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You Don’t Deserve Protective Services From Black Men!

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I’m sure you guys remember this video from a while back. We’ll deal with the extremely high risk factor involved in jumping up to protect random women later. I really find the video above quite rich coming from a group of ultra masculine women who laugh at, disparage, berate, mock, ridicule, belittle, emasculate as well as throw black men under the bus at every opportunity that presents itself.

Based upon the above alone, only a knucklehead would still expect to be protected by the same black men they openly hate, smh. Additionally, don’t you find it ironic that the most violent women on the planet are crying out for protection?

This has to be one of the main reasons why broads such as Jamira Burley continue to come up short and remain as single as a one way train ticket. NO woman, your task is to now seek protection from the one you’ve pledged your allegiance to which would be the State.

I keep on telling these black sirens that as soon as they took onboard fatherless home welfare policies as well as feminism back in the 1960s, their future security was transferred from black men over to the government. As a result black men are no longer obligated to defend black women as a collective.

To those black men who can still think and reason for themselves, if any black women approach you expressing a deep concern about not being protected, be sure to point them towards the nearest police station or government building.

Something else Jamira Burley hasn’t taken into consideration is EQUALITY. Isn’t this exactly what modern women have been fighting for, for the last 60 plus years? Now that men and women are supposedly “equal”, how can women call upon men to protect them, am I missing something here?

Modern women are out here stating that they can do anything that men can, yet as soon as a trouble making black harpy gets clapped upside her head, all of a sudden the so called “equality” is mysteriously dissolved, forgotten about and now men need to “step up”, smh.

Black women can’t have it both ways, if men are going to protect them then that has to be accompanied by control, authority as well as obedience and cooperation on the woman’s part.

Of course hell will freeze over before black women ever submit to, follow the instructions of, cooperate with and obey black men. This is why I have no hesitation in stating that black women must be left to stew, marinate and burn in their own failures.

Men should only provide protection towards women who are TRADITIONAL as they are the only ones entitled to that particular custom.

Lastly, let’s address the risk factor. Firstly, when dealing with random individuals, you have no idea concerning the type of woman you’ll be defending, any black man with sense and intelligence is most certainly not going to defend trouble makers.

He most certainly is NOT going to defend black women who have chosen bottom of the barrel men as there is a good chance that despite the tumult and strife, in the end they’ll make up and head back home together.

The most important reason for black men NOT jumping up to defend random women is if they have their own families, for a black man or any man with children, the sensible thing to do whenever observing altercations between either couples or other folks is to STAY OUT OF IT AND KEEP IT MOVING.

We’ve come across countless stories of guys stepping up to be the hero only to lose their own lives in the process, DON’T BE A VICTIM, DON’T BE THE FALL GUY.

As I’ve stated before, black women don’t deserve protection from anybody outside of the State because that is the entity they have formed a cosy confederacy with and the only authority they’ll obey. When was the last time you saw a black woman listen to a black man, I’ll wait?

Only protect those women who are close to you and worthy of protecting, DO NOT put your neck on the line for random broads especially those who have no problems calling you a n***a every 5 minutes. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Never Risk Your Life For Women You Have No Stake In

Most High Bless

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12 thoughts on “You Don’t Deserve Protective Services From Black Men!

  1. In response to the first video, yes…that’s EXACTLY what we’re saying. Remember, “Black women don’t owe you shit”…..

    ….therefore, we’re only returning that same energy. What’s hard to understand?

    Common sense would tell these women if they expect “protection”, then at the very least, show basic respect and common courtesy to your male counterparts. They don’t owe me a smile, yet funny how other women who are complete strangers smile at me all the time and even initiate conversation? Yet I’m supposed to crash out for some random chick because we’re the same skin colour? The same women who most of the time amp up potentially dangerous situations because they can’t keep their mouth shut?

    I’m not a bodyguard or a cop. Regardless of race, I’m not obligated to put my own life or freedom on the line for any woman I don’t know. If that means I’m “not a man”, then oh well lol. I’ll be a live coward over a dead hero any day. Again, check out the movie Unhinged. Simps/heros aren’t even given a thought after the fact. Besides, if a crazy woman was physically attacking a black man, would any of these harridans jump to HIS defense? Exactly. If anything they’d find it funny.

    And anyway, Pookies and simps crash out for them all the time, so how are they not protected? Oh, because many more of us are waking up by the day and they’re getting worried. The more nurturing and feminine a woman is, the more likely she is to be protected because that’s how we as men are naturally built. Are black females generally known for possessing these qualities? For those of us in London, when’s the last time you heard a soft, sweet dainty voice coming from a black woman? When most of them talk they sound like members of Onyx.

    I value my life and my future and I don’t provide services to those who don’t deserve it.


  2. She is asking her enemies to protect her.

    I would never ask my enemies to protect me.

    This is common sense.

    Common sense isn’t common in black societies.

    It ain’t rocket science.

    If they don’t use their brains, they shouldn’t breed at all.

    I’m only giving my protection services when I find a white dutch girlfriend in future.

    She should go to her nearest police station and the state.

  3. Gentlemen,

    Since these BW still going on about this ‘Provide and Protection’. I will give you the origins of this if you brothers are new to this ‘Provide and Protection’ debauchery:

    This began around 2016/2017 when this new Black Female called Christelyn Karazin, which we all know that she is the Queen of Swirlers, more like a fail swirler now.

    When she was swirling in her prime (7 to 8 years ago) she made it clear the she want nothing to do with Black Men and her and other swirlers and the Evil Swirlers aka Divestors wash their hand on Black Men, promoting Anti-BM campaign.

    Then suddenly one White man name Andrew the Vegenator made a video saying that he disagree with the swirling movement.
    As soon as he made a video just simply disagreeing with the Swirling Movement Christelyn made a video crying saying that no black man come to her aid. Actually 2 simps did, but the majority of Black Men went crickets when the White Man attach Christelyn. She was crying saying that men was suppose to come to her aid and protect her.

    What did she expect when she push Black Men out of the picture? Come back and put the Captain Save-a-304 cape on for her? No.
    When you remove Patriarchy of the community, it becomes the communitah. Once the Patriarchy is out of the picture, there will be no protection.

    When she need to understand that as soon as Black Men got their head screwed together, he respects her decision and she is on her own and she will pay for her own demise.

    She did not expect men to acknowledge her choice did she? No and these BW did not see it coming.

    Months later Black females making videos debating about ‘Protect and Provide’.

    Why have this debate in 2024? BW made their choice when they went independent.

    Let me explain why men preach 50/50 dating?
    Simple, women works and make their own money. That is what Feminist movement was all about? Those old fashion 1960 days are long gone. Other races of women understands this.

    Just live Verbs stated, these BW act like they do not know why men do not ‘Protect and Provide’

    1. That is 100% real talk Michael.
      It was originated from the Queen of Swirlers.
      As Verbs stated. BW never expected us BM to accept and acknowledge their decision and walk away in silence.
      You also point out the outcome and reality of when Black Patriarchy is out of the picture and window.
      BW are experiencing hard times without Black Patriarchy which is what they wanted in the first place.

  4. The thing that the evolved black man should realize is this: not only does the scraggle daggle not deserve your protection, it doesn’t deserve your time!

  5. SYSBM: What you wanna do tomorrow?
    White sugar honey: Say in. Hear its goanna rain in South London.

    The only people I will protect is my family which some of them are ratchet and the woman that I love including my children. Why should I protect some random broad? Black women say that black men don’t protect them. Errr —- I’m not protecting anyone who is not my woman.

    And these women say that they didn’t need a man. So, when they say all of sudden that they needed protection, then what? If some man beta male is attacking another woman on the street or bus, alright. There some men will take down a man who is messing around with some lady but in this case is different.

    I’m not protecting a woman who is not my woman. Besides, they said that they didn’t need a man. The black woman who said that black women need protection from other black women. some of these scraggs are just downright wicked. They have bad intensions in their head but I have something say about this. They’re not me whatsoever!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  6. Most black women hate all black men. But they have special hatred for a black man who is straight, hard-working, decent, honest, and does not simp for them, does not obsess over them, does not give them special privilege, and does not call them Quaens.

    Yet they fully expect that same black man to be ready and willing to lay down his life for them, even when he has absolutely no connection to them whatsoever. The proof of this is the fact that they don’t have this expectation of any other race of men, even though they pine and yearn for the affection and attention of nonblack men who have absolutely no interest in them.

    I blame this phenomenon on the black male simp who comprises 90 percent of the black male population, and who will lay down his life for a random black woman if he finds her sexually desirable.

  7. The scraggle daggle believe’s a black man’s life is disposable. That is why she believes a black man should be willing to risk his life for random black females. She believes his life is worth less than hers, bottom shelf Brad’s, and the life of any other nonblack man. This is why she only expects this of black men.

  8. Verbs 2015.

    I ain’t protecting black women because they bluntly told us that black men ain’t shit and they don’t need us. I value my life too much to put my life at risk for a woman that I do not know. Let the pookies and ray rays protect black women.

  9. I only protect submissive women and feminine women which black women are either. Sinch Black women are so “strong and independent” they can take care of themselves. Equality

  10. Jamira: “Are y’all telling us that if you are not related to us, if you are not dating us, if you’re not having some sort of physical relationship to us, if you don’t find us attractive, if you don’t find us polite enough, kind enough, quiet enough, that our lives are not worth protecting? Is that what you’re telling us? Is that the precedent you’re setting?”

    Me in my “Soft Guy Era”: “Yes, that is exactly what I’m telling you; if you won’t fulfill any of the precepts I require, I cannot feel secure enough in my masculinity to give you the protection that you desire. Drizzle drizzle!”

    Now, on a more serious note, I believe that femininity must be protected, but the scraggle daggle have lost their femininity a long, long time ago; they forfeited that privilege of being protected when they jumped on board the feminist bandwagon and said they didn’t need us anymore (that was them choosing the proverbial bear). Rick Scorpio’s prophetic declaration is coming to pass; they really are starting to see what happens when you make enemies of good Black men.

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