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The Clap Back Against Black Women Continues!

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The modern day US black female has to be the most prolific, racist and discriminatory knucklehead on the planet, while black women in the United States are busy using every avenue of social media to attack those US black men who’ve chosen to get their passports and travel overseas to find more attractive, traditional, cooperative, CHILD FREE, submissive, pious, meek and humble women, on the other side foreign women are wisely using these same platforms to advertise their countries as viable locations black men can visit in order to find themselves high quality women.

Foreign women who are going to go up against the black witch’s coven would do wise to pick up a copy of my book Negro Wars in order to have a much deeper understanding concerning the broken and dysfunctional psyche of the modern day black female. As the saying goes, know your enemy!

Remember before how I’ve talked about non black women swooping in and scooping up quality brothers these same feminist black harriets continually state they “don’t want”, now foreign women have also joined the “scoop up an upwardly mobile, intelligent black man” expedition, of course we free thinking brothers are NOT complaining at all.

I keep on telling you free thinking black men NOT to downplay the reach you have when it comes down to choosing a female companion, women around the world are closely watching the Passport Bros movement grow larger by the day and unlike the black siren recognise such growth as an increased opportunity for themselves to find a decent man.

Of course the black witch who you saw at the beginning of the video put her TikTok account to private once the righteous missiles of recompense began flying in from Passport Bros as well as foreign women.

I’m also at a complete loss when it comes to the modern day black female’s level of ignorance and stupidity regarding their views on foreign women and mind you, US black women hold more passports and engage in international travel at a higher frequency than US black men. The most educated, what a joke.

Again, notice how the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure continues to call black men with passports “broke” even though travelling internationally is typically an expensive activity. Like I said, most black females today are prolific knuckleheads who once again despite claiming the title of “most educated”, in reality don’t have a damn clue about anything.

They’re always crying about some sort of “ism” being levied against them, yet look at how they have no problems insulting and discriminating against innocent foreign women just because they don’t share the same deadhead feminist mindset and especially due to them supporting free thinking black men.

The modern day black female is truly an evil wretch, attacking any women who happen to side with and have empathy for black men and our plight in modern day society, and you still have some black men out here believing black women are their friends, smh.

Like the brother says in the video below, black women have NEVER “held it down” for brothers neither carried black men or “da communitah”, NEVER:

While I DO NOT share his sentiments on black women doing well because they must be recompensed for the evil and innumerable transgressions they’ve wrought upon black men and black society as a whole, the rest of what he said I completely agree with 100%.

Black women have turned into a group of uncooperative, incorrigible, unsatisfied, angry, bitter and miserable miscreants who desperately wish that black men were also occupying the same sinking ship as themselves.

They can’t stand to see black men happy, connecting and interacting with foreign women, women that actually show them appreciation, respect and demonstrate what true love actually looks and feels like.

I’m glad @JoanJ_3 called out the black witch on her horrible and notorious hair piece, haven’t I as well as other free thinking black men been stating for the longest that black women look beyond ridiculous wearing the hair of non black women on their heads, mind you the same women they’re disparaging, berating, mocking and ridiculing? You cannot make this stuff up.

Clap backs like this are going to increase exponentially as more foreign women catch wind to how disrespectfully Western women especially black women are talking towards them.

Black women trying their hardest to go in on East Asian women, yet aren’t these the same females on the daily rolling into and all too often stealing from East Asian owned beauty supply stores and nail salons? Black women, always leaving themselves open to be verbally decimated, smh.

Brothers, get your popcorn and freshly squeezed juice at the ready, I reckon a social media showdown is about to go down, black and liberal non black females Vs foreign women with foreign women being the favourites not only to win but also to snag themselves even more brothers from under the noses of these black female delusional buzzards, watch this space, coming soon to a screen near you. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Team Foreign Women For The Win

Most High Bless

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31 thoughts on “The Clap Back Against Black Women Continues!

  1. LOL big up to Joan, I got time for her. She always gives them that ether:

    I’m not surprised that Bdub made her page private. Black females like her managed to bully a white woman into closing her Twitter account last week simply because she posted a picture of some jollof rice and chicken (which actually looked good) she made for her boyfriend. These weaveheads are big and bad until they run into women who aren’t scared of them, then they fold like paper like the cowards they are. They think just because other women are feminine, that makes them weak. No, some of these women are actually warriors and they have way more ammunition they can fire at you than vice versa, so watch yourself, daggle.

    And yes, black women are very racist. Remember this video:

    The white woman was trying to be peaceful and de-escalate the situation and even apologised when she didn’t have to – as feminine ladies do to avoid conflict which is a VERY attractive quality I like in a woman – but since black women have to act like WILD ANIMALS (yes, I said it), scream racism (while being racist themselves, go figure) in any situation where there is none, and make mountains of molehills, look at what happened. Grown ass woman couldn’t even set an example for her daughter, so the cycle continues. The white couple ended up getting in trouble too.

    The fact is, people everywhere are getting sick and tired of black women and can finally see what we’ve been dealing with all these years. I saw a tweet from some white dude a while back stating he has no sympathy for them at all since they’re the most openly racist group of women you see. Only reason I didn’t retweet it was because it was some right-wing page. But you know what, even a broken clock is right twice a day. They’re so reckless that people who at one time might have taken them seriously ain’t trying to hear their sob stories anymore.

    As I’ve said before, the one positive from all this is that their behaviour only makes decent black men look good, so it actually works in our favour. They’re not even smart enough to tone it down, so it’s gonna get worse on their side and better for us. We finally have a voice so it’s our time now.


    1. The black woman’s ridiculous sense of entitlement and her propensity to overreach in all social interactions, is born of 2 things.

      Number one, generations of black male simping has gassed up, even the most digusting black women, to the point of
      delusions of grandeur.

      Number two, generations of special preferences, special treatment, favors, and often free rides from white zaddy, as payment to her for the misery and destruction she piles on da communitah, on his behalf.

    2. For real bruh? Damn, that’s sad and truly pathetic. Racist black women and liberal white men are more similar to the Slavic/Nordic Jewish oligarchs they claim to be fighting than they will ever admit. Both groups are obsessed with race and racial purity, both have a mythical point of origin and both are obsessed with black men’s sexual organs.

    3. SYSBM Forever,

      Twitter is the black witch’s grotto, they love loitering on that social media platform because as per usual it’s being run and managed by lefties. Joan has to be saluted for standing up to these black sirens because most folks typically fold and beat a hasty retreat when confronted by the hyenas.

      There aren’t many individuals who are brave enough to go against the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure, it’s always good to see individuals who aren’t scared to confront these black females and their dysfunctional behaviour.

      Regarding the white female who cooked jollof rice and chicken for her boyfriend, do you see how black women balk against anything that’s feminine and wholesome?

      As I keep on saying, outside of witchcraft and brainwashing I really don’t know nor understand how most black men can deal with the ultra toxic nature that comes with most black females. #SYSBMTILLTHEWHEELSFALLOFF

  2. Fair point. Excellent research Verbs. Funny how black women and racist white men will cry about the “Great Replacement” when black men date out but have no problem raping kids in foreign lands.

    1. Kiddy fiddling is the white man’s favourite pastime. But we’re the sexual predators?

    2. Brendan Dubalos,

      In 2023 this modern day black female is a complete and utter disgrace, what really grinds my gears are the pro black female bootlicking trash who are still trying to pretend like the black woman is a suitable candidate for viable and sustainable long term relationships. Far from it, very far from it.

  3. Another thing I want to add.

    Black women and their simp lackeys are always talking about how they don’t respect us because we don’t build anything for them, therefore they don’t feel “protected”….whatever that means. OK, let’s just say that bullshit was true. Don’t you find it amazing how all these supposedly uneducated and poor “third world” women seem to have a much better grasp on things when it comes to relationships and supporting their men which will in turn put the battery in their backs to build nations that black women claim we fail to do?

    Case in point:

    What she said isn’t rocket science. It’s BASIC! We are not hard to please at all. So what if these women want our money? As long as a woman loves us, is supportive, loyal, respectful and submissive, it’s NOTHING for us to lavish her with money, because she deserves it. Duh! Black women have to keep bringing up all their degrees and careers because that’s all they have going for themselves. They still haven’t got the memo that men don’t care about any of that shit when it comes to relationships. It’s totally irrelevant.

    They wanna be a ‘Boss Bitch’, always oppose us when we attempt to take the lead, undermine us every chance they get, always sabotage positive movements and groups black men create so they can better themselves and be the men they claim we aren’t – but then turn around and say we don’t build anything. **sighs**

    Black man, avoid these daggles and get your passport for your own sanity. Please.

  4. I’ve noticed I don’t see white women from Eastern Europe advertising their countries for black men to visit.

    I only see east Asian women advertising their countries for black men to visit.

    This is why the passport bros are going in heavy on Asia dating market.

    Black men should have exited the USA as soon as slavery ended in 19th Century.

    I know I would refuse in time travel at that time to build black wall street with ugly negress females.

    I would prefer to build black wall street with a white wife from South America.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Unfortunately Eastern Europe has a floating reputation of being hostile and militant towards black folks(it’s really the men that are the issue, not the women), saying that I do believe that as a black man you can travel to Eastern European countries and do just fine as long as you conduct yourself correctly. I believe one of the main reasons why Eastern European women don’t advertise their countries for black men to visit is because they haven’t really been exposed to black men as much as women from other countries.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    I saw that video on YouTube few months ago when Joan told that black woman to fix her wig because it looked nasty and I was laughing so hard that it hurt because Joan was speaking the raw truth. Black women are the biggest self haters on the planet because they are always wearing white womens wigs and weaves. Black women cannot out white a white woman because they will never be white. The biggest irony is that you get black women calling SYSBM black men like us self haters for just dating white women but at least we stay looking black when we date black women and other non black women whereas black women change their whole appearance just to get with a white man.

    1. “The biggest irony is that you get black women calling SYSBM black men like us self haters for just dating white women but at least we stay looking black when we date black women and other non black women whereas black women change their whole appearance just to get with a white man.”

      Thank you! When was the last time you saw any black man shaving off their locs, braids, cainrows etc and walking around wearing toupees?!?! You know how retarded that would look? People would rightfully clown them into oblivion. Black women, however, wear the hair of Indian women and blonde weaves all the time and really think it’s normal. Yet these are the same women who always talk shit when a white woman styles THEIR OWN hair similar to black females and accuse them of “cultural appropriation”. Make it make sense.

      1. SYSBM Forever.

        Thanks for using my quote and I fully agree with you bro. đź‘Ť

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I don’t know who told black women that wearing white women’s hair on their heads is normal and looks acceptable because it isn’t and it doesn’t.

      As long as black women continue to wear those stupid and ridiculous looking weaves and wigs on their heads, foreign women like Joan will continue to be supplied with the ammunition necessary to put these black sirens in their place as well as shut them down.

      Black women love changing the definitions of words to suit their agenda, black men dating out is so called “self hate” but black women wearing white women’s hair isn’t???? What’s wrong with this picture?

  6. SYSBM: Today was hot.
    White sugar honey: But I wanna do something really hot!

    The Filipina clip back at the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle, hard. Let me tell you this. We are goanna see more and more of these foreign women clapping back at these ghetto ratchet hoodrat who love wearing weave trying to copy the white woman and that is their main arch rival.

    There were so many wars on socail media but now there is a new war. And that war is the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles and the foreign women no matter if she’s black African. These ghetto harridans feel that they can battle with these Filpinas but they don’t stand a chance.

    Not only that, there are simps that are coming after the passport brothers black or white. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the Asian honeys clap back at the men or simps who are coming after the passport brothers.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      I’m glad to see that foreign women are clapping back against these black females for their ignorant speech and viewpoints, I welcome more of it, it’s refreshing to see folks checking black women on their nonsense.

  7. To begin my thoughts, I must point out that Joan J’s TikTok page has been removed; I guess when you decide to challenge the West’s most useful idiot, there is a price to pay. I’m also not surprised that the stragg put her page on private because they always hide their hands after throwing the first stone; I guess her stones couldn’t ward off the boulders hurled back at her. Joan is also right about their hypocrisy when it comes to racism; they are quick to invoke all sorts of negative stereotypes about Asian women, yet they are all up in arms when you address their dysfunctional behavior (which doesn’t fall under the umbrella of stereotypes). This level of hypocrisy is what I despise the most about the West.

    The late Patrice O’Neal once said that women compete with other sexually, and the way these straggs are disrespecting foreign women (specifically East Asian women) totally underscores his statement; does this tactic not seem akin to how Lord Frostbite denigrated productive Black men to steer White women away from us? This is why they always resort to Tyrone stereotypes about boning White women and leaving them to raise those half breed children by themselves, or the toll White women pay for “burning the coal” while they kill their wives and girlfriends over their own sexual insecurities at a much higher clip!

    The Wall of Silence has these 304s shook bad, but we haven’t seen anything yet; prepare for nastier attacks because SYSBM and the Passport Bros show no signs of slowing down at all!

    1. BCT,

      Joan has gone through so many Tiktok pages because of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure, I don’t even know what number TikTok profile she’s on now. Black women literally don’t care if they’re destroying themselves and their future in the process of going against us, to them their top priority is always getting one over on a black man by hook or by crook.

      This modern day black female because of her gynocentric Western privilege is no longer right in the head, any person complaining about racism wrought against themselves would be a complete and utter knucklehead to bring the same to other groups.

      KKKeisha and her white lord and saviour Admiral Frost are two sides of the same rusty and decadent coin, you can understand Major Sleet by studying the modern day black female and vice versa.

  8. I like to remind all of you here how this war between Western BW vs Foreign women (Filipina) came about:

    Last year during the rise of the Passport Bros MadbusDriver stated that BW was messaging Philippines (country itself) because they are losing in the dating market. Posing as Intersectional Feminist and create this Alliance against BM.

    If you never heard the term ‘Intersectional Feminist’, this basically means that the Western/modern women are fake concern about 3rd world women pretend to care about them because of their poverty condition in those country saying men go to other countries for female conquest (pimp, sex tourist and prostitute). This was use a as a ruse during the Australian Red=Pill era aka Aussie MGTOW where these white females in Australia was fake concern of Thai women because the Men in Australia going to Thailand to wife up the Thais. In reality the females are just hating and losing because no men wants them.

    Put this ‘Intersection Feminist’ in the Black Community, you have dick police simps and BW saying that BM go to other countries to pimp foreign women which we know that is a complete lie.

    That is enough of ‘Intersectional Feminist’ and back to this propose Filipina, American BW alliance.

    Filipina women turn down the alliance because they have their own problems in their own countries and not worrying about other countries and seeing foreign men wife-ing them up.

    As soon as the Philippines turn down the alliance, the BW start on making videos talking shit about the Philippine country. About the poverty and run down the county is which we all know that. Talking all the hate about them, saying that how BW are more educated and independent and how Filipinas as broke and bums they are.
    Then these popular Filipina YouTubers start to fight back against these American BW.

    When these BW talking shit about Philippines, don’t they understand how the economy system works in Philippines?
    Philippines do not have welfare or Section 8 unlike the Western countries have, they have to live to survive there.
    Don’t BW know between 1st world vs 3rd world poverty? Don’t they understand what below poverty is like in other countries? This is something BW will never experience because of White System protecting them.

    I will continue to preach Schadenfreude’s words and Verbs should use it in topics when he stated that these BW complain about lack of Blue Collar workers where they do not even respect them at all because that will be remembered at the true words.

    Since these BW hate on Blue collar BM and call them dusty/bums all the time.

    Let’s imagine what if all Blue Collar BM leave America and all move to Philippines:
    Blue Collar BM in Philippines live in a run down below poverty homes. With their skills and labour, they can upgrade the homes, if they have electrician or plumbing skills, they can make the Philippines home quality of life better with heating or Air Conditioner. You see how the Blue Collar BM get appreciated in Philippines where you see places improve, they have the worse weather and the BM have skills and materials to make home almost weather proof.

    Now you see Bitter BW youtubers like Cynthia G gets more pissed with her poison-venom voice how BM building infrastructure in Philippines instead of the Black Communitah.
    Then this piece of shit of a lunatic Umar Johnson talking shit on BM Blue Collar workers, now Umah and BW have to depend on White Daddy because their ‘Independent’, ‘no-man’ mindset will crumble on their knees.

    These BW who goes on Tik-Tok talking shit about foreign women reminds me of the Incels who are dangerous people because they will kill you because they cannot get women. Saying ‘how comes the bad-boys get women but not me?’
    White men should not be incels anyway because of BW see them as ‘god’ and White Incels can get BW anyway. Even a white Autistic guy is consider a god by BW so they can get these BW easily unlike us BM who have to jump through so many hoops and pay Premium with the God-Devil man criteria.
    These BW Femcels even resort to travel to South America continent to hunt down BM, however they cannot go to Thailand or Philippines to do the same because those countries do not play ghetto beefs there.

    As few stated here, despite the poor ridden condition these foreign women live in, they still know how to be feminine and family oriented, unlike the western women.
    Remember what MadbusDriver stated, these modern females can never win against the foreign women.

    One more thing:
    As for these modern/western females goes on and on about how foreign women takes BM’s money and resources.
    I agree that foreign women goes after BM’s money and resources, however I tell you what this really means.
    What they really mean when they say ‘Foreign women takes BM’s money and resources’ is basically means the modern BW do not want other women take the man’s money and resources, they want the man’s money and resources instead.
    It is like saying the BW are competing to secure the bag.
    They do not want to admit, but they deep down they want to take the man’s resources and secure the bag, not foreign women.

    Remember the BW and the hoteps going on about how Kobe Bryant gave money to the Latina community. Well if the BW gave him time and the day instead of calling him ‘Educated Lame’, they would get the money instead. But they lost to a foreigner.
    Whey they talk about BM giving resources to other race, ask them ‘Why should I give it to the black community?’ which they nave no answer or they will spend it on shitty fake lashes, weaves, BBL and useless materials.

    1. Yes, I called this out last year as well. What will happen, is you will start seeing these nappy headed sirens pretend to befriend these women soon. To invite them on sobcasts and interviews. Then basically “telling” on men and giving tips on how to become a cackling hen like they are. GUARANTEED.

    2. Michael Mistertea,

      Black women aren’t exactly smart. Their whole wolf in sheep’s clothing stunt backfired and only made Filipina women more curious and empathetic towards black men while exposing how vile and nasty black women really are. They assume just because other women are from outside the western world, that makes them stupid. Like the lovely Filipina Pea said “if you don’t want your “lames”, we’ll have them!” Other western women are on the bullshit too, but any negative quality in females is ten times worse with black women. Facts.

      I’ve also heard Bdubs talking about going to other countries to be a nuisance and harass black men with other women. Fucking pathetic. Well, let them try it. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes, that’s all I’ll say.

      As for that bald, ugly ass screechy voiced trans looking mannequin Synthetic G and Gerbil face Johnson, there is no black community. What does pouring money into the community even mean? They don’t use what they have to build anything. When a black person does set up a business, their own people are the first to sabotage it out of jealousy and self hate. Look at Nipsey Hussle. He made the mistake of “giving back” when he should have just headed for the hills and kept the hood in his rear view.

      The communitah is finished. All that’s left is for decent black men to pack up and leave so the rest can fend for themselves.

  9. It is absolutely amazing that you wrote your book 9 years ago and the same exact words stand true, and not only as anything changed, but it’s just gotten WORSE. The streets need a Pt. 2, buddy.

    1. Marc-Lo,

      You know what’s funny, I remember writing in the book back then that the bottom hasn’t dropped out for the modern day black female and her dysfunctional antics, of course as predicted things have gotten much worse, however not surprisingly there are still so many black men hanging on and hoping in vain that one day this black female will change for the better. We already know that’s NEVER going to happen. I’m thinking about a Negro Wars part 2, stay tuned.

  10. These black women have some horrific judgement coming for them very soon. Nobody wants them and nobody likes them.

    Did you hear about the new trend of black women traveling to Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Brazil harassing black men when they see them with their beautiful foreign women? I even heard stories of black women hanging out at the passport office and begging black men not to get their passport and go overseas. LMFAO! These were the same women that said “divest from Blackistan” and these are the same women that attempted to climb Swirl Mountain and failed horribly. These are the same women that called themselves “strong and independent” and that claimed that they hate black men so much. These black women are already waving the white flag and black men will continue winning.

    1. IzaEHFRH,

      It’s a chicken wrap for the modern day black female, her goose is cooked, hanging out at the passport office and travelling to Passport Bro hub countries to confront and harass black men isn’t going to change a damn thing.

      In fact, black women would do wise to behave themselves in non western foreign lands because their Western privilege will not save them from catching a beatdown or something worse.

      I’m reminded of the video with one of the earlier pioneers of black men travelling to non westernised countries in order to find NORMAL women, Charles Tyler and the black women who confronted him on a beach in Rio De Janeiro asking why they were buffeted by black men as soon as they opened their mouths and those brothers realised that they were from the West:

      As the legend Rick Scorpio once said, black women will regret making good black men their enemies.

      Black women believed that they could continue throwing black men under the bus with no recourse, it’s still only a minority of black men who are choosing to escape the plantation, however that minority is a significant one.

      These are the guys that count, the ones who black women would expect to perform cleanup man/janitorial services after they’ve been ran through by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Skillet, Field Mouse and Trap House Jim.

      Black men simply have to continue holding the line, there is nothing for them to return to but a pile of ashes and rubble called “da communitah”. Continue getting those passports gents and NEVER look back.

  11. Re Charles Tyler video, this is the problem with us. We need to STOP explaining and justifying ourselves to these females. I’m a grown ass man. I’ll be damned if I spend my hard earned money and travel thousands of miles to lose vacation time by explaining myself to a total stranger as to why I’m dating the local women or doing anything at all. I mean, really?? You think Arab women would ever go overseas and confront their men that way?

    The proper response should have been to simply ignore her. Black women being the parasites that they are feed off of negative energy and they love to fight for the hell of it. They’re not trying to hear your side or understand anything. They’re out their minds and don’t know the meaning of peace. When they see you happy and enjoying yourself their aim is to disrupt it. Nothing more. As men we gotta learn to start being tougher cos all this lowkey kowtowing to soothe their feelings never works.

    When you’re with other women and they come with their b.s., ignore them. No eye contact, no acknowledgement of any sort – same goes with the woman you’re with too. If that doesn’t work and they put hands on either one of you, well……you know what it is…..

    1. And I’m just now noticing something about this vid after revisiting it for a while.

      It may have been staged.

      Observe that weird exchange in the very beginning of the vid, as soon as it starts.

      Doesn’t it sound almost like the camera guy was explaining something and I swear I hear the chick say something along the lines like, “ok, I’m ready”, then everyone sort of goes right in to their scripts.

      The camera man did all but yell, “ACTION!!!”

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