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Checking Out The Comment Section!

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Shout out to commenter SYSBM Forever for bringing this video to my attention. I tried to watch the video but that woman’s voice was too annoying, I made it to the 2:18 mark and threw in the towel. These black females rarely if ever make any constructive or productive statements, so I’m going to be focusing on the above posted comments instead.

Dealing with the above comments, as I stated in a comment to commenter SYSBM Forever in last Monday’s article about pro black simps needing to lie in order to make black women look good:

“It’s amazing how time and time again they(black women) choose dickheads to open their legs to and procreate with, yet they still expect miracles ie things to run smoothly.”

The reality of the matter is the average black female is dumber than a box of rocks, she’s a knucklehead who completely lacks introspection, self examination, scrutiny and self correction. Aren’t these the same females who’ve confessed over and over again that they love thugs, gangsters, criminals and serial impregnators?

Aren’t these the same black women who’ve also stated that they’re NOT attracted to the black men who have their stuff together, who are NOT criminally minded and who prioritise planning for their futures?

Black women as a collective on the daily demonstrate to the world how they are a bunch of morally bankrupt savages who are incapable of taking accountability for anything.

These same black females who are the gatekeepers to sex all of a sudden want to allocate the blame of single motherhood upon the men THEY themselves allowed entry into their bodies? You cannot make this stuff up, Hollywood screen writers couldn’t create these mental gymnastic scenarios.

You cannot become a single mother if you exercise sexual discipline from the beginning and prohibit serial impregnators from clapping your cheeks and nutting inside you, what part of this simple concept don’t black women understand?

Of course we already know most black women completely lack sexual discipline, this is why there are so many single black mothers not only in the West, but worldwide.

Don’t forget all of those Ugandan women from years ago who were impregnated by Chinese men and subsequently abandoned:

Black women globally are suckers for men who have lighter skin. They have so much to say concerning Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Sheggy and Field Mouse “abandoning” their children yet you can hear a pin drop when it comes to Chinese men rolling in, impregnating them and walking away, smh.

As you can see from the third comment, the feminist mentality on marriage isn’t only restricted to black women in the West, African women also share the same sentiments as their Western “sistas”.

What have I stated repeatedly on this website, how if you’re seeking a woman from Africa you have to be extremely careful what countries you’re looking in because the overwhelming majority of African women are no different to black females in the West.

They also wear the weaves/wigs, they plaster on the heavy makeup, they bleach their skin, they also wear the raptor claw fake nails and the fake eyelashes and now I see that many of them are venturing down the tattoo branding route as well.

Dealing with the last comment, it makes perfect sense to me how a feminist, non traditionally minded black female would balk at the tradition of marriage.

The overwhelming majority of black women are not cut out for marriage because they’ve become a bunch of lazy, morally bankrupt, decadent, degenerate, self centred, selfish, evil, misandrist tyrants who believe the world revolves around them and them alone.

All you ever hear from black women these days is me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, they have absolutely no consideration for others, most definitely NONE for black men.

I fully understand why the Most High God states that the man is to be the head of the woman and to rule over her, he knows full well that women left to their own devises will completely derail and throw themselves head first into all manner of degeneracy, debauchery, reprobation and every evil act imaginable.

This is exactly what we see taking place in the West as we speak. Yes, women NEED TO BE CONTROLLED BY MEN because if left to do their own thing, they’re not only an extreme menace and danger to themselves but to everybody else around them.

Contrary to what most women say, WOMEN DO INDEED NEED MEN TO PROTECT WOMEN FROM THEMSELVES as well as protect others from women overall.

Get your passports gents and never look back, as I’ve stated repeatedly, leave these delusional black females and the NPCs/bots that follow their doctrine to crash and burn out in their own failures.

As for you on the fence black men, your black female unicorn is NEVER coming, get over it and move on. The modern day black female is your sworn enemy. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Modern Day Black Female Is A Morally Bankrupt Devil

Most High Bless

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10 thoughts on “Checking Out The Comment Section!

  1. The 1st comment is spot on when the BW said ‘Black Love’ is black male cantered.
    This is because in reality this is actually Pro-Black Hotep simps’ fantasy. Even Kevin Samuels try to promote Black Love.

    If you are Red-Piller like me and SYSBM Knights, you know 100% well that ‘Black Love’ is over since Kevin died.

    These Pro-Black like Umar Johnson and the other guy what want to wait 10-15 years for a Keisha to become better just like Boyce Watkins who got married to a female who friendzone him for 20 years need to stop hoping.

    I agree with Verbs and Andy C when Verbs made a topic few weeks ago that these simps need to let go of the BW.
    Topic =

    I am going to make this perfectly clear that these Black Females are not interested in ‘Black Love’ period. They prefer ‘Thug’ Fantasies and Divestor fantasies.

    Take John Rambo’s advice: “Let it go”.

  2. ***LONG POST ALERT***

    Yet despite telling the whole world how bad we are, they are still the first ones to complain when we find love with non black women. Go figure. Shouldn’t they be glad when other women take us off their hands? Not to mention how they harass and bully non black women who profess any kind of love or interest in us, or even does something that MIGHT attract the attention of black men. I can name so many examples, some of which I’ve already posted here in the past.

    They can say whatever they want, but the fact is, they’ve been doing a great job of exposing themselves since the advent of social media. Many more people are starting to see that they’re not the poor, innocent little angels suffering under the heel of black male tyranny that they like to portray themselves as. Sites such as this and many other platforms do a great job exposing BWs, however I prefer it 10 times more when other people see and experience it for themselves firsthand without us having to say a word. Suerraya Brooks did and that’s why she’s such a huge advocate for good black men.

    And of course, as the those comments clearly demonstrate, nothing is ever their fault. When it comes time for introspection and self reflection, they will never fail to divert the blame to us. Case in point:

    It’s the usual crap on how we “all” want lighties. Never mind the rough and tough demeanor and that god awful husky voice that so many of them have, apparently we weren’t checking for her cos she’s dark skinned. Watch the video on mute and tell me if you see ANYTHING feminine or remotely appealing in her facial expressions and mannerisms?

    Plus you notice that lie they always spin about black men telling them they’re “pretty for a dark skinned woman”? White guys may say this, but no grown black man talks like that. That’s bullshit. Even when I was in school and college I never heard any black boy say that to or about a girl. If they liked a girl, they liked her. Simple as that. The one thing I DID hear many of my peers talk about way back then was the bad attitude of these girls and of course nothing has changed.

    They will never mention the countless good black boys/men they’ve dissed in the past who expressed any interest them, but will then turn around and complain once they get used and abused by Pookie/Roadman Ronnie/Wasteman Wayne while the same men they dissed are in relationships with other women and actually end up thriving?

    Other women demonstrate their LOVE for us for who we are, not for how much we’re flossing or the money in our bank accounts. Omari Hardwick, Mike Colter, Lil Fame from the hardcore rap group MOP (that one is ESPECIALLY interesting cos he was a super Pookie and he’s been married to a German woman for years and dude is happy and healthy) etc all these dudes will tell you how their women held them down at their lowest point. There’s a reason we flourish when we stay away from the toxic sistahood. When other women are down for you, they are down for you FOR REAL. They will walk through Hades with you right to the other side to make sure you’re good.

    Even the way black women treat their children…you can see the difference in how other mothers are affectionate and loving towards their kids. I very rarely see black mothers with their arm around their children’s shoulders and engaging them in a loving manner or even making eye contact. All they do is scowl at them and embarrass them in public. But I’m supposed to reproduce with that?

    As for that African woman in the comments who stated the women from her country wouldn’t marry half the men they did if they were independent, cool. Like I said earlier, the “black love problem” or “struggle love” as they call it won’t be a thing once we go our separate ways. Go be “independent” or hook up with one of the Chinese men in your country. When you suffer later on, we don’t wanna hear it.


  3. Chinese men could open up their own stores in Africa and ban native Africans from shopping in their stores.

    This actually happened recently at Abuja town in Nigeria.

    China town everywhere on African continent within 45 years.

    Black women will help Chinese men colonise Africa

    The same black females that helped white men colonise Africa.

    These negress sheboons will always choose non black men over black men.

    I will always choose a white Dutch girlfriend over ugly black sirens.

    Funny how I no longer see the former commentator that has his black Kenyan girlfriend.

    I forgot his name but he hasn’t commentated on this SYSBM forum for over a year or 2.

    Maybe he has left Kenya since then and went back to Canada.

    I remember him claiming she is his unicorn but look at black history.

    History tells me there is no such thing as a loyal unicorn in black society.

    Blackistan simps will remain on the fence waiting for something that never existed.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Like I said before Verbs black love is dead because black women are always having kids with the wrong type of black dudes. When these black women become single mothers with multiple kids from different baby daddys they want us good childfree black men to come in and play step fathers to their kids that they had with the roughneck black men and clean up their mess that they themselves created. Fuck that as I am only interested in dating childfree beautiful non black women so that I can create my own nuclear family with them.

    1. Quincy,

      Unfortunately ‘Black Love’ died 2 years ago since Kevin passed.
      Kevin Samuels was the only guy to bring back and keep ‘Black Love’ alive for years to come.
      When Kevin Samuels died, Black Love died with it.
      It can be never revived, not even Pro-Black such as Shawn James or Umah Johnson can do a damn thing about. They can make videos and dick police all they want but ‘Black Love’ will never return.
      Even Black Females themselves said that ‘Black Love’ is Pro-Black Hotep simps wet-dreams.
      Also Black females are not interested in Black Love which the simps get through their head.
      They need to let go Black Females.

      Black Love is no more.

  5. SYSBM: I’ve been hearing that the Chinese men are breeding off the Ugandan women and leave them when the baby is born.
    White sugar honey: Africa is in deep trouble.

    This black love thing is just them simps with that hotep bulls shit while these scraggle daggles are chasing the worthless men who can do nothing for any woman but breed them and run off when the baby is born. And simp dudes like Dr Foolmar Johnson want good black men to take care of children which doesn’t belong to them. I don’t know if he likes pie!

    I know that black men are with black women which I have no issues with but there are some black men will not date black women all because of the ratchetness they are displaying. As we see black women nowadays are single mothers, weave weavers, thug chasers, ghetto gaggers, etc.

    Now, what’s going on with the Chinese men and the Uganda women is this. it seems that the Chiney man them are doing the same thing just like the white beta male is doing. Breed up the black women and run off when the baby is born. They are the same thing as these worthless black men who are not taking care of their children. Lord have mercy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggles daggles are coming after non-black women.


  6. It is very simple. If you are a black man who has it going on in terms of looks, money, education, intelligence. or even just has that potential, then there will be very few black women good enough for you. This includes Africa and the diaspora.

    This is especially true of black females of West African descent. These women will never find peace with their physical attributes, and thus will almost always harbor some form of mental illness.

    Black women of West African decent, whether in Africa or the diaspora, will always spend inordinate sums on things like skin bleachers, Caucasian or Asian women’s hair, industrial strength makeup, and talon-like fingernails. Hence. these women will always have neuroses about their natural appearance. Said neuroses translate to their character and behavior as well.

    Gone are the days when black people were confined to living among themselves. So, a black man who has it going on has just as much access to nonblack women as a nonblack male does. Now many black men who don’t have it going on might have to settle for the world’s least desirable female, the black woman of West African descent.

    But when a black man who has it going on, self limits himself to black women, he needs to understand that this is conditioning and brain washing by Blackistan and the matriarchy. They do this because they realize that when the black man who has it going on realizes the scale and scope of his options, he will have no interest in the nappy headed, mentally ill negress.

  7. These daggles really need to make their minds up; is “Black Love” good, or is it not? Just the other day, their bonnets and weaves were ablaze when they saw all of the NFL draftees with their White girlfriends, and now they are decrying the very thing that they condemned these same guys for not participating in. What kind of mess is that? You know, this kind of rhetoric about their relationships with Black men is always the pretext to their endorsement of swirling and divesting; all of the straggs who commented on the video above are Brad worshippers. These are the same broads that Lil Goodiee is willing to wait 15 years for, and Auston Holleman is also hoping to settle down with the same; all roads lead to SYSBM, but not every man will make it.

  8. And I’m the one who you’re calling a terrorist? Smdh

    And what happened to Black Ceasar?

    1. Exposing Aaron Fountain Top,

      You launched unwarranted attacks against SYSBM™ simply because we’re all about establishing the old order ie making masculinity and manhood great again and placing the black man back where he’s supposed to be. Such unjustified attacks are textbook acts of terrorism. As for Black Ceasar, I’m sure he’s out there somewhere, just like you Fountain Top, he was bewitched and enchanted by his government’s propaganda(Canada) concerning the Convid-1984 shot. We fell out over the whole Covid scamdemic which subsequently has now been proven to be a fraud. I stand vindicated as always.

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