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These Simps Have To Lie To Make Black Women Look Good!

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Shout out to the squad at Ho3busters. Not one word that came out of this blue pilled simp’s mouth was the truth, NOT ONE WORD. Just look at his face, he knows full well he doesn’t believe a word of what he’s saying but he’s trying to score brownie points with these black sirens as well as some extra followers on TikTok.

This isn’t going to take long, let’s quickly break down this pathetic pander bear’s lying rhetoric. I’m going to chiefly be referring to black men because other races of men aren’t checking for black women in any significant numbers.

“Black women will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear”

This statement would imply that black women actually care about black men which they don’t. Black women from the days of slavery up until this present day have more than demonstrated that they have a deep disdain for black men and especially hate black men with their heads screwed on straight who cannot be controlled and manipulated by them.

“The black woman sees the potential inside of you”

Again, look at his face when he said this, Mr Simpy over here is seriously pandering for Scooby snacks. This is utter rubbish, black women want a ready made, boil in the bag, microwave in 2 minutes black man ready to go out of the box.

They are NOT interested in black men with potential, they’re waiting at the finish line for the end product. Black women are NOT allies of black men, not by a long shot.

“Black women are amazing, they want to be with us through the famines and the storms and they believe in us”

There is NO POINT IN HISTORY where black women have ever had the backs of black men, NONE. As soon as white women offered them feminism in conjunction with white men offering them fatherless home welfare cheques, government assistance, food stamps, section 8 etc, these backstabbing, disloyal black sirens couldn’t wait to kick out and embark upon their own journey.

“Black women are the only ones who understand a black man’s vision and will go around bragging about it”

Once again, this is pure cap. It is white and other non black women who’ll see the potential in black men and stick around to help us manifest any visions we have into reality, NOT the black female.

This is my point, black women cannot be defended on any level, this is why these ultra simping pro black female bootlickers have to manufacture lies, fairy tales and urban legends surrounding their “black queenies”.

“God blesses us with the black woman by our sides and she’ll see the things we overlook”

How on earth is the Most High supposed to bless us with a female counterpart by our side who is openly working hand in glove with the State to keep both black men and black society flat on our faces?

No bruh, God blesses the black man who wisely chooses to separate himself from the black witch as well as the hellhole of a community she reigns over.

“The black woman will be empathetic to the black man’s struggle and negative things we have to deal with, she’ll comfort us and be by our side through it all”

I’ve said it before but I’ll repeat it, the black siren is NOT interested in the black man’s struggle. I often hear this reasoning repeated a lot by pro black female advocates especially Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson.

Nope, the black witch is only concerned about her own struggles especially financial ones and how she can use black men as cash mule flunkies to eliminate the turbulent waters of debt from her life.

You know what’s funny, as we already know, had a white man made a video like this, his comment section would’ve been packed to the brim with desperate black women giving their white lord and saviour maximum praises and accolades.

For those of you who may not of seen the video this pro black simp is referring to, please check the link below:

As I stated in my book Negro Wars, the pro black male simp will be the black female’s last bastion of hope in desperately trying to rein free thinking brothers back onto the proverbial plantation. It’s too late, we left a long time ago and we’re NEVER coming back. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Yet Another Pro Black Simp Who Refuses To Accept That Simping Doesn’t Pay

Most High Bless

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26 thoughts on “These Simps Have To Lie To Make Black Women Look Good!

  1. Verbs2015,

    Thanks for breaking that bullshit down.

    Where are all these amazing black women that this bamboo chewing simp claims exist, on Jupiter? Cos I’m not seeing them anywhere. Not even on the continent despite what the fence riding SYSBM dudes think.

    It amazes me how any black man in this day and age can still repeat the same outdated 1990s BET style rhetoric singing praises to kweens who have made it very clear through their actions and words they don’t give two shits about black men.

    As far back as I can remember as a young child, the grown women in my family treated me like an enemy and left me with mental and emotional scars I had to carry for many years. I’m talking about the type of mistreatment that has turned some men either suicidal or into menaces to society. Not that I’m excusing them, but there’s a reason why there’s so many Pookies/roadmen in the “black community” wreaking havoc. Luckily and by God’s grace, I have a strong mind and always had determination to rise up from the ashes and come into greatness. I’d be damned if I throw my precious life away for a bunch of washed up, bitter black bitches.

    Black women are the most disloyal, treacherous, disrespectful females you could ever have the misfortune of laying with. They see the potential inside of you? I actually agree with this one – because they will take great pleasure in DESTROYING it in order to control and manipulate you. If they ever want you to do well in life to “go around bragging about it”, it’s just so they can look good in front of their friends and have you as a personal ATM machine. Remember what I said on Twitter around the whole NFL draft thing – IT IS NEVER ABOUT YOU AS A PERSON.

    Ever since I’ve limited contact with black females in my life, my health has improved in every way. Dealing with other women has been like life the difference between night and day.

    Look at the the comment section of this anti black male feminist’s video and this will tell you all you need to know about black females worldwide and what they think about us:

    Black women were NEVER loyal.

    “The Black Love Problem” will easily be solved once we go our separate ways.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I’m glad you’ve posted that link, I have screenshots of two comments that I want to write articles on. These black sirens are unbelievable, they completely lack self accountability and introspection.

      It’s amazing how time and time again they choose dickheads to open their legs to and procreate with, yet they still expect miracles ie things to run smoothly.

      The modern day black female is beyond a dummy, they openly profess their love for gangsters, criminals, thugs and serial babymomma makers, yet somehow in typical fashion the black men they’re “not interested in” always get lumped in with their bad reports and negative conclusions, smh.

      As for this blue pilled pathetic excuse of a simp, these dudes will lie their mouths off till the cows come home. Black love is dead and black women were the ones who kill it through their eternal treacherous nature against their male counterparts.

      SYSBM™ tlll the wheels fall off and even then we’re still willing to roll on rims and watch the sparks fly.


      1. Verbs2015,

        The comment from the Ghanian female was interesting. This is for those ‘SYSBM’ bros who think they’re gonna find traditional unicorns from the motherland.

        There’s more I wanna say, but I’ll wait til you post your article…

  2. Verbs2015 please be careful and protect yourself. I have been thinking about you brother. Tariq Nasheed and the 3 letter alphabet boys are monitoring our movement. Tariq’s goons mentioned you in there podcast. Bro you mean a lot to us, and I love your content just don’t get caught slipping. Bro the American government has paid agents to follow and research our movement. The black witch isn’t our only enemy, its also Brad her paymaster.

    1. Richard,

      Do you have a link to the podcast where I was mentioned? Don’t worry sir, I’m fully aware that I’m being watched from all sides. Anybody who can articulately expose an agenda is a serious problem to the establishment and its grunt work flunkies. Tariq and his acolytes benefit from “Da Communitah” remaining deep in the sewer pipe.

      As a man who stands in the truth I have a duty to engage, stand and push back against the lies, filth, degeneracy and decadence being pushed by the black witch, her pro black simps and their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost. It’s all part and parcel of standing on principle.

      Any movement that empowers black men especially will have Major Sleet and his black female flunkies worried. I have the gift to write articles, at this point I would be a decomposing piece of trash if I were to put down the pen, silence my voice and stand to the side. We are all we have, there are very few individuals out there speaking up on behalf of black men. #SYSBM™

    2. Richard,

      Are we supposed to be scared of them? You say it like that xenophobic agent grifter is dangerous to us or something. Is he gonna post here? Does he have any real power to stop us? Exactly.

      Fuck that dickhead Tariq Nasheed and his crack smoking, braindead “FBA” followers. What’s he gonna do? He can only act tough and make stupid “tether” jokes.

      Besides, his wife is biracial and he has a jewish mother in law. I remember when he used to repeat some of our talking points before he moved on to his next hustle. He doesn’t even like black women himself, so what could he possible say?

      They can monitor all they want, we ain’t hiding and they can’t stop the movement!


      1. SYSBM Forever,

        I would love to hear what Nasheed’s FBA flunkies have to say, though I have a very strong feeling that none of it will be constructive. Those dudes are agents of Uncle Sam himself, doing nothing for their own people but at the same time criticising those who point out that fact.

        I still remember when Nasheed went down to Brazil and was strongly recommending that other brothers do the same ie walk away from the black witch. Now it’s all about fleecing his own FBA cronies/followers and coming against anybody who highlights exactly what he’s doing.

        SYSBM™ cannot be stopped, when will guys like Tariq and his FBA flunkies learn this?

        1. Verbs2015,

          These crack-baby cultists don’t have the capability to say anything of intelligence, so whatever it was, expect to hear “non-FBA tether”, mocking of your accent and comments about the rates of interracial dating in the UK (if they know you’re British), something about fleeing instead of fixing your homeland, talk about the need for “delineation” – that’s their favourite big word since they don’t have much of a vocabulary otherwise – because they’re so superior and have their stuff together compared to us, how you probably have a bad hairline with no swag and that’s why you hate “sistas”….etc.

          I already know all their talking points like the back of my hand cos they all say the same old shit verbatim. They even accuse other Black Americans of being “tethers” for disagreeing with them lol, so they’re just a bunch of losers who need a daddy figure which they have in that fuckboy leader of theirs.

    3. I’m not afraid of them.

      They don’t have any power.

      Brads, Negress sheboons and blackistan males have always been 3 sides of the same coin since slavery.

      Government agents have always been monitoring black men who have fled USA to date out since the existence of airplanes.

      These enemies haven’t stopped monitoring black men ever.

      In my case I ain’t a US citizen so they can also watch my commentary here as part of their research into sysbm.

      If they want to know why I’ve never dated a black female and never will, my answer to them is so simple.

      White is right.

      Only a white dutch girlfriend would see my future vision with her and no one else.

      1. Wittexton Witwijf,

        Any black men who refuse to follow the black witch and her pro black simp acolytes are immediately put on surveillance and monitored closely. Those black men who remain lost and follow behind the modern day black female have nothing to worry about.

        This is the same for those black folks who subscribe to the likes of government agents such as Tariq Nasheed and Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson. I still remember when Tucker Carlson wiped the floor with that knucklehead Nasheed, the dude had to bow out of that interview in utter shame, lol.

    4. What is Tariq going on to? Beat up Verbs just like how he did to Tommy Sotomayor at the DJ Vlad’s interview with is phony ‘Coon Train’ Award?
      Yeah Tariq talk tough like a gangsta to Tommy but he was submissive to DJ Vlad.
      Whilst all the Pro-Black saying how Tariq punked Tommy, but David Carrol saw something thinking Black men did not notice and he mention it. Whilst Pro-Blacks front another black man like a tough guy, they kiss White Jews’ ass.

      You see, brother like myself, Verbs and others live in the UK, he is over there in America, Tariq cannot do shit but talk and pander.

      Verbs been worse when he had to change the host because the previous try to censor him.
      Even some Black Females lawyers from America try to sue or go legal on Verbs, but we are in the UK so they no authority here and these BW are broke so they cannot afford a lawyer because they use their money on shitty materials, weaves and nails.

      What is Tariq going to do about it?
      Throw dick police on him? UK are diverse so there are no Dick Police or plantation here.
      Talk pro-black here, British Pro-Blacks married to Beckies.

      The only thing he can throw is one shaming tactic on Verbs and that is ‘You’re a foreigner! you’re a foreigner!’ That is all these pro-black can pull which is meaningless.

      I will give you a secret Richard. British Pro-Black hoteps who preaches Pan-African knows real Pan-Africans, not Umar’s False Pan-African. If Umar tries to pull this shit in the UK like how he talk that shit in America, UK Pro-Black will kick his Big-Beard Simp-Ass back to America. We already go simp problems here in Britain.

      Tariq cannot do shit to Verbs. No-one is afraid of him, he can keep on scamming people like he try to make a failed museum but her turn is Pro-Black Museum into a Hooker Lounge.

      1. MMT,

        The dude keeps talking about Hidden Colours but conveniently omits in its entirety the history of the real Jews(who are black) in all of the documentary series he released, something isn’t right with that.

        Even I know the history of these white Jewish people and how they converted to Judaism back in the 8th century under their leader at that time, this is documented history, how could he skip that piece of history out?

        At the time of the DJ Vlad interview, Tommy Sotomayor should’ve confronted Nasheed on the question of the black Jews and why they’ve never been mentioned in any of his films.

        I’m the last individual Nasheed and his cronies need to be worrying about, when the powers that be begin to allow information to leak out to the public about your personal life that wasn’t previously known, it means that your usefulness to them is coming to an end.

  3. Tariq said himself that if you deal with a woman who has a black parent & a white parent make sure the mother is white! I’ll give dude props for following his own advice but he knows what time it is! He’s just running game on the Communitah & it shows you how gullible the Communitah is because he’s doing it right in their faces.

    1. Val Zod,

      Nasheed had his first child with a black witch, thereafter he wisely decided that he wasn’t going to venture down that road again and this time around picked himself up a mixed race female. Yet he’ll label other black men who wish to do the same coons and sellouts, you really cannot make this stuff up.

    2. Val Zod,

      Even a broken clock is right twice a day. However, he used to go in on black females heavy and I remember a particular podcast many years ago where he was going in hard on some bdub he was debating and he even stated how black men in America need to date women from other countries. His dislike of black women used to shine through like the brightest GE lightbulbs. Plus half his beefs have all been with black women and he’s even been called out on it by some Puerto Rican woman he debated once.

      Dude’s a clown who only cares about the dollar, nothing more. He’s not gonna go in on so called white supremacy like before as the powers that be obviously put the clamps on that. It’s much easier to just make other black people the enemy and play on the emotions of his followers.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    These pathetic black men simps need to give up on Black Love now because black women hate black men like them and SYSBM black men like us. Black women worship their white lord and saviour and thug black men. The SYSBM lifestyle is a must for a decent black mans life in order to create his own nuclear family from scratch with a childfree decent non black woman.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Most of these pro black simps and slowteps are beyond redemption, they worship this black female with all of their mind, body, soul and will continue to do so even as she repeatedly spits in their faces. It’s all about black men like us who have got our stuff together to walk away from these black sirens aka “Da Communitah”, their NPC/bot simps and instead forge new constructive paths that will for once benefit us.

  5. Verbs2015,

    The black male simp in the video might be being disingenuous. But most black males in the US suffer from acute Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to the black female.

    I know a black man who has a heart of gold. He has been married 4 times and divorced 3 times. All his women were black, some more evil and dysfunctional than others. One was an extreme alcoholic and whore. She drank and whored herself to death after she left him, taking half his pension.

    This guy is incapable of holding black women to account for their actions. He always has an excuse for them. He even blames himself for the evil and dysfunction of his exes. This guy’s Stockholm Syndrome is so severe and deeply entrenched that no amount of therapy or deprogramming can cure him.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      And they wonder why I continue to call these black females witches and sirens, that black man you mentioned is a perfect example of a guy who has been bewitched, enchanted and spellbound by his female counterparts. Of course as we’ve discussed here many times before, the brainwashing and indoctrination for the overwhelming majority of black men begins with their mothers.

      It amazes me at how the black witch performs a slap up job of fragging the minds of these black men to such an extent that they can no longer break free and save themselves. 4 times married, that guy is much better than me. At this stage only a sucker would get married in a Western country. Men have too much to lose getting married in the West but obvious the guy you know refuses to read and accept the writing on the wall.

      As I stated in Negro Wars, most black men will become casualties and victims chasing after the same black females they pine after, adore and worship.

  6. El Simpo Negro strikes again! I don’t know what Black women he’s talking about; he must be high on bath salts if he thinks the American Black woman cares about us. Black women see the potential inside of us? That wasn’t the case for Mike Colter; his White wife was the ONLY one who supported him when he had nothing. It’s also not the case for the Black men who were drafted for the NFL; even Soft Guy Era co-founder Lil Goodiee stated that his friends who are dating White women are receiving help from them where their academics are concerned. Black women won’t help a Black man unless he’s involved in criminal activity.

    Also, what is it with these simps on social media speaking with this weird ASMR voice whenever they pander? Do they think speaking like that will make them sound like a sage with esoteric knowledge and wisdom? No, they only sound like fools because the world sees the scraggle daggle for who they are; nobody in their right minds believe that Black women are empathetic to the Black man’s struggle because we’ve seen them mock the deaths of Black men (i.e. Kobe Bryant, George Floyd, Emmitt Till, Tamir Rice, etc.). I won’t tarry long, but I do have one more thing to say to this simp:


    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women aren’t interested in building with black men, not by a long shot. Nope, they’re only waiting at the finish line ready to collect prizes believing they’re entitled to the end product even though they had no part in its making.

      Yep, Mike Colter met his wife at university, you can guarantee however before that he ran into black female after black female would call him “lame, corny, a square” etc, this is how these black females roll.

      Cosign on all of your other points, only these blue pilled, pro black simps being dumb on purpose would continue to claim that black women are a net positive in our corner.

  7. I agree with Quincy that Black Love is dead.
    The only person who can bring back ‘Black Love’ is Kevin Samuels. Now he is dead, Black Love is no more.

    SYSBM Wrote:

    “Ever since I’ve limited contact with black females in my life, my health has improved in every way. Dealing with other women has been like life the difference between night and day.

    Look at the comment section of this anti black male feminist’s video and this will tell you all you need to know about black females worldwide and what they think about us”

    I saw a link SYSBM Forever provided of a clip of Anti-Black Male females.
    What I notice on the comments and I agree with these BWs (I know unfortunately) when they said this that the only people who promote Black Love is not Black Females, but the Pro-Black Simps.
    Pro-Black Simps are pushing the Black Love narratives and these Keishas want out of Black Love.
    So why is these Pro-Blacks dick policing so hard to promote Black Love where BW made is perfectly clear that they are not interested?
    The problem is not the BW hating on BM, the problem lies with the simps who does not get the memo that they need to leave them alone.
    Thinking brothers acknowledge this a decade ago. And you have Shawn James who make good content, but I watch one of his video about why he is still unemployed. It turns out that it was the Corporate Keisha not just got him fired, but made him permanently unemployed Eternity.

  8. SYSBM: Simp nation alive and kicking!
    White sugar honey: Yeah, as usual!

    These simps will lie to make these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles just to get some punany. I have said this in 2019 that it’s a strategic move to get some coochie from them but that tactic failed and these scragglies refuse to give it to them and they don’t like these simp dudes.

    The guy on the first video knows that he doesn’t believe what his says as he sees and knows the dysfunction of the ratchet black women. To be honest, I don’t think that these simps don’t believe what they say when it comes to these ghetto hoodrats. They are just chasing women. That’s all.

    Dr Foolmar Johnson: Money Cultural, you need to deal with the sisters and leaves these snow bunnies.
    Me: Dr Foolmar, let me ask you this question! Do you like, pie?

    But at the end of the day, these ghetto scragglies don’t want the simps. They prefer the worthless men like Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Rum Head Fraiser, Machete Man Briggy, Long Cocky George and Fuck All Night Freed. And they get rammed out and chip out by the hopeless men from Harlesden, then they start looking for the good black man.

    With all the simps from D Darrel, Monty Woodgrain, Bum Picker, the infamous Bareback Fountian, Shawn James and all of the simps that was siding with the ratchet hoodrat, they are all fallen off all because these ghetto gaggers stab them in the back.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggles daggles are coming after non-black women.


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