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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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Shout out to Dominique Huff who runs Dominique magazine, another hub that looks out for men and in particular black men. be sure to check out his online magazine.

That’s right, we at the SYSBM™ Knights Roundtable stands by ourselves because we know most of these other black digital spaces cannot stand on their own square when it comes to correctly calling out the modern day black female and walking away from her if they have to.

As I’ve stated before, most black men are angry at black women but not enough to throw in the towel and walk away from them. SYSBM™ concluded a long time ago that the black female juice isn’t worth the squeeze and that black men should seek love and companionship elsewhere.

However, as we’ve seen time and time again, there are large swaths of black men who cannot remove the black female’s breasts from their mouths, they couldn’t break free from the spellbinding black witch even if they wanted to. Meanwhile in other news:

I’m sure you guys already know who this fat siren is, Drew Afualo, she is the grifting queen of misandry and feminism. She has 8 million followers on TikTok and 1 million subscribers on Instagram. She literally makes a living proudly dunking on and roasting men whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself.

Of course, the Chinese Communist Party allows her misandrist TikTok account to remain in place because it’s all part of their plan to take down the US and the rest of the Western world.

You heard the words come out of her own mouth, all men ARE GUILTY until proven innocent. You know what’s funny, she preaches hatred against men 24 hours a day and easily gets dumb and gullible Western females to tap dance and lap up her man hating Kool Aid, but guess what? SHE HAS A MAN/SIMP:

Western women are a bunch of dummies, it’s so easy to sell them on the sauce of being single, yet the individuals peddling the products typically are in relationships, lol, you cannot make this stuff up.

Afualo has hoards of women hating men, yet she herself has her own blue pilled simp. Get your passports gents, the women that are walking around you on the daily are nothing short of NPCs and bots, they can’t think and reason for themselves and most definitely don’t have a damn clue when they’re being played, hoodwinked and bamboozled.

Finally, a shout out to Quincy Fitzpatrick and TeamWhiteGirls for reminding me to cover this. I’m sure you guys have come across the reports of Japan requesting BLACK MEN to come to their country and impregnate the Japanese women due to Japan’s population crisis which has been in the toilet for the longest while.

Of course where would we be if the black siren didn’t attempt to stick her nose in ana speak on something which has nothing to do with her? Enter Tasha K, she has a few words to say on the invite, however some of what she said had me scratching my head:

“Black men make a lot of children”

Outside of free thinking black men actually creating families, the overwhelming majority of black children in the West are sired by Pookie and RayRay because black women love thug penis.

“What are you going to guarantee us if we send our men over there to save you?”

Who is US? The last time I checked it was BLACK MEN who were invited to Japan, NOT YOU witch. There is nothing in is for you black sirens, however for those black men who are seeking FEMININE WOMEN with which they can start a family, this is a fantastic opportunity for us.

Additionally, the black female is NOT the ambassador of black men, we can manage by ourselves thank you very much, we don’t need the help of you black harpies, we don’t need you as negotiation agents.

“We’re going to get out kickbacks”

Again, we(BLACK MEN) DON’T require your(BLACK WOMEN) help witches. Do you see how black women believe they OWN you black men? Haven’t I been telling you for the longest how black women view black men as slaves, commodities and assets? Isn’t Tasha K speaking in the same manner as a slave owner?

You black men who are on the fence had better wake up fast, there are women in Japan ready and waiting for you but you’re here still chasing and pining after this black female who doesn’t give a rat’s behind about you, smh. By the way, I hear that Japan is offering around $75,000 for black men to do the deed.

This is an absolute net win for BLACK MEN, Personally I’m looking at this grand opportunity from a family creating perspective, I’m NOT out here trying to create babymothers which is something that Japanese government officials need to be weary of.

The last thing they want is to become like the decadent West and have to set up a massive welfare state in order to facilitate an endless supply of single mothers.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Because most black digital spaces can’t stand on their own, black females are talking like slave owners.

    SYSBM won’t be negotiating with negress sheboons.

    SYSBM won’t collab with any other movements.

    The Japanese government should be aware of baby mama crisis in blackistain communities.

    There are many reasons why black females ain’t invited and this is one of them.

    Japanese women would only date thinking black men who don’t like black women at all.

    Japan seems like Utopia Paradise for thinking black men.

    Learning the Japanese language is required for thinking black men that want to build their new biological families with Japanese women.

    I have plans on going to Japan for a holiday in future with a white dutch girlfriend.

    Maybe both of us could raise our nuclear family in Japan if valid visas are accepted.

    Meanwhile, feminist women are telling other feminist women to stay single in the west while being in relationships behind closed doors.

    Make that make sense.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The primary reason why SYSBM is still standing is because unlike these other black digital spaces, we don’t feel the need to include black women in the conversation. We recognise that the black witch is the destructive force behind there being no progress within black society, besides why can’t black men have something for themselves without any women being involved? SYSBM is out to save the free thinking brother, therefore there is NO purpose for black women over here, NONE.

  2. I’m glad this brother knows SYSBM are the real ones. It irks me when you got these guys wearing the badge, but are always trying to find loopholes and make exceptions to keep dealing with BWs. I can’t stand these dudes. REAL SYSBM brothers don’t ride the fence and are not calling out black females to get their attention. This isn’t “tough love” for their benefit. We’re done with them completely.

    Yes, we need to separate from these dudes because they’re really only IBMOR men at best, but they’re certainly not one of us.


    I thought the thing with Japan (sorry, I couldn’t listen to that audio for more than a second) was made up? I know some white loser on twitter brought it up the other week, but I didn’t think it was real. Regardless, if that is the case, the only black men I’d want going out there are those who have something going for themselves, are family oriented and have some sense. I do not wanna see a bunch of Pookies running around Tokyo and Osaka messing things up and ruining our image. They (as well as other degenerate males of other races) already messed up the DR a long time ago and in more recent times, Medellin Colombia.

    From what I understand, I don’t think the Japanese government will just allow any and everybody to reside in their country anyway, unlike the west. At the same time though, as an advocate of black men, I want brothers to be smart and look into this and do their due diligence and make sure it’s legit and that they will benefit from it long term too – and I’m not even talking about the money. Don’t just haphazardly accept any invitation that comes your way because it sounds good. I don’t want black men getting played or setup no matter where it is. If it does indeed work out for them, then great. Being thousands of miles away from da communitah and the west in general whilst living in a thriving and safe country and raising a family is a dream come true, so why not?

    As for Tasha K – her and the rest of the sistahood don’t get to have a say in anything we do. There’s enough Pookies and simps to go around. Worry about them and leave us be. Oh and deport that chick who went viral last year for berating black men in Japan for simply minding their business and not giving her the attention she thinks she’s entitled to. Get her up out the paint and send her back to the states. None of us wanna see any Keishas in the Land of the Rising Sun or anywhere for that matter.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I’ll keep on saying it, SYSBM™ is for the very few, NOT the many. As we’ve seen over time, most black men can’t hack the SYSBM™ lifestyle because their drawing to the black siren is too strong, thus they’re unable to break the chains and free themselves.

      It’s not like we haven’t been warning them of the consequences that follow from continuing to seek the black witch’s validation and acceptance. The ultimate shame is these black females don’t even respect black men who remain loyal to them ie refuse to date out, smh.

  3. Verbs2015,

    There is a good chance that Drew Afualo is trans. Makeup, surgery and harmones have advanced to where it is very hard to tell. But 3 things cannot be disguised. There is hand size, and this beast has huge hands. There is foot size, I haven’t seen its feet. Then there is the Adam’s apple. This beast is sort of fat around the neck, so there could be an Adam’s apple. There is also a hint of base in the voice.

    Just saying.

    1. If it means anything to you, Drew Afualo is Samoan; she’s also 6 feet tall.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      I’ll give the fat siren the benefit of the doubt of being a female, as commenter Blue Collar Trevor mentioned above, those masculine attributes may be due to the fact that she comes from Samoa, though that being said I’ve seen plenty of feminine looking women coming out of that place.

  4. Hello brother. To be honest SYSBM has saved a lot of black men. Yesterday I saw Steve urkiel getting married to Becky and black women were screaming ” oh he hates himself og he hates black women”.

    Black women are now the least most desired women right now nobody fucks with Keisha even brad is getting tired of her behavior.

    Brothers bw women are the modern day paedophiles. Black son are in deep shit and Umar Johnson the shameless clown will start blaming productive bm for this disgusting REALLY? REALLY? . Bw will start telling me that am a misogynist I can tell straight to the face I don’t care we need to bring humiliation back brothers to discipline these shanequas.
    Brothers if this doesn’t convince that bw are cooked then I don’t know what will.

    Feel free for further clarification brothers.

    1. Edward Maina,

      Free thinking black men don’t subscribe to the culture of Gutterism like this modern day black female. Black women hate the upstanding brother because unlike these pro black simps, he point blank refuses to subscribe to her decadent religions of debauchery, degeneracy and sexual depravity.

      Dr Umar “Gerbilface” John won’t have anything to say about that black female pedophile because to him the black woman is his god. Beware of the leaven coming from Keisha and her grunt work cronies/acolytes.

  5. If the news item about Japan is true, that is wonderful. Like brother SYSBM Forever, I don’t want Pookies, low intelligence black male simps, or any other black male losers going to Japan and creating a bad reputation for the black male collective.

    But for the true quality black man, the Japanese woman can be among the most feminine and refined examples of womanhood on this planet.

  6. Verbs 2015.

    Thanks for shouting out my name bro. It’s so good to see that the Japanese Government is inviting black men into their country so that we can have kids with their own Japanese women and that they are going to pay us to do it. I never thought that I would see this sort of thing in million years.

  7. SYSBM: You heard that Japan needs black men to have children with their women?
    White beta male: Yep!

    Yeah, I heard about the Japanese government that they need black men to make children with the Japanese honeys. I heard that there is a decline of birth rates in Japan. I was wondering why this is happening. Are the Japanese men are not sleeping with the Japanese women? but then I found out that it’s because of the cost of living. I didn’t know cost of living is happening in Japan.

    I’m goanna say is this. Black men who are on the fence, go for it! Yeah man, go Japan and get them Japanese honeys. They are cutie pies, you get me? And if you marry one them, then that is fine because you don’t want a woman from the West as they are not using their head but they are using their mouth to suck one dick to another at the same time and which man wants that?

    Hey, keep your white s honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming non-black women.


    1. Cost of living, and a ceaseless work culture. “Kairoshi”, I think it’s called, where people literally die on their feet from overwork. Who has the energy to raise a family when you have to sleep under a desk at work, cause even the act of going home takes too much time?

  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Shout-out to Dominique Magazine; I remember him from Facebook when he first started his site. He’s also right about SYSBM; of all of the different movements I’ve seen, SYSBM has been the most consistent in what it preaches. Another thing I must point out is that I like about SYSBM is that it was created for thinking Black men! I understand IBMOR and MGTOW were also created by Black men, but I don’t really hear much said about IBMOR these days, and MGTOW has been hijacked by racist Brads who rejected its founder, Barbarosa, once they learned he was a Black man; they are also very insecure about White women being in relationships with Black men. Remember NollaGirl504?

    As for that fat, ugly sheboon Drew Afualo, I see she has also put in her 2 cents on the “Man VS Bear” debate. This whole debate is just another way for men to be generalized as rapists, predators, and abusers; this may sound strange, but I’m “pro choice” when it comes to women choosing the bear over us. Let them continue to choose a wild animal who will maul them to death, and when their choices come back to bite them (pun intended), we’ll be there to remind them that they made their choice, and now they must live with it (that is, if they survive the attack); never forget why the Wall of Silence was created in the first place. Also, I assume her simp BF is also Samoan based on the tattoos he has; they look similar to Dwayne Johnson’s tattoos.

    Now, this news about Japan offering Black men money to help them with their population crisis is wonderful news! I actually couldn’t stop thinking about that all day today; I was also reminiscing about when I used to listen to the “Black Ronins of Japan” livestreams Sigma Jones hosts with Kirigakure Jones. It also made me think about the things that make me want to visit Japan: the food, tuner cars, anime, martial arts, technology, the music scene, etc.; on another note, could it be that they specifically want Black men for impregnating Japanese women to help with their population because of our strong genetics? Can you imagine what the new Japanese society would look like if they had a Black men’s genes? This right here shows that all roads lead to SYSBM!

    P.S. I agree, Tasha K sounds a lot like a slavemaster thinking she can control our movements; she needs to be worrying about paying Cardi B her $4 million dollars for spreading rumors about her getting an STD and mind her own business.


    This is why it’s vital good black men to always watch their six and walk away from da communitah for good, including black males who have nothing going for themselves. This is a worldwide problem.

    These two losers who are brothers stabbed another black man to death over a fucking mobile phone. This man was sitting in a park minding his business and here comes these pieces of shit who approached him with a knife to rob him and ended up needlessly stabbing him to death.

    Their sentences are bullshit. If they were man enough to take a life and not show any remorse, they don’t need to be released. They need to be on the inside for good. No doubt their dad is a wasteman just like the trash he spawned and the mother is some council estate dwelling bitch who probably only cared about raving on the weekends. I grew up with two brothers like these fools who also committed murder many years ago. One is still in prison cos he keeps fucking up and is totally institutionalised, while the other was released a couple of years ago and is now living with some woman who is a LAWYER!! LMAO you can’t make this up. But a good black man with a regular job is a lame.

    Regardless, I don’t care for any sob story. I don’t wanna hear shit about the government either. No one’s making these grown fools do what they do. This is the UK. There’s opportunities here to make something of yourself. You got a roof over your head, you get apprenticeships, jobseekers allowance etc. Ain’t no white man making you stab your own over a phone so cut the crap. If you’re so big and bad, go and pick a fight with the far right extremists or find Stephen Lawrence’s killers. Don’t wanna do THAT though, right?

    This isn’t the first time a civilian brother has had his life tragically cut short cos some dumb, scruffy roadman has got some kind of point to prove. There’s not even that many of us in this country as it is, yet every week I’m reading of fools throwing theirs and others lives away over nothing. SMH.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      When black women disingenuously talk about “well if you’re not dealing with black women anymore, why are you still talking about us”, this is one of the main reasons why. These nugget headed black females know full well that we still have to pass by their emotional devil spawn seedlings day in and day out.

      In 2024 these road men are out in force carrying knives, choppers, guns etc but the general public here are not allowed to carry any sort weaponry to defend themselves.

      Just the other day I just saw a short video of a young road man being arrested at West Ham station by plain clothes police, he was carrying a massive machete in a sheath down the inside of his trousers(as they normally do, hence why they have a funny walk and are always adjusting their trousers).

      Look on TikTok, there are so many of these types of videos of these young black boys being arrested for the same. This is why the UK is done, the criminals get to walk around with an arsenal of weaponry, meanwhile the everyday individual isn’t allowed to carry anything to defend his/herself.

      The 2nd Amendment puts the United States leagues ahead of the UK in terms of the everyday Joe being able to defend himself from goons and emotional knuckleheads who don’t value the lives of others yet alone their own.

      Those guys are all products of single mother households and these black females have the audacity to query as to why we still talk about and have eternal beef with them.

      A few years ago I was talking to a white guy and I had to tell him that if we were walking down the down the street and a group of road men were approaching, I’d be the one in more danger than him. He couldn’t understand it but we already know how our own think.

      This is why I fully condone people flouting the law and conceal carrying something on their person they can use to defend themselves should they encounter one of these road man savages.

      1. Verbs2015,

        “The 2nd amendment puts the United States leagues ahead of the UK in terms of the everyday Joe being able to defend himself from goons and emotional knuckleheads who don’t value the lives of others yet alone their own.”

        Totally agree and if it wasn’t for that lunatic who massacred those children in Dunblane back in 1996, we probably might have had those rights by now.

        1. SYSBM Forever,

          I personally believe that Dunblane was a manchurian candidate event staged to take away further rights we had to defend ourselves. Up until 1997 Brits could own a small handgun(Walther PPK, it was featured in a number of the old James Bond movies). Of course when Labour(liberals) came into power in 1997, they couldn’t wait to pass legislation banning the public from owning any firearms altogether.

          You think any of these road men would be so wild and brazen if they knew there was a strong possibility you were conceal carrying a small handgun? I don’t think so. And now these Labour clowns are set to come in again and decimate with little there is left of freedom, all because most people here are too dumb and stupid to see that they’re being played by all sides, Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems are all the same.


    This underscores EVERYTHING I suspected about these influencers; now, I don’t know much about Khalidi, but I do recognize her face from clips of the “whatever” podcast (she looks like a discount Mia Khalifa). It’s very telling that the Biden administration even know who she is; who in the Biden administration is looking at her OnlyFans? Also, she spilled the beans about influencers being bought and paid for; they’re no different than Hollywood celebs and politicians. It’s also really funny how she said she doesn’t feel “reflected” (did she mean “represented”?) by Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court; they might as well throw identity politics away! There was also that baby murdering cartel called “Planned Parenthood” as well as dating sites that paid her money, too.

    Khalidi even mentioned the lady giving her a script to read from; you know, I mentioned last week that these influencers all sound as if they’re reading from the same script, and here we have somebody admitting that they were told what to say! Could you imagine the outrage we’d see in the media if Trump’s administration did this kind of thing with influential conservatives? Trump doesn’t have to do that, though; the support he gets is genuine. That lets me know that Biden’s approval rate is in the toilet if his people are resorting to such measures; social media influencers are nothing short of agents of the matrix.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These are the same female social media influencers who are encouraging young girls to be promiscuous, focus on careers and short term hedonistic fleeting pleasures instead of looking at long term goals like having a family, advising them to open up accounts on OnlyFans and unfortunately once again, these youngsters having been raised by social media itself are too dumb and stupid to realise they’re being played by those being paid by the State.

      Like you’ve pointed out, they’re all singing from the same song sheet and passing down the same degenerate, amoral and destructive advice. State bootlickers such as Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson and Tariq “Mink Slide” Nasheed are definitely being paid off by the government.

      They continue to give out information and advice that keeps black folks stagnant. Unfortunately there are so many blacks invested in their cult of personality, they’ve blinded themselves to the true reality of the situation.

  11. I’ll be in London (primarily) and Paris (day trip) this summer. Just a FYI in case you want to meet up and talk our differences.

    1. Exposing SYSBM,

      That meeting offer has been DECLINED and REJECTED without consideration. We don’t negotiate or talk things out with terrorists over here.


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