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Yes, we’ll happily take that humble female working a basic 9-5 over an entitled Jezebel who thinks she deserves it all and more any day of the week. Are these delusional Western women ever going to get it through their thick skulls that men DON’T CARE HOW MUCH MONEY THEY MAKE?

Additionally gentlemen, never forget that because you control access to relationships and marriage, what these women want doesn’t matter. She must meet YOUR criteria, NOT the reverse. An important question is can any particular woman add value to YOUR life?

Non extravagant looking, fit, feminine, friendly, submissive, cooperative and childfree, this is what most single and childless men are looking for in women, NOT the carnal, superficial, hedonistic, sub par package they’re constantly trying to guilt and shame us into accepting.

Men who are worth their salt are most certainly NOT impressed by women who decide to engage in masculine pursuits ie getting the bag, chasing a career, climbing the corporate ladder, running a business, plunging themselves into perpetual education and studying etc.

The woman was made for the man, however these modern day females believe that they’re the ones who are to be pampered, spoiled and continuously doted on by men(once again, blame the blue pilled simps for these entitled, delusional harriets).

They believe that men are supposed to work for them while they sit back doing nothing and offering little to no value in return, smh.

As I keep on saying gents, leave these unhinged, feminist and social media brainwashed Western females with their delusional expectations to enter Crash And Burn Boulevard by themselves. Most importantly, DON’T SAVE THEM when they come around expecting you to bail them out of their troubles.

These women talk so much about what “high value men” they want, yet very few if any of them even qualify for an average man yet alone the men they’re chasing after, you cannot make this stuff up. Keep your money in your pockets fellas, modern women most certainly are NOT entitled to access any of it.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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33 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Before I get ahead of myself, I must ask where you’re finding these AI images you attach at the bottom of your articles? They’re incredible! These women say they’re choosing grizzly bears, and now they’re getting married? That’s too funny. Speaking of grizzly bears:

    This is what’s in store for all of the broads who chose the bear; in spite of what this guy went through, they will still say he’s more dangerous than the bear because he had a can of bear spray to repel the bear when it was just trying to protect its cubs; never mind the fact that he almost died of a bear attack! Also, he himself requested that the bear’s life be spared, so doesn’t that count for something? Grizzle Grizzle!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      A brother started sending me the ones he was creating so I asked him to continue sending them to me whenever he creates new ones. Yep, these modern day women don’t have a clue, bears at the zoo are in cages and behind enclosures for a very good reason.

      Modern day women forever speak from a place of ignorance, arrogance, folly and haughtiness, smh. Here are two women who survived being attacked by bears, these delusional Western harpies really don’t have a clue:

    1. Thank you Verbs.
      Madbusdriver found it first. However I and thinking brothers could not find the name of the song and trying to look for it. Until you found the link and put it on your website for brothers to see.

      Shout out to you.

      I just did more search and on this song and the origins is from the Nollywood African Swirling movie.
      The movie is called ‘White Hunters’ and this is the White Hunter Theme called ‘Whitey Theme Tune”.

      Full Song =

      This is deep, very deep Verbs.

      Movie Link:
      White Hunters 1 =
      White Hunters 2 =
      White Hunters 3 =
      White Hunters 4 =

      I did not watch the movies.
      Swirling movies are strong in West Africa, especially in Nigeria.

      1. Michael,

        You found the true origins of the music and the Nigerian Swirler movie. Also shout out to Verbs.

      2. MMT,

        Appreciate the shout out, I didn’t even know MBD covered this, I was randomly scrolling on Tiktok looking for material from silly Western women when I stumbled across the song by chance. Yep, these Sub-Saharan African women have been on the white man hunting mission for a very long time, in my opinion said women are the most prolific white male worshippers in the world.

        1. Brotherdanunlimited,

          I was going to post the Daily Mail article on this. Just as I said from the beginning when the Convid-1984 lie first kicked off, the whole scamdemic was bollocks and a fraud from the very start. Slaying Evil 1.0 was taken down because those liberal leftists knuckleheads at WordPress didn’t like the fact that I refused to buy into the fear propaganda being pumped out by the government via the lamestream press.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      She got that term for none other than the black female herself. Black women and the black men they are raised by can blame themselves for this white female using the N word. I’ve always said that lower class black folks particularly in the US using that word isn’t a good look and eventually white and other non black folks are going to start using it freely regardless of the repercussions.

  2. Gentlemen,

    According to Admiral Frost here, black men had no involvement in the construction of the United States. To my brothers across the pond, I’ll leave you to deconstruct this foolishness.

    Regarding Africa, I’ll say this, the reason Africa is in the poor state that it’s in is because of continual white male(and now Chinese) interference, pillaging, raping, murdering and plundering. This dude really cannot be that stupid.

    If Africa was left alone to reconstruct itself, it would do just fine just like it was doing before slavery and colonisation:

    Below is a level headed breakdown of this foolish “black people never built America” mantra:

    1. SMH I swear, we live in Brad’s head rent free; General Tito doesn’t call them “White chickensh*t motherf*ckers” for no reason. So, if Black people didn’t build America, who did? Funny how Brad downplays the labor of Blacks in building this country, but never say the name of who really built it up; these clowns even had the audacity to mock Africa for their current economic woes, and what racist tirade from Bottom Shelf Brad would be complete without the “why don’t you go back to your country” talking point? Also, I must point this out: now, I’m not against men growing beards (I have one myself), but haven’t you noticed most men who claim to be conservative or “Red pill” look different today than in past years? Most of them now sport these thick beards like they’re Spartans, they all wear curved brim ball caps donned with American flags, Confederate flags, or something that denotes a “patriotic spirit” (i.e. 1776, “We The People”, gun rights, etc.), and they have ditched suits and ties for flannels, t-shirts with “patriotic” slogans, boots, and jeans. I just described the quintessential “Alpha male” on social media and male centered podcasts; these White boys are so pathetic!

      1. Blue Collar Trevor,

        Admiral Frost has no moral compass nor integrity, this is why his so called “country” is going down the toilet as we speak. White men in the West are walking down exactly the same ignorant and decadent path as their Greek and Roman forefathers.

        These dudes keep talking about those not learning from history being doomed to repeat it, yet here they are serving as a cautionary tale just like their forefathers not learning a damn thing, smh.

        Yep, I see the look you mentioned these guys are now adopting, it doesn’t mean anything when their moral compass is square deep in the sewer pipe and they have no principles nor ethics to stand on.

    2. Dudes like that white boy are who these Tariq dick riding “FBA” cowards need to be mad at, not other black immigrants. THIS is who they need to be attacking. White man says something crazy, nine times out of ten you can hear a pin drop. They’re anti African themselves anyway, according to them they were always in America and have no connection to the continent but somehow Africans owe them reparations for selling them into slavery lol. They’re just as ignorant as he is, but they’re really scared to confront Admiral Frost but choose to take out their frustrations on perceived easy targets instead.

      America is actually an overly glorified shithole if we’re being honest.

      As for his sweeping statement, Africa is not a country. All that other shit he said is so dumb it’s not even worth dignifying. Wode Maya’s channel showing the modern infrastructures all over the continent and the way many Africans in different countries are living good alone blows his ignorance out the water, never mind a history book and other physical evidence that proves otherwise.

      If Africa was left alone and many countries dropped all that tribalism bullshit that has done them no good, the CONTINENT would easily be a major world power.

      1. SYSBM Forever,

        Here is the channel of that African brother you mentioned:

        Yep, these Tariq Nasheed NPCs/bots/acolytes are nowhere to be found whenever Admiral Frost is running his mouth and dishonouring their history. Yet they’ve got all the smoke for guys like us who haven’t done anything wrong to them, make that make sense.

        At least Advise Show Phillip Scott has some sense and realises that it’s much more profitable and beneficial to form confederacies/unions with African people rather than war against them. As we already know, Nasheed and his cronies need American black society to remain in disarray in order to continue profiting from it.

        As for Major Sleet above, these types of white men love pointing to the endless destruction they’ve wrought in other countries and continents as if they had nothing to do with it, smh.

        1. Verbs2015,

          “At least Advise Show Phillip Scott has some sense and realises that it’s much more profitable and beneficial to form confederacies/unions with African people rather than war against them.”

          Whilst he undoubtedly has some good content, I don’t understand Philip Scott/African Diaspora News channel at times. They seem to ride the fence by posting good Pan African content on the one hand, even having African presenters, yet then turning around and posting clips of what some random non “FBA” person said about Black Americans, therefore fanning the flames. And of course these dunce crack pipe smoking Tariq followers are dumb as a pile of rocks and have the critical thinking abilities of a gnat, so they’re drawn to it despite the title of the channel and chime in with their usual spiel.

          Again, good info on there and whilst Philip hasn’t lost his mind like that CIA plant and refrains from the white supremacist style name calling, he does have me scratching my head by choosing to post stuff that defeats the whole purpose.

        2. Verbs wrote:
          “At least Advise Show Phillip Scott has some sense and realises that it’s much more profitable and beneficial to form confederacies/unions with African people rather than war against them. As we already know, Nasheed and his cronies need American black society to remain in disarray in order to continue profiting from it.”

          SYSBM Forever wrote:
          “Whilst he undoubtedly has some good content, I don’t understand Philip Scott/African Diaspora News channel at times. They seem to ride the fence by posting good Pan African content on the one hand, even having African presenters, yet then turning around and posting clips of what some random non “FBA” person said about Black Americans, therefore fanning the flames.”

          @SYSBM Forever and @Verbs,

          The reason why I respect Phill Scott because I remember during the prime years when he call it ‘The Advise Show’ he was talking about giving Advice to Black Men. The reason he change his brand to ‘African Diaspora News channel’ because when he got is Passport after the years of Child Support Expired (his ex-baby-momma was livid because the child is 24 so he is not paying anymore and Phil is free from the plantation) he travel to African continent and explore the West and South of African such as Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Congo because he like to explore the black culture in the continent. Once he become expert he decide to change is brand because he like to talk about the black culture and the community internationally. So this is an International thing than a American thing.
          Also Phil knows the true ‘Pan-Africanism’ whilst Umar Johnson preaches false Pan-Africanism’.

          I mention before that people like Tariq and other American Pro-Blacks, they have this war between foreign blacks and Foundational Black Americans because they fight for reparations. Also foreign blacks in the African continent such as Ghana and Congo observe American Black community and they have these beef between West Africans and the American Blacks.

          SYSBM Wrote:
          “Again, good info on there and whilst Philip hasn’t lost his mind like that CIA plant and refrains from the white supremacist style name calling, he does have me scratching my head by choosing to post stuff that defeats the whole purpose.”

          Phil Scott was jokingly about ‘No Corporate takeover’ when he rename his channel from ‘Advise Show’ to ‘African Diaspora’ because he made it clear that he will never be a grifter to a White Man. This brand went from American Black Community to International Black Community. This is the reason why you have African Women on his YouTube channel because they focus on the African continent side of things.

          This is based on my observation for many years.

    3. Actually it was Black build America from Slavery.
      I think the black people found oil in Oklahoma which created Black Wall Street. They made a huge killing financially because oil was in heavily demand.

      But the white guys so jealous of success of black man and when they try and fail to take the black community because of oil, so they decide to burn it.

      Mind you the Arabs are making the West (America and Britain) paying kings ransom which is the reason why the cost of living is high because they never forget the history 100 years ago of Black Wall Street and they tried hard to do this in Arab countries, however they defend their country hard.

      Even Donald Trump acknowledge that Black Build America

  3. SYSBM: I like to see man vs bull!
    White sugar honey: The bull will take them out for fun!

    These women want a high value man. Right, when it comes to a high value man, they are a target for these gold diggers who are in the streets looking for a man who’s got the money. I have no issues of man having money but a man can be a target if he has money.

    Did you hear about the woman who got attacked by a bear? I heard that a bear came after a woman and attacked her. Let me tell you something. A bear can take a person out with ease. Look at Tigers, Hippos, Lions, Bulls (When I see a bull run, I had to laugh) they can take a dude out in a flash. So, this man vs bear things needs to be thrown out of the window.

    You see modern women, when I look at them, I was thinking to myself when are they getting this dunce behaviour from. They are getting it from the women from the past. I know guys. I know.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.



    So I saw this link posted on a forum recently.

    I’m far from a simp, but even though the title is clickbait, this time I have to somewhat agree with the chick.

    This is what men need to be mindful of: Nobody respects a yes man. There’s a reason why they say nice guys finish last. You can’t be letting the woman make all the decisions and be afraid to contradict and challenge them in a debate. All that signals is weakness and a lack mindset. I don’t care if a man is worth eight figures. Money can’t make up for lack of confidence and failure to take the lead, this is what a lot of successful men fail to realise. There’s a lot of men earning good money, but their self esteem and confidence is still low.

    It’s shameful having a woman make all the decisions on what you guys do for holidays, where to eat and entertainment. The woman can suggest, but the man makes the decision. Even if it’s something spontaneous and simple like going for a drive out somewhere when the weather is nice, women like that, trust me. Driving down the coast when the weather is nice (five days out the year for us in the UK lol) and having a nice convo works wonders.

    I know this Aussie chick is typical western trash anyway, I looked her up. But in fairness, she did him a favour. I respect the fact that she was honest and didn’t waste his time. Luckily she wasn’t one of those sociopathic females who plays the long game, marries a dude and then takes him to the cleaners leaving him financially and emotionally devastated and ruined like a lot of predatory women would have done.

    Regardless, you can’t be all namby pamby as a man and still have this 1930s Walt Disney Princess ‘sugar and spice’ view of women. Forget all that “my wife is the boss” bullshit. Men think it’s cute, women just see a sucker even if they don’t admit it. Even when you come across traditional, fit and feminine women, it’s tempting to let your guard down and get all sloshy, but the same principle applies because female nature will always come into play and they need to feel dominance from you.

    As for this staring at a woman with big puppy dog eyes like this guy did, come on dude… can love and adore a woman, but don’t be doing that shit lol. I’d rather grab a woman and give her a strong hug…they LOVE that. Women don’t like being handled delicately as if they’re newborn babies, that’s a myth. Oh and get into the habit of lifting women up playfully. You already know what demographic that excludes…


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      “Oh and get into the habit of lifting women up playfully. You already know what demographic that excludes…”

      I burst out laughing when I read that line, luckily I was in the confines of my home as opposed to being out in public, lol. Yep, as much as I despise what Western women have become, this woman is right, men need to lead(at least women who want to be lead) and take charge.

      The problem in the West is too many men have become ultra softies, they want to concede to the woman everytime because they don’t want to upset her.

      Heck, even when I’m at work, the way some of those guys talk demonstrating how their wives/girlfriends are running the show is utterly shameful.

      It’s a disgrace and a huge disappointment how masculinity has slowly been purged out of Western men especially by dumb Western women who are now complaining about the emasculated men they been asking for, smh.

      Men must NEVER be afaid to take the lead and take control, any woman who refuses to be lead by a good man must be kicked to the kerb immediately.

    2. This women is a wife material and want to be a wife, this man because he is rich simp he is trying to please this women.
      Women who is a wife material do not want simps. They want men to lead.
      The problem about this rich simp is all he taught that during his upbringings is ‘No Money, No Honey’.
      He taught that he cannot date until he earn x amount of money so he listen to his simp and female friends. Now he believe that no he is got money, he is entitle to a women and do not know how to deal with them.

      Lots of rich simps falls for this dating coach mindset because he never taught self respect and learn to have options. But instead they end up with attracting High Maintenance women.

    1. Verbs2015,

      This is why they keep being dragged around like ragdolls in Asian stores. Then they turn around and blame racism and want these same “broke” men to protect them.

      These Keishas bring absolutely NOTHING good to society at all, but have the nerve to speak on black men.

  5. Brothers, if you have at least 1 hour or so to spare, please watch this classic in the making by General Tito:

    Manosphere content creators like Tito have been sounding the alarm for the better part of a decade that Keisha was a ticking time bomb; David Carroll had also spoken of the mental health of the scraggle daggle and why we need to update the “Diagnostic and Statistics Manual” to include being a Black woman as a mental disorder. As extreme as that may sound, I can totally understand where he was coming from because something is horribly wrong with Black women; Accountable Commentary also does an excellent job at documenting Keisha’s wildest moments that have been captured on camera. In addition to the two stories Tito covered, I want to highlight two more (both of which are out of Florida) that I’ve come across on social media:

    Tommy Sotomayor called it correctly when he said that they are the worst stewards of children; that second link is especially disturbing to me based on the details of the crimes committed. Note where it said she was from; as Verbs has consistently pointed out, Black female dysfunction is a GLOBAL ISSUE. It still boggles my mind that Lil Goodie is willing to wait 10-15 years to be with them.

    Now, to circle back to Tito’s video, if you skip to the 30:00 mark, Tito begins to really cook and delineates how White society created the monster we recognize today as the scraggle daggle; they allowed this monster to thrive at the expense of Black men, and now the chickens are coming home to roost. Whenever we point out the unjust measures put in place to keep Black people down and WHO was responsible for those measures, White people get defensive and say that they have nothing to do with what happened back then; though that may be true, they continue to uphold an oppressive system, whether it’s by their taxes, votes, advocacy, etc. Don’t fall for the gaslighting White folks do; they understand exactly what system they’re supporting. This has been an SYSBM PSA.


    White woman fearlessly speaks nothing hut facts lol. Everyone’s getting tired of these toxic bdubs.

    Love this, more non black women need to speak up since black females have been a sacred cow and getting away with murder for way too long.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Nothing she said was a lie, everything spoken were the facts. I agree, more non black women need to speak against these black sirens, black women have been taking liberties while at the same time playing the victim for far too long.


    Typical fat, incel loser goes to Japan and tries to increase anti black sentiment over a video game and doesn’t get the responses he was hoping for…even the comment section is chewing him up lol. They really think the Japanese are stupid.

    Their obsession with us (black men really) as well as the country of Japan is so weird. International Passport interviewed a Canadian brothers last week on his live who speaks about these types.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Admiral Frost has been running this same demonisation campaign against black men from day one, the propaganda he’s relentless levied against us is the only reason why he still remains ahead(just about) in the dating market. These guys know we’re their competition, however they cannot compete fairly and must resort to all manner of dirty tricks and underhanded tactics in order to stay in the lead, smh.


    The man was right to break off the engagement. No self respecting man is gonna go ahead with a wedding after everyone’s seen their fiancee in a pose like this with another man.

    Don’t tolerate humiliation and disrespect because you’re scared people might call you “insecure”.

    If your woman doesn’t see anything wrong with it, that ain’t a woman you need to be marrying. Shouldn’t be marrying a western woman anyway…

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      These celebrity chasing harpies are going to have to learn the hard way to put down these childish, teenage antics. I believe she paid Breezy $1100 just for that meet and greet plus photo, was it really worth it? NO.

      These modern day females have no moral compass and the blue pilled simps are the gatekeepers of their malevolent behaviour, this is the primary reason why they feel so emboldened to do things like this and feel they can get away with it.

      The disrespect demonstrated in that picture by that woman is off the chain, Chris Brown doesn’t know the relationship status of these women, he’s just making a mega bag from them.

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