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Because for at least the last 10 years you’ve been telling men that you don’t want them to approach you, I don’t understand how women like this don’t comprehend how they’ve created such a hostile environment for not only dating but also merely interacting with them.

Additionally, most men are not looking to get MeToo’d either. The guys were there for the game, not to give you heifers some free unwarranted attention.

When you keep on telling men to get lost, eventually we’re going to take you seriously. I’ll continue to say it gents, leave these feminist, left leaning, liberal, everything gives them the ick, would rather be stuck in the forest with a bear over a man, delusional Western females to crash and burn out in their own failures.

The overwhelming majority of Western women have become so detached from reality, they don’t realise how far gone they actually are and how they simply aren’t worth dealing with on any level anymore. Others do and honestly expect upstanding men to follow them down to Hell in a hand basket, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. Meanwhile, in other news:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week fellas? You’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

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23 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

    1. Mslet,

      Yep, I’ve come across this dude before, yet another black male who has declared his exclusivity towards black women, smh, what a waste. Guys like this never want to deal with the endless shortcomings of modern day black females, this is a new time, black men with sense and intelligence are going to go where they’re being shown love and appreciation. If that means getting with a fit, feminine, friendly, submissive and cooperative white woman then so be it. #SYSBM™

      1. Verbs2015,

        Verbs I have lived my entire life in the US. I am very politically astute. I am neither Democrat nor Republican. As an intelligent black man, I vote strategically and transactionally, but never simply out of emotions.

        That said, I have a few things to say about Donald Trump. The first time he ran for president, I Kept an open mind about him, and I was willing to give him a chance. This time he has more than shown me what he is. And he is bad news for me and for anyone who is black.

        I live in the American south. And I can tell you I see countless white homeowners with their confederate flags and Donald Trump posters side by side in their yards. Every avowed white supremacist organization in America is endorsing Donald Trump. Every white supremacist black people hating website like, is filled with Donald Trump supporters.

        Every day I see Neanderthal knuckle dragging redneck white men in pickup trucks covered with bumper stickers about guns and shooting black people (they used dog whistle terms like looters, thugs, welfare cheats). But to these types, all black people are looters, thugs, and welfare cheaters. These same pickup trucks are covered with Donald Trump bumper stickers.

        Then again, Donald Trump has an entire history of racism and discrimination against black people. His companies have had many lawsuits filed against them for discriminating against black people in the renting of apartments. And he has publicly made many, many disparaging remarks about black people throughout his life.

        There is too much factual evidence demonstrating Donald’s Trump hatred of black people, for me to ignore it. And even if one chooses to discount the abundant evidence of Donald Trump’s hatred of black people, the fact is that his base is comprised heavily of whites who openly and brazenly profess their deep hatred of black people, and even their deep desire to eradicate black people.

        If Trump is elected, it will be a green light to racist police all over America to commit brutality against black people at will, primarily against black men. There will be zero accountability for doing so. Trump will even encourage it, as he has in the past. The sheer fact that so many white racists who hate black people will vote for Donald Trump, means that he will have a mandate to implement policies to give pain to black people, if he is elected.

        Whether one wants to give Trump another chance or not, his election will make America much more inhospitable to both black people who live here, and black people who visit. And there will be severe restrictions on the number of new black people allowed to come into America. But at the same time, the doors will be flung wide open to Caucasians who want to come here. As a matter of fact, more Caucasian immigration will be actively sought after, as a keystone objective of another Trump presidency will be to make America more Caucasian and less non-Caucasian. And the preference will be for Caucasians who harbor racial animus towards non-Caucasians, with special animus towards black people.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          I have to respectfully push back and say that it’s not Trump’s fault if white supremacists(who these days have really shown themselves to be a weak bunch) have chosen to use his name as a catalyst to somewhat galvanise themselves.

          As bad as these white supremacist groups are, these days they’re not the ones starting trouble, it’s always these left leaning liberals who are up to no good. They’re the ones who’ve become a true pestilence and a curse to the US.

          Let’s be honest, during Trump’s term as President, it was mostly the Democrats who were the ones continuously stirring up trouble, instigating as well as causing riots. Through his entire period in office they never left him alone.

          From 2016-2020 I personally never saw Trump introduce or pass any policies that were detrimental towards black folks. What I do know is he began taking away food stamps from these black sirens and instead started introducing and sending out food boxes containing whole foods.

          He also began to slowly economically dethrone black women which was a positive for black men, black men slowly began to regain their rightful place as the head.

          The only thing I fault Trump on was Operation Warp Speed, where he signed off on the Convid-1984 devil’s jab.

          Regarding immigration, importing white folks from other countries will only work for a very short time. Very quickly because of the faltering economy, those imported whites will fall in line with US homeland Caucasians.

          Outside of South Africa, white people for the majority part have turned their backs on having children. Having a minimum of 3 children is the best way to combat being invaded and taken over by immigrants(white people in the UK need to learn this as well).

          Unfortunately, the problem you have in the US is the modern day black female who is an efficient black population stagnation agent. Because of her your population has remained at 13% for at least the last 40 years plus while the Latino community’s population numbers have now gone past 20%.

          So if Trump returns to the oval office, all the trouble that will come from him being President once again guaranteed is going to stoked up and festered by lefty Democrats who don’t want to see American prosper and who won’t leave Trump alone to do his job properly, the exact same playbook they ran from 2016-2020.

          Once again as an outside observer from across the pond, during his term in office I never saw Trump pass or support any legislation that was detrimental towards black people.

          1. Verbs2015,

            We agree on many things. But on this one, we are miles apart. I know America. And I must respectfully say that I believe I know America a lot better than you do. Just as I expect you to know England/Great Britain a lot better than I do.

            And the overwhelming majority of Trump voters are people who truly do not like black people. And this dislike in most of them, is strong enough that they would act on it, if they thought they could get away with it. You might say, at present Trump is polling 51 percent of the electorate. Well, the animus against black people in the US is just that high. Trump is giving them the cover and the courage to more openly manifest their animus. And Trump knows exactly what he is doing.

            I am not trying to convince you. I believe that everyone, my-self included, believes what they want to believe. But I am just warning you about America, as a friend. If trump gets a second term, America will be a lot less hospitable to you and a lot more dangerous for you, if you visit during his term.

            1. AmericanBlkMan,

              I completely agree, you know the US far better than me, I’m just making known my observations as an outsider. All I say is this, if Trump is sworn back into office, the volatile atmosphere will be worse than 2016-2020 especially in light of how Biden has demolished the US economy. Keep your head on a swivel and watch your six out there because things could potentially get very rocky.

              1. American Black Man,

                I have to take the side of Verbs, Even I agree with you. I am also a UK bro just like Verbs and I will tell you what I observe during Trump’s Administration as an outside observer:

                When Trump won election, I thought this is a joke to have a business man as the president and I said to myself, ‘let’s see how it goes for the 4 years’.

                People think that he was a clown for building giant wall for the Mexican border and Mexicans will pay for it.

                During his term, the Mexicans did agree to pay 50% for the wall whilst US pays 50% and what that done is the Mexican drug cartel were losing business because the wall was so deep that the illegal trade cannot go through. I even notice that the sex and human traffic was greatly reduce. Even Mexico feel safe under Trump Administration because of the Great Wall.

                He squash beef with the Taliban because that is what a business man does, not a politician.
                The reason I bring up the Taliban because they were always talking about how Islam/Muslims are villains as soon as Trump got in this went ‘crickets’ and when Trump was removed, the Taliban’s now resuming making threats again. I did know about this until Biden got in.

                Trump may be a racist, but an honest one and liberals are hidden racist.
                The difference between an honest racist and a hidden/closet racist:

                Honest racist, they just tell you outright, that they do not like you. Just like BW clearly state on Social Media how much they hate BM. When you deal with them, you can either take it or leave it meaning I keep it moving and stay he in his and I stay in my lane.

                Hidden/closet racist are usually Liberals/Democrats who panders to ethnic minority such s black people and every time these ethic people such as Black People keep voting for the same Liberals, they Liberals always show they true colours and put you on the plantation because Liberals’ policies are to keep you in the plantation and they know black people are loyal to the plantation.

                Trump does not hate Black people, he just do not like the communitah and the bad/ghetto ones just like we do.
                Trump even support black and acknowledge on TV that the black community built America. He even release innocent Black Men who were wrongly convicted because the liberals want to keep innocent Black Men in prison to make money keeping innocent black men there.

                The reason why Trump say he take on Fake news because understands business for decades and he can take criticism, however fake news network always make lies and slanders about him. As Verbs stated, Liberals always want to stir up trouble and try to sabotage Trumps presidency. Trump won the election ‘Fair and square’ and won clean and the liberals accusing Russia of him winning. Trump himself asking the liberals question: “What is Russia got to do with it” and ‘Crickets’.

                Ice Cube made a Black Community package to rebuild Black America. Trump read the package and this was part of his manifesto so if Trump got re-elected in 2020, the black community would be rebuild and mention about putting a Black-Hate crime bill with it. But unfortunately the black communitah vote for Biden and the black culture will get nothing because the black community spend time listening to Trump propaganda and clowning Ice Cube saying that how he did not consult the black community because he was a celebrity. Well who represent the black community? Pimping Pastors, elder simps and panders? They do not do shit but fleece and grift. Ice Cube was trying to help the community and in return he got hated on just like Nipsey Hustle was building the black community and some homeboy pookie killed him just for building the black community.

                Yes Trump did called the Africa continent ‘Shithole’ and he is right because the West African is run by corrupt Dictators and general so why are the African leaders are tripping when they treat their own people like shit? Trump just tell it as it is.

                American and Europeans are butt-hurt because China is building Africa. I know some may disagree about China and Africa relationship because China is doing a better job than America and Europe because all they did for 70 years is throwing money at African whilst China is doing the real work. I know some Chinese men are exploiting Africa at the same time.

                I will tell you what happen in the UK during Trump’s Administration during 2016 to 2020:
                When Trump won, you have these Beta-Male liberals getting butt-hurt because he won. You has Sadiq Khan the Muslim man, current Mayor of London saying how does not want Trump in London. To me him saying that as a Mayor of London is a bitch move to say this because if you do not like the man because he is a Muslim, you have to welcome him, you cannot decide to invite or not because you represent London. Politicians invite leaders who are worse and corrupt generals and you just have to be cordial. When Teresa May was the Prime Minister, she was making a law or a bill to ban Trump from coming to the UK. Another bitch move coming from the Prime Minister. This shows how hypocrisy it is to decide to let in. Basically saying ban Trump because you do like him but you let evil scum leaders, war criminal in the country. When Boris Johnson because Prime Minster, he invited Trump and US and UK become cordial. That Muslim Mayor trying to divide and conquer UK and America and you have these Black politicians in the UK trying who sell out the black community to Satan by talking baseball cap about Trump.

                American Black Man, I do understand your point about Black people going to be open season, but this is not because of Trump.
                The reason why Black people will become open season to racism and genocide because to 2 Supreme Black Attorney leaders who represent Black America who is prosecuting Donald Trump – Alvin Bragg and Fani Willis.
                White men will not prosecute Donald Trump because if he become guilty, they know they will turn Trump into a Political Martyr. But because Fani Willis and Alvin Bragg prosecuted Donald Trump and now Trump is guilty.
                Alvin and Fani, this now unleash the unknown beast which now cause a divide between America. Akwesi did warn Alvin and Fani that if they get Trump Guilty, there will be open season against Black People and they should of let the White People deal with it, but they are so got carried away by their ego and believe in this Spoil of War that if the Black Attorney get Trump Guilty, they will get Scooby Snacks which they will not because Liberal will keep them in the plantation anyway. So even Trump is found guilty, the Liberals still lost.

    1. MMT,

      It’s all bollocks, bread and circus monkey show theatrics. These lefties are just trying to stop him from becoming President again. Since all Presidents have secret service agents even when their Presidency ends, it would be interesting to see how Biden and his cronies are going to work this one. What, are Trump’s secret service team going to follow him into prison and sleep in the same cell as him?

  1. If white women don’t wake up to leftist agenda’s, they could go extinct because of low birth rates.

    The judge is corrupt like most judges and lawyers in general.

    The same court that has divorce laws and child support laws to drain men financially.

    Unhinged movie that was released in 2020 is a film I watched and I recommend you watch it.

    If he don’t do prison time then it means the freemason botherhood bailed him out.

    I have news to share that happened in Newham borough of East London in Plaistow.

    Not far from my birthplace of Newham hospital.

    The third baby abandoned by the same black parents.

    A negress sheboon and her blackistian male are leaving their babies out in the cold.

    Black lives don’t matter to black females.

    Black lives don’t matter to blackistian males.

  2. Gentlemen,

    Since this is Alphabet/rainbow Pride month.
    I notice in London since a year ago on the London Overground train, they paint this LGBT all over the train.

    However, this black man rather skip and wait for another one.

    He made some series of it.

    1. MMT,

      I’ve seen that monstrosity of a London Overground train rolling about and I’ve believe there is an Elizabeth Line train that has also been decked in that rainbow rubbish, smh. It’s funny how all of these train operating companies all fall in line with Alphabet squad month without fail. The West is done.

    2. Shout out the the brother who turn down the train and wait for another one.
      Verbs, he got more short episode on these trains where he decline to get in.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t blame men for not approaching women in 2024 in terms of dating because women made it so toxic and that they only want the perfect Walt Disney man who is 6ft tall, 6 pack and and a 6 figure salary.

  4. Maybe those chicks need to be reminded of this:

    I mean, isn’t that what set the whole thing off? Suddenly, every woman and their mother was a hot chick and had stories of being sexually harassed 100 times a day by men. Of course, since the general consensus back then was that women were not to be approached, greeted or even looked at for more than a millisecond by men they didn’t find attractive, men complied and left them alone.

    The only problem for women was that more and more men started to wake up and see the scam that dating and marriage is in the west. Even more damaging, men discovered their worth, realised these western women are total trash, started to self improve, and then began to explore way better options through the rise of Passport Bros – which turned out NOT to be a passing fad, but an actual way of life – while non western foreign women from all over have been welcoming and embracing these men with open arms. These men started to put other men on game and have posted receipts. In more recent times, men have started to delete dating apps, so these women can’t even get validation and ego boosts through that anymore.

    Now these same females who at one point thought they were too good to spit in a man’s direction are making memes and tiktok videos either bawling their eyes out, asking whether men are gay or scared because we no longer approach them, or cast aspersions towards Passport Bros and every other dude who doesn’t prioritise them. They clearly underestimated men and now for the first time in human history, women have had the tables turned on them and know what it’s like to be ignored and even dissed.

    Oh well.

    They got what they wished for and that genie isn’t going back in the bottle.

    If it’s any consolation, cats give birth to kittens everyday lol.


  5. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I saw that screenshot of the two White girls on the Ho3busters IG page; the girl who made the TikTok actually asked the admin of Ho3busters to take the post down on Facebook. This is the Wall of Silence at work; these same women have asked men to leave them alone, and now that men have obliged them of their request, they don’t like it. They said they don’t owe us a smile or a “Hello”, and I say I don’t owe you a catcall, a pickup line, or a flirtatious holla; besides, I know some bears who live in the forest who’d be delighted to meet them. Grizzle Grizzle!

    In other news, South Park recently had an episode where they roasted Lizzo; check it out:

    You can tell she felt humiliated though she tried to pretend like she wasn’t (that pathetic little Ted talk she gave at the end was all 🧢); that roast cut through all her fat and pierced her heart. In all honesty, they could’ve done far worse to her; she can’t say she didn’t have this coming to her, though. South Park has done it again!

  6. SYSBM: Have you heard a show called Badderz Boiz?
    White Sugar Honey: They had one before but it was called UK Badderz!
    SYSBM: Masculinity in the UK is gone. From the beta males to the frigging dick police!
    White sugar honey: What next!?

    The reason why men are not approaching women anymore is that women don’t want men to approach them, Me too movement shit and so on. But here is the thing that if a man is good looking and he approaches women, things will be different.

    Online dating as well. we have Tinder and you can find people there but the thing is that it’s just a dick feast. And the women on that site are chasing dicks, you get men. And also, Tinder can be very dangerous as well because you don’t know who your goanna meet. And there is speed dating as well.

    And the other thing is that men are chasing their purpose. They are trying to accomplish their goals instead of running down one woman to another like someone I know who is chasing punany and refuse to take care of their children.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  7. For all of the basketball fans here, have you noticed how there is more interest in the WNBA recently? I went to get a haircut on Tuesday, and there was a WNBA game on the TV; I also noticed how full the arena looked during the game. There is one good explanation for why the WNBA is now all of a sudden drawing attention: Caitlin Clark. She is a sports icon in the making, and she’s destined for superstardom, no doubt, but she and her team, Indiana Fever, are struggling right now; if you’ve been following Clark and her professional debut, it’s clear to see why that is the case:

    There was one startling instance of bullying where a hard faced Chicago Sky player named Chennedy Carter shoved Caitlin to the ground, and not one single teammate from Indiana came to Caitlin’s aid; her teammates are also jealous of the attention she’s receiving. This is another L for the scraggle daggle’s image; they’ve been crying about not getting the same pay and viewership as the NBA, but now Caitlin Clark is helping the league to get all of that, and this is how they treat her. SMH The hate is real!

    People’s Court episode with a black woman that shows the effects of a ‘protective hairstyle’. You’ll know!
    Really want my daughters to have to do all the extra garbage like buying yarn and horse hair to try to compete and still be the least desired… said no smart black man ever!!! Next!


    This type of foolishness is exactly why these western females don’t get approached nor taken seriously and exactly why all their antics will guarantee them a miserable and lonely life in the end.

    Imagine filming an elderly man minding his business for clout and yet you still got simps who will literally pay this harlot to view her pics SMH.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Crash and Burn Central is fast approaching for these types of women, leave them to their own devises. They have to be stupid and ultra dumb to believe that they won’t be judged and recompensed for their endless transgressions against men.

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