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I couldn’t agree more, in the words of legendary hiphop group De La Soul, 3 is the magic number. Once a woman has passed a body count of 3, as far as I’m concerned, she’s a triple cream certified whore and ought to be treated accordingly.

Additionally, it should be noted once a woman sleeps with 1 guy alone, her ability to pair bond drops off significantly if she doesn’t commit to that particular man.

Remember, leave these hoes to be hoes, don’t attempt to save them, they don’t want to be saved and they don’t deserved to be either.

Women are going to have to learn the hard way that being enchanted and bewitched by social media in addition to throwing their purity into the sewer pipe is going to seriously hurt them long term.

This is why in recent times you would have noticed an increase in decadent Western females attempted to shame men for being concerned about a woman’s body count.

These hedonistic sirens know they cannot turn back the clock, so instead they’re resorting to the old hand of magic and witchcraft believing they can push good men into accommodating hoes, lol:

A woman’s value is intrinsically linked to her purity, the MORE men she sleeps with, the LESS valuable she becomes and there is nothing these delusional, angry and bitter Western 304s can do to change this. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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33 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. If 3 is the magic number then it can’t be more than 3 body counts.

    I would have previously said no more than 4 body counts.

    The answer from the white chick in the video now changes to 3.

    This is why I’m only going dutch for a future white dutch girlfriend.

    That response from the key analogy shows that no man can actually pair bond with a woman in anglo saxon societies anymore.

    In her mind, a woman is not a key, a female ain’t an object.

    Western females are portraying themselves as objects everyday.

    I took my passport and exited.

    More black men need to do the same without fear of the unknown.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      You got out of the UK, a wise move. At least you no longer have to deal with the manufactured weather here where it either rains non stop, the sky is constantly blanketed with a layer of grey mush or both. In relation to your future girlfriend, keep those standards high and never allow any Western females to shame you into doing otherwise.

  2. Sorry brothers i have not been around due exams . But lately I have been the decadent behavior of bw on internet and of late deaths of bw both in Africa especially in Gambia and in the hands of admiral frost.

    Brother verbs yesterday I was watching the video called the wall of silence especially with the way things are getting nasty on black women’s side eviction being killed by admiral frost dying in Gambia etc. I just laugh because 2025 is going to get much darker for these she boons

    As far as black masculinity is concerned black men are in demand all over the world from N America S America Asia and Europe and more so mother land very ironic that bw are facing rejection as far as even in Africa.

    I had a conversation with a certain Becky two days ago telling me why she prefers black men she told me something that even you brother verbs need to write the negro wars II she stated clearly masculinity especially in this day and age is in crisis men aren’t being men any more especially in Anglo Saxon imagine men wearing make ups and wearing dresses brother verbs I tell this is utter madness.

    Becky stated clearly most white women are literally wanting settle with brothers regardless of economic position in society and too make matters very interesting 2 Kenyan brothers married two Snow bunnies from Switzerland. Brother verbs I think you need to write another negro wars II book I swear this is deeper than I thought.

    Concerning the shanequas check out the video just type swirling gone wrong. These bw are in for a rude shock if brad killing shanequa isn’t worse I don’t what is

    Back to you brother verbs

  3. The triggered Becky in the last video has definitely got the thousand-cock stare happening. Keep your eye on the interviewer as she screeches for men to “get fucked.” I’ve said it on here a million times, sad to see the American white woman go down the drain, she used to be the feminine standard.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Like I said before Verbs I am only settling down with a beautiful childfree non black women who has a body count of 0 to 3.

    1. Bro, you have been on this site for YEARS and you still haven’t settled down yet.

        1. Fake Academic Aka Fountain Top,

          Noting your shameful and abysmal defeat in attempting to defend the black witch as well as your miserable failure in trying to snag yourself a black queenie in the process, I would strongly suggest that you use your website to talk about “other” topics and subjects that won’t have you looking like a flopping fish out of water.

          Again, you cannot defend these black sirens on any level and as you saw, going in on heterosexual free thinking black men didn’t help you either.

        2. Bareback Fountain, why don’t you sort yourself out and look for a therapist for your childhood trauma? Your mum use to beat the living shit out of you when you was a child and it has frigged your head up big time. And aslo, leave people alone when they are dating non black people. They can date whoever they want. Lord have mercy!

      1. Do you have a problem with that, Mr. Fountain? Yes, Quincy has stated for years that he’s looking for a beautiful childfree, non Black woman, and the fact that he hasn’t found such a girl yet says everything about the environment he finds himself in; it’s not his fault that the dating pool is crap! Now, you’ve been stalking this site for years, and what exactly have you accomplished by doing that? At least Quincy is working toward something honorable while you’re trying to cope with the scars from the abuse your mom put you through by “exposing” the Manosphere. Get a life!

        1. Let me tell you something. Not only Barenack Fountain has been abused by his mother when he was young, these pro black men, they went through abuse by their mothers as well. That is the reason why they act like this, you get me?

      2. Aaron Fountain aka Fake Academic,

        Bro, you’ve been trying to snag yourself a black queenie for years and you still haven’t managed to get a hold of one yet, smh.

        1. For some strange reason, it’s always these dudes who can’t even bag a black female themselves who seem to cape and simp for them the most – like this corny dude, whoever he is and that Shawn James guy.

          1. Yo, big man! They can’t get these black sirens. You think these worthless simps are wanted by these black sirens? Nah bro!

          2. SYSBM Forever,

            This blue pilled maggle went on a 2-3 year conquest trying his utmost to besmirch, defame and demonise SYSBM™ all in the hopes that he could land himself some black snatch, however his mission failed miserably. We keep on saying it but these SYSBM™ detractors still aren’t getting it, SYSBM™ cannot and will not be stopped. #SYSBM™

      3. You are still stalking men online. When a man is stalking another man online, people is goanna question their sexuality. When a man espacailly a black man has a hatred or envy towards another man, that is just damn feminine. And when that feminine characteristic comes in, then the homosexuality traits comes. If your gay, then go and live your life but what you are doing is strange! God help us, please!

      4. “Bro, you have been on this site for YEARS and you still haven’t settled down yet.”

        Have YOU settled down yet, Aaron Fountain? Where’s your black qween? And in the off chance you have one (doubtful), why are you still dick-policing other black men?

        Butthurt about grown men’s options and choices just like your mammy.


  5. I was recently reading about 4th wave feminism. It is all about female empowerment, male disempowerment, women using social media (Tik Tok, Instagram, Only Fans, etc), LGBTQ Agendas, and Intersectionality (whatever that means). Nowhere does 4th wave feminism talk about women paying their own way, nor about financial fairness and equity in the family law universe, nor about holding women to the same standards as men for college admissions, jobs, promotions, and economic largess from the state, nor about female accountability.

    So 4th wave feminism is all about women being empowered to be hedonistic hoes, while retaining the protection of men, and the favoritism of the state in allocating tax payer resources, as well as retaining the traditional pro-female biases in the family law universe.

    Only in the US, Canada, Great Britain, and the more milk toast countries of western Europe, will this nonsense fly.

    1. “Only in the US, Canada, Great Britain, and the more milk toast countries of western Europe, will this nonsense fly.”

      Absolutely correct. It’s heartening to see countries like Hungary and African nations like Ghana rejecting the 4th wave feminist/queer intersectional grooming agenda that they swear up and down isn’t an agenda. Hoping they stay strong under western leftist economic pressure. Poland has already fallen to a leftist government ready to prostrate themselves before the EU.

  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Well, it looks like we have another case of “The Eyes, Chico, They Never Lie” featuring this crazy eyed Becky who appears to be a bit intoxicated and can’t help but end every sentence with “get f%&ked” (which is probably what she’s been allowing to happen to her); besides, the guy interviewing her never said that women are the key (which confirms that she’s clearly not in her right mind). We’ve already gone over the subject of body count and why it matters using empirical evidence from science (this is where the “pair bonding” talking point comes from), but let’s add a real world example: La La and Carmelo Anthony.

    Carmelo has had to deal with the social embarrassment of marrying a woman who belongs to the streets on 2 different occasions, one time being at the mall when Carmelo got into it with a guy who’s had La La before because he said something to him about his wife; another time, he got into an on court scuffle with Kevin Garnett because he said to him, “Boy, your wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios”. You would think that a man of Anthony’s status wouldn’t be having this issue, but this is what happens when you wife up a street walker.

    1. Young NBA dudes tend to reach back for the whores, IG thots and strippers they wanted before they had money, rather than upping the level of women they deal with along with their income. They make the mistake of getting these industry passarounds pregnant, too. Tragic shit.

      Knowing and doing better is where SYSBM comes into play.

  7. White sugar honey: You see the white woman who was asked about body count?
    SYSBM: Yeah.
    White sugar honey: She must have a huge body count!
    SYSBM: Probably bigger then earth itself!

    You know the song from Dr. Dre you can’t make a hoe a housewife? Listen here, you can’t make a hoe a housewife. How many hoes I know? Shit, I don’t even know blud! If a woman has a whole leap of men and had loads of dicks, she’s not marriage martial.

    Right, this is the reason why the passport brothers movement is so big. Because the women in the United States ain’t worth it especially for black men. they are getting their passports and looking for the fastest jet out of dodge, holy shit!

    You can’t make this stuff up. You can’t write this at all. This bs we are seeing is nothing but a soap opera which is being going on for years and there is no script for it. This passport brothers is so big all because what we’re seeing right now, Lord have mercy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggles are coming after non-black women.



    RIP to this little boy killed by his black mother.

    I don’t see this covered in The Voice or in any other Black UK media news outlets, neither have I seen it on my IG timeline by any of the blackity blacks. I guess Ja Rule’s entry into the UK being denied is more of an important story.

    Since black mothers are the ultimate sacred cow in da communitah no matter how crazy or abusive they are, covering this story would force everyone to acknowledge the elephant in the room and have a dialogue about the consistent abuse young children, particularly black boys suffer at the hands of their mothers.

    What young 30 year old in this day and age even has that mentality of feeling the need to cane their child? Using the bible as an excuse like the elders of old times to unleash their dysfunction and madness upon their innocent children SMH.

    No doubt if this boy survived and talked about his experiences, he’d just be told to respect his mother since she gave birth to him and raised him. They love saying that shit and being dismissive of survivors of abuse and then act surprised when victims later lash out. SMH.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Is the Voice still going, lol? In typical BBC fashion they hide the murdering mother face just like they hid Jimmy Saville’s beyond deviant escapades for years.

      These malevolent black sirens stay abusing and beating up children but then attempt to justify their wickedness using God, Christ and the scriptures.

      The bottom line is black women don’t know the meaning of physical chastisement, they love beating down BLACK children, that’s the only time they’re happy to interact with them.

      It makes sense to me as well as anybody else with their heads screwed on straight why black men in the UK date out at such a high rate(70%+).

      After dealing with such abusive mothers, they’re not about to walk into a similar situation with other black females(we already know that most black women love resorting to violence).

      On another note, it amazes and saddens me at the same time that so many people in the UK despite being shown the mainstream media(especially the BBC) cannot be trusted, will still listen to them and take whatever they say at face value.

      Of course we saw what happened during the Convid-1984 plandemic, so many of the non critical thinking dummies in this country were going around openly beefing with those who didn’t want to wear a mask as well as those like myself who concluded that the entire event was a scam from the jump.

      These were also the same lot demanding that everybody needed to get the jab and those that didn’t should be punished for refusing to do so, smh.

  9. That last video is hilarious. The exasperated “this bitch…” look on dude’s face lmao.

  10. Gentlemen,

    I know you may not like Shawn James, even he use to talk bad about SYSBM and Passport Bros, if you watch his videos he describe the ‘Bubba’, ‘Tiny’,’ Roscoe’, ‘Big Dave’, ‘Melvin’ & ‘Mr Sprinkles’.
    Link =

    Those terms are use when for prisoners and what they deal with.
    Which is the same term thinking men use in the black community such as ’12 Gauge Mike’, ‘Rasta Weed’, ‘Brad’, Keisha’, ‘Roof Top Trey’, ‘Pimp Joe’ and many more.

    I think we need the glossary for those terms, I know Verbs, Shawn James and Money Cultural use those names more often.

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