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A Black Female Becky Wannabe Speaks! #SHORTS

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Here we go again, yet another example of a goofette, blonde weave wearing black female who doesn’t have a clue as to what she’s talking about. Where on earth did this knucklehead get the idea that men enjoy the high maintenance garbage that too many women subscribe to and religiously partake in?

Mind you, these will be the same black females who are very quick to accuse white women of “cultural appropriation”, yet just look at that crazy contraption on the top of her head. Black women stay chasing white women, they want to be Becky so badly but they’ll never be.

This is yet another case of women believing their own hype, rather than listening to men and allowing them to explain exactly what they like and dislike concerning women, nope, foolish harpies like @simooonnneee would much prefer to dictate to men what they should and shouldn’t have a preference for.

Men are NOT interested in your raptor claw nails, fake hair, fake eyelashes, your makeup, all of those things directly benefit YOU, not us. Most men would much prefer women in their natural state and to present themselves in a reasonable manner without the expensive extravagance.

What happen to the days where most black women used coco butter on their faces and bodies and as a result had much better looking skin? I remember a very long time ago when it was rare for a black female to wear makeup and even when she did, she never took a trip to Cakeface City coating her face with 50 layers of it.

The bottom line is this, the cosmetics industry has persuaded women to feel highly insecure without the use of their products, on top of this women have initiated a foolish competition amongst themselves as to who can look the goofiest and the most synthetic, this has NOTHING to do with men whatsoever, NOTHING.

The modern day black female is the most insecure goofy looking woman on the planet, she’s totally normalised walking out into the streets looking like a literal clown, these black sirens are so mentally disjointed to the point where they see nothing wrong with the way they present themselves in public, smh.

No, pay for your own fake hair, fake nails, weaves/wigs, fake eyelashes, makeup, BBLs etc, as a man it’s NOT my job to service your hedonistic, materialistic, superficial, carnal lusts and desires with my hard earned cash.

Gentlemen, leave these black females as well as other Western minded women alone, they’re really trying their utmost to convince themselves that men actually like the synthetic look, smh. Once again, the only guys who are impressed by Barbie doll fake looking black females are the blue pilled, brown nosing, pro black simps.

The above is a premium example of self hatred, being ashamed to sport your own natural hair so you choose to glue white women’s hair to your head instead. Show me black men gluing white European style toupees to their scalps, I’ll wait.

The modern day black female is a mentally ill, unstable, hedonistic savage whose incessant addiction to looking clownish has thrown her clean off the deep end, these volatile termagants need to be avoided at all costs.

As for you black men who still love your “queens”, deal with them at your own risk BUT don’t complain when your hands get bitten. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Only Women Are Interested In Dolling Themselves Up, Men Couldn’t Care Less

Most High Bless

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26 thoughts on “A Black Female Becky Wannabe Speaks! #SHORTS

  1. I haven’t seen a single video of men claiming they enjoy the high maintenance garbage.

    I’ve haven’t seen any comments online of men asking women to wear claw nails, fake eyelashes and makeup.

    I haven’t seen any blackistian males claiming they want their negress sheboons wearing fake hair.

    I haven’t seen white women complaining about cultural appropriation of weaves.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      It’s all smoke and mirrors, there are no black men out here asking for black women to engage in their high maintenance foolishness, not even the blue pilled, pro black simps are requesting that garbage.

      Black women are simply highly insecure, they don’t like the way they look, they wish they looked like white women and so that’s why they go out of their ways to resemble Becky. That is the true definition of self hatred.

  2. Verbs2015,

    Verbs, yesterday I was getting a message that said ‘Access Denied’ , when I tried to access your site. I was wondering if anyone else got this message. I was also wondering if your site was under some sort of attack, since as we know, there are so many haters out there.

    1. You’re not the only one; I got that same message last week on Thursday, as well.

      1. Blue Collar Trevor,

        I had to remove a plugin that suddenly started giving me problems, hopefully you shouldn’t have anymore trouble from here on out.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      Hey brother, I had a plugin installed that was causing this problem so I removed it. Hopefully you shouldn’t have any more issues.

  3. No men wants high maintenance woman period. Black females always talk caps. They just watch too much TV and hanging around rich Pookies and Rappers. Women are not meant to he an investment, they are meant to be a help-mate. That is all.

    As for her stating about how men bring women around the family. This only happens when they are connected, dating and mating.
    Lets us get to the nitty gritty of the family:

    The purpose of bringing a woman to the family is if the man want the woman part of the family such as getting married.
    The reason she gets upset about it because she is not a girlfriend material and she just a 304. If you bring a rachet BW like a 304 to your family, the parents will not approve it, even the man chooses this BW. The father will tell his son “Look. this women is not a wife material and she is trouble” because they do not want drama in the family. This is not about showing her off, it is about if she is a good mate for the family.

    This reminds me of this whole Royal Controversy between Harry and Megan. Because you these American Pro-Black there. I am not knocking American Brothers here because I like in the UK, this is because these American Pro-Black calling British Racists because of they talking caps about how Royal Family do not like Black People.

    I am going to set the record straight. The Royal Family in the UK can marry an African Queen the she will be accepted. The Royal Family like and down with black people. The reason why they had a problem with Megan is not because she was black, Megan was not a Wife-Material. Simple as that. Megan Markle was a Canadian Liberal Feminist Activist who is a movie actress. She knew when she marry to Prince Harry she will be doing Royal Duties and get with the Royal Programme, but she was against it because she was a liberal and the Queen was mad about it.

    This is what the Pro-Black simps do not understand because they are use to dealing with Liberal Black Females and not understand that the men need to be respected and he has standards.

    That is the purpose of introducing the woman to your family to see if she is suitable mate. Why would a man introduce a ghetto weave ratchet high maintenance female to your home unless he is a simp.

    1. That is spot on about the Royal Analogy and about Megan and Harry. Megan just like the rest of the Black Females which are not family oriented people. She was just marrying for status just like these BW. that is why they talk caps about how BM wants high maintenance women.
      As Verbs stated, these females do not want to acknowledge men’s preference, they want BM to accept trash just like the Pro-Black Simps.

    2. Agreed, I have my thoughts about the British royal family, but I don’t think race played a role with Meghan Markle.

      Technically is Meghan Markle black? Her father is White and her mom is black. And we all know you all who your father is. Plus scientifically most of your DNA imprint is going to come paternally. After the mom, her mother’s paternal DNA is the other contributing factor to a child. Since Meghan markle’s dad is white, she’s white, her “black features” might have came from her black grandfather on her mama’s side.

      FYI her white family disown her because of her feminist personality, not because of the skin color at least according to her dad.

      Just a case of bw and their maggle counterparts claiming a woman as black because her marrying into the royal family gives them indirect status.

      Amazingly enough, she’s the same complexion as Kendrick Lamar’s wife and they still give KL s*** about marrying her.

      Typical double standards do we expect anything less?

      The communitah, lol!


    3. MMT,

      These modern day black females are tweaking if they think that black men love synthetic, high maintenance women.

      I really don’t understand how some black men can walk around with these freaky looking black sirens wearing blonde weaves/wigs, they look so ridiculous and so do those pro black simps who have no problems being seen around them.

      Most black women typically are gassed up on their own hype, rather than actually enquiring as to what black men want and are looking for, instead they present black men with a sub par product and then shame and guilt trip black men into acceptance if they detect resistance, smh.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    I am not interested in dating black women especially if she has a white woman weave/wig on her head and she is fake looking from head to toe and also if she is a high maintenance gold digger.

  5. SYSBM: Today was nice. Even though it rained today.
    White sugar honey: (With that seductive look) The night is not over yet!

    Weave, nails and makeup is high maintenance? Listen here, a woman that has weave in her hair is not high maintenance. She’s is trying to be the fake Barbie. And she says that she wants to be taken to the mail? Take her to Oxfam so she can shop there. And when she said that she is a trophy, I have something to say about that. She’s a team that got relegated to the championship.

    When it comes to the weave, the reason why black women are wearing weave is because that they are competing against white women because white women can grow it naturally and black women have to buy weave. I don’t know why these scraggle daggles say that their high maintenance and that weave that they are wearing is causing damage to their head.

    And when black men sees this, they will say “Fuck that” and run off dating non-black women. Black men prefer the natural look but seeing that on a black woman is getter rarer nowadays.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  6. This hair hatted hooligan suffers from delusions of grandeur because she used the trophy analogy to characterize her “high maintenance” habits; who is gassing these 304s heads up? Women are not the prize, especially not some stragg who wears cosmetic affectations on the daily trying to look like a White woman; men have made it crystal clear exactly what they want in a woman, and they never mentioned hair, nails, makeup, clothing, or anything related to these cosmetic affectations or accoutrement. This daggle can keep telling herself that men want a high maintenance woman, but the growing number of men getting their passports tells a different story.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As Black male YouTuber BeastMode Smooth would say, “the delusion is at an all time high”. What this ultimately boils down to is women deciding to venture down a particular path and wanting men to follow them.

      They think black men like all of these synthetics, however as we already know men will tell women what they need to hear in order to clap those cheeks.

      Just like these hotep/slowtep pro black simps need an economic upheaval in order for them to stop sending their money to random women, the same is required for these weave/wig, fake eyelash, fake nail, makeup wearing black harriets so they’ll be forced to stop throwing their money into the coffers of other communities.

  7. Men love a woman who takes care of herself, dresses well and looks presentable, no shit. It’s not “high maintenance”, it’s called looking after yourself as a grown adult. Of course that would be seen as a huge feat to a Keisha who looks terrible half the time.

    For one, I don’t care about bringing any woman around my so called family, they hate on any other woman who is feminine and attractive.

    As for bringing her around friends and others, any woman I’m with is also a reflection of me. That’s why even when I was still crazy enough to date black women, I refused to be with one sporting blonde hair cos it’s look fucking ridiculous and screams self hate. Like they used to say, you look like a walking pint of Guinness. Black men will be with other races of women and still sport hairstyles from locs to cornrows. We don’t wear white men’s toupees on our heads looking like some clowns.

    No bdub could ever be a “trophy” in my eyes and are just downgrades as far as I’m concerned. I wouldn’t bring her around a rubbish skip let alone people in my life.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      The blonde weaves/wigs so many of these black female walk around with is an indication of just how mentally unstable as well as highly insecure so many black women are. I wouldn’t be caught dead dealing with any female who either has ridiculous, extravagant colours in her hair or is sporting a weave/wig.

      I still stand by a statement I’ve made periodically for years, I strongly believe most black women are possessed by evil spirits, the real individuals checked out a long time ago, now it’s a bunch of devils who are at the wheel.

  8. Ah man, I cannot WAIT for tomorrow’s Open Mic Wednesday. Just seen something on Twitter that really pissed me off, but I don’t wanna give it away lol. SMH.

  9. This goofy, hypocritical broad is not to be taken seriously guys, so I’m just going to make fun of her because why not? It’s bad enough that chica need to be focusing on getting a Gillette razor to take care of that mustache she got going but I’ll leave that alone.

    And she says she looks like a champion, this chick look like she is the winner of the tallest person at a midget contest.

    And they wonder why?!

    As MBD X says

  10. P.S. this chica looks like Dwayne Wade in a blonde wig. Wow.



    1. Mack G,

      Black women in their own minds always believe they are reasonably presentable no matter how ridiculous, outlandish and clownish they actually look.

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