling us how we’re disrespecting our own mothers and the women in our family by the way we talk about bdubs in general, obviously they’re not around to witness things like this.”

      I remember many years ago that when Tommy Sotomayor on the live podcast calling his own mum a ‘female dog (bi**h) and a 304. When people heard it all the Pro-Blacks got all upset about how Tommy went online disrespecting his own mum and this shocked the black communitah online.

      A week later Tommy made a video called ‘What type of mother you had’ and he was talking sense what mention because all the Pro-Black saying ‘Your momma’s black’ or ‘hate your own mom’. However these simps do not understand what type of mum he had.

      People think all mothers were all good. No, you have mothers who were 304s, prostitutes, crack dealers, do stripping and promote podophiles towards their kids. We all seen this on Social Media what type of females they are who have kids.
      These Pro-Black need to look in the mirror before they preach this ‘respect thy mother’.

      1. Michael Mistertea,

        LOL….”Honor Thy Mother and Father”. How about “Nurture thy child”? Funny how they always fail to subsequently quote Ephesians 6:4 – “do not provoke your children to wrath” – which is the exact thing black mothers ALWAYS do.

        People always wanna say “well, your parents gave you life”. OK, and? Two people got together one day and had sex, so what? Species reproduce all the time and humans are no different. I can go out and fuck a different woman raw every day for a year and will probably get at least 50 out of 365 of them pregnant, so what. Do I get pass?

        Da communitah suffered abuse at the hands of their mothers and think it was something normal and even laugh about when they were young and received verbal and physical abuse. SMH.

        Compared to other races of women, I very rarely see black mothers being openly affectionate towards their kids out in public, especially their sons. They only seem to molly coddle their criminal sons. There’s a reason black boys grow up with low self worth and look for belonging in the wrong places. Of course their “absent fathers” who no one ever knows their side of the story always get the blame.

        “Mother Earth” my ass.


    I just noticed this on Twitter. Of course, all the non blacks and the Barbie divestors especially are salivating over this article. I personally call bullshit and whilst murder is obviously wrong and very unfortunate, come on, just 9 victims in a year compared to the total black female population doesn’t even comprise .01%.

    IMO this is just another attempt to smear black men’s image. Of course, when the majority of us try to distinguish ourselves from roadmen, we’re told how wrong we are for it. Everyone loves Wasteman Wayne until he inflicts damage, then they can point the finger at all of us. I don’t know any black man who has ever stabbed a woman to death. I know plenty who have been physically abused, wound up in hospital, prison, and other unfortunate circumstances as a result of black women though. Nobody wants to have the conversation of what part black women play in their own demise.

    And again, if we’re so bad, why are black women always so upset when many black men date out? All these divestors who think they got one up on us over this article should be glad that we’re separating from them for their own “safety”, obviously.

    We really need to keep fighting for our image.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      It’s like what I said before, when you deal with dickheads, DON’t expect miracles. Since black women have been claiming to be strong, independent and not needing a man for the longest while, in doing so they’ve voluntarily advertised themselves as easy targets. On the flip side you’re right, nobody is talking about the many black boys and black men that have lost their lives because of the black female’s dodgy antics. Let’s not even mention the hot potato of abortion and how most black lives are lost through that evil, barbaric act, much higher numbers than so called “black femicide” rates, smh.

      1. Verbs2015,

        This topic is worth an article in itself. I can’t even wait for next Wednesdays OMW cos this really got me heated, but I might just post this again.

        You got simps like this Lee Jasper dude helping to spread anti black male propaganda for likes. He says that’s why Dianne Abbot is currently under attack from the establishment! How do we have any control over that??? A white female MP by the name of Jo Cox was actually MURDERED back in 2016. Are white men to blame for that incident? MPs get attacked all day long, how can that be prevented?

        Speaking specifically for the UK now. Black men have ALWAYS stepped up for black women. Didn’t da communitah rush that store in Peckham where that THIEVING black woman got handled by the owners and forced it to shut down temporarily? Recently this happened:

        Is that not a black man “stepping up” while the black woman who is being “protected” is still running off her big mouth (as usual) instead of keeping quiet and letting the MAN take care of business? She could have made the whole situation worse. Black women never know when to shut up and step to the side.

        It really grinds me when black males keep spreading these stereotypes and myths about their fellow brothers. We won’t step up, but will punch down? Huh?? The reason why black women mouth off and are out of control is because we’ve LET them be that way. What about all the “honor killings” Asian men inflict on the women in their family? How are black men worse than any other men? I’m not seeing any evidence of this.

        I’m sorry, but black men in this country are weak pussies for the most part. Not because we don’t “protect” black women, but because we never have each other’s backs or speak up for ourselves. Like I said before, I don’t fully rock with AC/blackout channel because now and again he’ll spew that “tether” crap, however the one thing I’ll give him is that he fully backs black men unapologetically and will quote statistics and show videos as proof of black female nature and doesn’t stand for black male slander. Where’s the UK equivalent? Over here, we just take it.

        I expect bdubs to misrepresent us all day long, but I get really disappointed when black males spew the same crap and don’t even bother to bring some type of balance to the discussion. It grinds me especially with what I and many other good black men have been through at the hands of black women and nobody, not even other black men seem to give a shit. SMH.

  5. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Let me start by saying that yesterday (5/28/2024) was my 31st birthday; I celebrated over the weekend with my older brother (whose birthday is today). We both are blessed to have seen another year because it’s never guaranteed that we’ll live to see the next day; now, let’s address the stragg known as Soncerae. On second thought, I won’t even waste time addressing her; more of us should adopt this attitude where we just don’t care what they think at all. Whenever they start gaslighting us like this, just recognize that they’re trying to disrupt the happiness you seek away from them; keep the Wall of Silence well fortified.


    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Happy 31st birthday brother, may you have many more birthdays to come. It’s all about cherishing life and giving thanks to the Most High every time you wake up to see a new day.

  6. SYSBM: I’m wondering if Money Cultural will ever come live in South London again.
    White sugar honey: If he doesn’t, then he tried.

    The best weapon for a black man to use to the modern black female or the ratchet black women is abandonment. Don’t give them any attention or your time, anything. Just abandon them and keep walking. They will fall apart when a black man done the abandonment and it seems like they can’t live without the black man.

    Soncerae Monique who faked her suicide years back. Let me tell you something. This motherfucker is a lost cause. She is just damage goods that need to be thrown away. And she’s a woman with children which I don’t know how many. When you see a woman like her especially if she’s a black woman, you can tell that something has happen to her.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming non-black women.


  7. So, the other day I was listening to Accountable Commentary talking about that viral video of those 3 biracial straggs on a podcast speaking about Jonathan Majors; there was that one on the left who spoke about how she admired him for his work and his way of being. She then reveals how she felt that he was seeing a White woman; at that point, it hit me: Keishas assume that if a Black man has a great work ethic and carries himself well, he must be into Becky. She pretty much admitted that she believes successful Black man are out of her league and that Becky is their first option before her; this is the same type of insecurity you see with Admiral Frost. General Tito once spoke of a White guy at a former job where this White girl liked him, but he didn’t want to bother asking her out because she had a fat booty and he assumed that meant she liked Black guys; how insecure can you get?

  8. Donald Trump found guilty of 34 Counts.
    Any American brothers here tell me your thoughts on this.

  9. Verbs2015,

    I’m still getting a “critical error” message whenever I post which submits but doesn’t allow me to edit.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I’ve just checked over the editing plugin, I can’t see anything wrong with it from this end. I’ve added an extra 5 minutes to the editing time, perhaps that might solve the problem. As for the plugin that was prohibiting access to the site, that’s been removed.

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