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And Who Is To Blame For That Then? #SHORTS

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Another shout out to TeamWhiteGirls for sending me this video. Here we go again, yet another black siren who is trying to stir up a conversation that has already been put to bed a long time ago.

Once again gents, don’t get dragged into these redundant debates as to why more black men are choosing to throw in the towel on black women and instead opting to date and marry white and other non black women.

I really have to scratch my head, have these black females all of a sudden forgotten that for at least the last 60 years plus, they’ve been blowing their trumpets in the streets boldly and proudly declaring themselves to be “strong, independent women who don’t need a man”?

If you keep giving black men the middle finger, what exactly do you expect them to do? Black women have had no problems throwing black men under the bus at every opportunity that has presented itself but now are surprised to see increasing numbers of black men abandoning ship on so called black love, really?

Well to do, intelligent, upwardly mobile black men in LA have sense, for years having been told by black women to “get lost”, they’ve done exactly that, they’ve voted with their feet and chosen to take themselves over to women who will actually show them love and appreciation.

The audacity and the nerve of your average modern day black female to believe that she can slate off her male counterparts all day everyday but somehow we’re obligated to accept the psychological and verbal beatdown without any objections or protest, smh.

There’s nothing to see here folks, just another black female complaining about the fact that black men in LA and all over America are choosing white women over them.

About 8 years ago I wrote a lengthy classic article entitled Black Men, Walk Away From Black Women, 12 Good Reasons Why. I’m going to repost that article soon so that anytime these mentally challenged black harridans begin conversing disingenuously regarding black men dating out, you’ll be able to point them to it and shut them up.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that there isn’t anything seriously wrong with black female society. There are plenty of black men out there who don’t mind playing that game, however I’m NOT one of them. We’re not doing that over here.

Black women are the ones who’ve created the current dating environment where more black men are refusing to deal with them, they’re going to have to lay in that bed they’ve made BY THEMSELVES. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Brought Their Own Relegation Upon Themselves

Most High Bless

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20 thoughts on “And Who Is To Blame For That Then? #SHORTS

  1. I’m sure black females and blackistan males at work will delibrately start losing more and more passport applications that are submitted by black men.

    This would never happen out of USA.

    If passport applications are swept under the rug to prevent black men from departing abroad, LA and Texas could be the only hidden gems for black men dating white women.

    Seeking hidden gems is the only alternative if this happens.

    These negress sheboons see blackistian males as their pet dogs, nothing more than this.

    Blackistian males see black women as their masters who can’t do anything wrong.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      These are the same black females who’ve been making it clear as day that they don’t like upstanding black men, therefore what are upstanding black men supposed to do, remain on standby until these black sirens change their minds?

      Like I said before, if you keep on telling good black men that you don’t want them, guess what eventually will happen?

      THEY’LL LEAVE and head in the direction of the women that do, it’s really not that difficult to understand but black women as per usual always want to play dumb and act like they don’t know what’s really going on, smh.

      1. These dumb ass Negro women are the reasons why so,so many Brothers have become Passport Bros,and,Both the NBA and NFL Drafts are Always loaded with Brothas who get Multi Millionaire Dollar Contracts with White and Hispanic women on their arms once they get drafted.Dr.Umar is somewhere throwing fits of rage because of this.He did a video recently about brothers with white women at the NFL Draft late last month.

  2. Whoever this stragg is, what she is describing as her experience dating in LA is what we call “the Wall of Silence”; I see that the Wall remains firm and steadfast to this day. The fact that she even made this video to complain shows that Black women are not introspective, nor do they take the time to reflect on their behavior; they can pretend that the last 50-60 years of feminism aren’t related to the current phenomenon of Black men voting with their feet and dating out, but the effect never happens without a cause. I’ve seen footage from years ago where Black men in relationships with White women explained why they went that route, but did the scraggle daggle listen? No, they didn’t listen, which is why the Wall of Silence was built; keep the Wall fortified, gents! #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women never thought in a million years the day would come where so many black men would throw in the towel on them and check out from the building. Black women are forever dealing with the dregs and the gutter of black male society but then when things go south, they’ll have no problems generalising all black men when the majority of black men are invisible to them. Black women are also realising that the shaming tactics and the guilt tripping language isn’t working anymore either, black men who are worth their salt have crossed over to greener pastures and they’re NEVER COMING BACK. The Wall Of Silence is very real.

  3. Let them keep playing games and pretending they don’t know what issues black men have with them. They’ll never do any self reflection, so who cares. Engaging them at this point is like an energy company explaining to a customer why their electric and gas have been shut off after they’ve refused to pay their bills over a long course of time.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I guess it goes back to the old saying of madness being the act of repeating the same actions over and over again but expecting a different result.

      Could you imagine if the interracial dating rates with black men in the US were the same as black men here in the UK, these black sirens couldn’t handle it, they’d be out in the streets with their goon squads in force verbally and physically attacking any black men/non black women couples they could find.

      The modern day black female’s serious lack of self examination, self scrutiny and self correction continues to hold her in stagnation and I don’t see black women as a collective humbling themselves anytime soon.

  4. Note that EVERYTHING that has come to pass was predicted at least 14 years ago by the old sages of the first black gender war on YouTube. From Que Soul N Black, to Rick Scorpio to Thugtician and beyond, it’s ALL playing out in real time! Rick’s classic “Black women will one day regret making good black men their enemies” still stands as one of the coldest predictions ever penned about what’s happening now to the abw! And I’m here for EVERY LAST BIT of it, lol!

    1. Andre,

      Yep, shout out to Soul N Black, the legendary Rick Scorpio, Thugtician and even Sergeant Willie Pete(before he decided to eventually sell out, fold and simp for the black sisterhood of failure). I distinctly remember their warning back in the early to mid 2000s warning black women of what was to come if they continued on their path of destruction.

      Of course black women never listened(which was always to be expected) and here we are. Dan Freeman aka Avenue Rants was another brother who was blowing the trumpet and warning black women of their pending doom, however they persecuted him to the point where he stopped making videos.

      For those who may not remember, here is Rick Scorpio’s 2012 classic video Black Women Will Regret Making Good Black Men Their Enemies:

  5. Like you said, black women have been telling black men for decades that they don’t want us. Now, BW are shocked and upset that we took them at their word are dating non-BW in droves.

    They really are beyond stupid.

    Here’s what I think is going on from a historical perspective. (At least in the US, where I live. I can’t speak to other countries.)

    In the U.S., during segregation, a black man was literally risking his life if he got involved with a non-black woman. As a result, black women had a monopoly on black men, and could treat black men just any old way, knowing black men didn’t have other options. We were stuck with them, like it or not.

    But desegregation destroyed this monopoly. Now, black men (especially ones with looks, status, money, or all of the above) can date/marry any race we want. Black women haven’t adjusted to this new reality, and still treat black men like shit, expecting that we’ll remain loyal to them just like our forefathers did despite their constant abuse of us.

    The reality for black women is that a metric ton of black men have left BW behind forever (including me), and more and more black men are hopping aboard the bandwagon.

    As we all know, BW tend to be fat, ratchet, and have terrible attitudes and a crippling victim mindset. Most non-black men won’t touch them with a ten-foot pole, except for a secret roll in the hay (and usually, not even then).

    As a result, BW already low marriage rates are plummeting even further.

    As marriage is a woman’s principal wealth-building vehicle, not only are black women being left behind romantically, they’re getting left behind economically. Despite all the lies black women tell online about how they’re thriving, government data indicates the median net worth for a single black woman is a whopping $5. Black men out-earn them despite black women tending to be better educated. (I really mean “better educated on paper.” BW tend to get useless degrees that only earn them crippling student loan debt rather than earning them high-paying jobs.)

    I’d feel sorry for BW and their plight if they weren’t so nasty and hateful. Their inability to find mates worth a damn is their own fault.

    1. Ramses,

      You nailed it, black women are still under the impression that their monopoly over their male counterparts still exists, additionally they believed their witchcraft would hold black men in place for eternity, hence why they continue to treat black men like garbage while still expecting said black men to remain loyal to them.

      This is probably another reason why so many black females have let themselves go, luckily for them(at least in the US) most black men suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and still want to deal with them despite being treated like trash.

      However as can be observed in real time, the witchcraft and the sorcery black women have placed over black men is breaking, many more black men realising they can do better for themselves are now choosing to look for greener pastures with so many being successful in doing so.

      It’s only these stupid pro black simps/hotep/slowteps who are the ones holding out foolishly believing that their black female unicorn is coming. What a sad fate, waiting for a type of black female that clearly doesn’t exist. It’s a net loss for black men to deal with black women all around, those dummy black men who choose to stick it out are going to need all the help they can get because they’ve doomed themselves to failure.

    2. Ramses,

      You so nailed it!!! I can’t add anything to what you said, but I cosign it 1000 percent.

      I only hope that the best of black male society makes lots of beautiful babies with their nonblack partners.

      Black female society in the US has never been more disgusting and undesirable than it is today. Pookie and Shaniqua’s daughters should be bred out of existence.

    1. JD,

      Your average black female is an evil monster, and she wonders why more black men are choosing to give her the boot. Black women as a group have no ethics nor a moral compass, since they’re determined to go down to Hell, let them embark upon that journey by themselves, I WILL NOT be joining them. That black siren above is Jezebel in the flesh, smh.

  6. Verbs 2015.

    It’s all black womens fault in LA to the reasons why black men are in mixed race relationships with white women and other non black women. If you tell black men for 50 years that you don’t need them and that you hate them guess what they are going to go elsewhere for love and relationships with women who love and appreciate them. What makes me laugh in 2024 is that you get black women acting stupid dumb and pretend not to realise that they are the main cause to the reasons why lots and lots of black men on the planet are dating non black women and they are not returning to the black community shit hole.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women know exactly what they’ve done to drive good black men away, all of this playing dumb ie pretending they don’t know why more black men are abandoning them is all a seasoned farce. As I’ve stated many times before, it’s all about getting some popcorn with freshly squeezed juice and watching the show as black women crash and burn out in their own failures. Since they love 12 Gauge Mike, Pookie, Slim Sauce, Skillet and Field Mouse so much, let them choose from those types of black men. As they keep on telling us, “we didn’t want you lames anyway”. Okay then, so be it, that’s no skin off my nose. #SYSBM™

  7. SYSBM: Hear what P Diddy did to Cassie?
    White sugar honey: Yeah, I saw the video type. The guy is a monster!

    So, she says that black men date non black women by 95 per cent. I wonder why? Oh, I think I have the answer. Because black men have seen the ratchetness and the dysfunctional behaviour of black women. And I know about some black women in Los Angeles also known as the city of angels are ratchet as hell, Lord have mercy.

    And she also said that the man who was leading the event was a black man who is married to a white honey. And we know why but at the end of the day, he can marry whoever he wants. Not one can make that choice for him. Not even the simps like Dr Foolmar Johnson can make that choice for that guy.

    Black men are also are taking their passports and flying out of dodge in the Boing 747 looking for a woman overseas and make her his wifey and have children with her because some of the black women are just to dysfunctional for black men and they are not having that bullshit they are showing on display.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  8. What the lady Destiny and those like her don’t peep is these is a good thing. They will be forced to crack down on foolish women just like in the Bible, women putting other women (hood type) in check which they have never been doing. Then the view will change with them. Most women don’t compete nor put in work but here they’ll have no choice.

    1. Goose,

      Crash And Burn Central is the destination for most black women today because they refuse to compete, they’ll have to stand to the side and watch while other races of women swoop down and scoop up the black men “they didn’t want”.

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