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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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When you press record and make a dumb video with beyond foolish commentary but then have to turn off the comment section because people begin to rightfully roast your backside and let you know just how much of a premium grade knucklehead and dunce you really are.

I’m sure you guys already came across this video at some point at the end of 2023(the above link is now dead, I’m not surprised). These western females are literally something else with the modern day black harriet leading the charge in making some of the most buffoonish and outlandish statements on the planet.

This is your typical black female right here, she really expects black men to be non feeling, inhuman, unemotional sentinels who aren’t supposed to express any emotions under any circumstances.

Good luck to you Negroes who are still choosing to deal with these women, all the best in making such a funky and disjointed dynamic function.

Next thing these same women will be calling you homosexual or labelling you as “suspicious” because you shed tears at the death of a relative or some other loved one, don’t put it past them.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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39 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. I like to give a shout out to fellow people:

    #1 – ‘Say No to Single Mothers (Black Men)’ Facebook Group:
    They keep the fort strong from Black Females. The group is 98% secure and they make sure simps and females, especially BW never get in the group. Even they try. I been told that 2% of female in the group because they somehow get slipped in (maybe pose as thinking brothers), but if they get exposed, they get kicked out instantly because no females allowed. He knows the value of male space.

    #2 – Accountable Commentary:
    He make a channel for thinking straight heterosexual black men. He values Black Men and masculinity that his channel is for Black Men only. He does not mind other race of females watching in such as Asian, Latina or Beckys. However they will get kicked because it is a no Keisha and female zone. So even he support other race of females, he will never let them comment, especially on the live stream. All women regardless of race and culture are out because this is Black Male space. He even sometimes kick out white and Hispanic men.

    #3 – Madbusdriver:
    Even he supports other race of women, but you never see him invite of let them on the SYSBM panels. Why? Because this is for straight heterosexual black men.

    I would of give credit to Verbs and Slaying Evil, but he should remove troll comments like BW, Aaron Fountain and other simps commenting on the website. Unless he wanted them there so they get cooked and roasted with respond on this website. But I still give shout out to Verbs anyway because of this website.

    Why I am shouting out to all here including Verbs? Because they understand the true value of Black Male spaces where they do not invite or let females come in and have they say. Why? Because this is Black Men’s zone and this is out lane to have our say. Just like Accountable Commentary say, this is a no Keisha Zone, no Beckies, no Ling Ling or Marias. No even white or Hispanic or any other race of men. No simps allowed. Only for Straight thinking heterosexual Black Men.

    1. MM,

      I appreciate the shoutout brother. One of the main reasons why I allow the black witch as well as blue pilled maggles such as the Fake Academic Aaron Fountain to comment here is because I don’t want to be like these leftist social media platforms.

      If I’m going to criticise any groups ie black women and Western women in general then I should be open for my positions being challenged. I don’t want to be a man who throws stone but then hides his hands.

      Let’s be honest, commentary from blue pilled, pro black simps and maggles on this website is very rare. Aaron Fountain really doesn’t have much to say because he knows that he still cannot mount a solid defence of his black queenies.

      The only time I’ll remove comments is when the detractors start engaging in dumb behaviour like spamming or trying to post links to dodgy websites.

      SYSBM™ founder MBD whenever a detractor posts a comment under one of his videos will typically pin it to the top of the comment section so that true SYSBM practitioners can respond. Allow the detractors to speak so that you can reply, show and teach others.

      1. That Makes sense on why you let those detractors commenting.
        Also thanks to Quincy with is same old sermon when he said go for non-black Childfree women. I always agree with him.

      2. Thanks Michael Mike.
        These guys especially on here understands the true value of Male Spaces and Male Turf.
        Also there are boundaries. I like Accountable Commentary because even these guys supports other race of females, these females still cannot enter the male spaces.

        Verbs, I like Madbusdriver when he pins comments.
        Usually when you pin the comments, this makes you a popular commenter, however when Madbusdriver Pin the detractors’ comments, we call it the ‘Pin of Shame’.
        When these detractors, mostly simps and hoteps become the ‘Pin of Shame’, the pack of Alpha Red-Pillers will eat them alive.

  2. Reason 100 quadrillion why black men should stop dealing with this demographic, both videos from Phillip Scott’s channel:

    Exhibit A:

    So this goofy bdub is seriously asking men why we don’t post every single aspect of our lives on social media. Is she 10 years old or something? Why the hell would I post a new car I just bought or let everyone know where I’ve been or what I’m doing every minute of the day? For what purpose? There’s so many demerits to posting all your business online and if this bozo isn’t even smart enough to know that, she’s beyond saving. Just know that sensible women of value wouldn’t even ask men this stupid question in the first place. “Do you have something to hide?” SMH.

    Exhibit B:

    I’m not impressed by this black female pretending to call out other women, because why are they even her “friends” in the first place? You notice how apart from physicality, literally every positive quality in a man that black men possess comes under attack by “our” women?

    Intelligent/productive = gay
    No criminal record = gay
    No kids by 25 = gay
    Know how to cook = gay (check the comment section)
    Nonchalant and laidback = gay
    Health conscious = gay
    Keep your home tidy = gay
    Generally talk and carry yourself like you have sense = gay

    Either that, or you’re lame or boring.

    I could make a list a mile long. Obviously it’s a case of sour grapes, but what other women attack the best and brightest of men in their own group? When does that ever happen? It’s no surprise that black men who have anything going for themselves and value their future as well as their sanity avoid black females like the plague. It’s not even a case of want, they HAVE TO.

    Other women see a black man with positive qualities, they snatch him up quicker than a designer bag during a 90% off sale. Suerraya Brooks stated when she met her husband and saw his worth (as a PERSON, not his wallet), she went out of her way to compete for him and they’ve now been married for over 20 years and still going strong.

    Black females, just like the “chosen people” (you know who they are) can’t take any correction or criticism, so of course there’s some defensive weavehead trolls in the comments. One of them stated how we’re weak because we travel globally to other cultures and marry/uplift their women and no other men do this. For one, that’s false as white men have been doing that on a MUCH larger scale and for much longer, but let’s for argument’s sake just say that was true: Anyone who stands back and takes a real look at what we’re dealing with can easily see the difference between other women and “ours” and it will be crystal clear as day as to why we are starting to leave them in record numbers. This harridan really doesn’t want to do the comparison thing because I would easily win that one standing on my head.

    Yes, I would rather deal with a darker melanated Latina/Hispanic (my main preference) or Asian woman overseas over these bdubs any day. I’ll take being “weak” since black females think any positive attribute is a negative anyway.

    Save Your Self, Black Man.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      It’s all about attacking black masculinity because at this moment, it is the most robust and solid form of any masculinity on the planet(this is despite the massive and regular onslaughts and attacks it has suffered at the hands of black women, Captain Snowy and his government).

      We must always keep in mind the black female’s contractual obligation towards the State to keep black men and black society both flat on their faces for eternity.

      This is one of the main reasons why we advise black men who have two braincells to rub together to abandon the black witch and the hellhole of a community she currently rules over, get their passports, travel and seek out love and companionship amongst non Westernised NORMAL women.

      Black women are forever attacking the masculinity of men because they don’t want to lose their faux leadership position over “Da Communitah” which would then lead to them being discarded of by their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost.

      Additionally dude to the mutant feminism they have chosen to embrace, black women have grown to despise masculine black men, however at the same time they’re more than willing to submit to the masculinity of Major Sleet.

      As we’ve observed, these dirty black sirens have no problems forming alliances with black male sodomites in their quest to take down black masculinity. Both groups will not hesitate to form Voltron in their efforts to attack and destroy heterosexual free thinking brothers.

      Black women are on the wrong side of history, the worst thing they did was turning on their black male counterparts in exchange for treats, benefits and assistance from government.

      Outside of the blue pilled, pro black simps as well as the State, black women have nobody to protect them and such a position will prove itself to be a complete disaster in the near future.

      No black men worth their salt want to deal with black women because of their betrayal as well as their atrocious track record. As I always say:

      “Those who choose to carry out the works of the devil must always be prepared to pay the price for doing so.”

      Black women are no exception to that rule, they’ll find out that serving the dark side ALWAYS comes at a price.

      1. Brother verbs BW are always angry because we try to better ourselves everyday. Every time I read an article about how bw are single because there are no enough men to marry makes me sick , IT IS YOUR BEHAVIOR THAT TURNS BM OFF. brother verbs 2030 is not far away bw are already feeling the heat go to the club work places or even family picnics you will see BM with their snow bunnies having their time together.

        If bw complain that they need a man I will say continue needing because of feminism you kicked him out now he has Becky as his wife and mother of his kids . As for shanequa it’s cats and dogs that will keep her company for the rest of her days.

        Back to you brother verbs.

    2. It seems that according to BW, straight BM are gay just for being human and being normal like everyone else.

      As for BW upset that BM rarely post. They are want to be celebrity whilst we mind our own business.

  3. The message is sheboons are allowed to express their tears and emotions but blackistan males ain’t allowed to express their own tears and emotions.

    Managers in warehouses treat their employees like slaves.

    The man has to work like a robot at all times and not be human.

    This analogy is no different when a man is in a relationship with a negress.

    A blackistian male has to jump through so many hoops to impress a sheboon.

    I’ve noticed that women of colour in general are becoming more materialistic than white women in anglo saxon.

    Women of color are demanding a lot more things from a man without doing anything to earn it first.

    Seeing men propose to anglo females at Love is Blind show on Netflix is symbolically allowing anglo females to be the leader of their relationships and marriages.

    I would recommend sysbm brothers to watch this tv show named Love is Blind for educational purposes on more updates on how the anglo female operates in anglo dating world.

    I would only marry if a white dutch girlfriend proposes to me.

    I won’t be the one proposing ever.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    As a black man you cannot cry or show any human emotion in front of black women because they will view as weak and they will straight up disrespect you. My own step mum is guilty of this too because she expects me to be perfect all time without making any mistakes or showing any emotions because at the end of the day before I am any race, colour or creed first of all I am human being first not a robot. Like I said before Verbs my step mum is one of the main reasons I became a SYSBM black man and that I refuse to date black women and single mothers.

    1. You keep on mentioning about your step-mum on here.
      I am just asking what happen to your real (bio) mum?
      You do not have to answer if you do not want to or you can say to me you rather not mention it on this website (This is up to you).

      1. I was thinking the same thing about the question.
        Since Quincy did not want to answer it. I respect his choice.

        I was thinking that when men become step-daddy, they become simps. However, when women becone step-mom, they become this wicked step-mothers and it reminds me of Cinderella how she have this bitter hate because Cinderella was a good woman, this is similar to Quincy when these step-moms have this bitter towards the good men.

        This is something the pro-blacks never understand with these talk about female kin folks. The female kin folks will always be a reminder why good BM avoid BW period.

        1. Andy C.

          I can tell about my family situation in real life if you like.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women as a collective are the most stone and cold hearted individuals on the planet bar none. Black women would still fault a black man if he cried as the result of losing a family member. To your average modern day black female, the black man must be an unemotional slave/flunky to her.

  5. SYSBM: You know what happened to Money Cultural, today?
    White sugar honey: Holy shit, he went made at her. What’s wrong with that ugly bitch!?

    Listen, a black man nowadays can’t show his emotions now in front of a black woman. We can’t be like Tray in the classic movie Boyz N The Hood but it was a police officer that messed with him and it was a black police officer, Lord have mercy! Let me tell you about emotions. I don’t show anything anymore. I show no emotions especially when I’m in the street. I don’t hide it. I have none, full fucking stop. There is nothing there now. Why is that? because of the past shit? I don’t even know and I don’t care.

    Even though I lost my temper today to a shop manager today and ready to take it out of this earth, black men need to be stoic when it comes to emotions. They’ll be some dudes like these beta males and simps wanna mess with you but that’s how they are, you get me? Nothing I can do when I’m emotionless.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Sorry brothers am late too busy with academic studies. Two days ago I saw an incident where I certain hotep was jailed because of doing some crime I can’t what it was MBD x showed it on his channel. These Yaya bin hoteps are clearly delusional calling the black woman god.

      Brothers the communitah is a gone case the only thing remaining is burying it with an excavator. Bw are only thinking about how they can be treated like royalty but their behavior is something else . If they come telling me that you need to worship your mother because she gave birth to me believe me they have earned their ticket to the grinder with their hotep nonsense crap the only one I worship is God the supreme creator not some black woman goddess.

      Very stupid are western bw that even Becky Katie and Sabrina are literally teaching them how to please their man , but shanequa only wants money for clubbing and dancing.

      Come 2030 and bw will be the most single women in northern hemisphere BM and their quality Stargates will be walking down the streets with their children.

  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I know I can’t be the only one who’s noticed the uptick in IG and TikTok content (mainly by women) where they talk this nonsense concerning relationships, finance, etc.; I’m thoroughly convinced that a lot of these women (and simps, too) are government agents who are trying their hardest to undo what the Manosphere and the Red pill have done. General Tito did a live where he reacted to a different live by some guy who calls himself “Hotep Jesus” where he interviewed a girl who goes by ”BX” who revealed that not only are there agents who have been sent by the government to infiltrate the Manosphere, but the Manosphere is now being targeted by Homeland Security as a terrorist group; now, there was much more that was discussed, but I’ll leave the links for you to watch on your own time.

    General Tito’s Livestream:

    The Full Livestream by Hotep Jesus:

  7. Gentlemen,

    She told the truth, no lies detected. Unfortunately these elder women are more times successful in recruiting and in turn ruining the lives of these younger women because said younger women through social media’s rotten influence have already bought into the liberal religions of Jezebel, hedonism, superficiality, and materialism. As stated before, it’s my strong belief that most of these negative social media female influencers are sent in and sponsored by the State.

    1. Exactly; also, notice the timing of the advent of all of these negative female social [engineering] media “influencers”; with the rise of Passport Bros and the media lynching of Andrew Tate and the Manosphere, these agents are coming out in droves trying to do damage control. We really have these people shook!

      1. Blue Collar Trevor,

        Indeed, it’s a damn shame that so many of these younger women are just blindly following the government sponsored elder female social media influencers, most are not even asking questions or critically examining what they’re being told and what’s being promoted in their direction until it’s too late, smh.

    2. “As stated before, it’s my strong belief that most of these negative social media female influencers are sent in and sponsored by the State.”

      Happy International Coddled Spoiled Bleeding Western Liberal Female Narcissist Day! 24 horrible hours of them patting themselves on the back on social media :::eyeroll:::

      You are giving The State way too much credit here, Brother Verbs. I believe these indoctrinated females are leading other females to the slaughter for free. Like you always say, Admiral Frost has put down his tools and gone to lunch.

  8. Hi brothers,

    I have been lurking and keeping up with the nonsense involving western video-game developers, publishers, and ‘journalists’ for the past few months and now it appears a new development is afoot in the on-going culture war of traditionalism vs the woke mob. Sweet Baby Inc, some weirdo consultant group up in Montreal is run by a far-leftist scraggle daggle (Kim Belair) whose agenda is to force the pronoun nonsense, shitty writing, alphabet mafia shenanigans, and uglifying women in games over the last five years at the least.

    This issue is just another result of rabid feminism being left unchecked and encouraged by this minority of weirdos with demonic undertones. Video games are a form of escapism and this woke disease has been trying to undermine this hobby for years now. A YouTuber who goes by Cyael has documented numerous actions of the woke left and their actions in the gaming industry at large.

    To me it is no surprise that Keisha is at the top of something like Sweet Baby Inc sowing evil. A lot of corporations on the DIE/diversity/BlackRock money train have women like this among their ranks doing their grift, and causing long term damage on Western society at large. I still remember that insane harriet at Disney telling their agenda to corrupt children by inserting alphabet mafia propaganda into a lot of the shit from that company.

    It won’t work because people are becoming hip to this nonsense and are fighting back. This Sweet Baby Inc situation is yet but another L collected by Keisha in 2024.

    1. Kameran Fleets,

      The modern day black female is the axis of evil, she’s always the one who is willing to engage in any kind of skullduggery in order to undermine anything masculine. You can’t even produce games now without the leftie woke mob and their alphabet crew minions interfering with the process and trying to inject their garbage into the formula, smh. I’m in no doubt that this Kim Belair witch has some major “sponsors” behind her as well, we’re not stupid over here.

    2. Kamaran Fleets,

      Can’t help but notice Kim Belair is a biracial Keisha, the biggest customer of DEI rainbow propaganda. When we BM produce biracial sons, they’re D1 athletes, net positives. When we produce biracial daughters, they’re woke feminist misandrists, net negatives. If this was 30 years ago, she’d be a prize like young Lisa Bonet. Maybe it’s time for SYSBM to take a new approach. Passport Bros pushing into Asia is a good start.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Gerbilface is forever reaching, nobody forces black women to walk onto sets where hiphop videos are being produced, nobody is holding a gun to the black female’s head, they’re the ones who are making the decision to voluntarily objectify themselves first. The more this fool attempts to blame black men for everything negative the black woman does, the bigger SYSBM™ and Passport Bros become.

      Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson being an elder knucklehead from Generation X doesn’t seem to understand that younger black men aren’t going to fall upon the sword and sacrifice themselves for the transgressions of black women. Younger black men are voting with their feet, they see that black women have thrown themselves into disarray BY THEMSELVES. This “blame the black man” rhetoric isn’t flying with them at all.

      In the long term by not holding black women accountable for any of their own actions, Johnson is actually hurting these black females and causing an increasing resentment for them amongst more black men.

    2. Umi Zumi will twist into pretzels to let his queanz off the hook. This is 100% them. What happened to “My Body My Choice”? Do they have agency or not? BM say they want natural, BW is like “stay out black wimmen’s business.” Nope not my fault these hoes get BBLs, not my fault they wear weave, not my fault they get lip plumpers, not my fault they get tattoos. Disgusting ghetto bitches, the absolute worst demographic.

    1. G1,

      As we all know the black witch was a write off from a long time ago, I don’t feel sorry for any black men who still choose to deal with them. The simp should’ve known that this black siren would engage in some sort of goofy behaviour, this is what the black witch does. It’s so easy to brainwash women through social media, unfortunately there are very few women in the West who can manoeuvre past the programming.

    2. Ghetto BRATZ doll out here trippin. Notice her sitting by herself didn’t get her any closer to courtside she may as well have stayed with her date. Like Verbs said if simps still deal with these hoes in 2024, it’s their own fault at this point.

      1. @Verbs2015

        I ain’t gonna lie I got tickets to Detroit Piston’s and Orlando Magic games (this year in 2024) those seats are only $14-$17. I have my ticket master receipt for the Orlando Magic game in Orlando, and my receipt for Detroit (they lost whoever they played). It’s a good bargain seat, which lets me know what her date thought of her. She is cheap so he bought cheap seats. I couldn’t deal with a chick like that. Shouts out to my pistons getting there 10th win yesterday night. We are on a 1 game winning streak.

      2. @Schadenfreude,

        I use to work at the Red Wing arena when it was called Joe Louis after the famous Boxer who beat that Nazi back in the Day. There is security in the 100 section which is the lower level due to the Malice in the palace incident (@Auburn Hills not Detroit). Auburn Hills is the area of central Michigan where the Klu Klux Klan is at with crazy Militia guys live at. FYI they are armed also, she can’t go down there without a ticket she isn’t stupid.

  9. LMAO so some wannabe thug with a blue tick made a tweet earlier in response to people giving their condolences for the death of DBZ creator Akira Toriyama and said something along the lines of “while y’all were watching cartoons, I was in the streets at 15 and got shot!” What that has to do with the price of tea in China, I don’t know, but this guy felt the need to randomly declare how much of a tough guy he was back in the day.

    Subsequently, all the “nerds” came back and started roasting the living hell out of him and rightfully made him look stupid it got so bad this coward just deleted his Twitter account! LOL supposedly tough enough to gangbang but couldn’t handle online backlash for being a try-hard with a point to prove.

    It was a real proud moment to see mostly young black men clown this fool to literal oblivion. Considering Pookies and degenerates have always been the loudest and have ruined our image, it would be good if more black men started to turn the tables and make it uncool to be a total loser and embarrass these fools to the point that being a Pookie is the last thing anyone would want to be. Black men excel when we abandon the foolishness and do positive things. We need to drum it in that it’s OK to be a good, regular dude with normal hobbies, activities and aspirations. THAT is what needs to be the cool thing.

    The rest of these Pookies need to be totally ostracised like the losers they are.


  10. Listen to this hotep negro who somehow popped up in my YT recommendations. Lucky it’s only a minute long. He “feels like” the body count question ONLY comes up when it comes to BW.

    Luckily what he “feels like” isn’t reality. The body count question comes up for ALL RACES OF MODERN WOMEN but it ain’t our fault that BW are the biggest HOES. 50% of BW have herpes, that’s the CDC talking not me. 75% of black babies are born OOW, that’s also the CDC. More BW have kids than BM, mostly by the same SMALL pool of sorry niggas, so who’s really out there hoeing?

    And we ain’t even talking about these bitches bringing home STDs from DJ Kidd and other white dudes.

    Yup the body count question is a legit one for ALL females and only HOES and hotep simp niggas apparently get mad when you bring it up.

    These simps are a fucking plague. Instead of bringing these hoes to task, they run interference for them. And in return, these hoes drool over Chad and Thuggo.

    SYSBM remains the way forward.

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