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To Black Women, Relationships Are Only About Money! #SHORTS

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Yep, you saw and heard the words that came out of the two fat, weave wearing black females mouths in the second video correctly. You have to understand, one of the main reasons why black women centre relationships around money is because they don’t bring anything of value and substance to the table.

The main aim of these black sirens is to have black men roll in and perform cash mule flunky services, keeping the focus on the man providing so that he doesn’t have any time to stop and question that black female’s true value(if any is present).

Remember, if you’re making equal or greater money than her, she’ll fully expect you to take over funding her hedonistic lifestyle as well as clearing her debts, these reasons are what the money factor is really all about.

While you’re busting your balls trying to make this ungrateful, materialistic, superficial harriet happy, she’s stacking up her own money in preparation for an exit strategy she prepared earlier.

For you black men who still believe you can find “the one” within black female society, if these are the kinds of women you want and will be satisfied with, then all the best to you.

Unlike most black women I don’t worship money, materials or superficials, this is a major reason why I walked away from black women over 18 years ago and have never looked back since.

Black women as a collective don’t bring any love, care, affection, attention, understanding, compassion etc to any relationship, nope, instead they dictate to those black men who still choose to deal with them what they want materially, financially and superficially and said black men must immediately get to work meeting the targets if they don’t want their “queens” to go elsewhere(which they’re probably already doing anyway, commitment and black women DON’T go together).

Where in the past I’ve stated that black women don’t understand the relationship dynamic between themselves and their white lord and saviour General Blizzard, the same goes for most black men who still choose to date and marry black females.

The modern day black female sees the black male as her underling, her flunky, she does NOT see him as part of the so called black community. He is an outsider and his role is to carry out her bidding and to satisfy her carnal and hedonistic wants and desires without question and with little to no reciprocation.

Any black men who believe they can build solid relationships with a group of women who care about nothing more than money, material/superficial goods and carnal satisfactions are beyond foolish.

You ask random black women on the street what is the most important thing a black man can bring to them, 9 out of 10 of them will immediately say “his money”.

As has been pointed out before, what’s even sadder is seeing non black females who are supposed to be of a higher calibre being pied piped down the same road of destruction, willingly following the decadent, hedonistic and materialistic teachings of these modern day black sirens:

“His money is my money and my money is my money”, really??? As per usual fellas, keep your heads on a swivel out here and watch your six at all times. NEVER allow any women to have access to your finances, ALWAYS keep your bank accounts SEPARATE and above all else, NEVER GET MARRIED IN THE WEST or any countries where the laws are stacked against you in the event of a separation/divorce. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Only Love Money And Themselves

Most High Bless

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32 thoughts on “To Black Women, Relationships Are Only About Money! #SHORTS

  1. Brother verbs , and that’s the reason they will continue being the most single women in north America and Europe.

    The difference between Becky and shanequa is like day and night Becky will see a black man with potential and give him a shoulder to lean on. Shanequa will reject black men who earn an honest living, most of them have said that they prefer drug dealers scammers and killers.

    Very funny Becky is busy manipulating shanequa to hate her own man, but the moment Jamal succeeds he kneels and proposes to Becky for supporting him when he struggled, and shanequa will yapping together with the Yaya bin hoteps black wealth is needed.


    1. Edward Maina,

      Yes, and this is despite Becky’s shortcomings. Most black men unfortunately haven’t caught up to the fact that black women as a collective are hedonists, there is no love, commitment, support, trust, loyalty and anything else that makes a relationship work and go the distance within them. Black women are all about themselves and what others(especially black men) can do for them. They truly believe they’re the stars of the show and the main characters. Let them continue to deal with 12 Gauge Mike, Spoony, Dirty Dick Rodney, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse etc and suffer the consequences associated in dealing with those types of black men.

      1. Brother verbs this feminism war is about survival for the fittest right now women are struggling to get men for marriage Becky who started this whole saga seems to be sorry and are repenting and is checking for black men who are always welcoming and forgiving.

        Brother verbs come 2030 and bw will be the most single women in northern hemisphere and took matters for them SYSBM is firing in all cylinders the strike of women in Scandinavia is going to see snow bunnies trying to pick black men for a husband.

        Bw very soon will be saying our race is going to be extinct if we continue spreading our seeds across the globe very stupid and comical when bw are no one when it comes to access to abortion.

        Am just laughing because very soon you will be seeing bw crying saying that they are lonely while Jamal and Katie Anthony and Sabrina will be sitting at the dinner table with their kids.

        Brother verbs what is your opinion concerning the doom awaiting bw and salvation for Becky who at least believes Jamal is out there waiting for her?

        Back to you brother verbs.

    2. Not surprised more MENA or Muslim women are on that Western tip too even Alpha Male Lifestyles (on YT) talked about this. The women on Shah’s of sunset either grew up from divorced households, divorced themselves or are single mothers. See how this Babylon foolishness (West) doesn’t change.

  2. Marriage in anglo saxon is seen as a business contract between 2 people.

    There is no point of seeking a relationship in the western world of English.

    This is why my wealth will only go to my future white dutch girlfriend and our future kids together.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Agreed, because most Western women are turning even more liberal and hedonistic, they’re not prepared to throw in the towel on feminism, if anything we’re observing them double down in it.

  3. I notice 2 videos.

    The 1st video was an American BW, at least she was honest about it, but she is still dilutional. No man on top tier wants her as she has no tangibles.

    2nd video, these British BW are just gold-digging foul. You just see them outright. These British simps think they can negotiate with them. These same UK BW saying that us BM judge them on their beauty. No British Bitch. Thinking brothers does not judge them by beauty. Simps, rappers and Pookies does. We judge by tangibles.
    Looks do not mean shit because you can still be like Malboro from Final Fantasy which I will use this analogy we all know about Malboro does? Yes Bad-Breath.
    Basically they may have the beauty of the looks but when they open their mouth and speak, they spew out the most poison liberal you can imagine (just like these American 304s on Social Media)

    Verbs wrote:
    “Remember, if you’re making equal or greater money than her, she’ll fully expect you to take over funding her hedonistic lifestyle as well as clearing her debts, these reasons are what the money factor is really all about.”

    Damn right, that is exactly why and the hoteps like Umar gets it.

    Verbs wrote:
    “While you’re busting your balls trying to make this ungrateful, materialistic, superficial harriet happy, she’s stacking up her own money in preparation for an exit strategy she prepared earlier.”

    A lot of BW on Social media make videos advising women this a lot because they know they are unfaithful from the get go. They will not do this to Brad because in rare cases if BW does have a backup money, that will count as alimony or Child Support. They done this to men when they somehow found out about men’s financial backup plan and send them back to court to extort the backup money for more money.

    As for “His money is my money and my money is my money” I am not sure if this is an Islam/Muslin thing. If it is, I did not know this and if this is true, then this is how the feminist supports the Islam and wishing on this ‘Unholy Alliance’ and using this taking men’s resources.

    As for this topic about Black relationship, yes, it always about money.
    Even Accountbale Commentary talk about this.
    Video =

    Verbs wrote:
    “Black women as a collective don’t bring any love, care, affection, attention, understanding, compassion etc to any relationship, nope, instead they dictate to those black men who still choose to deal with them what they want materially, financially and superficially and said black men must immediately get to work meeting the targets if they don’t want their “queens” to go elsewhere(which they’re probably already doing anyway, commitment and black women DON’T go together).”

    Also Verbs and SYSBM brothers, I want you all to beware that I mention before that these Keishas are now targeting young bros who are starting in life (age 18 to 24 range) where these BW calling them broke bums because they are young and at college studying. Expecting them to be High Value Man or ballers at the age of 20 or else they will not date them. We all been through this where young cats competing against the grown men because they got jobs and cars whilst young men are just learning in life.
    Simply put these BW have no intention to build that is why these Keisha will dump the building up man (young man) for a High Value Man (grown man) because be got the bag.
    That 2nd video with the British BW stated that is a heed warning.
    But the tide will turn when these females get older and get mad that how Red-Pill men dating younger females.

    This topic is for Money Cultural because as he is an expert on Gold-Diggers.
    Quincy will say he avoid British BW with a 1 mile pole and take his advice to find childfree non-black females.
    I always agree with him.

    1. MMT,

      Blue pilled pro black simps like Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson would still demand that black men cuff and impregnate the two weave wearing land whales in the second video, however as I’ve been stating for a while now, Johnson needs to first set and example and find himself a black queenie first before castigating black men for dating out.

      Gerbilface is always getting into some ho water with women either running up on him when he’s on stage or accusing him of running through them while pretending the relationship is serious.

      I simply cannot take the clown seriously and it annoys me that black folks continue to platform the dude even though he’s yet to produce his long talked about boys academy.

      Black women aren’t here to understand the struggles of black men, their job as per the instructions of their white lord and saviour Major Frost is to add to the black man’s woes. This is an inconvenient truth that Gerbilface doesn’t want to deal with and purposely ignores.

      I’m not sponsoring any female’s hedonistic lifestyle, besides it is men who control the realms of relationships and marriage and said men must NEVER allow women to wrestle control of those realms from them, EVER.

      1. They are not looking for marriage or relationship.
        They are looking for sponsors.
        These are the same BW will talk caps about foreign Asian women. Saying that they are after your money whilst they are directly in yor face saying they want your money instead of foreigners.

        They rather take you to the cleaners instead of foreigners.

  4. SYSBM: There are so many gold diggers, boo!
    White sugar honey: That’s why Money Cultural said men have to be careful when they are out there.

    When a man has money, it belongs to him, when a man has a house, it belongs to him, when a man has his car, it belongs to him, everything he has belongs to him. Right, the second clip, I have seen it and it’s called Back Chat London. I advise you guys to see it if you can manage it. When it comes to a man, he will get judged by his money. Right, nothing is wrong to take care of a woman but men have to be careful now because there are a huge amount of gold diggers on these streets.

    When Lani Good who is doing that ratchet show called Badderz UK, she said that if a man’s bank account is small. Your self-worth is small. Let me tell you this. A man who is broke can get women, especially when he’s good looking. He can get more women they any man! Look at the men up at Brixton, Hackney, South Tottenham, Luton and even Harlesden have women left, right and centre. Them dudes up at Church Road breed woman and ready to breed up a next woman.

    When it comes to relationships, yeah black women about money and they are willing to use his money and not giving him love and affection to the man. And let me tell you something, when a man finds out that the woman that he’s with is playing him and using him, that’s when a man changes from a good guy to a villain.

    Let me tell you something. This guy told me that I’m no gyaliss and I agree. I’m no gyaliss because I don’t chase punany. I do it pie, oh yes. If there are ratchet women stalking this website, I’m goanna tell them this. I’m a cold-hearted dude. They don’t wanna deal with me, blud! They can use a man financially but when comes down with me, it’s a whole different thing. Trust me on that!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      That Lani Good chick is also trying to set up a show called “Smash Island” as can be seen in the link below:

      This is my whole point, black women have completely lost their moral compass, integrity, dignity and ethics directive, now it’s all about money, living a luxury lifestyle as well as getting their cheeks clapped(fast not slow) by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse and Dirty Dick Rodney.

  5. Verbs2015,

    That video with those two parade floats are a shining example as to why half, if not more black men over here date anything but black females. I mean, f*cking hell, what’s the return on investment for any black man dealing with either of those two hippos? The only thing I’ll give them props for is their honesty. Any simp dumb enough to deal with them deserves whatever he gets. It reminds me of the video I saw the other day of some bdub looking like a hooker and some stupid super simp literally begging to get to know her even after she straight up told him she’s only about the money and nothing else.

    I really think some black men have a weird kink for psychological and emotional self torture the way they set themselves up to be exploited and played. I blame these podcast oafs for giving them a platform to spew their braindead spiel too. I guess having sensible women who could actually be a good example isn’t entertaining enough.

    Black women don’t care for black men at all and it’s up to the point where they’re literally having to spell it out. But some black men still wouldn’t get the message if it came in the form of the Cloverfield monster and roared in their faces. So let them suffer the consequences.

    In the meantime, any woman who understands the economy we’re in and is just happy to spend time with you always gets major points. Unfortunately, most western women are already bordering on worthless and a huge part of the reason is the Keisha influence. As SYSBM black men (REAL ones I might add…), I’m glad we know better and do better.

  6. SYSBM Forever,

    More black men have to do better for themselves, I saw the video you mentioned, that hooker looked like a hot mess, once again another black female tatted up to the hilt, wearing a weave, thick layers of makeup, fake eyelashes, raptor claw nails etc.

    That desperate black male simp who was trying to talk to her was starving beyond measure, all he saw was a big booty and even when her cake up face was revealed, he was still determined to get himself some contaminated snatch, smh.

    I have to keep on saying it, in 2024 black women all look the same, there is no diversity within black female society and over the last 5 years things have gotten even worse.

    Everywhere you look there is a black female sporting a smelly weave/wig covering up her own natural hair in shame, hair that she hasn’t washed in weeks or months mind you.

    Everywhere you look there are hoards of black females using all of the usual external appendages believing they’re making themselves look more attractive when the end result is a resemblance to a mutant looking circus clown.

    I’ve never seen such a hatred for one’s physical self manifest with such volume as I have within black female society and it’s these mullet headed blue pilled, black male simps who continue to validate the freakish way most black women look today.

    Dealing with a black female today is a negative investment, there is nothing that can be gained by getting into a relationship with black women especially as a black man, however there are still too many black men who remain blind to see this(some on purpose).

    Since the overwhelming majority of black women much prefer to represent themselves to the world as whores and sluts, let them continue to do so. Even the pro black simps can’t get said black females to change for the better but yet they still want us to cuff and impregnate them in the name of “black love”. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

  7. WOW!

    I have so much empathy for brothers locked into sexless, materialistic, marriages to evil women in the west.
    #saynotoratchets 1(800) 797-2687

    1 (800) SYSBM US (make this hotline a reality VERBS)

  8. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid gold digging black women or any other race of gold digging women like the plague. In 2024 black women are only going to get worse. I am only interested in dating beautiful childfree non black women who are with me whether I am rich or poor.

  9. Fellas,

    I keep seeing these non-black hoes infected with this swivel-headed black girl “sprinkle sprinkle” bs…even the Asian woman in the video cackling like Joker. Saw an article where Gwyneth Paltrow said white women “need to learn from black women.” What have I been saying about well to do WW, the former blonde feminine standard racing to the bottom trying to emulate y’all fat queanz…smdh.

    Tough times out there brothers. Watch your wallet around these heffas. Lock down a good one asap. Pretty soon it’s only gonna be the plate-lipped natives of the Amazon rain forest to date since they don’t have phones or internet and are not infected by TikTok…or maybe Muslim Indonesia where they straight-up whip bitches who get out of line.


    1. Schadenfreude,

      Here’s the article on what you were talking about regarding Paltrow:

      What a shame, there is absolutely nothing of value and substance your average black female can teach other ethnicities of women, NOTHING. If any white or other non black women desire to be single forever, miserable, angry, bitter and disgruntled with 10 dogs and 12 cats en tow, then and only then should they hit up Shaniqua for some advice. What’s even more disturbing is the fact that in the West more and more women are turning towards liberalism while at the same time younger men are heading in the opposite direction towards Conservative Avenue.

      TikTok is the perfect communist Chinese weapon, it has completely destroyed Western women to the point where most of them can’t even see the extremely grim future that’s fast approaching their doorstep. The Chinese side of TikTok is completely different to the gutter side that is given to the West.

      Men especially black men who understand exactly what’s going on need to get their passports, travel to non Western countries and get themselves a non feminist contaminated female while they still can. #SYSBM™

      1. Yup the Chinese knew who the weakest mental links in the west were, and targeted their social contagion info weapon accordingly. I also read how domestic Chinese TikTok emphasizes more of home economics, math and science. The same China that prohibited both degenerate rap music and effeminate HGTVQ men on their national TV. Based asf, would love to live there.

      2. Verbs2015,

        “TikTok is the perfect communist Chinese weapon, it has completely destroyed Western women to the point where most of them can’t even see the extremely grim future that’s fast approaching their doorstep. The Chinese side of TikTok is completely different to the gutter side that is given to the West.”

        Yup and interestingly I noticed ‘SYSBM’ or even the words “save yourself black man” will bring up a message stating “This phrase may be associated with hateful behavior.”! Either some Synthetic G disciple or a pathetic simp who works at tiktok is behind this. Of course the usual black male hate is in abundance.

        I did get this though, after typing “save yourself black…” :

        Regardless, we won’t be stopped…


        1. SYSBM Forever,

          Crazy how “saving yourself” as a Black Man is considered “hateful behavior.” Like putting yourself first is somehow doing harm to others. And by “others” they really mean BLACK WOMEN. Indirectly they are admitting that productive Black Men walking away and warning other BM to do the same is somehow hurting them. But I thought they didn’t need no man and didn’t care what men thought?

          Watching these female diz-brains try to cope is comedy. They need to focus on Pookie or Chad and leave good brothers alone.


  10. Can anybody confirm if Islam actually teaches that “his money is my money, and my money is my money”? I find it hard to believe that they actually allow such a thing; I actually don’t have much to say regarding those straggs because we already know the score with them. As for those non Black women who are following in their footsteps with this lust for a man’s money over anything else, they better wake up and realize that this is a big error on their part before it’s forever too late; if they (non Black women) haven’t already noticed, the scraggle daggle are far ahead in their efforts to see who can win the world record for “Deepest Grave Ever Dug”, and they don’t want to be the winners for that!

    1. Islam also allows men to beat, whip or stone their women to death, but I don’t see them quoting that part. Westernized immigrant hoes have gone full on greed-head feminist. Abdul and Mohammed, come get your bitches and purify them in the River Jordan.

      1. Damm!

        Cold Blooded bro. The River Jordan tho… LOL Is that like lake Minatanka and Purple Rain

    2. BCT,

      I don’t think Islam teaches that either. From a biblical perspective the above videos are exactly why the Most High stated that the man has to rule over the woman. He knew exactly what would happen if the woman was left to her own devices, she’d permanently release Jezebel from her confinement to roam the yard and wreak havoc unsupervised.

      What’s the saying, “mess around and find out”, these non black females if they don’t stop following the calamity of the black female are going to find themselves in exactly the same horrible position, they’ve been warned.

      1. Verbs, Blue Collar Trevor, Michael Mistertea and Schadenfreude,

        I know Michael was asking this question about the “his money is her money, and her money is her money” thing.

        I spoke to Islam colleague about this (proper Muslim which hijab) to confirm this with you. She told be there is a Islam teaching about this. This is because the men are the providers. When the woman works and bring income, this is a form for a blessing for the family.

        This is also more of a Western Version of Islam, unfortunately western females and BW use this method to exploit the men. Just as Verbs stated that whilst men bust his balls and bring home the income, the women can use her income to spend on lavish worthless materials.

  11. What I find interesting is these women complaining about the lack of elite Black men to choose from. Black men out-earn Black women. So, that means there’re more Black men in elite positions than Black women. They’re just not choosing these women because they’re undesirable.

    1. Derrick Mills,

      This is exactly why black women talking about “dating down” is a farce and a joke. Black men have a higher median net worth than black women as well but somehow black women have gotten it into their delusional heads that they’re leagues above us, smh.

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