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I suspect this social experiment took place in France. There is some debate as to whether those white females would’ve helped if the boy was white, however I personally believe that this is a clear demonstration of how Western women overall have lost their nurturing instinct towards children and have instead turned into a bunch of morally bankrupt antinatalists. Men are far more nurturing and protective towards children than women by miles.

This is why it is of the utmost importance that black men choose the women they want to have their children with(if they want children) with extreme scrutiny and caution. This is what happens when “bear loving” females are left to their own devises, they turn into evil, selfish, degenerate monsters who’ll sit back and watch while children get kidnapped.

I remember former YouTuber King Sigma released a video some years back that revealed how women are the most prolific sex traffickers, NOT men. Despite the picture the mainstream media paints, they’re also the ones who abuse children the most, NOT men.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is on the table fellas, what’s on your minds for this week? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

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19 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

    Might be late but it seems like even the **classy mixed women are emulating the rachetness of American black women.
    Apparently Naomi Osaka, with pretty much everything going for her and all the options, CHOSE to get knocked up (out of wedlock) by a struggle rapper!?!? SMDH. She was born in Japan and everything!?!

    1. Matt M,

      These struggle rappers will do it every time. Women have the audacity to complain about men having higher sex drives, yet so many of them have no sexual temperance whatsoever. Social media has worked to the detriment of women ever since it was invented. We already know that the dude was dicking down other women without even needing evidence, that’s probably the reason why she’s kicked out. With all of their so called “intuition”, these women still can’t see that messing around with rappers isn’t going to end well for them, smh.

  2. This social experiment proves why I don’t care about white French women and most western women in general.

    In my experience, only white Dutch women are my hidden gems in western Europe.

    The mainstream media is scripted to paint their own positive image on women and paint men negatively as part of their agenda as a whole.

    The only thing that would put an end to matriarchy is world war 3.

    It will be every man for himself during a war and after the war.

    Even the simps will eventually stop simping during tough times.

    It won’t be like world war 2 and world war 1 when women always had men to help them.

    Albert pike wrote about WW1 and WW2 before it happened, he also wrote about WW3.

    1. Yeah, becuase Albert Pike was a 33rd Degree Leftist Freemason and KKK Grandwizard, who’s people today are working to make his WW3 vision come to pass. Actually read what he was promoting. Albert Pike wants a one world religion centered around Lucifer. One God, One Religion, One Government.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Yep, the Luciferian Albert Pike also said the following:

      “Those who will not use their own brain, they are nothing more than meat on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent.”

      What are we surrounded by today, morally bankrupt NPCs, bots and premium grade knuckleheads who have lost the ability to think and reason for themselves and who allow social media as well as the mainstream press to do their thinking and reasoning for them while they focus on “having fun” ie engaging in degeneracy, hedonism, materialism and superficiality, smh. Send the asteroid now.

    1. Brother Dan,

      I saw that video and someone is still got beef against Shawn.

      Shawn also made a video why he is long term unemployment.

      I watch the video and it was a BW who got him sacked and made him eternally umemployable.
      I get the whole Human Resource Brickwall but the problem is because he is promoting Black-Love, the communitah has no interested in Black Love, especially Black females as they prefer Thug and Swirling novels.

      Also the reason why he lost a lot of support after the Passport Gate in 2019 because what these Pro-Blacks do not understand is people who are interracial dating and Red-Pill, Passport/Travelling Bros and SYSBM are the real investors, just like productive Black Men are the real investors and when BW do not want BM, the real investors goes elsewhere.

      When Pro-Black hates like Shawn goes against the real investors such as Passport Bros, they will pull the plug on him.

      Before he had interview with Obsidian, he had 3k views, then when the Passport/Travelling Bros, SYSBM knights listen to him and help him out he gain 10k YouTube subscribers and massive donation to help him build his Comic Book business. When he start hating on SYSBM and Passport Bros, he lost massive subscribers and donation. Why? Because he bite the hands who feed him.

      Pro-Black believe that the Communitah will buy his product. In reality no. If there was a Pro-Black Comic just like Shawn made by a Asian guy he will sell big time because the ‘White Man’s Ice is colder’ in the Pro-Black world and he knows this.

    2. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Shawn ” I haven’t had a girlfriend since 1989″ James is at it once again. The main reason why folks got so upset with him over Passport Gate back in 2019 is because he wasn’t then and still isn’t qualified now to speak on the topics of foreign women nor travelling seeing as he’s never set foot outside of his own home country.

      Again, as in the case of Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson, since James is so obsessed with “black love”, why isn’t he leading by example?

      Where is his woman? Oh yes I forgot, Shawn James has chosen to venture down the silicone/rubber route and purchase himself a sex doll. As I’ve stated before, Hollywood screen writers couldn’t manufacture so many plot twists and enigmas and puzzles.

      He’s gone in on SYSBM™ numerous times but has either pulled the videos, put them to private or posted them on Patreon because he doesn’t want that work. The guy isn’t even dating any women yet he’s so concerned with where other black men are choosing to place their family jewels. James is a premium member of the DPU(Dick Police Unit).

  3. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I would like to see the longer version of this video (if such a video exists); those two females showed no sense of urgency in that moment. They just acted like it was no big deal; the feminist programming truly runs deep. Anyways, I wanted to revisit the subject of Black D1 athletes dating White women because Fox 26 Houston’s Isiah Carey (the same guy who helped to spread propaganda about Passport Bros after Auston Holleman’s fiasco in Brazil) addressed this subject:

    Isiah Carey is a dick police detective; why is it so newsworthy whether Black athletes want White women over Black women? They chose who they chose; get over it! Did you guys notice how they chopped up Lil Goodiee’s video, only including the parts where he mentioned how Black women asked his friends for money for hair and nails, not wanting a cheap date, and how White women even offer to pay? They didn’t include the parts where he mentioned how White women helped his friends with their school work and knowing when to SHUT UP! Could you imagine the hate Fox 26 Houston would get had they aired that in the segment?

    Also, let’s address these Black athletes and the White woman they chose to bring on: all of those Black athletes are blue pilled simps, especially that fat one in the middle; was it really necessary for him to mention the father of the White woman he dated having a gun? Her father was irrelevant to the conversation; he still has his momma’s titty in his mouth. We also must address how all of them had to qualify their statements with “I love my Black women” before they continued their comments; what pathetic wastes of masculinity!

    Lastly, let’s address that post-Wall, ratchet looking Becky they brought on; she called herself a “millionaire matchmaker”, which says alot to me. People who work in the dating industry never acknowledge the role that racial politics plays in the dating market for Black men; did you hear how she tried to deflect from the reasons those athletes gave for why they dated out? She chalked it up to “culture”; what is that supposed to mean? This is why I’ll never trust anyone who works in the dating industry; they will never point out the dark history Black men have dealing with Black women.

    Remember, Lil Goodiee made that video to inform B Dubs why Black D1 athletes are dating out; he fails to realize that Black women are sexual marketplace communists and don’t want to compete for Black men like non Black women do. It’s game over for the scraggle daggle out here! Get your passports, and live out the #SYSBM lifestyle.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I have to laugh at those guys, practically all of them prefaced their comments with the old familiar saying, “I love black women”. Sadly most black men are deeply scared of the black female, they don’t have the nuts to check and put her back in place.

      Even the late Dr David Carroll stated the same over and over again. The late Charles Tyler many years ago when those daggles came to speak to him on the beach in Brazil used the same “I love black women” preface before beginning his breakdown as to why more black men are checking out, smh.

      This is why I will continue to refer to the black female as a witch/siren, she has most black men hemmed up and shook to the point where they’re afraid to speak the truth on her evil, degenerate, reprobate, hedonistic nature.

      Lil Goodiee spoke the truth, as we discussed before, he simply needs to apply some common sense to his life and realise that he’s NOT going to find his ideal woman within black female society, it’s NEVER going to happen.

      Isiah Carey and his Fox 26 cronies vet any black men they want to bring onto the show with extreme caution beforehand, they don’t to engage in a real and honest conversation so they’ll always ensure the black men they bring on won’t rock the boat.

      This is one of the main reasons why the legacy media is dead, they still think they rule the narrative with their endless lies, spin and deceit.

      As much as I hate social media, on the flip side it has allowed the general public to become their own reporters, journalists and commentators who are able to report on and speak about events, trends, situations and outcomes without having to place a spin on anything. #SYSBM™

    1. BCT,

      These black sirens are beyond savage and wicked, also you’ll notice how they never have any problems recruiting braindead, blue pilled, black male simps to co-engage in their evil works, smh. That story is beyond disgusting, smh.

  4. Apparently, there has been this rumor going around that Reginald VelJohnson–who portrayed the patriarch of the Winslow family in the American sitcom called “Family Matters”–has been getting his cheeks clapped (at some point in the past) by a certain Sean Combs. This is independent of the “rumor” that the man who portrayed Carl Winslow’s son has been clapping Transformer cheeks (and who may have been involved with Mr. Combs to some unknown extent).

    1. As far as the “rumors” surrounding Darius McCrary, AKA Eddie Winslow, there is a video of him making out with a tranny named Sidney Starr who is notorious for lying about sleeping with rapper Chingy (a lie that ruined his career).

  5. Verbs wrote:

    “I remember former YouTuber King Sigma released a video some years back that revealed how women are the most prolific sex traffickers, NOT men. Despite the picture the mainstream media paints, they’re also the ones who abuse children the most, NOT men.”

    I will say shout out to King Sigma for those videos. I am not sure what happen to his channel but he made great content.

    As for Sex trafficking, Females are the true villain because the run the business. When you see men are doing the sex trafficking, they are mostly front line which is the reason why men are portray in real life and TV as the main culprit, but the men are front line because they are the muscle. Just like the simps who are front line because they do the feminist’s dirty work. Females cannot get their hands dirty so they let men do it.

    I remember a TV programme called CSI New York where there was an episode of women who are victim of sex trafficking and the women who call herself the Ambassador was showing concern about the women.
    One of the survivor drew a photo of a witness of a female. Long story short. They capture the men who was doing the sex and rape. The episode ended where the survivor saw the picture of the female witness which reveal to be the “Head Honcho” of the operation, but she got caught escaping and recruiting another victim.

    Episode info:

    The point in the story is man are not always the villain, but the female who runs the operation does.
    King Sigma study this.

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