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Surely this guy cannot be that stupid, surely he should realise that the main reason why he’s seeing some favour with African women is because he’s a black American.

This unfortunately is your typical blue pilled, black male simp, now he’s pandering to the black women in Africa and all of a sudden black American women are no longer in his bad graces, really???

The guy is using the same shaming tactics that the black female of the US throws at any black men who choose to expound upon why they avoid dating their female counterparts, you cannot make this stuff up. Check out this video below of Holleman lamenting the fact that since entering Africa, donations have significantly reduced:

Of course the donations have gone down, most of the people who are supporting you don’t want to see the same group of women they’ve grown up with and been around from day one. Guys like this never learn, keep foolishly believing that Sub saharan African women as a collective are different from black women in the West, smh.

I hate when black males like Holleman deliberately turn a blind eye and act as if there isn’t a legitimate case as well as cause behind the increased hatred towards black women coming from black men and even non black groups.

All of a sudden the guy is dumb even towards his own history surrounding the black siren. Like I said before, Holleman is a testosterone filled, hard headed mule who unfortunately is thinking with his penis rather than his head.

There is no shortage of merchants and grifters in these black digital spaces. As always gents, keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six. Meanwhile in other news, the stat concerning high divorces black women keep on using against black men whenever we choose to date and married out is finally debunked by the Medium Man:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your mind for this week? you’ve go the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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31 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Again, I will state that the only subsaharan black women worth looking at, are either from the horn of Africa or Cape Verde. And even then, be very circumspect.

  2. is this guy Holleman a dating coach or what? Whatever the case, he’s not a passport bro. He’s more like a black male simp with a passport.

    I recall a youtube podcast he did from Brazil where black male simps from the states were calling in asking if some Brazilian woman he featured, had a cash app. Now that’s straight simping.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Holleman had a TikTok video that went viral where he was comparing dating women in the West to dating women in Brazil.

      He kicked out to Brazil shortly after running into hot water with a black female feminist from that country who accused him of painting Brazilian women in a bad light through his videos demonstrating that dating the women in Brazil was more straight forward. Holleman said that Brazilian women were “easy” which made them as a group look like sluts.

      Mind you, this same black Brazilian feminist has had nothing to say concerning Admiral Frost rolling into her country doing and saying far worse.

      Most black men had his back and as commenter Jimmy has stated, he’s thrown those same supportive brothers under the bus with all of this new fangled pro black garbage licking the muddle boots of black women in Africa.

  3. It’s funny. Black women tried to destroy him and ruin his life. It got to the point where it seemed they were even trying to get him physically harmed when he was in Brazil. Throughout all that drama who was the only demographic that had his men. And he decides to repay that support by turning around and stabbing those same men in the back whilst desperately trying to get in black womens good graces. I’m not on the diaspora war shit but it seems a large proportion of African American men are very weak and spineless. I guess that’s what happens to men when they’re raised in a matriarchal culture. No black man should ever donate to that low IQ mommas boy ever again.

    1. The simp energy is strong with him…

      As the classic Caribbean saying goes: “Those who won’t hear, must FEEL!”


    2. Jimmy,

      I remember when black women were gloating and laughing at the fact that he had to leave Brazil in a hurry because of his clash with that black feminist. The thing about it is he had black men way beforehand telling him to slow down but he was too stubborn and refused to listen.

      You’re right, black men were the only group who backed him and now he’s thrown them under the bus with this pro black foolishness, smh. As the SYSBM lord, commander and chief MadBusDriver says, most black men cannot remove their mother’s breast from their mouths.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    It doesn’t matter what part of the world you go to all black women are the fucking same and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women as SYSBM childfree black man at 40. 😎

    1. Quincy Fiztpatrick,

      As commenter AmericanBlkMan said above, there are very, very few places in the world where decent black women still exist. No matter where you go on this planet, you’re bound to find black women engaging in the same old same old emulating their cousins in Western countries, smh.

  5. Only an idiot would have donated to him.

    I knew Austin was going to betray black men as soon as I saw his selfie online with black women.

    Most black men find black women attractive so it makes sense for a low IQ black male to settle for less by choice.

    I’ve said this time and time again.

    There is no such thing as a unicorn black woman, it has never existed ever.

    It only exists in the gullible minds of most black males.

    No one can ever convince me to not date a quality white girlfriend.

  6. I have my input on this Austin Hollerman:

    He is one of those reform Passport Bros who is an ex-Passport Bro, now turn Pro-Black (just like these females who were former 304s, turn pro-black).
    The reason why he is now Pro-Black because he found that black women ae better in another country which is in Africa.

    Verbs and the SYSBM knights, I am going to give a very serious advice to guys like Austin:
    Never be a reform Passport Bros, then become Pro-black, because this equivalent to a downgrade to yourself, your standards and self respect. You can be former Passport Bros when you found a woman and done your travelling. But never turn Pro-Black because you are in Africa aka Motherland. Being like Austin is just like the Black Manosphere when they use to be Red-Pill and turn all Blue-Pill Simps because you have hope for Black Women.

    I remember on the panel years ago Quincy (I mention your name because you was the best example for this) was on a panel with this British Pro-Black Hotep and trying to hook him up with a Black women in Real life to make him Pro-Black. I thought he should give it a try, but I realise that he was right to urn down the offer because he made up his mind about BW. Also the guy would get him catfish online so I give kudos to Quincy to turn it down.

    Now back to Austin, he thinks that he is down with BW because he found an African Queen. Even these are the same BW would cancel him.
    What he does not understand that these BW will never forget the days that Austin is a Passport Bros, he thinks that he will get a pass for being pro-black now after when he was hooking with chicks in other countries? These BW never forget and forgive. I want people here to understand that these liberals BW will forgive the White Devils. but never forgives a BM wherever you go.

    Since he is pro-black in Africa being a simp. Remember the code word ‘Cultural Patriarchy’

    I will explain the term regarding ‘Cultural Patriarchy’:
    Basically means where ever you go, you must have standard regardless the country you are in. Each country has it’s own ‘Cultural Patriarchy’ which are how to be a man, boyfriend and husband. Same goes towards women, they need to learn how to be a GF and wife.
    The problem is when people like Austin and these western women do not practice ‘Cultural Patriarchy’. These men decide to lower their standards and simp because they found the right women, bear in mind that these women in other countries want a man who knows how be a husband and understand family because some countries are family oriented and tribal so the men need to study and understand their culture and language.
    This same towards females as they cannot bring their liberal, strong-independent bullshit in other countries as these men other countries do not play this game there.

    Madbusdriver mention that how BW who turn Pro-Black and move to Africa getting robbed because of Africans play this Hussle game there.
    The problem is the American Black people got all this ‘skin-folk’, ‘kin-folk’ mindset and they think if they go to Africa, the Africa will play hotep with them, well no because some Africans there are tribal and they see you as foreigner.

    I give you 2 examples on this:
    Verbs mention that he born in the UK and he is Nigerian, because he is Nigerian born British, when he goes to Nigeria, he will be a foreigner there. Why? Because he born in Britain.

    Another example, me. I born a London British with Jamaican parents. If I go to Jamaica, would I be bros there and one of them? Maybe because I am a Jamaica, but I am still a foreigner because I born in Britain.

    Another example about Madbusdriver stated that White Women understand ‘Cultural Patriarchy’ in Kenya. How? They understand how to be a wife there and they adapt to the culture and when they marry those Kenyan men, they know how to get with their programme. This is why Beckys get married easily.

    Back to Austin again, don’t be a simp in other countries because they will see your bullshit and will regret it after he turn his back on good BM because eventually he will ‘get got!’.
    Remember what Verbs said: ‘Black Women are International problem’.

  7. I seen the YouTube blue pill simps, grifters and flip-floppers come and go since 2016; Obsidian comes to mind as does Oshay, Tommy, and according to Verbs, even David Carroll. Add Holleman to the list. Black Men want to see actual feminine alternatives to these black American hyenas, not this dude simping for them. Granted, African women can be attractive but that was not Austin’s original mandate. That’s like changing the plot of your TV show midstream to something else. Of course people will tune out in disgust, which is what’s happening with Holleman. I say good, let the $ dry up.

    SYSBM and Passport Bros remain undefeated.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      David Carroll is no simp.
      Christelyn try to expose him as a simp. But she hit him up may years ago and they spoke but behind the scenes because he read her book. That is how he knows a lot about the Swirling movement. She was trying hard.
      As for the receipt she put up, I am not sure if that was David. Akweski ask for proof but no show.
      I did not buy into the David Carrol expose because it was too good to be true. Brian Solange debunked.
      All the manosphere just quickly jump to conclusion without waiting. Because Karazyn made a video and took it back down.

      The rabbit hole shows that Karazyn was sending pictures t David but no longer there because of FS Avenger so the Queen of Swirler did is to cease the opportunity to try to expose David because he was dead and she could not get over David as he still has the last laugh.

      I not David supporter or fan. But when I saw this from Verbs and the YouTube, I knew this was too good to be true and buying into this because these people like the swirlers has these twisted agenda and they can outsmart the manosphere.

      Akwesi and David were like logic Alphas, that is why these swirlers/divestors respects them because these swirlers cannot go after these men. That is something that black manosphere do not understand because they just want to debate with these BW.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      I’ve got a copy of the video Karazin released with all the receipts demonstrating Carroll’s simping, however I won’t put it up here because I don’t want that black siren giving me problems like she did before over the video of her crying because Admiral Frost aka the Vegainator stated that he doesn’t swirl.

      1. Verbs,

        That was a funny moment. I didn’t know she hassled you over it. These swirlers and divesters will never learn that Admiral Frost doesn’t want them for anything more than a bedwarmer. They really want to replace the white woman in his eyes. Karazin was selling dreams to her delusional followers. Even she tumbled back down to the slave pen from the big house and got a black simp to scoop her up. SMH.

      2. Verbs,

        I saw the receipts from Karazin but I think you should put in on hold at the moment because there is some case which is not online at the moment about this. Some commentators knows that David Carroll is innocent and not a simp. Money Cultural made a post on his website talking about David Carroll as simp.

        The reason for a case of David Carroll because people like me was a binge watcher of David Carroll’s rabbit hole. Also Akwesi has got more information on this.

        Unfortunately the SYSBM knights has been mislead by this Karazin because David Carroll is dead meaning he cannot defend himself and also FS Avenger is permanently gone which shows all of the David’s Rabbit hole to deconstruct this receipt.

        I know we assume that David is a simp but the manosphere has quick to jump to conclusions to this.
        There is a name called ‘Judge Redpill’ who is not online will see the case and put it on Slaying Evil when it is concluded.

        Brian Solange made a case about David Carroll’s being innocent of not being a simp.

        Once Akwesi makes a video. The he will prove the case of David Carroll. Also please release those receipts because I know the receipts are to good to be true as Karazin has a motive on this BM on this.

  8. Dr Foolmar Johnson: I’m against black men who are with these snow bunnies.
    Me: This guy is a straight up homo, blud! Your trippin’

    You know I have seen more and more blue pill simps then ever now. I know about the red pill right. You have to go to the movie The Matrix, one of the greatest sci fi action thrillers of all time since Terminator 2: Judgement Day and that was action packed masterpiece. Some of the YouTubers say that they red pill could be gone, Lord have mercy.

    You heard what happened with the racial tirade on Sneako’s live stream on Rumble. Guys, I just had no choice but to shake my damn head. I did an article about it as well. When I saw Myron Gains with the White sheet acting like a member of the KKK and doing the nazi salute, I was just like this is wrong beyond all levels.

    There is some many crap we see on the internet, you just have to shake your head and wonder what the hell is going on?

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  9. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! You know, Auston Holleman’s fall from grace with Black men was inevitable; upon seeing Holleman’s tweet, I actually took the time to rewatch the Thinking Man’s Templar’s take on his debacle in Brazil, and one thing he brought out was how Auston seems to still be going through his Red Pill rage. It sounds to me like he was moving a bit too fast without letting the Red Pill do its cleansing work (the deprogramming and decontamination process continues, as Verbs puts it); also, MadBusDriverX always said that brothers from the communitah still have their mama’s titty in their mouths, and Holleman has shown himself to be no exception. He folded in the same way that Helga Babushka did after the daggles spewed their vitriol to her, and now he has no choice but to appease a treacherous group of females who made threats to him online; don’t be like Auston Holleman! #SYSBM

  10. 1) I already mentioned my views on Auston. I don’t wish him any bad cos I have nothing personal against him plus I realise he’s just young and dumb, but he’ll learn the hard way, that’s all. I’ve already told him on Twitter that when he’s forced to wise up, SYSBM will always be here when the inevitable happens.

    2) As for the Kweenz mentioning old or distorted statistics to take shots at us as usual, good for them. Who cares. The fact of the matter is, they will always be the least desired, the least wanted, the least married and the least to be taken seriously. As long as we’re the hell away from them, that’s a win in and of itself. If I manage to swim to safety to escape sharks and poison jellyfish, I don’t give a fuck what they think and say about me after the fact lol.

    3) Now, unlike that Hotep walrus Mr Johnson, I’m no dick police. However I couldn’t help but shake my head at this NBA player dude Zion Williamson. He’s another young and dumb fool, who to my understanding, wifed up some bottom of the barrel hooker/porn chick and got her pregnant SMH. I see all the black females and their limp wristed lollipop sucking, sassy grown ass male counterparts celebrating cos he wifed up a “sista” and not a Becky or some other non black woman. He shouldn’t even have fucked that hoe, but you’re telling me couldn’t have strapped up at the very least?! We all know how this is gonna turn out for him and it’s just another case of another daggle “getting the bag”.

    Interesting. If she was some type of lawyer or some kind of businesswoman, he’d be called all kinds of ugly and the sentiment among the daggles would be she could have found someone better – like a non black man. But as I pointed out on Twitter recently, I’ve noticed that black women are only happy when you get with an overweight Precious looking chick, a single mother with several kids, or any other black woman that is simply damaged goods. Any other black woman would be too good for us. So their “black love” bullshit is totally disengenous.

    The biggest concern though, is that many black men have no standards at all. They would stick their dick in cyanide if it was in the shape of a female. We have that reputation cos many of these fools would just bone anything and call obese women “thick”, hence why many fat and nasty black women think they’re the cutest things on the planet and will be as huge as a mountain cos these idiots gas them up. Jamaican men are some of the worst for this. That’s why those of us who actually have self respect make people lose their minds cos they’re not use to those of us who value our tools. These dudes are a bunch of black female worshipping mama’s boys who’s fathers either weren’t there to guide them or were in the picture but got serious pushback from the mothers.

    If you don’t have sex with these females in the first place, they can’t “trap” you and will have nothing to leverage. Now this kid with millions of dollars and his whole life ahead of him is stuck with some troublesome hoe for life who will be emptying his pockets very soon and smashing some other dudes and make his life a living hell. He should have followed in the footsteps of all the other smart black athletes who keep away from weaveheads.

  11. Gentlemen,

    As always much appreciated for your input on various topics being discussed here. Here in the link below we have yet another black female who is attempting to use sex as leverage in the relationship.

    I see a lot of black men have and still are falling for this black siren’s Okey Dokey just because she looks halfway decent.

    What this witch is not going to do is continue with the feminist garbage that men and women are equal, WE’RE NOT EQUAL. A woman’s body count by default is intrinsically linked into her value, the more men she sleeps with, the less valuable as a woman she becomes.

    On the flip-side, a man’s value is NOT linked into how many women he’s slept with, his value is based upon ACHIEVEMENTS, PERFORMANCE, STATUS, FINANCIAL STABILITY etc, however it seems that most Western women refuse to acknowledge this.

    Additionally, it should be added that the withholding sex rule get thrown clean out of the window if the woman is attracted to the man.

    It seems to me that black women have the exact community they wanted, they get to rule over the swamp while at the same time being dicked down and impregnated by the gutter black men they love and desire.

    “Da Communitah” is done precisely because black women cannot make better choices as to who they choose to open their legs to and get knocked up by:

    1. I agree with her that men should just scrap the whole idea of a date and leave her alone. Cool. Black men should just scrap the idea of having anything to do with black women period and leave them alone. Yes, I totally agree.

      Everything with them always has to be a game of one-upmanship, complications, chaos and bad vibes. Nothing can ever just flow with black women because they feel the need to make you jump through more hoops and obstacles than Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario combined. They certainly know how to be easy like Sunday morning when it comes to white men and Pookies and Ray Rays though.

      The shit I’ve been through with them, I’ve very rarely had these issues with other women. So yes, my dear, you’re right. I have no problem leaving you alone.

      1. SYSBM Forever,

        Most black men don’t seem to understand that you cannot get “played” by black women if you refuse to participate in their rigged game. Additionally, this can be extended out to any women regardless of race who engages in the same type of shenanigans. Most black women treat dating and marriage like literal warfare, they’re always strategising, conspiring, manipulating as well as engaging in Jedi mind trickery against black men. Nothing is ever straight forward with black women, they’re always running some sort of dodgy angle to advantage themselves.

        No doubt Erica LeShai has hoards of blue pilled simps in her inbox believing her to be a unicorn, as far as I know she’s single, with there being a plethora of good black men out here you have to scratch your head and wonder what’s up. Something isn’t right and I strongly suspect she’s the problem.

  12. So, I watched that video about the Black Men/White Women divorce rates; so, a single White girl on TikTok makes a video (that eerily echoes the bias of the scraggle daggle), and several of them make response videos to it AT THE SAME TIME? Something doesn’t seem right with that picture; doesn’t it seem odd to you that a random Becky (who is hiding behind an avatar *hint hint*) is just out of the blue talking about divorce rates of interracial couples? I believe that it was a divestor posing as a White girl again; the fact that she highlighted the White male/Black female interracial relationship dynamic as having a lower divorce rate than that of Black male/White female relationshipsis a dead giveaway! At first, I was thinking that this was a segregationist White female, but I know the Okey Doke they play.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is how many content creators on YouTube are now censoring themselves to avoid getting flagged; it’s so annoying to hear somebody substitute words like “grape” for “rape”, or “self delete” for “suicide”. I’d almost think that these brauds were talking about a fruit fight when they say “I was graped”; in principle, people who speak like that are speaking Newspeak; Newspeak is “a controlled language of simplified grammar and restricted vocabulary designed to limit the individual person’s ability to think critically or to articulate subversive concepts, such as personal identity, self-expression, and free will. In Oceania, such thoughts are thoughtcrimes that contradict Ingsoc orthodoxy.”* Just say the word, for Pete’s sake!


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