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White Men Are Obsessed With The Black Man’s Family Jewels!

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Once again, a shout out to TeamWhiteGirls for bringing this to my attention.


We’ve been stating this for the longest, how you have large swaths of white men out here who are obsessed with the black man’s penis. Remember, it was white men who invented the term “BBC”, black men had nothing to do with the coining of that acronym apart from having the equipment to match it.

Did you notice in the longer clip that the podcast host began to feel a way when the guy who called in deeply expounded upon his jealousy at black men being well endowed and had to slip in “there’s loads of black guys with small dicks”.

It’s already been established that black men have the biggest private members on the planet, throwing that sideways snub into the mix isn’t going to help the host’s situation at all.

Then you’ll notice how he threw in the “black men have to look ghetto in order to get work(in the porn industry)” theme once again to make himself feel better about the fact that black men are dicking down the women he’s lusting after, we’re not stupid over here, we can read right between the lines.

Then you notice how he brought up the usual black female talking point regarding “fetishisation”, even though I have already posted so many links to YouTube interracial couples(black men/white women) who are in long term relationships.

I guess dude has to make himself feel better in order to make the cope easier, the guy looks and sounds like a soft blue pilled simp, I’d be very surprised if he’s in a relationship or is getting any snatch on the regular.

Perhaps he believes that inviting OnlyFans whores and porn actresses onto his podcast will somehow give him easier access to sex, however it doesn’t look like that’s working out for him.

Remember, black men aren’t out here obsessing over another man’s penis(apart from the blue pilled, pro black simps who are sexually suspect anyway), it’s white men who are locked into watching white women getting their cheeks clapped by black men.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again, two of the main reasons why more white women are going for black men is the fact that Western white men as a collective are no longer pushing for men to be masculine, in 2023 they’re more concerned with feminism and pushing the LGBTQP+ agenda than they are retaining their masculinity and manhood.

One of the other main reasons is because the word has gotten round amongst white women that the BBC can reach areas of the vagina your average white man’s tool cannot. Thus the black man can imprint and leave a mark upon a white female that you’re average white male cannot overwrite.

I personally don’t care for porn, at the same time I can clearly observe that it’s been deliberately popularised as a further way to debase humanity, inject more debauchery and degeneracy into society as well as being used as an instrument to separate men from women(since men consume porn the most).

At the same time I can also say that women in the West have contributed towards male/female separation and caused more men to turn towards porn via their undiluted dickhead, entitlement, feminist, masculine antics.

Again, this is why I say that the overwhelming majority of women in the West are complete and utter dummies, when dealing with any movement they only look at the short term benefits for themselves, they completely lack the foresight to look ahead and see where whatever they’ve embraced and subscribed to is going.

Let these vain, materialistic heifers enjoy their OnlyFans revenue while it lasts, as with most of the hedonistic women of the West, their fun in the sun eventually will come to an end and will be replaced with pain, suffering, misery as well as much shedding of tears, coming soon to a street near you, stay tuned.

Get your passports gents, the West has become heavily saturated with whores, sluts and women with no moral compass who increasingly are looking at any exchanges with men on a transactional basis only. As MBD always says, quality stargates matter.

If you’re a man who is looking for a long term relationship, you’re going to struggle to find a suitable female candidate within Western shores. It’s not impossible, however you’re going to have your work seriously cut out looking for a woman of quality in the West. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Black Man Continues To Prevail Despite The Obstacles Being Placed In His Path

Most High Bless

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28 thoughts on “White Men Are Obsessed With The Black Man’s Family Jewels!

  1. This obsession is nothing new under the sun.

    Porn has been used to dumb down societies in so many ways.

    It got to a point where women are dressed like sluts on the streets without any shame whatsoever.

    The dick policing ain’t in UK, but it is out of control in USA.

    Umar Johnson is the black version of a white nationalist.

    General blizzard doesn’t need to worry about me taking his English women.

    I’m not interested in British women at all.

    My future white girlfriend will be from non anglonised nations where English ain’t the national language.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      They dress up like sluts and whore but then wonder why no man wants to take them seriously when it comes to long term relationships. Wearing the uniforms of promiscuous women but they still expect to be treated like royalty and respected, you cannot make this stuff up.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I can’t understand why white men are jealous with black men because white men are still the number 1 desired man on the planet by every race of women. The average white man has a much easier life than the average black man so the white man shouldn’t have anything to complain about because the world worships white men.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      White men are getting worried now because their number one spot is slowly disappearing to black men. I came across a video of a white expat living in the Philippines who was very reluctant to express that black men are the new kings in that country.

      Captain Snowy doesn’t like fair competition especially when it comes to White and Asian women, the negative propaganda against black men isn’t working anymore so he’s in panic mode. He wants his place at the top to remain and will not hesitate to pull any dirty tricks out of the book in order to keep that number one spot.

      1. Haha I’m so happy that these leprous pale cave beast white men are losing their power. This is just beginning. Us black men will fully take over very soon. I’m so happy that we were blessed with blackness. Being a black man is the greatest thing ever. We have style, soul, and swag. We have a spirit and a “spark” that no other race of man has. We’re desired by every race of women and we have a natural connection to God/The Universe and the earth that no other race has. I really enjoy your articles a lot.

  3. It’s something I’ve always found really weird.

    They have the most power in the world in virtually all facets of life, are the most sought after men on dating apps and in any social setting, they get doors opened for them for simply being white males, get taken more seriously in academic and professional spaces and assumed to be the most intelligent just for being white males, have opportunities handed to them on a platter the average POC has to work 10 times harder just to get a shot, can roam around in most countries and not have to worry about facing racism just for being white males (and in some cases are literally worshipped like they’re carbon copies of jesus himself) etc etc etc….yet they’re worried about ME and my supposed sexual tool/prowess?!?! Make it make sense. This is why I can’t understand the concept of a white incel, like you’d have to be a major loser as a white man to be one lol.

    My friend in Vancouver who dates interracially told me that when he’s with white women, white men don’t even give them a second look, but when he’s with an Asian woman they sometimes get resentful stares. It’s a given BM/WW relationships ain’t going anywhere, but now the new thing is their fear of us bagging Asian chicks lol. They got all that power but can’t handle dating competition from men who are so supposedly beneath them. Goes to show if black men really got their act together and obtained true power and started to own and run shit, it’d be a wrap.

    In the meantime I’d take all their world privileges over our sexual stereotypes any day.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Of course we now have a certain conclave of white men going around claiming that they don’t have any of the advantages and privileges you’ve mentioned above. How does the saying go, privilege is invisible to those who have it.

      There is absolutely no excuse for white men to be incels, the women they want don’t want them so they turn towards being incels when instead they could easily just go elsewhere and pick up other women with ease.

      Black men have begun moving in heavy on East Asian countries particularly the Philippines and Thailand, those regions were part of Admiral Frost’s haven for the longest, now he’s seeing black men are catching up to him and he’s not a happy bunny.

      As I’ve stated before, white men in general cannot handle fair competition, they want to be in front by a considerable margin and won’t hesitate to pull any dirty tricks out of the hat in order to maintain their top spot.

  4. The self-righteous male podcast host is suspect and hiding his sexxx lust for BBCs behind that “Porn Kills The Brain” shirt. I bet he’s on those sites looking at bisexual cuckholding white males watching their wives and girlfriends desiring BBCs. The proof is probably on his laptop in that studio.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      I’d have to agree and I still believe he’s trying to pull a fast one believing he can get access to snatch easier by bringing pornstars and OnlyFans whores onto his podcast.

      1. Verbs2015,

        These bisex white dudes of the sissy fag category are bitter and mad out of their minds at their female counterpart for being born female and getting the BBCs. With the rampant modern sex operations and estrogen shots, said white dudes think they can become white women and compete against them in the same sexual market for the BBC.

  5. They hate us ’cause they can’t be us.


  6. SYSBM: It’s been a hard day today.
    White sugar honey: Let me make it better for you. I have this red wine on the table!

    This is not new when it comes to white men who are obsessed with the BBC. Everyone knows where it comes from. The white beta male watches black men clapping white cheeks from behind on Porn Hub, X Videos, X Hamster and so on.

    And what makes things strange as well that there are some white men that watches their wives and partners having sex with black men in front of them. it’s called cuckold and everybody has heard it before. Weird!

    When it comes to these simps like the black nationalist Dr Foolmar Johnson who is obsessed with black men who are with non-black women. The chief of the dick police department and Bareback Fountain the lieutenant wants to know where black men are pushing their penis in.

    Not only the white beta male is gay obsessed with black men long john but these simps are suspects when wanna know where black men are sliding their wood in, Lord have mercy.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles and looking for non-black women.


  7. Just like this viral tweet doing the rounds:

    This tweet got all the Klan hoods popping out in their droves, yet it still won’t change a thing lol. White women can’t even be shamed anymore cos they know a lot of their men are special kind of losers who couldn’t get laid in a brothel if they had wads of cash on them.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Exactly what did those Captain Snowies believe was “off”, oh, there’s a brother in the background walking around the house. These guys believe they still hold that special status hands down, they think highly of themselves, more than they actually are. They remind me of most Western women when they get asked to rate themselves from 1-10 and predictably everyone of them says they’re a 10.

      I checked out her TikTok, it looks like she’s taken that video down no doubt because of the barrage of hateful comments she received from her insecure male counterparts. It reminds me of this video that came out a number of months ago with a Captain Euro who decided to confront an interracial couple and wear his insecurities on his sleeve:

      1. Verbs2015

        LOL and you know that clown wouldn’t have ran up on a white man with a black woman. Nah, this lame musters up a little courage to confront a black man he thinks is weak just so he can go on reddit or stormfront or whatever lame forum and boast to all the other incel basement dwellers about how much of a tough guy he is.

        “what black country are white people moving too” – uhh how about the entire African continent for one??!

        The white dude who argued back with him showed more heart than the brotha, however when you threaten or put hands on these clowns they go crying to daddy to get you in trouble so I understand.

    2. This vanilla SIMP thinks he can post a video of himself under that video of him wearing that corny T shirt pandering to Black women after telling on himself that the mere presence of a Black man in that girl’s TikTok video was “off” to him; the White man’s penis envy is off the chain in those comments!

  8. Have you ever looked at a man and could tell he was a weak beta? Like you stated, this White guy looks and sounds like a blue pilled simp; I wouldn’t be surprised if he was an avid viewer of not only interracial porn between Black men and White women, but gay porn, as well. Men like this guy are beta males by nature, and you can see just how sexually suspect they are; some of them end up like this guy and speak with a jealous tone, they overcompensate for their lack of masculine frame by engaging in something that makes them appear more Alpha, or they just go full bloom LGBTQ and depart from masculinity altogether. This is who the scraggle daggle say has conquered us, but they don’t understand that men compete with each other mentally.

    These men have every temporal advantage over us, yet somehow when we can manage to date the women they feel they have the right to date only, they get nervous. Commenter SYSBM Forever shared a link above where some loser White boy got in his feelings because a Black guy was noticed in a TikTok made by a Becky who had some large breasts; does this behavior not remind you of the stragg when they see you with a non Black women, especially if she’s White? Only difference is that women compete with each other physically; we see that in how the BWs fancy wearing White and Indian women’s hair on their heads to look less like their natural selves. They also cope by talking about the appearance of other races of women.

    1. BCT,

      I came across this video that Advise Show Phillip Scott did recently showcasing a white woman who also exposed the white man’s obsession with the black man’s penis, like you said the white man’s penis envy is extremely real:

      I remember MadBusDriver a long time ago talking about how some white men will deliberately allow black men to impregnate their women and will raise the mixed children as if they are their own. The plot thickens with Admiral Frost and gets more bizarre by the day.

  9. Verbs wrote:

    “I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again, two of the main reasons why more white women are going for black men is the fact that Western white men as a collective are no longer pushing for men to be masculine, in 2023 they’re more concerned with feminism and pushing the LGBTQP+ agenda than they are retaining their masculinity and manhood.”

    Boom! Right there is the reason why they are fear in competition because they are promoting cuckism and feminism whilst White Feminists are attracted towards BM because they do not support this cuckism stuff. I still will not deal with a white feminist, even they are attracted to BM. Also few transwomen tells me especially on Social Media that these white men love to be ‘bottom’ (letting the Tranny dicks inside the WM’s butt) because they are bi-curious. I always tell them I am a top because men are top be default unless you are gay.

    Another this I tell them that Black Men’s BBC are just genetic which is natural to BM. It is not the fault that White Women likes that, that is their preference also I agree with Verbs that this is because the big cock can reach the women’s G-spot which mention about the imprint.

    What is happen is as most of you commentators is that the world seeing White Men becoming cucks and pro-rainbow/alphabet whilst other countries want men to become just ‘men’, not LGBTQ panderers, soy-boys and cuckism.

    1. “Also few transwomen tells me especially on Social Media that these white men love to be ‘bottom’ (letting the Tranny dicks inside the WM’s butt) because they are bi-curious. I always tell them I am a top because men are top be default unless you are gay.”

      You be in contact with trannies? Hmmm.

  10. Are you surprised?

    The most prized trophy of Captain Klanshood is the BM penis, chopped off and stored in a tray. The black man’s penis hypnotise even the most liberal white male on the planet, because it has strong gene expression – mixed kids typically take after the father and who’s the genetically stronger of the two groups?

    That’s why the LGBTQIA+++ crowd also prize the black man’s penis, as a neo-conquering tool, something to be mastered and then corrupted into the overarching Gay agenda.

    White women crave it, WM hate it, but they can never ever possess it. That’s why they big mad.

  11. White men are fucking disgusting. They really have a psychotic obsession with us. It’s not even funny at all. It’s actually very creepy. Did you see the video of Jake Paul boxing with a black dildo? Yes, you heard correctly. You can’t make this shit up.


      1. Haha and they claim to be superior to us. They’re literally going extinct. Their death rates are higher than their birthrates. Black men have the ability to wipe out the white race just by using our dicks alone. If these foreign women love us black men this much while we’re at our lowest, just imagine how much they’re going to love us when we REALLY rise up into our power in these last days.

        Do you still have the articles that you did on your previous website about the Hebrews receiving superpowers? I really miss those articles. I even did videos on them on my YouTube channel.

  12. Hi this is a classic example of how a lot of these non black men including white men have a inferiority complex and are obsessed with the black men penis.

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