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The Entitlement Is Very Strong In This One! #SHORTS

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I’m sure you guys remember this delusional chick from last year. Sneako’s right, this is how ridiculous dating has gotten in the West. A flat chested, ran through, average looking, cake faced up Western whore believes that she has the right to ask men what’s in their bank accounts. Shame on those foolish men who’ve already chosen to capitulate to this witch’s demand and have shown her, smh.

The Western dating market is totally cooked, this is what your average man in Western society is having to deal with now, ultra entitled low grade females who seem to believe that their value is sky high simply because they have hoards of blue pilled simps flooding their inboxes.

These delusional heifers don’t seem to understand, increased attention from men does NOT equate to an increase in their value. Additionally, it is men who decide the value of women in the dating market, NOT women themselves.

What is it with Western women and this ridiculous idea they have in their scatter brains that they’re entitled to access a man’s finances just because they’re in his presence and are giving him some attention?

In 2024 this unfortunately is what you’re dealing with in the West fellas, hedonistic women who worship nothing but money, materials as well as anything vain and superficial.

Modern women are empty vessels, burnt out relics of their formers selves. Just look at the rate of degradation in the West that has taken place just within the last 15-20 years, especially with the rise of social media and the dreaded dating apps.

I really don’t understand where these modern day whores get off believing that they’re entitled to the same treatment as traditional women who didn’t chose to venture down the village bicycle route ie get ran through by every man on the block.

She said that a man cannot program her, yes, that’s because she’s stuck in her ways which is why Sofia Franklyn will remain single for life jumping from one penis to the next until she runs out of attention.

The future is extremely grim for promiscuous women, they’ll have their fun now but they’ll most definitely pay for it in the near future. The Wall is a beast and is still undefeated.

Of course the witch had to resort to the “misogyny, you hate women” line when Sneako blatantly called her out as ran through. Notice how she was unable to bring anything of viable tangibility forward to demonstrate why she’s valuable as a woman. When in trouble always lean into feminism, these harpies are so predictable.

Also, what’s up with this Steiny dude, the guy is licking Franklyn’s muddy boots clean and dry and mega simping every chance he gets. This is precisely why haughty, delusional 304s like Sofia exist and this is why they feel they have the right to ask to see your bank account balance.

Gentlemen, this is most of these women in the West, they don’t have anything of substance to bring to a relationship so instead they stay practicing reverse psychology pinning the focus on what you’re contributing(financially and materially) as well as what you’re doing for them so that you don’t have the sufficient time to STOP and thoroughly examine these women for who they truly are.

Get those passports gents, you don’t have to tolerate any of the garbage Western women bring to the table. It’s a damn shame that non black Western women for the majority part have chosen to go down the same dysfunctional path as the black witch, a damn shame indeed.

These Western 304s are long overdue a reality check, be sure to put them back in line whenever they attempt to take you down Delusional Avenue and NEVER and I mean NEVER allow any female to disrespect you.

Be sure to give any out of line women both barrels to the point where they’ll think very long and hard before opening their mouths so recklessly to any man again. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Overinflated Egos, Entitlement As Well As Delusional Projected Values MUST ALWAYS Be Corrected

Most High Bless

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21 thoughts on “The Entitlement Is Very Strong In This One! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid these gold digging western women like the plague. What right do they fucking think that they are entitled to my money. This is why dating in the western world in 2024 is fucked.

    1. Western females in general have been damaged by the West’s embrace of decadence. This is not the first time in history that the West has embraced decadence. The Hellenistic period, the Greco-Roman period, were periods when the West went headlong into celebrating decadence.

      In spite of all of this, a damaged non-white partner offers much more potential than a negress/sheboon. The negress/sheboon is what it is. And it cannot change any more than a Leopard can change its spots!!!!!

      1. “In spite of all of this, a damaged non-white partner offers much more potential than a negress/sheboon. “

        I so mispoke! It should have read:

        “In spite of all of this, a damaged non-black partner offers much more potential than a negress/sheboon.”

      2. AmericanBlkMan,

        The modern day black female is a clean write off and has been for a very long time. You’ll notice that there are swaths of non black women who eventually repent of their dedication to the failed religion of feminism, you’ll find them everywhere even though for most of them it’s too late.

        Not the black witch though, I’ve yet to see a black siren actually come out and state that feminism was a lie and she was tricked. If you’ve seen one please point her out to me.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Western women believe that unbalanced PH sewer pipe between their legs gives them the right to have access to your money and resources. Dating in the West is done, the females here are unrepentant and doubling down on their subscription to feminism. Use that passport and never look back.

  2. By her logic if she is making more money than her partner, she would leave him for that reason.

    White women will become minorities by the year 2065 in most western societies at this rate.

    Women like her are reasons why red pill movements have grown within the last 10 years.

    A man should only care about how much money his girlfriend makes if there is marriage plans.

    The person who earns more than his/her significant other loses in court.

    The person who earns less than his/her significant other wins in divorce and gets child support.

    Business transactions to marry ain’t worth it in most western environments.

    Unless if men find hidden gems in a few areas that are more conservative than liberal.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Just as I keep on stating that the best weapon to use against the modern day black is abandonment, the same applies to left leaning, feminist liberal Western women who have become just as bad. It’s all about getting that passport and leaving the West for greener pastures.

      I really don’t understand how there are large swaths of Western men remaining who are still willing to tolerate the garbage Western females bring to the table, smh.

  3. LOL

    I don’t know who this bird is, but she comes off cartoonish as if she’s deliberately parodying the average modern western woman. I’m sure she’s trash, but she seems way too OTT and I doubt she really expects to be taken seriously by any man with the slightest bit of self respect and half a brain.

    Regardless, females like Miss Franklyn are actually a necessary evil to wake the average man up. If the simps still want to deal with this nonsense, go right ahead. The rest of us already checked out a long time ago, so it’s not our problem.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I wish this delusional siren was joking but she’s dead serious, I remember when she was doing the rounds last year on so many podcasts and shows. No man worth his salt is going to take this heifer seriously, there has to be a modicum of brain cells within her cranium that know this. Then again, with how dumb and disjointed Western women continue to prove themselves to be, maybe not.

  4. If I don’t let the tax man scan my bank account, I sure as shit won’t let a woman do so either. What the hell do you want to know for? To rinse it off? Mind your own beeswax.

    1. Michel,

      That’s exactly what she wants and in exchange you get access to her ran through, used up, rinsed out contaminated snatch. From her Instagram it looks like the witch is still single, at this point the jokes really do write themselves.

  5. Entitled western liberal white women continuing their death spiral. WW used to not talk like this, but as I’ve said before on here, they’re now taking their marching orders from the least desired, least married, most evicted, most money-hungry, single babymama demographic as personified by the likes of the horrible Shera Seven and know all the words to the ratchet songs by Sexy Redd and Nicki Minaj.

    Not even sure passports are the answer at this point as any female with wifi and a smartphone are aping and parroting what they see on TikTok and Instagram.

    You’d have to go full totalitarian just to find a decent chick these days…Russia, Eastern Europe, China, the Arab world lol.

    These young hoes are a lost cause looking from the outside. I feel sorry for you young bucks. Glad to be an older guy who had his fill.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      And that’s the point right there, it wouldn’t be a problem if a majority of these women could critically think and reason for themselves ie see right through the garbage that is being fed to them.

      But no, they lap up anything and everything that’s given to them not seeing how they’re hurting themselves in the long term. The smart phone, feminism and social media have been the primary causes behind the destruction of women worldwide but especially in the West.

      It’s incredible just how stupid most women have become without the guidance of wise, learned men. They say they don’t need men, however the evidence of their endless failures outside of men’s guidance speaks otherwise.

  6. This is why I avoid western liberal Anglo white women they’ve become just as bad if not worse (in some cases) as western black women they’ve been simped over for so long it’s gotten to their heads and now they think they’re God’s only gift to the earth the only white women I fw nowadays are non Anglo non western ones.

    1. Lowani,

      The Western female once upon a time many moons ago actually used to bring some value to a man’s life, now she’s become a pestilence and a curse just like the black witch. The same strategy for the black female must be applied to these delusional Western non black harriets, abandon ship and leave them to enter Crash And Burn Central by themselves.

  7. A well known genius once said, “Now, I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but she ain’t messin’ with no broke niggas”; the audacity of this chickenhead to demand a man’s bank account info up front. Who does she think she is, a bank teller? Any man who willfully gives a strange female sensitive information like that is asking to get robbed! She is just another braindead NPC/bot who worships mammon; she also has eyes that let you know the lights are on, but nobody is home. As SYSBM Forever pointed out in his comment, she sounds like somebody who is parodying the modern Western female: vain and materialistic, empty headed, average at best in the looks department, very little to no intelligence, jumps straight to the usual feminist gaslighting tactics and buzzwords, etc.; what man who knows his worth wants this ran through?

    Brothers, always remember that broads like this are why Verbs created both the “Guiding Principles Of A TRUE High Quality Black Man” and the “Traditional Treatment Disqualifiers” lists to use as guides for weeding out the type of women that aren’t deserving of you; in the case of Sofia Franklyn, here are some of applicable tenets from both lists:

    20. A true high quality man will NOT accept a female who is money hungry, materialistic and who seeks to spend finances recklessly, typically such women are embroiled in heavy debt, they haven’t matured enough to master the skills of managing their money properly and so will attempt to bring their haphazard spending habits to the high quality man’s arena, this is totally unacceptable and such behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Women who are steeped in debt are NOT viable options and must be rejected.

    6. If any woman chooses to subscribe to feminism, women’s rights, women’s empowerment, misandry or any such likenesses, she is most definitely NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to any traditional treatment.

    8. If any woman upon meeting her is NOT a virgin, she is NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

    12. If any woman is seeking your time, investment, attention, money and energy and refuses to reciprocate equally or more, she is NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

    24. Any female who values material things over good traits of character is NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

    26. If any woman uses liberal terminologies such as “misogyny”, “toxic masculinity”, “homophobe”, “transphobe”, “BIPOC”, “gender non-binary”, and “cishetero” as staples of her vocabulary, or “they/them” as pronouns for a singular person, she is NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Much appreciated for the shout out. Unfortunately, because of the hoards of simps flooding into this woman’s inbox, her delusional mind has made the leap into believing she has the right to demand any man she’s dating reveals his bank account balance to her, smh.

      Women like this now foolishly believe they control access to relationships and marriage and it is solely the fault of these blue pilled simps who have no standards, no integrity, no dignity and absolutely no self respect.

      Indeed, I encourage all brothers here to mill over both the Guiding Principles Of A TRUE High Quality Black Man and the Traditional Treatment Disqualifiers For Women tenets for those who may not have come across them yet. Both can be found in the Menu option at the top righthand side of the page.

  8. The gaslighting is strong in this female.
    He uses all the shaming languages. Mentioning someone’s mother, calling them broke, calling them women hater. Talk about entitlement.
    She believes that her making money will attract a man, no, Moral principles does.

    Men will use the passport to marry a poor women over a female billionaire.
    White men goes for Thai and Black Men goes for Filipina. And mixture of both.

    Let me explain why men marry a female from poor country:
    This is because they maybe poor but the women are Rich by Heart, not by money because they are family oriented.

    I remember years ago that in the old dating site that men never put their income on the profile because this is the 1st thing the females looking for, for a man and then height.

    Females can say how they make their own money and they are billionaire but they are still a gold-diggers because as Kevin Samuels stated that if any women do not share their wealth and resources to a men then she has no value at all because men are not interested in materials.

    1. MMT,

      This is the one of the main problems with Western women today, they place so much focus on the exterior and completely neglect improving what’s on the inside.

      A woman having a moral compass, dignity, integrity and self respect, being honest, accountable and responsible are of far more importance to any man worth his salt than said female looking good only.

      The attributes above are what is going to keep a man in place, not fake eyelashes, fake nails, makeup, plastic surgery, BBLs, tattoos etc.

      These modern day females can’t keep men because they have no character, as commenter Blue Collar Trevor said above, they’ve become materialistic, superficial, hedonistic NPCs and bots.

  9. This Sofia women is a future cat lady. Take off the makeup when the wall hits she will loose all these thirsty simps. This is a classic example of how feminism has lied to women. You make your bed you lie in it.

    1. Goldenman,

      What kills me is the majority of these women are average looking at best, once the make up and the endless filters are removed, most men would be in complete shock at how most women actually look. The Wall is undefeated and is coming for all of these cake faced wearing, face filter applying lofty Western harridans.

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