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Stop Lying Witch, That Simply Isn’t True! #SHORTS

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Here we have another case of an elder female and a single mother I might add(Sadia Khan, who doesn’t like the Red Pill by the way) trying her utmost to undermine as well as to lead young girls and younger women down a path of destruction and no hope.

Additionally let’s not pretend that when Sadia Khan was younger, she wasn’t mopping up the floor with men and busting it wide open, we’re not stupid over here.

What a massive crock of nonsense she rattled off in that short clip. Has this older siren forgotten that there are entire swaths of men in the West who are sick and tired of being surrounded by hedonistic whores and who are actually travelling to non westernised foreign countries in order to find the same women Khan says are NOT valued and rewarded?

Let’s start with white men, they have been sounding the alarm on Western women for the longest, they have also been travelling to foreign countries to meet traditional women for a very long time.

Then we have SYSBM™ founded and established by MadBusDriver in 2012, a group of black men who have chosen to save themselves from dysfunctional black females and as a further extension avoiding modern day women regardless of their ethnic origin.

Then we have the Passport Bros, specifically black American men who have not only said goodbye to the modern day black female but have also chosen to give modern day females in general the boot in favour of traditional women from non westernised countries.

The problem here isn’t traditional women not being rewarded, the real issue is there are very few if any traditional women remaining in the West because most women here much prefer to live their lives as hedonists, sluts, whores, materialistic and superficial Jezebels without a care in the world.

You need to understand what Sadia Khan is really saying, Chad and Tyrone who most of these women pine and chase after isn’t rewarding them ie giving them the commitment they desire because Chad and Tyrone already have a large rotation of women on deck, thus they don’t need to commit.

Don’t be fooled, Chad and Tyrone are the ones women like Sadia Khan want rewards from, NOT the average guy who works a 9-5. It is these spineless blue pilled simps(both rich and poor) who are rewarding women who behave badly, rest assured that men of quality are giving 304s an extremely wide berth.

Gentlemen, understand the way of the Western female, she only lives for herself and she literally wants men to bow down and worship her as a god(which these simps do).

Modern day women have subscribed to a religion of carnal, superficial and material indulgences, they have no moral compass and aren’t interested in family nor anything rooted in traditionalism.

Get your passports gents, there are plenty of decent, hard working men in the West, however as we already know these vanity divas of Western society are only interested in the top 5-10% of guys. No cleanup men over here and we’re not sorry either. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Women Who Rattle Off Lies Must Be Checked At Every Turn

Most High Bless

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20 thoughts on “Stop Lying Witch, That Simply Isn’t True! #SHORTS

  1. Is there any men in the anglo western world that have clearly stated they want the most promiscuous woman for a date?

    Is there any men in the anglo western world that have clearly stated they want the most provocative woman for a date?

    Is there any men in the anglo western world that have clearly stated they want the most dangerous woman for a date?

    I would like to know if the answer is yes or no or both.

    I’ve never heard any men that have clearly stated they want their women on instagram.

    I’ve never heard any men that have clearly stated they want their women going out everyday.

    I’ve never heard any men that have clearly stated they want their women sleeping around.

    I’ve never heard any men that have clearly stated they want their women to have plastic surgery.

    I’ve never heard any men that have clearly stated they want their women wearing makeup.

    I’ve never heard any men that have clearly stated they don’t want their women to be simple.

    I’ve never heard any men that have clearly stated they don’t want their women to be traditional.

    She has nothing to backup her statements.

    She is just making stuff up in her head out of thin air.

    This is why I’ll never touch an anglo female ever again.

    My eyes are only on white dutch women.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Agreed, men will sleep with hoes and sluts all day but will NOT take them seriously for long term relationships. Most men are still upholding their end of being traditional which is why her statement makes absolutely no sense. Women in the West are no longer traditional, that is the real problem.

    2. “My eyes are only on white dutch women.”

      Hate to break it to you but white Dutch women are European and therefore feminist. No relief there.

      1. I haven’t experienced 4th wave feminism from white dutch women.

        It ain’t at the same level as the UK & USA.

        1. “Schadenfreude,

          Yep, Western European at that. Eastern European white women are a far better option.”

          Let ’em learn the hard way lol.

        2. I will have to disagree on eastern european women being the better option.

          They have the highest divorce rates in Europe.

          Their countries are listed in top 10 of the whole world as of 2024.

          I only see white dutch women as my better options than the rest of Europe.

          1. Wittexton Witwijf,

            It depends on what countries in Eastern Europe you’re talking about. Also, somebody here mentioned a while back that it’s more the men filing for divorce in Eastern European countries as opposed to the West where divorcing filings are dominated by women.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I am not rewarding single mothers who had kids with the wrong men nor am I rewarding women who road the cock carusel by having lots of sex with different men in their sexual prime years (18 to 30) and now that they hit the wall at 30 plus when they get fat,ugly, out of shape and the worst of it become bitter feminists that hate men now they want the good guys that they friend zoned in their younger years(18 to 30) to come in and rescue them from their catastrophic poor choices in life that they themselves created. I am not rescuing any woman who made stupid life choices. I am only interested in dating childfree beautiful non black women who has made good choices in life and that has a sex body count of 0 to 3.

    1. Who is this she-demon yapping nonsense and diarrhoea? What I have heard with my own ears is going to give me migraines.

      Believe me am not going to show mercy or pity to these confused westernized she-boons once their cock riding days are over. This nonsense of women coming to the 9-5 brothers after they are done smashing Tyrone or Chad is going to end when passport bros go passport mode full steam ahead.

      If any of these shanequas come to me since am Kenyan because they think they have the upper hand am not going to kiss their plastic booty to please them because am from the motherland.

      Let them suffer the consequences I don’t care if they call me their African prince because I Know what they are.
      #passport bros for all eternity.

      1. Edward Maina,

        Most men are sick and tired of whores and sluts, sure, they will use them for recreational purposes only but never for anything serious. Most men in the West are desperate to run into traditional women because said females in Western countries have become such an extreme rarity.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The only men out here rewarding hoes, sluts, land whales and single mothers are the blue pilled simps. Men who are worth their salt always have been and always will look for traditional women to form relationships with. The problem is these non traditional women are seeing the men who are worth a damn pulling the plug on their untraditional foolishness and said women are not happy about it. As I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

  3. WTF did I just listen to? That is THE biggest crock of shit I’ve heard so far this year and that’s really saying something.

    In what parallel universe do men want a tatted up, promiscuous woman who is all over social media? Since when aren’t traditional women sought after and rewarded? What does she think the Passport Bros movement is even all about in the first place?

    I’m asking these questions as if I don’t already know she’s fully aware that what she’s saying is a load of bollocks. Men will smash hoes all day long, but apart from ultra blue pilled simps, no one’s trying to marry them. Even the biggest scumbags who eventually marry want the most traditional woman possible.

    Traditional women are ignored, she says? OK, watch me destroy that bullshit:

    Tell me, out of all those females sitting on the panel, who stands out? Who is the ONLY ONE being talked about and praised in the comment section? The others are literally invisible to everybody and no one even cares what they had to say about anything. So what does that tell you?

    You put five traditional women in a large room with a 1000 fast females, the latter wouldn’t even get a second glance. Also, if you surveyed a 1000 men and asked them who would they rather spend money on and marry out of all those chicks in the video, who do you think literally EVERY MAN would choose? Alright then. Case closed.

    This is the difference between the manosphere/red pill space and whatever females call their version of it. It doesn’t matter how old we are, what mistakes we’ve made, where we’re at in life, we don’t lie to each other. We don’t wanna see the next man fail just because we did. We’ll tell other men what they need to hear. Females on the other hand like this Sadia broad will play the role of Lucifer and all the fallen angels and try to bring every woman down with them cos they know their time is already short.

    She may lead younger women here in the west astray, but luckily foreign traditional women aren’t as dumb and naive as western women think they are. I saw right through her from the jump when I first watched one of her clips a while back.

    This clown Sadia Khan needs to take several seats somewhere and go look after her kid. She’s like a Pakistani, female version of Umar lol. She still ain’t stopping the movement. That locomotive is already full steam ahead.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Indeed. Khan is talking a crock of nonsense, men out here are clammering for traditional women, I have no idea what planet this woman is living on to make such a statement.

      Additionally, Khan is deliberately overlooking the fact that the overwhelming majority of women in Western countries have turned their backs on traditional values and have instead embraced and celebrate modernity, hedonism, superficiality, materialism and vanity.

      Regarding the Fresh & Fit clip you posted, I would take the mixed race, conservative virgin female in the red dress sitting amongst that den of vipers, whores and sluts any day of the week, it’s a no brainer.

      I checked out a small snippet of the full video and even in the chat the majority of the men were stating that the woman in the red dress was wife material and a winner by miles over the rest.

      In this modern day Satan typically doesn’t come to young women in the form of a dude with horns on his head, nope, he quite often appears in the visage of elder women and government sponsored female social media influencers spreading lies, falsehoods as well as handing out bad advice.

      These female grifting merchants are lining up around the block with their caps in hands ready to make a mint off any knucklehead who is willing to buy into their lies, foolish statements and terrible advice, smh.


  4. As an SYSBM brother, I am saving myself from ratchet black women. But its bigger than that. I am also saving myself from ratchet black subculture. If you embrace ratchet black subculture, you are not saving yourself.

    The scragglr daggles and the ratchet culture of da communitah are part of the same ball of wax. In order to save yourself, you must walk away from both.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Indeed, however we have to remember that the black witch is the black community, therefore walking away from her is automatically departing from the hellhole she’s founded called “Da Communitah”.

  5. White sugar honey: I hope Money Cultural is doing fine now!
    SYSBM: He said that he wants to leave Luton. He might go back to Watford.
    White sugar honey: Come to South London.
    SYSBM: He written an article about a racist gay guy who harass two black men in an expensive car.
    White sugar honey: Maybe want black strudel!

    I heard about this lady Sadia Khan and she said that there is no reward for women who are traditional woman anymore. They do get rewarded, you get me? Right, this is to men especially black men. Might as well get your passports and find a woman overseas to make her your wifey as there are no decent women around in the western part of the world.

    I know the passport brothers thing is an American thing but if a man in the UK and he wants to find a boo overseas and make her his wife, they so be it. go ahead. But in the UK is more like black men date non-black women as I heard that 60 per cent of black women have made it on a non-black relationship. My friend from North West London is a perfect example.

    Right, as a man who has no children, I couldn’t be a single mother because there’s no way that I will take care of a next man child or children. You think I’m goanna look after another man’s seed? I’m not doing a Russell Wilson!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet black women are coming after non-black women.


  6. I don’t know a whole lot about this broad, but her website does say she is a relationship coach; that detail alone says alot in regards to the subject matter of the clip. People like her are dangerous, and I suspect her to be an agent who is tasked with leading young women aastray with her platform; if she isn’t an agent, then she is seeking to drag younger women down with her who have an opportunity to learn from the mistakes her generation made. She wants them to share in her delusion and embrace Jezebel; living such a life will only end in loneliness and regret.

  7. Honestly do you guys notice that when men hand down wisdom to the youth, it’s like don’t make my same mistakes. But when women hand down advice, it’s to repeat their same exact mistakes and lead girls down a primrose path of destruction? Bizarre.

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