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They’ll Always Defend Their Love For Thug Negroes!

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This is one of many reasons why the whole “black love” movement is a complete and utter waste of time, black women stay talking out of both sides of their mouths. By the way, these black sirens have introduced a new term to describe black men who are not criminally minded and who actually have their lives together, “ZESTY”, smh.

How many videos have we come across of black women openly confessing their preference and love for thug Negroes:

Can you imagine that, these black sirens are now labelling you the so called “educated lames” as “zesty” simply because you don’t loiter on street corners, you don’t sag your trousers, you haven’t got a set of gold grills in your mouth, your snap back isn’t thrown to the back, you’re not tatted up to the stars, you aren’t shooting up the block and you don’t have a criminal record that’s 6 miles long, smh.

This modern day black female has to be the dumbest knucklehead on the planet, she is the only female in the world who refers to the best and the brightest of her male counterparts using derogatory terms. Please show me White, Asian, Indian and Latina women using negative terms to describe their top tier male counterparts, I’ll wait.

This is the beauty about expanding upon your dating options, as an SYSBM™ practitioner, you fully accept the black woman’s preference for thugs, criminals, gangsters and street loiterers and you simply move on to women who will appreciate the fact that you aren’t running the streets like a rebellious delinquent.

Every other race of women on planet earth are scrambling to get to the top earners, the most successful men of their race, not this modern day black female, nope, she’s quite happy being dicked down and impregnated by the lowest of black male society and will attempt to promote this as if it’s a flex.

12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Roof Top Trey, Cheezy Grillz and Field Mouse get to pump and dumb these black harriets with little to no effort, meanwhile when the witch eventually comes your way expecting you to perform cleanup man services, she’s got endless red tape and piles upon piles of bureaucracy she expects you to wade through without question.

How can any black woman be out of a “lame’s” league when black men as a group have a higher net worth than them, I’ll wait? Additionally, do you see how black women and their triad, blue pilled simp counterparts have no problems mocking, ridiculing, laughing at and making fun of black men who actually speak properly, smh?

Contrary to what this fake eyelash wearing siren said, NORMAL black men are NOT lame, black women simply are a bunch of mentally damaged miscreants who are seeking male counterparts with the same mindset.

It should also be added that black women know they can control and manipulate knucklehead thugs, their jedi mind trickery however won’t work on a brother who has his head screwed on straight.

Brothers, never allow yourselves to be gaslit and once again drawn into this redundant argument which was settled years ago, we know the types of black men black women prefer, as far as I’m concerned they can have each other.

As I’ve stated before, SYSBM™ Practitioners are the only group of black men who fully acknowledge and respect the black female’s choice and preference in men.

They claim not to love thugs but aren’t these the same disingenuous buzzards writing whole novels about thug loving:

Black women as a collective are prolific liars, so much to the extend that they clean forget about the previous fabrications they’ve already put in place, smh. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Are Welcome To All The Thugs They Want

Most High Bless

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31 thoughts on “They’ll Always Defend Their Love For Thug Negroes!

  1. Verbs wrote:
    “12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Roof Top Trey, Cheezy Grillz and Field Mouse get to pump and dumb these black harriets with little to no effort.”
    “It should also be added that black women know they can control and manipulate knucklehead thugs, their jedi mind trickery however won’t work on a brother who has his head screwed on straight.”

    BW even want to work in prisons as a Correction Officers (CO) to get laid and pregnant by ‘Bubba’, ‘Tiny’,’ Roscoe’, ‘Big Dave’, ‘Melvin’ & ‘Mr Sprinkles’.
    (Shawn James come up with the names. They are the Prison version of the 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Roof Top Trey, Cheezy Grillz and Field Mouse.)

    Also Verbs, the UK Version of Thug love Search from Amazon:

    1. MMT,

      Yep, I remember on the old website I posted around 22 links to articles where black women who worked in correctional facilities got fired, imprisoned or both due to involving themselves in sexual relations with the inmates.

      Women shouldn’t even be working in men’s prisons to begin with, however just to tick certain boxes as well as to be “inclusive”, they’ll funnel women correctional officers into male prisons but then act surprised whenever these heifers end up getting their cheeks clapped by Smokey Joe and in some cases end up pregnant, smh.

  2. It is SO easy to debunk and pulverize that first video, it’s not even funny. But you know what, that’s cool.

    The good news is, from what black females say about brothers ignoring them in public, being dismissive and curt with them, not even making eye contact etc…it’s very clear that many black men, especially young ones, are waking up.

    There will be less and less of us “lames” around as time goes on. One day, we won’t even be doing any talking because there will be no more need to. The result on both sides will speak for itself. Like the second chick in the video said, her “thug nigga” has a gun on his hip and can protect her. Great. I wish them good luck.

    As for us not being able to bag quality women cos they’re “out of our league”. LOL OK…

    Thank God for giving us other options.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I and many other brothers here have been stating for years that abandonment is the best weapon when dealing with the modern day black female and now dysfunctional Western women in general. I’ve asked these questions many times before, but I’ll ask them again:

      1. When was the last time a black female smiled at you and said hello, I’ll wait?

      2. When was the last time a black female gave you the cold shoulder, some horrible attitude, cut her eyes at you or gave you the resting bitch face?

      I know for a fact you’ll struggle with the first question but will be able to answer the second very, very quickly.

      Smart/intelligent black men are getting it, they understand that black women don’t like them and in order to find quality females, they’ll have to look outside of black female society.

      It’s only these blue pilled, pro black simps who are hanging on for dear life hoping that one day their black female unicorn will roll in on a white horse(we already know that’s NEVER going to happen).

      SYSBM™ till the wheels fall off and even then we’re still willing to roll on rims and watch the sparks fly.

  3. Back in the day when I was banging big booty scraggle daggles, I was always careful and circumspect about physical safety and STDs. If I thought a scragg was banging thugs and Pookies, I wouldn’t sleep with her and I wouldn’t kiss her. I always passed on these types, no matter how big the booty or how good she looked.

    This is because thugs and Pookies are notorious for contracting STDs. They might go to the clinic afterwards, but they get STDs a lot. And you’d best believe that daggles who screw with them are getting more than their share of STDs. There’s a plethora of reasons not to deal with such females, but the risk of STDs is one of the biggest. There is also the risk to personal safety. Such women are known for setting up ‘educated lames’ to get robbed and assaulted by their thug paramours.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that those black females who like sex with thugs and Pookies, tend to have very high mileage. And this is not easy mileage, this is hard mileage.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Dirty Dick Rodney, Spoony and Sheggy are full of diseases and only too willing to pass them on to any black female who’ll allow them to clap her cheeks.

      The rate at which black women carry STD’s is astronomical but yet they still have the audacity to go in on upwardly mobile, progressive, intelligent black men.

      Black women really believe their excrement doesn’t stink, they’ve foolishly bought into their own hype and delusion. You’d think they’d be humble seeing as they’re at the bottom of the dating totem poll, nope, not at all.

      I remember many years ago coming across that stat that pointed towards 48% of US black women having either HIV or Herpes but I’m sure the “fact checkers” have scrubbed that inconvenient truth from the internet by now.

      I can only imagine what the numbers are now for black females and STDs. Because we’re in an election year, I’m sure the CDC will “clean up” the numbers in order to not make black women not look so bad so in turn they’ll cast their votes for the “usual suspects”.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Black love is dead and finished because black women killed it by loving their thugs and gangster bad boys. What makes me laugh is that when black women hit the wall at 30 plus when she is ugly, fat, out of shape and she is now a single mother with multiple kids from multiple watless thug baby daddies all of the fucking sudden she wants a good childfree black man that she friend zoned in the past to come in and rescue her from her catastrophic stupid poor choices in life that she herself created. As a SYSBM childfree black man at 41, I am not rescuing any black single mother or any single mothers of any other race because they made their bed now they should lie in it. As the old carribean saying goes if you don’t hear then you must feel. I am only interested in dating beautiful childfree non black women so that I can create my own nuclear Fitzpatrick family.

    1. Quincy,

      According to BW, since you are a productive men, if you was an American, you will be called ‘Zesty’.
      I just look up the definition of the word ‘Zesty’. She is basically saying that if you was an American BM, you will be called Flamboyant/Gay. Basically saying they are now putting ‘Educated Lames’ in the Alphabet, Rainbow, LGBT category.

      Link 1 =
      Link 2 =

      BW always change the definition and goal post because they cannot shame you.
      As Verbs say, do not let these BW gaslight you.

      Keep preaching the Childfree and the legacy thing.
      Your same old sermon will always to keep the thinking BM’s head screwed on top.
      They believe in the ‘Beacon of Hope’ because of the simp name ‘Russel Wilson’.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Single mothers are only good for the scrapheap, they’ve have to be shown that single motherhood is a complete and utter disgrace, a manifestation of the bad choice they made in the past. Men must NEVER reward that type of lifestyle.

      They give their wombs up to the dregs and the scum, get impregnated by the same but then expect men of good standing to perform cleanup man/janitorial services.

      Don’t save any of them especially these resting bitch face black females who believe they’re better than you anyway and who only want you to be their cash mule flunky/slave/fall upon the sword, sacrificial goat.

  5. SYSBM: These scraggle daggles, they are truly obsessed with these hopeless men. from Rum Head Frasier, Rum Smuggler Don, Street Mice, Corner Boy Ronney, Long Cocky George and Fuck All Night.
    White sugar honey: There is a guy name Rum Smuggler Don?

    Let me tell you something. These scraggle daggles love these thugs and worthless men. they will not give a nice guy a chance at all. Now I have no issues of the nice guy but the thing is that these scraggs love these hopeless men. These dusty dudes, the scraggs want them type of men.

    But when they have children with these worthless dudes, all of a sudden, they are now looking for a good black man. But then, the good black man with no children will say that I don’t want to date these women that have children, all hell break loose. Lord have mercy.

    So, as the good black man or the nice guy has rejected them because they have been whoring around, they are left with the simps. And that’s the men these daggles don’t wanna be with at all as they last on the list.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  6. This is the dating criteria for a black man that only dates black females.

    ●Be an NBA player
    ●Rob a bank
    ●Loot a store
    ●Break into someones house
    ●Murder someone
    ●Be an illegal immigrant
    ●Be a drug dealer
    ●Be part of a criminal gang
    ●Be an ex prisoner
    ●Have multiple black baby mothers
    ●Be a pastor from a black church
    ●Promote imaginary black love
    ●Only listen to Hip hop
    ●Only watch black comedy
    ●Only watch black movies

    This is why I don’t consider sheboons as counterparts.

    The negress females are counterparts of the blackistan males.

    A white dutch woman becomes my counterpart family in future.

    1. Brother Wittexton, you have forgotten others,
      +From a single parent home where the mother ran the home.
      + Listening to pan African bullshit.
      +Be a democratic party supporter ie have a slave mentality to welfare.
      + Speak thuggish English.
      +Dress like a thug not a office worker.
      +Call bw disgusting words not respectful words.

      1. I could add on this list to be a hip hop rapper and a liberal.

        This list shows exactly why black society has always been at the bottom economically and politically.

        The only black men that have actually been successful in history are the ones that have dated out.

        No black man can actually pass down generational wealth to a sheboon negress.

        That wealth won’t go anywhere useful.

        This is why I would only pass down my wealth to a white dutch girlfriend and our kids in future.

        I know it would be useful to them after showing them examples of how to maintain it.

        The history of social economics, IQ, numerology and astrology determines who someone should date and who someone should avoid dating.

        1. Brother Wittexton am just laughing Becky is just winking at jamal, Most of them in secret are conservative if YOU JUST SAY THE WORD ” I WANNA GET MARRIED HAVE KIDS AND BUILD AN INHERITANCE FOR THEM”, you think Becky will just cover her ears? Nope.

          When the lord calls you home after your time on earth is done the wealth you have built up with Becky will probably go to your son’s who have married non black women and shanequa will be screaming generational wealth 😂😂😂😂

    2. >Watch Black Tv Series like Power or the Wire
      >Must Have a Trap Phone
      >Must Drive A Scat Pack with a Hemi
      >Must rock a Designer Du-Rag
      >Must have a cross body designer bag (murse)
      >In said purse must have a Stick
      >Dating coach who only sleeps with Black Women
      >Be a Build a Nation Brother
      >Be a Lebron worshiper
      >Be a Black Relationship Book author
      >Be a writer at a Essence
      >Listens to 80s-90s R&B love songs but was born after 2006
      >Has a black chick R&B artist from the 80’s or 90s or 2000s tattooed on him
      >Be a routine panelist on black female YT pages
      >Be a man who routinely quotes said Black Female Youtuber
      >Be a man who only dates stripper’s

      1. Brother GI what about this
        + Date single black moms
        +Worship black women as if their goddesses.
        +Worship your black mother

    3. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Yourself, commenters Edward Maina and G1 pretty much killed it with those lists. In the words of commenter Quincy Fitzpatrick, I fully agree with you bro and concur with your list.

  7. Brothers the communitah is deep in the hole there is no redemption for them. Very funny and comical when these Thug lovers are smashed and left behind by pookie and ray ray they now prefer the 9-5 brother to cater for her children WHO AREN’T HIS.

    Umar Johnson the shameless liar will start questioning why successful BM are not being step dad’s for pookie ‘s kids. I would rather tell him the truth as 9-5 guy I already have children with non black woman ie Becky, why should I be responsible for children that I didn’t sire ? You can go to hell with that crap mentality save the communitah shit.


    1. Edward Maina wrote:
      “Umar Johnson the shameless liar will start questioning why successful BM are not being step dad’s for pookie ‘s kids. I would rather tell him the truth as 9-5 guy I already have children with non black woman ie Becky, why should I be responsible for children that I didn’t sire ? You can go to hell with that crap mentality save the communitah shit.”

      Umar know full well why BM getting Beckys. He also knows the Beckys approaching ‘work in progress’ men. Unlike BW. He knows this.
      He is the same guy who blames productive men because they get rejected by Keisha from the dating pool meaning Keishas choosing Pookies over productive men and men who are rejected by women are responsible. It is not the productive men’s’ fault that the BW not choosing him.
      Just like Umar got mad that Vanessa Bryant because she inherited half a billion dollars. Mind you it was a Latina chose him and the Black females reject Kobe. The black community would of got the money if the BW chose Kobe, by they are so focus on the finish line instead of the journey and Umar lost it all. So no, it is BW’s loss, not BM. Umar knows this. Umar know BW controls the dating scene and the mate selection, Umar is a simp meaning that Matriarch control the plantation, not Pro-Black hoteps.

    2. Edward Maina,

      Talking about the shameless clown Dr Umar “Gerbilface”, I hear he’s now attempting to blame black men for black women’s low self esteem and the reason why they go and get BBLs, I kid you not.

      This brainless knucklehead doesn’t seem to understand that black men with sense and intelligence(the brothers who could actually rebuild black society if they wanted to) have already left the building never to return.

      At this point Johnson’s appeal to and frequent castigations of black men are only being heard and acknowledged by the blue pilled, black male simps, no black men with two brain cells to rub together are paying any attention to his foolish banter.

      Once again, the usual problem with these pro blackity black, frying pan African bootlicking simps is they refuse to improve the product they’re selling but instead choose to shame and guilt the market into buying the defective goods anyway, smh.

      1. As usual brother verbs. Umar Johnson the shameless liar cannot keep his mouth shut. His school has not been opened since 2009 and is still asking for donations. Please!

        Brothers are planning to purchase homes with the help of non black women am not ready to spend a single dyme on that fryingpan school where even pookies can’t differentiate between a gun and cooking stick back to you brother verbs.

  8. It’s amazing how the scraggle daggle will always find a way to attack a Black man’s masculinity whenever he calls out her reprobate behavior; so, we’re “zesty” now because we condemn their love for thugs? Now, the actual zesty dudes she described are in the LGBTQ community, but aren’t they supposed to be allies to that group? This speaks to their hypocrisy: they support gay men, but will weaponize their sexuality to slander us; on top of that, they also imply that we’re physically unattractive (i.e. fat and sloppy looking, effeminate in appearance, nerdy, etc.), but that’s not the case.

    The only time I’ve ever heard the type of Black males she described attack other Black men was when it was a heterosexual THINKING BLACK MAN, not a Pookie or Ray Ray type; those zesty guys are simps/panderers for the scraggle daggle, and speak no different than she does. My younger brother is this way; recently, I shared a funny video with both of my brothers on IG where this guy lost a big money prize where he couldn’t answer the question was “When is your anniversary?”, and my brother’s response was “What is wrong with men?”, sounding no different than a scorned stragg.

    Last thing, but this is a revelation I just had: who else besides Pookie and Ray Ray have these straggs defended liking at the expense of the Black man’s image? Bottom Shelf Brad. Think about it: when they deal with the thug, they justify it by calling us “squares”, “nerds”, and “educated lames”, and when they check for Brad, we’re “broke”, “dusty”, deadbeats”, etc. Being a Pookie is like being a Brad without actually being a Brad; they both are revered by Black women in spite of their obvious red flags.

    1. BCT,

      Unfortunately in 2024 there is a plethora of blue pilled black male simps out here who believe that it’s their god given duty to prostrate themselves before as well as bow down and submit to black women.

      It’s incredibly sad to see too many black men eager and so willing to throw their masculinity and manhood down into the sewer pipe on the very rare off chance that a black witch will pay them some form of attention and MAYBE if their unfortunate enough, offer them some contaminated snatch.

      I’ve been saying this for years, the heterosexual, free thinking black man is the enemy of the black female because he is the one who threatens her faux leadership position of black society. He is the one who could potentially fix the mess she has and continues to create as per the instructions of her white lord and saviour General Blizzard.

      If black women could have it their own way, we as black men would all be back in physical chains and shackles emasculated and effeminate to the core and serving them in order to keep their white lord and saviour’s crumbling kingdom afloat.

  9. Hahaha Brother Verbs pulling out the classic “thug love” clips. That chick singing “Real Thug” with her whole heart and soul, lmao!

    It’s like I always say, leave them to their preferences. No need for debate. These same exact females are the ones blowing a gasket over Passport Bros in video after video after video. Why? Ain’t these the “zesties” (their new shaming word) and “lames” you say you don’t want? Leave them to their street niggas, dope boys, struggle rappers, felons and parolees who can’t get passports.

    And after they’re rinsed through with thug babies and STDs and 50 extra pounds don’t fall for the “I always liked you” reach back because it’s coming. Looking for their “Russell Wilson.” BEAT IT CHICK!


    1. Schadenfreude,

      I completely agree, this is why SYSBM™ is the only black sector that respects the black female’s preferential choice of mate. They’ll live by the thug and die by the thug as well.

      When these dark harpies get up here talking about how they love thugs, criminals, gangsters, street loiterers and serial impregnators, we simply keep it moving because unlike those who are still holding out for their “unicorn”, SYSBM Knights and practitioners have already concluded that black female society is done and died the death a very long time ago.

      They love and want them a Passport Bro or an SYSBM™ practitioner however once they’ve hit the wall at 500mph with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 children en tow.

      The disgusting thing is even with a used womb and a cooch that’s been beaten up, rinsed out and ran through four ways from Sunday, these same black sirens still believe they’re a catch, lol.

  10. Tens of millions of their replacements are coming across the U.S. Southern Border on the daily.


    1. “Tens of millions of their replacements are coming across the U.S. Southern Border on the daily.”

      Only a matter of time before they start impregnating the most race-loyal demographic. Grab the popcorn and enjoy.

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