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Beware Of The “Strong Woman” Okey Doke!

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I really have to laugh at the massive lengths, reaching and stretching modern women especially black women are going to in their lame attempts to shame men into accepting their dysfunctional, belligerent, reprobate and degenerate behaviours.

We get it, you’re a condemned wretch who is stuck in her ways, doesn’t want to change and who is determined to ride the road of calamity, death and destruction until its very end, however I wish these modern women would simply admit this instead of trying to mask their various shortcomings behind this false and convenient label of men being “weak”.

“A strong man can handle a strong woman, a weak man will say, she has an attitude” Kansas City shuffle is exactly that, keep your strong, independent woman, don’t need a man, boss bitch mentality over in a dark corner because traditional men are genuinely repulsed by such proclamations.

What you’ve seen in the video above is a classic shaming tactic as well as a poor attempt to reverse engineer dysfunctional behaviour which is laughable within itself.

Nobody is falling for this “strong woman” Okey Dokey anymore, even non black folks on the outside looking in are beginning to call out black women on their so called “strong” disposition as nothing more than a poor cover for outlandish, ridiculous and reckless behaviours they point blank refuse to change.

NO MAN coming back from a hard day’s work battling the world wants to have to repeat the same war cycle dealing with a woman in the home who insists on being difficult and who refuses to cooperate.

As I keep on telling you gentlemen, modern women know that they don’t cut the mustard even when it comes down to the most basic requirements and standards, this is one of the main reasons why they’re constantly standing at the cauldron stirring the pot hoping they can bamboozle and hoodwink men with some new fangled sorcery.

Only the blue pilled simps will be shaken and moved by the above slogan, the men that matter however will simply ignore such rubbish and seek NORMAL women wherever they may find them, be it domestically or abroad.

Again, always remember that the “strong woman” doctrine is only practiced by knuckleheaded Western women(predominantly black females), as soon as you depart from Western shores you’ll struggle to find women who subscribe to the tenets of “strength and independence”.

A traditional man who is fully grounded in classic masculinity and undiluted manhood will immediately recognise the words “strong woman” as code for rebellious, belligerent, haughty, arrogant, prideful, violent, incorrigible, disrespectful etc and will simply give said women who fit the above an extremely wide berth.

Gentlemen, don’t even bother arguing or getting into meaningless debates with females who love claiming you’re weak because supposedly “you cannot handle them”, time wasted going back and forth with these mentally disjointed jackals could be much better spent looking for higher quality women. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Old Tricks No Longer Work But They Still Refuse To Change

Most High Bless

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22 thoughts on “Beware Of The “Strong Woman” Okey Doke!


    There’s not even much to say about that bullshit. If a woman needs to be “handled” then she isn’t worth dealing with. Simple as that. Misery loves company, so of course it would be an older black woman peddling that nonsense so she can poison the minds of younger females to become just like her. These females on these platforms are literally poison to impressionable minds.

    Now in a very rare instance I’m gonna give a black woman praise and props: The only, and I mean THE ONLY black woman giving advice out there right now who is genuine and would turn things around if black women actually followed her example is Chez Charde. That’s it. She wears her natural hair, is married and encourages marriage, spiritual/god fearing, sensible feminine, in shape, not some former stripper or failed swirler trying to make a buck off black simps, not caked in make up, actually knows what accountability is. Not that I follow these chicks like that, but she’s the only who doesn’t come off gimmicky or have any ulterior motive. If even a fifth of our women were like her, the concept of SYSBM probably wouldn’t exist. So respect to her, at least she tries with these daggles. The rest of these podcasters/influencers/whatever I can see right through.

    What these stubborn and arrogant females don’t tend to realise is that if they even possessed half those qualities, most black men would give them the world several times over. They’d actually have a better quality of life and would be taken care of if they would at the very least, lose the needless attitude, lose the weight, and have some accountability. But they won’t even do THAT!! They just show the world why “their” men are fleeing in droves and non black people are even noticing this now and commenting on it. Their black men for everything shit isn’t working anymore.

    Sadly, a few good tiny needles in a haystack the size of Mount Everest don’t even register on the radar, hence why black men need to just save themselves and leave “our” women the hell alone and go elsewhere.


    1. Pets need to be handled. Perhaps she’s trying to tell us something.


    2. Even if a negress has great personality qualities, I would still reject them for a quality white girlfriend as always.

      Coloured women in general has never been my whole life preference ever.

    3. Funny thing is she’ll drop the attitude and weight and wear her natural hair for Topher and Ryan, just not your Black ass. I honestly think a good portion of these modern hyena’s frustration is that a fair amount of brothers have finally peeped game and are not falling for the double standards and S.I.G.N. language like they did back in the day.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Yep, a sizeable number of black men are choosing to opt out of playing the black witch’s one sided game, the Passport has put these desperate black females in serious dire straits, as I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

    4. SYSBM Forever,

      It’s sad, black women would much prefer to follow the likes of Cardi B, Meg Thee Male Horse, Glorilla, Sukihana, Ice Spice, Doja Cat etc rather than harkening to the advice of married black females.

      As I keep on saying, black women as a collective are determined to ride that road of death and destruction right until their very end, they refuse to listen to the sound advice coming from the very, very few integral black women remaining, we already know that they aren’t going to listen to black men at all.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid strong independent women like the plague because they get on my fucking nerves. I am only interested in dating feminine women need a decent man in their life.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      They’re strong and independent UNTIL something breaks down and needs repairing or there is a moth, spider or some other insect near them, smh. Avoid women who make such proclamations like the plaque.

  3. SYSBM: What you got on boo?
    White sugar honey: T Shirt with no panties.

    When a scraggle daggle say that you can’t handle a strong woman, let them say that to 12 Gauge Mike, Corner Boy Ronney, Six Shooter Derrick and all of the thug dudes that all these scraggle daggle chase. They will know what will happen if they bring that bullshit to them.

    As good black men see these ghetto hoodrats, they will shake their head and go elsewhere from dating interracially right down to getting their passport and leave the country. Black men have had enough of that now. They are not falling for that crap anymore.

    Black men will not deal with that mess anymore and they also had enough with it also. They have no choice but to date non-black women which I have no issues of interracial relationships as long you are happy.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  4. To begin my commentary, these straggs are so unoriginal; she wants to lip sync to somebody else’s audio to make a point, but this is just her speaking SIGN Language. When women say they want a strong man, what exactly are they asking for? The word “handle” has multiple meanings; remember when Eve said she was like a “Rottweiler in a dress”? Who was she behaving like that for? Also, who did she say “tamed” her? The answer to the latter question makes me wonder HOW she was tamed by him. If you are with a woman who speaks like this, best believe you’re dealing with somebody who’s going to stress you out and make your life difficult as long as you’re around her; lastly, I’ll leave you guys with this video from 2015 where a Black woman explains why “strong” woman should remain single:

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Good drop on the video link, if only most black women listened to women like that as opposed to reciting scriptures and doctrine from these modern day trash female rappers. Women who bring stress must be avoided at all costs, they’re not worth the trouble at all.

      1. No problem; I also took the liberty to peak at this woman’s TikTok page just now, and the moment I saw the British and Nigerian flags, that summed up her mindset for me.

  5. Any black 304 trying to chide you with a long wig or weave on is to be ignored. Get you a woman whose hair grows out of their head like that NATURALLY.


    1. The divesters and swirlers are gonna be stone silent on this L. Bottom Shelf Brad just DIPPED. Although I say Passport Bros is a BLACK MALE movement, I’d give him honorary kudos lol!

      PS: She will reinvent as an angry pro-black heffa and some B1 simp will scoop it up like clockwork.

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