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You Have No Power, Another Delusional Black Female Speaks!

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When I watched the first video I was detecting lesbian/dyke vibes from this woman, so I conducted a light investigation and I came across this smoking gun in the comment section of one of her videos:

So in other words, her idea of being a so called “queen” is turning towards the path of eating snatch, you cannot make this stuff up.

Black women as a collective have fallen so far down into the gutter and as I’ve stated in my book Negro Wars, the bottom hasn’t even dropped out for them yet, expect even more debauchery, reprobation and degeneracy to come from the black witch’s coven in the near future.

What did I tell you before, I told you that the sodomite is never satisfied with dealing with his/her own kind, they get far more excitement and enjoy embarking upon “foreign territory” ie turning straight men/women into homosexuals/lesbians.

This is this woman’s entire mission, increasing the lesbian dating pool by attempting to persuade heterosexual black females that they’re better off dating women than continuing to deal with black men.

With black women having such a high failure rate at retaining men as well as keeping relationships strong and in continuance(because of their embrace and fervent practice of mutant feminism), I predict that in the near future we’ll observe a sharp uptick in black females turning lesbian ie cannibalising themselves.

I’ve been saying for years that in the future black women will only have 3 options available to themselves, stick to being hoes and sluts, become side pieces or as a final resort, convert into being carpet munchers.

As I’ve been telling you for years, you cannot reason with the unreasonable. Black women point blank refuse to acknowledge their own wrongdoings, shortcomings, errors and mistakes, it’s always somebody else’s fault when calamity, catastrophe or disasters strikes them and as we already know, black men are their number one favourite scapegoat.

This LGBTQP agenda being pushed in black society primarily by black women is yet another reason why black men with sense and intelligence should walk away from them and never look back. How on earth can you as a man form a solid confederacy with a female counterpart who is pushing for your enslavement, emasculation and eventual non existence, I’ll wait?

Again, I have to laugh at women who believe that they’re somehow autonomous and that they don’t need men. Peep the first video above, the black siren is sitting in a car and using a mobile phone to make her stupid video, both of which have been made by MEN.

She’s also driving on a street which was built by MEN as well as wearing clothes that were also made by MEN, at this stage the jokes are writing themselves.

Of course, to bolster trying to persuade women to go over to the other side, she has a number of books available including this one linked below where she claims to be giving women “game” on how men are playing them, there’s that “game” talk once again, smh:

This is why black women will never elevate themselves above the mentality of serfs, sluts, whores and slaves, they refuse to self reflect and correct.

The modern day black female is in lockstep with the WEF(World Economic Forum), the Georgia Guidestones, the NWO(New World Order), Planned Parenthood and any other malevolent entities, organisations and schemes that are currently active on this planet.

I’ve yet to understand how the black love pundits and proponents are going to circumvent the modern day black female’s incessant lust for killing unborn children in the womb. How can you build “strong black families” when black women are out here killing unborn babies by the truckloads with every opportunity that arises, I’ll wait?

I understand that many times folks use the game of chess in their descriptions of certain things, however real life doesn’t always operate like the chessboard. The fact is women need men and there’s nothing they can ever do or say to change that.

All of these fancy words, terms, slogans and phrases feminist women conjure up to delude themselves into believing they can get ahead just fine without men being interwoven into their lives at every level should be looked upon as a joke and laughed at every time any of them are mentioned.

As I’ve stated before, women in the West have become incredibly comfortable, lazy, haughty and arrogant, such females will learn the hard way with the modern day black female being the individual who’ll be hit the hardest having distanced herself from her male counterpart the furthest.

If it wasn’t for big daddy government(created and operated by MEN by the way) propping up the black American female, she’d be flat on her face for eternity.

Finally, Miss Queenmaker ought to be giving her “recruits” the heads up about lesbian relationships being the most violent of them all, much more than heterosexual equivalents.

Gentlemen, sit back with some popcorn and freshly squeezed juice and watch this modern day black female as well as those other women who share the same derelict mentality plunge themselves further into oblivion. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Don’t Even Have A Fraction Of The Power They Lay Claim To

Most High Bless

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15 thoughts on “You Have No Power, Another Delusional Black Female Speaks!

  1. I listened to that first video and all I heard was this:

    There’s nothing that any chick who whistles through the wheat field can tell me about anything, nor could she ever be a “Queen”. I don’t need Cleo from Set it Off, I’m only interested in building with feminine, traditional and sensible women.

    If they feel like they don’t need men, well good luck to them. Wasn’t it the show Survivor that proved otherwise? Besides, if they separated from us, who could they blame for everything? LOL

    Typical delusions, but it’s not my problem.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I’m going to have to re-release some of my old articles because I remember years ago predicting that more black women would begin venturing down Carpet Munch Avenue. They’re so prideful, stubborn and set in their ways that they would rather take another path of degeneracy over humbling themselves and making changes for the better, smh. This just goes to illustrate just how far gone black women are and how so called “black love” no matter how much the pro blacks try can NEVER be revived.

      1. I Remember seeing this Mannish Beast Exude Masculine Energy years ago in videos sheade way back then.She eventually got married and had a baby.I Doubt very Seriously if she’s still married.I think she used the Marriage to Cover the fact that she was Always a Closet Dyke/Lesbian.Her new videos are far more worse than the ones she did about a decade ago.She’s a Misandrist and Gutter Shit Trash.She’s just as much of an Asshole as the Black women who last year Disrespected Filipinas by talking like they know what’s going on in the Philippines and they’ve Never,Ever Been There.

        1. Robert,

          Just think about it, there are hoards of black men who literally suffer from Stockholm Syndrome to where they honestly believe they have no other choice but to tolerate these masculine black sirens and walking away somehow makes them weak. The masculine beast above separated from her husband a while back but claims he’s still playing an active role in the raising of their child. I believe there is a hidden epidemic of carpet munching black females but they’re trying their utmost to keep the lid on just how many of them are really that way inclined, smh.

  2. The last video sums up everything.

    This is why negress sheboons should visit Africa first before claiming to be an African expert.

    It don’t matter if black females lived in patriarchy or matriarchy.

    All black women have the same mentality when it comes to relationships with black males.

    Black love never existed ever in history from black women.

    Black love only existed from black men.

    There is nothing to revive from.

    My view of black love is having biracial black kids with a white dutch girlfriend.

    All black women have different mindsets when it comes to dating non black men.

    The bar is lower for them and higher for blackistian men.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Black women typically prattle off whatever fits their narrative, very rarely do they ever conduct thorough investigations into the philosophies or doctrines they’re pushing and promoting. History has shown us that black women are at their worst whenever they’re comfortable, from the house of the slave master to the current day West. As I and many brothers here say, not my women, not my problem. Let the blue pilled simps deal with the black queenies they worship, adore and love so much. #SYSBM™

  3. Verbs,

    Since the 1st video talks about how the queen is the powerful piece of the chess. She is correct that the Queen is the powerful, however, not the strongest. Queen is powerful by skill but by leadership. The king is.
    Unfortunately, this heifer does not know how chess really works in real life and dating world.

    This link will answer your question and the post response by the ‘Counter-Meme’
    Link =

    I am going to write what the ‘Counter-Meme’ stated here this will be a long read so the brothers understand chess and dating market:

    “This meme is actually bullshit and let’s explain why:

    If any body is familiar with chess, then we are well aware that the origins of chess derived from Africa, well Egypt specifically. The name of the original game was called “Senet”. The word Senet is Kemet for “passing”. It was a game of speed yet one of logic as well. Liubu (China) and AshtaPada (India), also provided later variants of the board model but it wasn’t until the Persian form called Chaturanga (Sanskrit for “Four members of an Army”) came into existence, that we began to observe the nomenclature on the board known as the king. All chess pieces were male and the chess pieces were known as “shahtranj”. Now those of you cultural buffs are aware of, the word “shah” means King. The word “chess” is said to have derived from “chahtranj”, the Arabic variant. It wasn’t until the English version that the king’s vizier (general) was changed to the queen. The transformation from Vizier to Queen took about 600 years .

    With that being said. Even if the queen possesses the most manoeuvrability, it’s not the most important piece. Just because someone possesses the ability to move, doesn’t mean that they provide a profound impact. Numerous chess masters have defeated opponents even with their queen captured. It just proves how Ingenious these folk were. If there was no king, there would be no queen. There would be no need for strategy because the importance of the game would be null and void.

    This is logic. Logic is when you realize that the king can castle himself between rooks. He can dispatch his bishops, knights and even convince pawns to do his dirty work. And should his queen act up and get captured by the other side, a crafty king can always implement pawns to reach the other side and replace that chick. There is no emotion in this game. When chess masters play for speed and rationale , any piece other than the king , becomes a sacrificial item; yes any fucking piece. Chess masters know that with skill, they must know what move their partner makes before they even make the move. So if one is aware that the opponent loves using their queen piece, they can logically set their opponent’s queen up for failure and to get captured. Did you catch that?! Let’s repeat that last sentence one more time for the queen worshippers. If one is AWARE that the opponent loves implementing the use of their queen, then the chess master can logically set the queen up to get snatched. So what the fuck is power when you are that vulnerable? When the game is over, it had nothing to do with the fact that she failed. It had everything to do with the fact that the opponent’s king did not apply enough logic to protect their foundation .

    You dudes need to learn something. Power has nothing on logic. We have good sistuhs out there, but even they know that their place is behind the king to observe enemies who are attempting to sneak up on him. Also known as a Guéridon Mate in chess, the Queen and Rook of the king, essentially prevent the movement of anything else that may attempt to step out of place toward the king. Fellas your mate must be as logically enhanced as yourself. They must know that with power, there soon comes corruption. They must know that submission enhances the bond and allows for easier sight in the chess game of life.”

    Basically saying that even these feminist can call themselves queens and queens with power, but the queen can be replaced. Just like men with standard will have options can get a better queen such as getting passports. The queen have to be a wife material or else a ratchet queen shows the bad image of a king/man. Just like Harry and Megan.

    Now lets get to the lesbian bit.

    As for the these feminist females who encourage to take the lesbian route, according the LGBT Community, the lesbians inform me that these females are low-key lesbians and they are not part of LGBT Group. I will explain why as I have observe this as a little kid. These women (Black women) become lesbians because of the preference (into women), the become lesbians to get back at men and do this to insult Black Men as an act of revenge. I call it sexual Kamakaze towards Black Men.

    1. Michael,

      That talk is powerful about the chess because this is about logic and these females never understand that they are replaceable. That link and how the Anti-Simp explains it is something the Pro-Black hoteps cannot comprehend.
      Also king represent leadership just like organisation structure. In the workplace, without a leader or a CEO of the company, there will no direction, structure or guidance.

      100% agree with you about the lesbian where BW promotes Lesbian Kamakaze because they commit emotional suicide run at the black men. This I also seen this when I was a little kid and growing up because Black females has distain for Black Men, so they become lesbian to beat down Black men emotionally. However when I got older, I have more options so I say let them be lesbians and I know some simps gets upset because these potential good Keishas out these turn lesbians, but I say let them go and there are other women to chose from.

    2. MMT,

      I appreciate the short chess lesson because I really don’t know much about the sport myself. As for the lesbian part, I still remember former commenter and blogger Afrofuturism1 commonly referring to most black women as “ticking time dykes”, he was 100% right.

      I recently came across this video of a black women talking about how there are a lot of black women on the down low jumping into her inbox wanting to have sexual relations with her. It now makes perfect sense why black women are some of the biggest promoters and supporters of the Alphabet Crew.

      Black women stay projecting whenever they call black men homosexual, they do this because they don’t want the outside world knowing that they’re the ones actually engaging in homosexual activities behind closed doors in very large numbers:

      1. I appreciate Verbs,

        When I saw that post many years ago about how simps but BW on the pedestal and call them queens because in chess game, the Queen has the strongest move because they can out manoeuvre. However is because they out-manoeuvre it does not mean they are the most important piece.
        I learn a lot about what the Anti-Simp Bro said and how he explained it to a ‘T’. I did not about chess myself until I read that deeply about it and how chess game works in reality when it comes to the dating market.
        You learn 2 things: ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Patriarchy’. Kingdom represent standard and respect and Patriarchy represent leadership.

        I saw that video about Down Low Black Women, this is why I mention my childhood teens about how they use Lesbian as Emotional Kamakaze against Black Men and this was in the 1990s when this happens and I was in my teens. Now the video exposing BW more because this is in the open and the world to see.

  4. SYSBM: There is a book called The Game: 41 Shades of Men>
    White sugar honey: I rather read the art of war.

    Right, the first woman. I see a child in the back seat of her car. Is that woman a single mother? And if so, where is the daddy? Is it some worthless dude who is not taking care of his child?

    And her explaining the chess board saying that queen is the most powerful peace. I wanna say what the character from The TV show The Wire. “The king always stay the king.”

    And the second woman who written the book called The Game: 41 Shades of Men. I have no issues of any woman writing a book but it’s nothing but a male hating book for the modern women especially for the black modern female.

    We know about the modern black female and the way she act. And the reason why she act like this is because that her mother is just like her. all of the behaviours is coming from her mother.

    As black men seeing the ratchetness of black women, this is why they are getting the passport and flying out of dodge to seek a honey overseas and wife her up.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women/


  5. I remember first seeing this broad on Facebook back in 2015 (her real name is Princella Clark); we both shared a mutual friend who was on some pro Black ish, and so was she. Well, I see that the Hotep race hustle has led her to become a “Quean Maker”; Hardcore Tito roasted her a few times when he was on YouTube. Now, I’m not versed in the game of chess at all, but Princella isn’t well versed, either; after a quick Google search, one learns that the King is the most valuable piece on the board. Princella is distorting the whole game of chess to make her pro dyke, misandrist propaganda palatable to other Black women; all of what she said can translated as “the King (Man) needs the Queen (Woman) and everybody else so he can manipulate them to do his bidding, but the Queen doesn’t need him; she is strong and independent and can move about as she pleases”.

    This is one of the grossest manifestations of the Jezebel spirit I’ve ever seen! I know we always talk about the scraggle daggle practicing a mutant form of feminism, but this is an even more advanced level; in closing, there is a video of Princella saying that a man cannot love a woman, only a woman can love another woman. What does that sound like to you? I sense that Princella is possibly an agent who was sent to spread this lesbo feminist programming to other FUBAR daggles who are receptive to reprobate behavior; whether or not that is true, know your enemy and act accordingly. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’m in your camp, I believe she’s yet another agent sent in to pied pipe black women down an even darker path which will eventually lead to hell.

      However, that’s not my problem seeing said black females long ago have made it clear that they’ll never listen to black men, black men will never tell them what do to nor will they ever submit to any black man.

      As I stated above, most black women would much prefer to carpet munch over admitting that they’ve been premium grade knuckleheads when it comes to the poor quality of men they prefer and have chosen.

      I believe that large swaths of black women as we speak are ready to take the plunge into lesbianism and as we’ll see in the near future, many single black women will begin eating snatch. Once again, we have another example of black women not having a clue when they’re being bamboozled and hoodwinked.

  6. The queen may be the most powerful piece on the board, but no king = no game.

  7. I saw a video once where a black lesbian was talking about how she’d see a sista and she’d look good but would get her home and the puxxy was rank lol. She was telling BW to get it together. Good luck to them studs.

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