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They Won’t Listen Until It’s Too Late! #SHORTS

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These Western women won’t learn a damn thing until it is too late for them, as long as Uncle Sam continues to prop them up as well as gives them an advantage over men, they’ll happily continue walking in their path of insanity and destruction.

As true SYSBM™ Practitioners stopped engaging the black witch’s coven many years ago, black men with their heads screwed on straight need to stop engaging dysfunctional Western women overall, it profits you absolutely nothing to engage these derelict banshees in any further conversations.

I peep the many tricks and sneaky techniques modern women are using in their efforts to keep black as well as non black men engaged in conversation and as a result said men are not freeing themselves from the chains and the shackles of dating in the West.

I’m going to keep on repeating this because this message has to be hammered home, women DO NOT control the realms of relationships and marriage, MEN CONTROL THOSE ARENAS.

Now unfortunately in recent times with the introduction of social media and dating apps, large swaths of men have foolishly forfeited their personal control of the relationship and marriage realms and Western women being the sneaky buzzards that they are have moved in believing that those realms are now theirs to control and change.

As I’ve stated before, never compromise your position as a masculine man, always hold onto and maintain frame at all times.

I really have to laugh at those women who get interviewed about dating and relationships on podcasts and in the streets and immediately begin rattling off what the man must bring to them. WRONG, the female must always prove her value and worth to you, this is another aspect of dating feminism has muddied the waters on.

Fellas, the rule of thumbs still stands, get your passports and always go where you will be loved and appreciated, not tolerated and hated. In 2024 SYSBM™ doesn’t just mean saving yourself from the modern day black female, it also entails giving any woman who sings from the same song sheet as the black witch an extremely wide berth.

Leave Western women to stew, marinate, rot and burn in their own failures, I honestly can’t believe that so many non black women would voluntarily follow the same destructive path of the black witch contingent, but as I always say, the end results will be their problem, not mine.

SYSBM™ gentlemen, be free and never allow these modern women to ridicule or shame you into settling for ran through, used up and rinsed out 304s ie themselves. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

NEVER Allow Women To Control And Take Over Your Realms

Most High Bless

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8 thoughts on “They Won’t Listen Until It’s Too Late! #SHORTS

  1. Fast forward to 2030.

    If I am able to time travel in 2030, I believe it will be a lot more worse for all anglo saxon nations.

    I know feminism has been spreading everywhere globally.

    The effect of feminism in Western Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe won’t be reaching an all time high compare to USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    There are reasons why I only prefer white dutch women in my personal experiences.

    Get your passport and leave the UK.

    Get your passport and leave the USA.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      This is why I have no problems saying that Western women need to be left to crash and burn in their own failures. Just look at how bad things are now and yet these 304s are choosing to triple down and are still determined to see feminism through right until the very end, smh. I personally believe that that 45% single stat for Western women in 2030 is going to be much worse.

  2. Brother verbs it’s already too late we have trying to warn shanequa for the last 50 or so years feminism is a trap but they didn’t listen they only want us once the dick riding days are over.

    I am not going to sugar coat it brother verbs it’s going to be a cold day in hell once BM start marrying Becky, Maria, Ling Ling and Yakamoto at an astromical level bw are already feeling the heat but they keep singing the same old song “I don’t need a man”.

    Brother verbs it is black women who are going to die a lonely miserable death , Becky already knows dark days are coming just read in the book of Isaiah concerning women who can cloth and feed themselves but need a husband to save themselves from being single, this is the reason why WW flush their feminism down the toilet when they see Jamal approaching, funny isn’t it brother verbs?

    Brother verbs BW at this point machine gun Jim rapid fire Rasta and welding machete jimmy are their husbands led by Umar Johnson the shameless liar if a snow bunny storm is coming SYSBM and passport bros are locked and loaded #MGTOW Black Feminism Created The Wall Of Silence

    Brother verbs just the link I have sent this is the future waiting for bw if they continue like this

    Back to you brother verbs.

    1. Edward Maina,

      Unfortunately the increasing problem is Western Beckies, Marias, Ling Ling and Yakamotos are following the modern day black female into the sewer system though arguably not at the same rate.

      If black men are to get married then it is NOT to be done on Western shores or in any country where in the event of a separation/divorce, the man can be put through the meat grinder by the courts.

      That being said, non black females in the West despite how far they’ve fallen still have much more of a chance of saving themselves from total death and destruction when compared to the modern day black female.

  3. Verbs2015,

    What women in the US are complaining about, is the fact that intelligent men will no longer put up with their mess. This is triply true for black women.

    Then there’s the matter of marriage. Intelligent men realize that marriage in the US is a one sided contract in favor of women, and enforced by the state. What intelligent man will enter such a contract?

    I have said this before and I’ll say it again. When a broke Pookie marries a sheboon in the US, its not such a bad deal for him. But when a black man with means and resources marries a broke sheboon in the US, that’s madness.

    If a man does get married in the US, he should marry a woman with as much money as he has, or more. This way she cannot use the state to rob him of his resources in the event of a divorce. In the US, the one with the most money pays.

    Men need to get smart. This is why I argue so forcefully against black male simping, which is based partly on matriarchal indoctrination, and partly on outdated notions of chivalry,

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      This has been a long time in the making, it’s good to see more men of means realising they don’t have to tolerate the rubbish Western women bring to the table and that they also can find much better options abroad.

      Marriage in the US and the rest of the West is done, men with sense and intelligence aren’t going to roll into a deal that’s going to shaft them if one day the woman allows Satan to get into her head and files for divorce.

      “If a man does get married in the US, he should marry a woman with as much money as he has, or more. This way she cannot use the state to rob him of his resources in the event of a divorce. In the US, the one with the most money pays.”

      That’s the only way that men can avoid being shafted in court if the female files for divorce.

  4. Did western women think that men were gonna just roll over and accept the matriarchy? Say what you want about Kevin Samuels, he’s the one who lit the fire by saying that African-American men globally are among the top earners, that we out-earned our foreign male counterparts, that we even out-earn the boss bitches who are supposed to be “running rings” around us. Hail to him for that. Two years of stacked paper during lockdown and brothers were ready to go international.

    The sad news is that as black men, we were raised around low tier black bitches…nothing new here. But as I’ve said on here many times, the western white woman, who used to be the undisputed feminine standard, has gone down the drain racing skrong & independent black hoes to the bottom.

    Like Verbs, I am all about letting these obnoxious bitches crash and burn on their own chasing their dream Chad, D1 Bobby or Trap Gawd Nate. Asia is the new wave as far as I’m concerned. Too bad it’s hard to get a visa to live in mainland China. What they would call “Christmas Cake” would be top-shelf to a starving Westerner who has never experienced femininity.


    1. Schadenfreude,

      I still don’t understand how black women are supposed to be “running rings” around black men when black men have a higher median net worth than black women and also out earn them. Without intervention as well as assistance from the State, the black female’s median net worth is easily in the negative.

      Kevin Samuels’ death and the fact that black women mocked him and danced on his grave definitely put a turbo boost on the Passport Bros movement. Samuels was the last hope for black female society and they threw that opportunity for genuine change straight into the sewer pipe.

      I have to give it up to East Asian women who are still holding the fort as the most feminine as well as the females least contaminated by feminism, let’s hope things stay that way.

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